Mz 007 (MC, Rapper) and Hookman (songwriter / producer)

Mz 007

Repping St. Louis, MO, upcoming artist Mz. 007 grew up in a church going midwestern family. After attending McCluer High School, she opted out on going to community college and eventually decided to pursue her career as a rapper.

Born Shannon Patrice Bonds, Mz. 007 was obese from a very young age. This made growing up challenging at times. Clinging to the few true friends she had, Bonds’ life took a major turn when her best friend Rachael suddenly died.

Already a bit troubled, Bonds used poetry as a way to express her feelings about losing her friend, and the turmoil she was facing as an obese teen.

“My poetry was my escape” says the now self proclaimed #FatFlyChick. After high school Bonds wrote her first rap song as a challenge from a friend. The song was called “You Like That“, which grew and generated local and regional performances. It was at the point that the young rapper realized she had a gift and wanted to pursue a career in entertainment.

Mz 007 – Important

Over the next 6 years she did just that, releasing multiple mixtapes and doing shows throughout St. Louis and the Midwest. One night when her brother was in town, she talked him into coming to a night club with her. What he saw, inspired him to sign his sister and help her move to LA, where he was already living, to work on music together. “I was shocked that the whole club knew her and her music”, says big brother. “I didn’t think she was serious about rapping until that night”.

Mz 007 – Commercial

The two teamed up and created “Important” which is still growing all over the internet. The music video was featured on popular blog Perez Hilton, who called the young star the Meghan Trainor of Hip Hop. Mz 007 was recently featured in online celebrity magazine about how she’s heating up the internet hashtag #ConfidenceGoals. She is currently recording new music, touring her latest releases, featuring in movies, and developing a reality tv show.

Hookman (Marlin Bonds)

Grew up playing music. At a young age he picked up the Trumpet which eventually led to him getting a full ride scholarship to the Jazz Program at William Patterson University. After getting his degree he paid the bills as a music teacher until he caught a break with production monster Swizz Beatz on his single ‘Money in the Bank‘.

A track that was produced and co-written by Marlin and also features his sped up voice on the chorus. Shortly after Marlin quit his job and dove head first into the music biz.

Finding limited opportunities to grow his business on the east coast at the time, he decided to move to Los Angeles where he currently resides.

Since moving there he has written songs for Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Kevin Gates, Demi Lovato, Jordin Sparks, and Kid Ink to name a few. His company also owns the Masters to ‘Important‘ so the Southwest Airlines Commercial was a big look.

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Hookman – God Got Me ft Mz 007 x King

Mz 007


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