bannermoMaleke O’Ney is a Writer, Mother, Artist, Lover

12622124_10153517590346731_7379029799562811620_oBorn in Panama City, Florida and raised in Washington DC. Sultry Soul singer, Maleke O’Ney, was surrounded by all genres of art; Music is the medium that stuck. “Music was never a hobby; it has always been a way of life.”

Her mother is a writer and a vocalist who taught herself to play the bass. Her father is a guitarist, vocalist and visual artist who is also self-taught. When Maleke was a young girl, her parents formed a Gospel band which included Maleke, her two younger brothers and older cousin.

Maleke O’Ney sang and played the keyboard. As she grew older, so did her thirst for music. Although her father allowed her to pen a song for the group to sing, her parents were very strict and their religious convictions did not allow Maleke O’Ney the liberty to express her desire to explore music outside of the church.

She credits her grandparents, Geraldine and George, for introducing her to genres of music outside of the gospel realm.

“My Grandparents introduced me to The Blues and Funk and true Soul music like Bobby Womack; I soaked it all in. I was completely obsessed with Parliament Funkadelic! My Grandmother even had me listening to Kenny Rogers! It was freeing. It was heaven. At home, I had to sneak and listen to Marvin and Prince and Chaka! Over there [Grandmother’s house], I could just pick an album, lay on the living room floor and listen. Freedom.”

“Who Is Maleke O’Ney” (EPK)

It is no wonder why this songbird’s influences range from The Williams Brothers to Charlie Pride; and it is evident because they cling to every note she sings. Being exposed to Gospel followed by Funk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country and R&B at an early age gave her an immediate connection to music that made her “feel good” as opposed to an attachment merely based on genre.

MALEKE PICTURE 1“I truly believe that the best music is music that makes you feel something.”

Maleke O’Ney’s music career has continued to blossom over the years. She has shared the stage with artists such as: Janelle Monae, Anthony David, George Duke, Edwin McCain, Reggie Hines, Julie Dexter and a host of others. She has writing credits and has done significant amounts of session work throughout the industry.

Her life’s experiences, deep-rooted spirituality and her knowledge and appreciation of self have afforded her the understanding that there is a greater purpose than just to perform or record another pretty song.

“Ultimately, it isn’t about me. None of this is about me. It’s about the message and the message is love…and what better way to convey love than through feeling? Whenever anyone experiences my music, I just want them to feel what I felt the very first time I really and truly felt music. It’s healing. Music is freedom.” #BeLove

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