bannerKianna Cameron is a guitarist/singer/songwriter

DSC_1146“I used to sit in the backseat on the way to church with my headphones on listening to [groups] like Val Halen, or PoisonDef Leppard, and when the song got to the solo, I liked to pretend it was me playing it.”, recalls the singer about when she started to become interested in guitar.

In 2008, after only a short time of first playing Kianna Cameron, unexperienced and fearless, was invited to sit in on a song with a local cover band at their gig the following week.

A bar called Bill’s Place, dusty dark colored blinds over all the windows so it always felt like night, a wooden bar that streched almost the length of the small building in the middle, and opposite of that a makeshift, two tier stage.

Kianna and her parents took the only unoccupied seats, three chairs around a table close to the stage. Who knows how much time went by before one of the band members leaned into the mic and called her name. It was her first time performing in front of anyone, none the less, a crowded bar full of people.

“I don’t even remember what song we played. I dont think I even knew that night. All they said was it’s in the key of D, and off went we went.” When the band finished, she looked up from her guitar for the first time since the song started to face the large crowd.

Kianna Cameron – Live on “The Pulse”

Immediately, the place shifted from an unexpecting silence to an uncontainable applause. “I don’t know what they were expecting, but I don’t think they were expecting me to play like that”. The band invited her back to play the next week and each week to follow for a year.

DSC_0987There Kianna got her first taste of being on stage and playing live music. Now at this time in her life music was her passion, playing guitar was her love, and school was in the way.

A junior at Mineral Ridge High School in Ohio, Kianna previously a dedicated student, lost all interest. More pivotal even than that, she found herself changing and maturing.

Knowing what she wanted in life made her see everything differently and what was important to the average high school kid meant nothing to her anymore.

Kianna explains, “The few people I did hang out with, I didn’t make sense to them: why I stayed home just to practice, why I started dressing in skinny jeans and band t-shirts, why I left high school..”.

In 2009, Kianna completed her junior year at that school, the only one she’d ever known, then never returned deciding rather to spend her time working on what she loved now.

Always seeing herself as just a guitarist, stepping out front was something Kianna shied away from until seizing an opportunity meant going beyond those limits. “I was in a band that broke up, and the drummer from that band messaged me one night months later and asked if I wanted to be the guitarist in a new punk rock band he was starting. Punk rock wasn’t really my style, but by that time, I had started writing songs of my own and I was just dying for an outlet for them. Also, I wanted to get back on stage performing so of course I jumped at the opportunity.” The problem? This band had everything but a lead singer.

Mint Condition – Gumbo by Kianna Cameron

Fueled by her desire, she found the courage to suggest she be the lead singer, despite notquite yet having developed her singing skills. “I sucked!”, laughs Kianna, “It really took me awhile to find my voice, because I never pictured me being a singer. All the songs I wrote, I never intended for me to be the one singing them. But, I wanted to make music. I wanted to be apart of a band.” The young artist worked relentlessly improving and a true love for singing grew in her through the process.

DSC_1062She performed with the band, who called themselves SicKasMe, for two years gigging at bars, clubs, and festivals throughout Northeast Ohio, even releasing a CD entitled, “Music Above the Mines“.

After ending the band in 2011, unsure where to go next, Kianna began to lend her guitar playing to differnt singers, groups, recordings, and live shows.

Still, her heart was in the songs she was writing.

She decided it was time to step out even further and continue as a solo artist. Now in early 2014, new artist Kianna Cameron is throwing herself into the music on her upcoming debut album, writing and recording her own style of pop music with a sexy r&b and funk flavor.

Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (cover) by Kianna Cameron


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