goldsbannerMichael Goldwasser is a Record Producer/Songwriter/Musician/DJ

MichaelGoldwasser_544_1Internationally known record producer Michael Goldwasser has gone from being a teenager playing in clubs all over New York City to ruling the Billboard Reggae Charts.

He founded his record label, Easy Star Records, in 1996, and while many other independent labels have come and gone, Easy Star has become a leading independent reggae label, adapting to changes in the industry and continuing to flourish.

Michael’s latest project is ‘Goldswagger‘, a journey back to the r&b/soul/funk side of the reggae master. Goldswagger brings back the vibes of the late 70’s/early 80’s, when music was still recorded as live as possible in the studio and musicianship ruled the day.

Goldswagger feat Maya Azucena – I Can’t Wait

MichaelGoldwasser_344_1The first self-titled album of this project features all original compositions by Michael – songs about life, love, and staying positive.

Michael plays guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion, and sings, along with musical contributions from John “JR” Robinson (Chaka Khan/Rufus, Michael Jackson‘s Off the Wall), Manny Laine (Wyclef Jean), and Ivan Katz (Easy Star All-Stars) on drums;

Bill Holloman (Nile Rodgers’ Chic) on horns, Uri Kleinman (Martha Wash) on bass, Shaul Eshet (Karolina) on keys, and guest lead vocals by Maya Azucena, Honey Larochelle, Lisala Beatty, Sophia Ramos, Robbie Rosen, Greg Vilfranc, and Melaku.

As a DJ, Michael specializes in playing unreleased material from the Easy Star vaults, making each performance a unique experience. He has performed at both private parties and clubs in NYC, Jamaica, and Israel.


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Listen to Goldswagger’s album samples below, which will be released in the UK on March 4th


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