giovancaGiovanca is an artist whose musical layers tell the tale of her life.

Giovanca_3_-_Art_direction_&_photography_by_Judith_Veenendaal_&_Aisha_Zeijpveld_RGB_04_LARGEBorn in Holland in the 70’s and raised on the warm sounds of Dionne Warwick and Minnie Riperton, the 80’s introduced Giovanca to the wonders of Pop.

A decade later, Hip Hop stole her heart and thus competed the artist that you see today; complex, forward thinking and undeniably feel-good.

At times melancholic and vulnerable, at other times independent and free, it is Giovanca’s voice and her way with words that really draw in her audience.

She is an artist who wishes to create a sound that is her own, matching her distinctive vocals to meticulously selected production.

Giovanca – Happy [Pharrell cover]

With her debut album, Subway Silence, the new beats and samples of producer Benny Sings were blended effortlessly with the vintage sounds of tubular bells and the clavinet. The end result was an extraordinary and diversified record with international allure. Her latest offering, Satellite Love, presents a similarly focused sense of artistry.

Giovanca_2_-_Art_direction_&_photography_by_Judith_Veenendaal_&_Aisha_Zeijpveld_RGB_03_LARGEThroughout her work Giovanca demonstrates that she will not be restricted by genre specific regulations.

Soul uniquely shimmers through her light, dreamy voice as she sings about life, loneliness, and love. And above all: herself.

And who is Giovanca? A voyeur in the subway; Silence in the storm; a beauty with a notebook contemplating the world around her.

In one song she places life above love, in the other she begs her lover never to leave her. Contradictory? She prefers calling it realistic. “There is always more to what we see and even what we hear”. And somewhere in between is the realm in which Giovanca moves.

Giovanca – Lockdown // Ziggo Live


Satellite Love


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