bannerKarina Nistal “I sing because I’m happy…I write because I’m free!”

DSC_0448Singer/songwriter Karina Nistal is known to align herself with diverse and solid collaborations to showcase her extensive range. Her work consists of emotive jazz vocals on downtempo tracks, rapping in Spanish for the worldly sounds of reggaeton, or fusing soulful Latin vocals with lively dance music.

Most significantly, it is a vibrant charisma that carries over her poetic musings in either English or Spanish, or her self-assured flirtatious rhymes. There’s a very fine line between poetry and rap, but it’s one that only Karina interconnects with finesse.

Music captivated the native Houstonian at an early age. Karina indulged in old school hip hop, rhythm & blues, soul and jazz. It was Karina’s mixed Latin heritage (Mexican and Cuban) that spotlighted traditional to modern styles.


Karina f8After several years of featuring on numerous Dance and Hip Hop releases, Karina made her first full-length bilingual debut album, Nistyle (Starlightbeats) which introduced the term “Reggaetron” (Electro-Reggaeton).

Nistyle gives a fresh face to the growing “hurban” dance scene and earned Karina various accomplishments including an Armed Forces tour in the Middle East to provide support and morale for our troops.

The following year, the video for her single “Viviendo” premiered internationally on MUN² bilingual video network. Meanwhile The Karina Nistal Band performed festivals all over the southern region including the SXSW Music Festival and made a major television appearance for the Mayor’s Tree-lighting Celebration on KHOU Houston.

Karina is also a Houston Press Award winner for “Local Hip Hop” & “Latin Contemporary”. Her sophomore album, Nistalgia (L.O.V.E. Records) was released October 2010.

“Viviendo” feat. Karina Nistal

DSC_0694Nistalgia carries her Latin Fusion sound with a mixture of Soul, Hip Hop and a few hot Dance remixes. After relocating to Los Angeles that spring, Karina began working on her project #KaRAGEous.

She became an ambassador for inspirational FB network #Besomebody. Karina turned to her fans to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her album and was able to raise over $8,000 for album costs.

“KaRAGEous is a fun, sassy, and well-rounded [album] that plays everything from downtempo, drum & bass, to dubstep,” Karina describes her new project, “You guys really need to check it out!”

Karina continues performing regularly with her band “The Live Project”, recording singles, making videos, collaborating with various artists, hosting reputable events, and working on voice-overs for commercials.

Karina has also appeared on several TV reality segments.With seemingly a lot on her plate, the sultry, multi-faceted vocalist admits, “I want to do so much more!”

Karina Nistal – Rumors (Official Music Video)

Rumors final front




Karina Nistal – All That I Want (Official video)

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