DS_Twitter_CoverDaniel Sauls is a r&b/soul singer/songwriter & musician

IMG_3492I was born in Wilson, North Carolina. North Carolina is known for artists that started in the church so its no surprise that I grew up playing the drums for churches in my hometown. But more frequently than that I played with my Father (Larry Sauls), and my younger brother (Joshua Sauls).

I wasn’t allowed to listen to rap music growing up because it was too violent and sexual for my parents taste, which was fine by me for the most part because I loved the sound of the music my father listened to while working.

Usually the Tom Joyner show or any oldies station that played “The Good Stuff” Its because of this that almost all of my musical influences are old school funk/R&B artists such as Frankie Beverly and Maze, or Luther Vandross, Al Green, Tyrone Davis, David Bowie, Robert Cray etc.

You’ll Stay On My Mind – Daniel Sauls (feat. Alieu$)

IMG_9251We even had a family band that played all this music and current covers at the time called TLS consisting of the three o us and my Uncle Terry Bonner. I’ve had music in my life for as long as I can remember.

It wasn’t until joining the Military in 2007, and having to leave my instruments behind that I got into production and Singing heavily.

It took going on that journey and having a few near death experiences in the military to really find myself and what I found in me was a WRITER.

I was stationed in Hawaii, skip ahead a few years, and through shows and producing for artists on island I linked up with the music family i have today.

Astatine Collective is the Production team (JerrySub ZeroWilkins and myself) an we’re known mostly for producing the Multi award winning album Waking Up by Maryanne Ito. I began work on my own album in 2014 but very slowly and patiently as we were also making “Waking Up” as well.

Behind the Scenes: Can’t Call It.

After much hard work and patience I’m releasing my album entitled “Sauls” this year. 3.15.16 Its my debut album but will not be my first time releasing music internationally. “No Words” was released to the world featuring Maryanne Ito on her album that peaked at #4 on the UK Soul charts, and shortly after that I released a single called “Losing” that hit #1 on R&B charts as well.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.01.56 AMThe purpose of this album isn’t to just display my talent, I hope to do my part in helping music get back its meaning and its emotional power. Music should be easy to relate to and real.

It should come from the heart and soul of a person and reach into the heart and soul of others. Sauls is full of my Blood Sweat and Tears and I hope that you can hear it and feel it.

Featuring Production from Astatine Collective, and The Level and production collaborations with “KingDavid Colter, and AlienSunrize along with features from some of Hawaii’s hottest Emcees this album is a sign of the great things to come from the Hawaii Music scene.




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