nebannerNaomiNamz’ Elliott is a neo soul gospel singer songwriter/keyboardist/producer

2NaomiNamz’ Elliott first started singing at the age of 16 after she had discovered music as an art form to express feelings that couldn’t be verbalised due to the harsh background she had come from. Her style has been influence by artists such as Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Floetry, Estelle and Rachelle Farelle.

Born in Thornton Heath, Croydon; Naomi moved to Birmingham in 2013 after she had a new sense of direction following a previous 2 years of distress concerning her health which had left her unable to speak or look after herself independently.

It is her determination in “seeking the abundantly life promised by God” that enabled her to recover to a good enough state to be able to move and kick-start her career as a solo artist, musician, songwriter and producer. She used this time away to understand and develop her sound and progress to new levels.

Naomi “Namz” Elliott – Rainbow

editComing from a musical family in which most are multi-musicians or established artists, many will say it was natural for Naomi to fall into the same pattern and become the next ‘established artist’ in her family.

Starting out singing and playing in church, throughout her teenage years through her early 20’s Naomi toured with gospels and secular acts and has completed session work both in the UK and in Europe in which she was involved in ‘Supremes’ tribute shows and ‘Divas’ which showcased some of the greatest hits from the likes of Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

Breaking out as an RnB/Soul solo artist in 2014, Naomi has already released her debut single entitled ‘Rainbow’ and follow up single ‘Escape’ Naomi most certainly has the focus, drive and determination to turn her dream of becoming a successful artist into a reality.

Naomi “Namz” Elliott  – Escape



Her debut EP entitled ‘Goldrush’ will be released at her launch on July 18th which is based on her testimony of overcoming emotional aswell as health issues over the past few years through her relationship with Christ.


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