kk1King Krab are two musical brothers from Marseille, France.

King Krab 3Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from? 

Well, I’m Lucas, 31 and my brother is Adam, 24. We’re born next to Paris and we live in Marseille, (south of France) since 1998.

When did you start making music and realize that you wanted to be a singers/musicians? 

My mum got me into piano lessons when I was very young, but I wouldn’t go since the first day. I had to wait for my 18th to have a crush for the guitar after listening to some George Benson records for 5 years.

At first, I was really into Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder‘s music but when I was 12, my dad set his turntable in my room and lend me his record collection. That’s how I discovered George Benson, George Duke, Maze ft Frankie Beverly, Herbie Hancock, Donny Hathaway, Al Jarreau, Johnny Guitar Watson. A really big step in my life.

My brother Adam, got into bass guitar when he was 13, one year after I got into guitar. At that time he was interested by Marcus Miller, Me’shell N’degeocello, Jamiroquai, Red Hot Chili Peppers and everything that had a funky bassline, including all the stuff I used to listen before…

I realized that I wanted to become a pro musician, when I was 26. my job bored me so much, that I quit it. My brother was already at the conservatoire of music. we already had few compositions. that’s when we decided to create a band and I play our own songs.

D’Angelo – Really Love (Cover by King Krab)

Was there a person or record that inspired you to pick up the pen and start writing songs and hit the studio? 

Yes. I think it’s D’Angelo. Voodoo was a real shock for us. This guy changed our lives. after listening to his stuff, we knew that we wanted to go this way. perfect style, perfect taste.

When it comes to making music what would you credit as your main motivation?

Our goal is to find new stuff without getting weird and boring. We love when people enjoy our stuff and start nodding to it.

King Krab – The Live Sessions Chapter 1 What’s In The Damn Pipe

How would you describe the music that you make? Who does your production?

We do Pop, because of the classic verse / chorus / bridge form. But we’re deeply inspired by soul music, the way it is crafted (bass / drum /keyboard sounds), the groove that’s coming out of it. We do our own stuff. from the lyrics to the beats.

Adam and I, we’re very complementary. The Mixing and Mastering are done by Adam Bastard, from our label Uptone Records. We worked together to find the sound that fits us.

Your forthcoming album is called All In, Why did you name it this? Is it a soundtrack to your lifes or just part of your lifes or neither?

We named it this way because it’s our biggest effort and everything we learned this past 20 years in life and 10 years in music is inside.

The stories in it are moods and minds on several topics like passion, love, girls, self confidence, time we’re running after, growing up to become an adult. It’s directly connected to our age, and what’s happening to boys when they turn to men.

King Krab – The Live Sessions Chapter 2 What You Think

Do you enjoy playing live? Have you done many gigs and what kind of artists have you supported or played alongside?

Playing live is a great thrill because it’s putting us out of the comfort zone. We started playing gigs in late 2013. we already played live gigs in other situations, like local covering bands, but things got serious when we started playing our material.

What do you consider your biggest achtcivement so far?

Releasing our first album is, for the moment, our biggest achievement.

King Krab 4What do you enjoy the most about the whole process of recording and writing music? Is there something that you absolutely love and is there anything that maybe you don’t like doing as much?

What we love is that moment, and god knows it doesn’t happen often, when you feel that you hold something like a groove or a melody that is going to be huge when it’s complete, because it’s already working by itself.

You know it’s there because it’s obvious. it works perfectly. What is a real pain in the ass is starting to write new lyrics. you’re facing this blank page, and nothing comes out… the worst moment.

Getting radio play is real gripe for a lot of independent artists, but have you had any radio play? If so what DJ’s and stations are supporting you?

Yes we did ! Radio Grenouille (88.8 FM in Marseille) is one of the first big local radio that supported us. we’ve also been airplayed by several smaller radio and webradio since we release our 1st cover EPREWORX

Do you think that radio is still as important as it was in the digital age?

Of course it remains a major way to introduce people to your music but Internet has become the other major way. thanks to it we can spread our work for the cost of a connection. it’s definitely not the case with fm radio stations.

King Krab – The Live Sessions Chapter 3 Something Strange

Let’s talk image and branding for a minute. Some artists spend lots of money on artwork and other acts aren’t that interested. How important is image, artwork and branding to you?

It’s obviously very important. if you want people to take you seriously, you have to act serious. We try to propose nice visuals, videos and pics most of the time. We rather wait and take the time to propose something nice than releasing quick done stuff because social networks needs something to eat.

What was the last album you bought and apart from soul/jazz what other genres of music do you listen too?

The last album we bought is “Thril of the Arts” by Vulfpeck. Apart from Soul/Jazz we also listen to minimal electro music. artist like Christian Burkhardt, Marco Carola… 6 mai (Il y a 3 jours)




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