freeydabannerFreeyda is a jazzy r&b neosoul spoken word singer.

DSC_1167 1Freeyda was born in Nashville,Tn. Her image is that relaxed chill type look with a soultry vibe. She came up listening to a variety of sounds growing up as a child. Her atmospheric sounds ranged from gospel to jazz and a little country.

Thus throughout her own music career she does not shy away from experimenting with diverse sounds and styles of music to express her soul.

Freeyda began singing in her church choir where she enjoyed being a part of a harmonious sound and where she first got her shot at singing. Freeyda loved being able to sing with her mother by her side and so many other family members and friends every Sunday.

Soaking in everything she learned from the church, Freeyda decided to use her voice and her driven nature to become student director of the Black Music Ensemble at Berea College under the direction of Dr. Kathy Bullock.

“On and On” Erykah Badu Cover by Freeyda

DSC_1120 1Setting a release date of Fall 2016, Freeyda’s album is an eclectic vibration of soulful, sensual and sassy fusion with spoken word and R&B sounds. The album has universal appeal with songs varying from Jazz to acoustic and R&B to Neo-Soul.

If you’re out in Nashville and are looking to hear some great music from your top neo artists, you can find Freeyda in several Lounge Cafe’s around the city performing cover’s and even giving the city a taste of her hot new single “Stand Up“. She pours her heart into each note she sings touching each soul.

Freeyda is ready to take the world by storm with her new music and sound. With a bold and raspy voice that demands attention, her style and attitude you can rest assure that after an introduction.. you will find it hard to forget the name. Freeyda’s debut single “Stand up” is remaining steady on the Nashville local charts at #3. Shes currently in the studio working on followup single “Love Cry“.

Freeyda “stand up” video


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Freeyda “stand up” promo

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