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AK 6-2Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from? 

Arika Kane, singer, songwriter, producer from the Northeast corner of Connecticut. It’s often referred to as “the quiet corner”. About 7 years ago, I moved to Southern Connecticut in the Bridgeport/Fairfield area to be closer to the music scene and NYC.

When did you start making music and realize that you wanted to be a singer?

My family always filled our home with music with either live instruments, singing or music on the stereo. I started singing around 10. I realized I wanted to be a singer while being inspired in the peak era of Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston‘s careers.

Not only because of their incredible voices, but the incredible music that supported those voices stirred up something deep in my soul.

How would you describe the music that you make?

Rhythmic, soulful, uplifting, limitless, universal, a true expression of my life experiences and future visions for the world.

What do you enjoy the most about the whole process of recording and writing music?

I truly love writing and performingThey are my favorite processes mainly because there is not as much pressure or perfectionism involved. When writing, I don’t look at the clock nor worry about the outside world.

Arika Kane – Bcuz I Luv U 

AKIs there something that you absolutely love and is there anything that maybe you don’t like doing as much?

When performing, it’s all about being in the moment and embracing the moment while expressing from the heart. Recording is fun but would be last on the list because that’s when miss perfectionist comes out and doesn’t go away! (lol).

While recording, I know in my mind that I have the option to re-record certain parts or lines over again so I always want to do that and perfect them when usually the 1st take always ended up being the best take and the most genuine.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

Having 2 major theme songs on TV was exciting for me. My Song “Make It” from my self-entitled Album was chosen for the theme song on VH1′s Reality Series ‘Hollywood Exes‘ & ‘Atlanta Exes‘.

Also working with Brian McKnight on my song “It’s There” was real cool as he has always been a musical influence to me growing up. Seeing “Thru The Veil” reach the #1 best selling R&B Album in the USA along with it reaching #3 in best selling pop albums.

Arika Kane ft Brian McKnight – It’s There

How are you getting your project out there? Do you have a distributor involved or maybe some shops/websites stocking & supporting your music?

By marketing and promotion from my label BSE Recordings and my distributor which is Kobalt Music Group whom since 2012 became a leading independent digital distribution and marketing service provider worldwide.

4_031What feedback from the media have you had?

There has been a lot of media that support great music and talent that has given me wonderful feedback. I’m grateful for any and all exposure that my music gets! The more people I reach, the more fulfilled I feel as an artist.

Let’s talk about your latest song, its sounding really tight. Who dealt with the production and how long did it take to make?

Thank you! The musical production was done by Rodney Davis and the Vocal production was done by me. It took all together a month or so for all the inner workings to come together to create the finished product. you know, that perfectionist monster (lol).

It was very much worth it as “Have You” is now on its 9th consecutive week at # 1 best selling U.S. R&B song.

Do you think that radio is still important now in the digital age?

I think radio is always important, but more so currently in the digital world. Now many listeners go in their cars and log in online to a station that caters to music that they like versus turning on a terrestrial AM/FM station where you will only hear the same 10 songs play over and over and tons of advertising.

Do you think the internet helps or hinders independent artists?

I think it helps and is needed especially now as the music industry has changed so much where it’s harder for talent to prove themselves through sales due to the invention of streaming. The Internet is a way to get around that but you definitely have to be very creative and innovative in how to market, promote and get your brand/message to break through.

Arika Kane “Here With Me” Official Video

_MG_2487GlowLet’s talk image and branding for a minute. Some artists spend lots of money on artwork and other acts aren’t that interested. How important is image, artwork and branding to you?

I think it’s all very important. Not from a superficial aspect, but in a way where you can tell a story and create a vibe or a feeling that reaches out to your audience so they can feel and understand what you represent without actually having to say a word. There are ways to get around spending too much money on it by taking advantage of the digital world.

Have you got any videos on You Tube and have any ever got played on TV Stations?

Yes I have at least one video from each album available on You Tube. “Here With Me” from my self-entitled Album “Waiting” from my 2nd Album “Substance” and “It’s There” on Vevo from my 3rd Album “Thru The Veil“.

My music has been heard on Music Choice but not videos on TV as there are only a couple stations left that will actually play music videos.

Arika Kane “Waiting”

Do you enjoy playing live?

I love playing live. Along with connecting more personally with an audience, it’s also a form of releasing for me..therapy in a way. It’s an outlet that every artist should have and/or experience.

Have you done many gigs and what kind of artists have you supported or played alongside?

I have toured the East Coast of the States a few times. I’ve played alongside with R&B singers Faith Evans, Donnell Jones, Calvin Richardson, The Temptations, Sunshine AndersonBabyface, Charlie Wilson, Frankie Beverly and Maze.

AK 1 copyImagine you´ve got a Dinnertable with 6 seats in a Restaurant and the guarantee everybody you would invite who is living on this planet right now would accept your invitation – who would join you for dinner and why?

Julie Andrews, Chaka Khan, Carole King, Tina Turner, Bette Midler, Stevie Nicks. I look up to and admire all these women, and they have all had unique & extraordinary journeys in life and their careers I would love to hear more about, and soak up their knowledge.

What plans have you got for the future?

I plan to continue to create great music, share it with the world and travel as much as I can to connect with my fans. I plan to receive as much knowledge as I can from life experiences and put it into my music. I will be releasing another very special single this summer and also start the beginning stages of work on my 4th Studio Album and so very much looking forward to it.

Have you- Cover %28smal%29l

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