Ankah_Cover_Front_124x124mm-004 Ankah, is a neosoul singer/songwriter.
Ankah ABehind the pseudonym ANKAH stands 21-year old Anna Kathrine who lives in Aarhus. In cooperation with her musicians, with most of whom she attends the renowned music program MGK Aarhus, she has spent the last couple of months experimenting her way to the final raw and organic sound of the EP.

The danish soul singer ANKAH is releasing her first EP, ‘Haze’, on May 29th. The recordings are the culmination of a two year long musical journey that has brought her and her music to SPOT Festival, Aarhus Musik Festival, VEGA and Scandinavian Soul Music Awards in Stockholm this February as the winner in the “Best Newcomer” category.

On ‘Haze’ you’re invited into a steamy atmosphere that’s thick with soul and R&B vibes and you’re lead through shifting moods by laidback beats inspired by hiphop music. There’s a rawness to the recordings that lays bare the instrumental honesty of a tight playing ensemble, which in most modern R&B is usually lost in a polished production.

Ankah – Your Path | Sofar Aarhus

Ankah SSMAlong“The most important thing to me is to convey a musical expression that is honest. I now invite the world into my universe for the first time. Authenticity has been the most significant consideration on the way to this release,” she tells about the project.

Along with cool timing Anna Kathrine’s powerful but equally tender vocals create a very personal experience. From baking heat over into melancholic reflection and through the more spirited parts of the EP, her voice ties everything together in an honest story of love for the music.

“With this EP I hope I will be able to enter into new creative processes and have newexperiences as a live musician. The craziest thing would be if the follow-up to ‘Haze’ were an album, ” she says eagerly.




Musical CV for ANKAH
SPOT Festival 2014 and 2015: ”This girl is really talented. I mean, she’s a really, really
good singer. The soul genre hasn’t really managed to impress med for some time now,
but this local act really does.” – review of the 2015 concert from
May 2014: Live in VEGA, as support for the Dutch soul singer Bo Saris.
Aarhus Musik Festival 2015. Review: ”
It’s incredibly atmospheric and original music.
Anna Kathrine has as strong and controlled a voice; she can sing anything and make it
sound good. Overall, this points to a promising rocket career for ANKAH, Hold on. ” –
February 2015: Scandinavian Soul Music Awards: “Best Newcomer”

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