bannerTony Momrelle is one of the UK’s most significant and exciting Soulful singer-songwriters.

_MG_9689His first major musical encounter with none other than the legendary Gloria Estefan helped Tony to secure numerous lucrative offers of session work, a field in which he excelled.

Momrelle is another of those effortlessly talented artists with a family upbringing steeped in music and entertainment. He started studying music from the age of just 8 and embraced gospel through regular church attendance.

Touring with the biggest and best, including Whitney Houston, Sir Elton John, X Factor’s Gary Barlow, Incognito and, most recently, Sade this exposure has given him a great foundation.

The PB UnderGround “Taste of Freedom”

tony-momrelle-3Attention grabbing, exciting and fantastically soulful, his latest EP Fly has been met with much praise and acclaim for its edgy reimaging of classic Soul. Having worked with such esteemed luminaries in the music industry,

Tony is understandably excited about stepping into – and basking in – the ‘spotlight’: “I’ve written so many songs whilst being on the road and I feel now is the moment to share them.

I have some big things to say. I think the new EP will really grab people. This is what everything has been building to. Finally, it’s Tony Momrelle time”.

Tony Momrelle Live Session for Jazz FM


Tony Momrelle
‘Fly’ EP

Tony Momrelle – ‘Fly’ EP


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