Gwanny is a neo-soul singer/songwriter

TheeAvergeJoe would like to introduce to you up and coming songtress, songwriter and stylist Gwanny. This Dmv artist is more than what meets the eye.

Her raspy, smooth and ear catching voice over neo-soul style influnced music with great emotional songwriting skills makes this artist an overall success and soon to be powerhouse legend.

Gwanny – Flowing/Freestylin’

Her debut mixtape e.p The Essence Of….Gwanny has nothing short of greatness and will capture your imagination back to the nostalgic feel of good quality neo-soul.

In this modern day age of music with mainstream radio hits and catchy tunes, Gwanny does what many artist are not doing these days… the listners what they need rather than what they want.

In 2017 she back with The Return Of… Gwanny e.p out now but be on the lookout in 2018 for her full length album which she is currently in the process of working on which will sure give you that old nostalgic neo-soul feeling we miss!

Gwanny – Home

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Gwanny – “Live”

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Gwanny – “Sitting Up In My Room”

Big s/o 2 joe stee for the info and the opportunity to do this