jasbannerJazzMine Garfield is an  singer/spokenword/songwriter

jas2Take your box and avoid throwing Birmingham, AL native JazzMine Garfield in the mix. Save your packaging because the singer/songwriter fusing folk, jazz, soul, alternative and hip hop…does not belong in an over crowded space.

She has been noted to be the generations Lauryn Hill, but truly with her unique style it has been difficult to pin point her sound as nothing else but own!!!! Daring to create on the outskirts, the guitarist has done more than prove she is a unique splash of different.

First words formed notes and melodies for JazzMine Garfield. The spot light seemed to find her wherever she was and at a very early age. Always pushed up front, JazzMine led many talent competitions,plays, solos, production and won many oratorical competitions.


jas1At the age of 14, she began her professional musical journey with a gospel group named “Message”As she entered college majoring in Communication her gift took another turn as she was hired within a month to host her own Jazz radio show “Jazz Oasis” with 90.7 WVAS.

Her smooth voice and bright personality deemed her one of the stations favorites. Captivated by the art of story telling through rhythm, Jazzmine branched off to work with the eclectic Byron the Aquarius.

Painting pictures with sounds of jazz, soul, and hip hop. In 2012 the hipster released an ep of her truth titled “Loves Bullet“. The shots were heard around the world as her ep gained the respect of many in and out of the United States.

Gracing the cover of B Metro magazine as one of birminghams rising artist, she has captivated crowds with her unique tone, poetic lyrics, and massive energy.  JazzMine is currently working on giving her diverse gift to the world. With her next release “Starting Over” her self produced project paints the picture of her growth musically, spiritually, and mentally.

  Breaking the barrier of being thrown in a box you will be able to catch her bouncing around the states as she takes the road this summer. Keep your ears open and remember To keep your packaging, because JazzMine belongs in no box!