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IMG_9237 copyRufus is a fresh face who brings a refreshing sound to R&B music.

He is a musician with a genuine desire to bridge the gap between the youth and elders of today with his music being the catalyst for change and the voice of positivity.

His first full length album entitled “Growing Pains” is set to drop early in 2014. It is a very personal and real autobiographical journey of Rufus’ growth as an individual, a role model, a songwriter and as an artist.

Rufus – Hold On Me (Official Video)

_dsc1326In the tradition of many renowned R&B musicians, Rufus began singing with the church at the age of 6.

Born in Toronto, ON but raised in a West Indian Caribbean household he was exposed to and highly influenced by many of the music legends of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Throughout his high school years he continued to sculpt his vocal and performance talents as the lead singer in a cover band he also began experimenting in song writing, creating a library of life chronicles.

He found it very therapeutic to channel personal and challenging life experiences and turn them into heartfelt lyrics.

In early 2014 Rufus will release his debut album “Growing Pains” a collection of R&B tunes taking listeners through an intimate life journey of the experiences from being a young boy to becoming a man.

Lyrically there is a story everyone can relate too and sonically there are sounds to please everyone’s ears.

Rufus feat Faith Walker – We Can Win (Official Music Video)

_dsc1296The albums single “Hold On Me” was released as a tease in late 2013 followed by an official music video which gained outstanding buzz amongst online blogs and DJ’s around the world.

To complete the album Rufus collaborated with industry respected producers Atilla Toth, Joel Joseph (Nelly Furtado, Ivana Santilli), Chris Rouse & Cyrus Hira and musical engineer Chris Crerar (Serena Ryder, Prince, Backstreet Boys).

Rufus – Free (Official Music Video) – Extended Video

Rufus TouchupsThroughout his career Rufus has humbly worked with award winning producers Markus Kane (Shania Twain, Serena Ryder), Slakah The Beat Child (Drake) and has shared the stage with many Canadian musical icons such as Wade O’Brown, Jully Black, Divine Brown, Classified, Kim Davis, Classified, Glenn Lewis, Shad and many more.

Rufus continually works with top musicians and producers which challenge him to grow rhythmically and lyrically to create meaningful music without jeopardizing who he is as an artist and more importantly a person.

Each Rufus show is full of energy and guarantees that you will be left wanting more. He has a commanding stage presence and a natural ability connect with his audience. When you see Rufus perform it becomes clear that he lives through his music.

Rufus – Growing Pains (Live Performance)

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Growing Pains The Journey Production

“You always remember the first time hearing that understated record which helps propel an emerging artist. If you’re an R&B fan, this is that record from Rufus.” – When the Beat Drops