rbRae Muzique Vocalist | Poet | Spoken Word Artist

DSC_0012Raelene Bailey, artistically known as Rae Muzique, is a vocalist, poet and spoken word artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. This soulful sister commands the stage and an audience, reaching deep down and making sure she is felt.

From her way with words to her tone and technique, she conveys the Black Girl Magic that we’re all talking about. She speaks of love, life, pain, and Blackness.

“My style? Anything that feels good – soulful, real, raw, revolutionary Black music. Renaissance music. Jill Scott is my biggest inspiration. She taught me how to just be – to tap into the gift and channel the ancestral power that lies within the voice of the Black Woman.”

“Many artists come from an artistic background; born into a family of musicians, listening to Motown and Jazz on Sundays and all that good stuff. Me on the other hand, music found me. Poetry found me.

Raelene Bailey – Working for The Man

Since I’ve known myself I could sing and I loved music. Secular music wasn’t often played in my house so the radio and the internet were my best friends. I’d hear a song, fall in love and then go digging on the internet and researching.

Renaissance 1I’d take in rounds of Def Poetry Jam religiously, where I stumbled upon Jill Scott, and then I began to write. I started performing in high school and that’s when everyone else started to see me.

I had a slight taste of purpose when I won a high school singing competition but at that time it was still just something I could do.

When I got to university I began performing at events and open mics. Still, it was just something I could do.

Now that I’m a bit older it has become less of something I can just do, and more of something I have to do.

When it’s in you it’s in you and you can only neglect it so much. God gave this to me – so much soul and purpose that I’m still growing into.” As an emerging independent artist with a ton of love and light to share, Raelene aspires to turn her part-time passion into a full-time one.

Raelene Bailey – Mama Knows

She collaborated with two amazing producers, MuxuboOBUXUMMohamed and AdamJustVibeFavours, and released her first EP in November of 2015. The EP, entitled Renaissance 23 is a short and sweet introduction to Raelene, demonstrating her versatility through 7 tracks. She has a little bit of everything on there from song, to rap, to poem.

Renaissance 2She is on her way to greatness with her single “Mama Knows,” an upbeat and funky socially conscious song, along with another favourite, “Working for The Man” which made it to the Neo2Soul INNAGROOVE Mixtape in the UK.

Both songs express some of the very real and longstanding truths that the Black experience entails, especially in these current times.

“Nina Simone said that the artists’ duty is to reflect the times. So, I’m an artist; singing, writing, speaking, story-telling, loving, fighting and being. I’m here for my people. This is my contribution to the revolution.”

Renaissance Music

Cover Art front

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Raelene Bailey – Cool Breeze