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eshe picEshe has traveled all over the world dancing and singing, bringing brilliant energy to the Grammy Award Winning Arrested Development.

Her powerful connection to the fans has forged an impactful identity for the architects of life music, creating an organic brand that no other musical entity would dare to imitate.

Their originality and positive musical force has made their contributions timeless and their performances beyond inspiring.

The 1990’s saw Hip Hop take an innovative turn. The concept group Arrested Development hit the scene with a necessary blend of classic Hip Hop and Afro- centric imaging, conscious lyrical story telling and the visual tribal presence of Africa with bold, colors, infinite energy and wild cultural musical freedoms that seemed to breathe life into music during that time.

Eshe (Of Arrested Development) “Love Sick”

eshe promo flierA stunning yet refreshing direction, the music of Arrested Development stunned the Hip Hop populace bringing an unrecognizable musical blend labeled as ‘Life Music’; an appropriate description of a musical experience which generated an exclamatory contribution to the genre.

With this evolution of sound came a thrilling spectacle of performance and cast of characters in this presentation that will prove to be not only unforgettable, but a public expectation.

For Eshe, originally known as Montsho Eshe, a would be addition to the original group, came center stage fame that would be garnered by an infectious smile, a core spiritual goodness and the physical movement of a true African queen.

This ‘queen’ would help catapult the group ‘AD’ to 10 albums, 2 Grammys, 2 MTV Awards and an NAACP Image Award, with total record sales exceeding 7 million units sold.

Eshe’s genuine fan connection has spun her into the stratosphere with solo projects, television appearances, and dance production beyond her expectations.

Presently she is packaging her gift into a brand or uplifting messaging, performances and appearances.

Eshe ft. Omari Hardwick -You Make Me Wanna

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“So Gone”


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