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Laura Reed

bannerLaura Reed is a singer/songwriter

PRESS COLOR 1 LOWSouth African born singer/songwriter Laura Reed has been making a name for herself globally with her powerhouse vocals, thought provoking lyricism, and captivating performances. Her musical journey started as a teen, where she played open mics and coffee shops around North Carolina and the South Eastern United States.

Her original focus was as a poet and storyteller, however over time Laura developed a strong unique voice that was all her own, an empowering message of Unity, and the experience to translate her message through music.

She toured relentlessly as the front woman of the South Eastern based band, Laura Reed and Deep Pocket as well as recording and performing with various other projects and artists such as Mali Music, India.Arie, Miguel, Daley, Valerie June, Anthony Hamilton, George Clinton, Kandace Springs, Killer Mike, Karl Denson, and even Jewel.

LAURA REED: Live and Direct

PRESS COLOR 5 LOWLaura is currently based in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina and uses Nashville, TN as a platform for her art; where she recently concluded a publishing deal with EMI/SONY-ATV as well as winning a NIMA AWARD for “BEST R&B SOLO ARTIST 2014“.

Laura was encouraged to make the move to Nashville by mentor, former music executive and Grammy award winning producer, Paul Worley (Lady Antebellum/The Band Perry/The Dixie Chicks).

It was Paul who introduced Laura to the producer of her upcoming project, “The Awakening“, 2X Grammy award winner Shannon Sanders (India.Arie, Robert Randolph, John Legend). Laura opted to release the record on her very own label entitled “FIVE FOOT GIANT“, with the help of experienced ex-Apple Creative Coordinator Patryk Larney of Hope Tree Entertainment. 

Laura Reed – Killin Em With Kindness – UNRELEASED DEMO VERSION

Laura released her debut solo album, “The Awakening” worldwide, October 7th, 2014. The most recent single off the album “Wake Up“, has been featured on VH1‘s hit show, “Hollywood Exes” and the Alicia Keys Indy Film endeavor, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete“. She is currently performing live with her band around the US in support of her recent release and working on new material as well as various side projects.



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Yummy Bingham

bannerYummy Bingham is a singer/songwriter

IMG_3579A Queens queen and music industry heir, ElizabethYummyBingham gets veteran recognition.

Her father is a noted musician, singer and producer. She is the godchild of R&B legends Chaka Khan and Aaron Hall.

Yummy wrote and recorded her first demo at the age of 12. In 2000 she became a member of the girl group “Tha Rayne” and they were signed to Arista Records in 2001.

Yummy Bingham on Happy Hour RadioSEEN

In 2003 she began to write, record hooks and do background vocals for artists such as De La Soul, Dr. Dre, P. Diddy, Christina Aguilera and Mary J Blige to name a few.  After leaving the group in 2004, Yummy was signed to Motown.  It was during this time she recorded the popular single featuring Jadakiss titled “Come Get It”.

993504_500312830089959_548116175_nIn 2005, Yummy was noted as the youngest female record executive ever, thanks to Sylvia Rhone, giving Yummy and Rockwilder a label deal for Muzik Park Records.

In 2006, Yummy went on to promote her first album “The First Seed” but unfortunately, the label hadn’t done the same. Taking time away to reset her life, in September 2007, Yummy gave birth to a baby girl named Aviela.

Over the past few years, Yummy has enjoyed motherhood and made features on soundtracks, indie projects and performed live for events such as “BET Music Matters” and J Harris‘ ”Love Jones“.

LoveJonesNYC Diva – Yummy Bingham

1167264_437988212989088_205290846_oIn 2010, financial set backs caused Yummy to re channel her interest in pursuing a music career to enrolling in college.

By 2013, Yummy was accepted by The Swedish Institute for Health Sciences. As she was setting to begin her first semester, life took another turn.

Former A&R of Sean KingstonTime Is Money Ent., The Hitz Team CEO, producer and song writer Nyce Hitz revived Yummy’ passion
for music again.

The two rapidly grew a strong working relationship. As a result, Yummy and Nyce cooked up a sweet and spicy EP titled “Yummy Bingham: No Artificial Flavorz“.

In 2013, they dropped the first release called “Cuffin“. In 2014 Yummy released “No Artificial Flavorz”.

Yummy Bingham takes Fantasia to church

Front Cover

Yummy Bingham
No Artificial Flavorz

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Javon Inman

Javon Inman bannerJavon Inman is a gospel singer/songwriter

Javon Inman 3Javon Inman currently lives in the Washington, DC metro area with his wife and their two children.

With eleven (11) music awards under his belt, including Male Artist of the Year and CD of the Year, American Gospel Singer/Songwriter Javon Inman, prepares to color outside of his traditional lines with an Urban/Adult Contemporary and Gospel single.

Inman sets his sights to inspire relationships with his new music, the “date-night song” of 2014, Beautiful Girl – a much-needed recipe for romantic fire.

Having already received rave reviews from music industry veterans, Inman’s new song inspires men to step up in their relationships and to woo the women in their lives.

The song “Beautiful Girl” was inspired by his wife of twelve years and delivers an intimate lyrical win over smooth R&B/Neo Soul melodies. Inman’s Gospel roots can be heard throughout the song and he sings with a passion reminiscent of Marvin Gaye and Frankie Beverly.

Javon Inman – “My Portion (Psalm 73:25-28),” LIVE

Javon Inman 2Inman has been budding national artist for years. Born in Canton, OH (U.S.A.), Inman was raised in a God-reverencing home with his parents, brother and sister. He grew up singing in church and the music ministry would prove to be his greatest training ground.

His parents recognized his God-given talent and made certain that he actively participated in All-State choirs, musical theatre productions and Gospel choirs.

As a teenager, Inman was a member of an R&B group in which they received recognition throughout the Washington, D.C. Metro area. The CBS Star Search Semi-Finalist, who sang his first solo in his grandfather’s church at age four, has written well over 200 songs – many of which are eagerly awaiting their debut.

Remarkably, the soul singer’s ground-breaking CDHeart of a Worshiper” yielded radio hits “Come Home,” “Unleash Your Power” and “Redeemer” propelled him as one of the top recording artists to watch stateside and abroad. Javon’s music can be heard on over 50 radio stations across the U.S., as well as in the U.K, the Caribbean and Africa!

Javon Inman – “Redeemer”

Javon Inman 4Inman’s eyes light up like Christmas when asked about his new song, Beautiful Girl. “It’s one of the greatest songs I’ve ever written because it’s just very honest. It exposes another side of my heart that many people don’t know and I’m excited to share it,” he says passionately.

“The musicians (Clifford R. Flowers, Duane X. Gray, Todd Gholar, Eric Burke, Antione Hookes, Jr., and David Tauler) set the track on FIRE! But it’s the out-of-the-church-box message that delivers and definitely pushes the envelope.

God is concerned much more about us than just going to church and shouting. His heart is deep and I just want to set His heart to music. I want to sing about the real life issues God has laid on my heart…freely.”

Javon Inman – “Redeemer” LIVE, 2012 Gospel Blue MIC Awards,

Javon Inman-BeautifulGirl Album Cover

Javon Inman
Beautiful Girl

Javon Inman talks candidly about “Beautiful Girl

Javon_InmanSome of Javon’s most notable music accomplishments include:2013

DMV CHRISTIAN MUSIC AWARD Praise & Worship CD of the Year (“Heart of a Worshiper”) and Independent Artist of the Year
2013 RHYTHM OF GOSPEL Praise & Worship CD of the Year (“Heart of a Worshiper”)
2013 RHYTHM OF GOSPEL Praise & Worship Song of the Year (“Redeemer”)
2013 CHRISTIAN JUKEBOX RADIO Special Achievement Award, Gospel Blue M.I.C.
2013 RADIO ONE, PRAISE DC 104.1 FM “DC’s Next Inspiration Star” Winner
2012 GOSPEL BLUE M.I.C. Male Artist of the Year and Single of the Year (“Redeemer”)
2012 EN SOUND MUSIC AWARD Best Choral Performance (“Unleash Your Power”)
2012 DMV CHRISTIAN MUSIC AWARD New Artist of the Year
2012 BROTHA MAGAZINE Artist of the Year

Javon Inman 7Social Media Links:

Javon Inman Beautiful Girl Promo Flyer

DJ Soulchild

DJ Soulchild bannerDJ Soulchild is a international club DJ, remixer, event/artist manager.

For over the last 13 years, DJ Soulchild has proven himself to be the most skilled, consistent and sought-after Urban Club DJ & leading R&B specialist/tastemaker in Switzerland, We at Neo2soul  caught up with him

DJ Soulchild 2Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My name is DJ Soulchild, i’m an international club DJ, remixer, event manager, artist manager and all-round R&B maniac from Switzerland, but originally from Jersey.

I’m one half of “The Remix Bullies“, a remixer/rapper duo i formed  in June last year with my boy Nutta Butta over in New York. I also do a little songwriting too.

When did you start remixing music and was there a person or artist that inspired you to start producing or remixing songs and hit the studio?

I actually got into remixing by accident back in 2004 whilst randomly playing around on my turntables at home. I don’t know what made me do it, but something out of the blue just urged me to take Musiq Soulchild‘s “Forthenight” instrumental and throw the AshantiRock Wit U” acapella over it.

And it worked perfectly, so i recorded it live on a crappy audio software so i could play it in my club sets. I really can’t explain the intent or notion behind it, but it was the first remix i ever did.

ASHANTI – Rock Wit U (DJ Soulchild’s Smoothed-Out Mix)

I didn’t take remixing seriously until early 2010 when i did this random remix of the II D Extreme classic “You Got Me Goin‘”, just for my own pleasure. But i decided to throw it on Facebook to get some feedback and people went crazy over it, even II D Extreme themselves! They even asked me to send them the instrumental so they could perform my version at their shows, which was pretty cool! That was definitely the turning point for me where i said to myself: “Man, i really need to keep on doing this”. Thank you to Randy, D’Extra and Jermaine for the inspiration!

II D EXTREME – U Got Me Goin’ (DJ Soulchild’s Old Skool Remix)

What made you get involved in the music industry?

It’s just what I’ve always wanted to do since i fell in love with music at 11 years old. First i wanted to become a drummer, so i eventually convinced my parents to buy me a drum kit and taught myself at 13 years old. I was really into Hip Hop at the time, so i formed my own Rap group called “DFP” with my best school buddies. That’s when i started producing my first tracks and demos in my bedroom and we performed locally on a regular basis.

DJ Soulchild 1Throughout that time i was also listening to a lot of Bobby Brown and vocal harmony groups like Color Me Badd and Boyz II Men, so i suddenly wanted to become a singer too and was introduced to an R&B boy band with whom i stuck with for 9 whole years.

We went through a lot together, from management and label changes to self-organized German club tours and even crashing casting auditions. That was my first real taste of the ups and downs of the music industry. So yeah, I’ve been doing my thing for quite a while now!

Brandy I Wanna Be Down (DJ Soulchild’s Diggy Down Hip-Hop mix)

When it comes to remixing music what would you credit as your main motivation?

My main motivation is my ideas. Once i have an idea stuck in my head i get all jittery and want to stop whatever else i’m doing and immediately put it to work, haha! I’m very impatient with myself. Most of my ideas spring to mind when i’m doing something completely random, like taking a shower or doing the dishes. Those are quiet moments when i get lost in thought, the inspiration and creativity just flows. My head is full of music, sometimes it even drives me crazy because i’m not able execute it right then and there. Plus i have the worst memory in the world, so i have trouble remembering everything that comes to mind.

Ryan Leslie – Addiction (DJ Soulchild’s NYC Throwback Remix)

What producers/remixers have influenced you and why?

My all-time favorite remixers would have to be Allen “AllstarGordon, DJ Eddie F / The Untouchables, DericD-DotAngelettie of the Bad Boy Hitmen and The Trackmasters. They’re just all-round incredible producers who pay attention to details, know how to create a killer groove, make you dance, and give original records an even greater rework. Most importantly, they all have their own distinctive sound. I grew up listening to their music and dancing to their productions at the clubs, so they’ve definitely influenced me in a big way.

DJ Soulchild & Faye BI know you work tightly with Faye B How did that happen?

Yes, i manage Faye B. I guess you could say that was a natural development, i kinda slipped into that role by accident. We were a couple before we started working on her project, so we were a little hesitant at first about mixing our relationship with business.

But the combination of her raw talent, my early music industry experiences, my self-management and taste-making skills as a DJ, it seemed like the right thing to do and we haven’t looked back since.

It also helps that we share the same vision and taste in music. We’re a great team and work really well together.

What other artists have you produced/remixed for?

You know what, i’ve had a lot of bad luck with the official remix releases lately. I’ve done some work for and with big-name artists which never got released, due to various unfortunate reasons and circumstances beyond my control, which is a little frustrating to be honest.

FAYE B – Any Other Way (DJ Soulchild Remix)

Maybe i’ll release them on my own terms soon for reference purposes. But i did an official remix for an LA-based rapper called Tha Vill, which featured Kele Le Roc on the hook, i’ve done two official remixes for Faye B and i even won a remix competition last year by doing a remix for up-and-coming UK Pop/R&B girl group Primrose Hill, which also became official. I have some exciting official and unofficial remix projects in the pipeline, which i’m not allowed to speak on just yet until all is dealt with. I wish i could tell you, but you’re gonna have to wait and see!

PRIMROSE HILL – Candy Rain (DJ Soulchild Remix)

How do you go about making/remixing a beat for an artist? Do you just remix the beats and send them a couple to choose from? Or do you work alongside the artist?

Neither of those. All the artists i work with or want to work with are usually in the UK or overseas, so it all happens via the internet. I’ve built up a reputation and caught peoples attention over the past few years, so either they ask me or i offer them my services. I’ll only contact them if i have a seriously dope idea and i’m 100% confident that my remix would compliment their release. So they basically send me the acapella and i get down to work.

DJ Soulchild 5Do you think that radio is still as important as it was in the digital age?

Definitely still important, because it’s still serves as a promotional platform for artists. But Urban/R&B shows in particular are having a tough time right now. They have been forced to go independent because so many major radio stations have killed off their specialist shows over the years in exchange for the same old play-safe mainstream crap you hear on every other station.

So now the Urban DJ’s are reaching smaller audiences and the exposure for up-and-coming artists is obviously also on a smaller scale. The sunny side is, most independent radio DJ’s have the freedom to determine their own playlists, unlike with major radio stations where there’s often politics involved and an artist is forced to pay stupid money for spins.

I remember back in the day when people used to tune in to shows like Trevor Nelson‘s “Rhythm Nation” religiously every week with an empty cassette or Mini-Disc at hand in order to catch the latest new Urban music and exclusives. But i can imagine the fast output and availability of music on the internet has drawn back a great amount of listeners too.

HORACE BROWN – Things We Do 4 Luv (DJ Soulchild’s Remix)

Do you think the Internet helps or hinders independent artists?

Both. Artists benefit from the self-efficiency and full control over their music, promotion and building their fan bases. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow artists to connect with their fans and vice-versa. I also love the fact that it’s now so easy to connect with other musicians anywhere across the globe and collaborate on records from the comfort of your own home, without even having to be in the same studio. I guess one of the downsides of the internet is the illegal downloading, this has forced musicians to become more business savvy and make use of other methods to earn a living as a musician. Today, most money is made through performing and touring, so selling your albums and merchandise at concerts is very lucrative.

AMEL LARRIEUX  – Get Up (DJ Soulchild’s Remix)

If you’re racking up a large number of real YouTube views, you can monetize your videos through a partnership program. I know a lot of independent artists who teach music on the side to finance their own endeavors. Crowd-funding is also a new and popular way to cover expensive album or video production costs, which takes a lot of weight of your shoulders. So yeah, there are many ways to beat or even profit from the internet.

BrandyWhat do you think of the state of the music out there, whats missing & what is needed to change if any?

Had you asked me this question 4 years ago i would’ve gone on a huuuuge rant about the state of music, hahaha! But i have to say it’s improved a great deal over the past 2 years, especially in 2013. There have been some fantastic albums and singles, especially in R&B, it’s made quite a turn for the better.

It seems as if a lot of people have become sick and tired of all this fast food garbage music and need something they can feel again, like they did back in the 80‘s and 90‘s, music with emotion, Soul and substance.

In fact, a lot of current Urban music is very heavily influenced by the 80’s and 90’s, so that pretty much say it all. I’m really happy about that. As for Hip Hop, there are some great artists out there, but i still feel like it’s going through a crisis and the good Rap is being suffocated and dominated by the ratchet, turn up, swag, diluted Down South sound.

MIGUEL ft. NUTTA BUTTA – Adorn (DJ Soulchild Remix)

For example, New York Hip Hop used to have its own signature Boom-Bap sound, but nowadays even New York rappers are selling out and hopping on the Down South bandwagon just to stay relevant. Some of them even rap like the Southern dudes! New York radio DJ’s aren’t supporting their own Rap artists either, unless it’s Down South flavored. Hip Hop is definitely in a rut right now. It’s a damn shame, because after all, New York invented and pioneered this shit! So if there’s any change needed, i’d say New York rappers need to stop being followers and start becoming leaders again.

DJ Soulchild MicrophoneWho would you want to make a comeback?

Hmmm, good question. A lot of my favorite artists have already made or are making a comeback as we speak or are still going strong.

But I think it’d have to go with two of my favorite R&B groups, Portrait and Jodeci. I know for a fact that Portrait still exists as a group, each member just has their own ventures, so they just need to come together, buckle down and make it happen for once and for all.

I’d really love that and i’m still keeping my fingers crossed. And i hate to say this, but i don’t think there’s much hope for Jodeci anymore though, i’ve kinda given up on that one.

K-Ci & JoJo‘s new album is dope though, for those who don’t know! Oh, and how could i forget – A Tribe Called Quest! After touring together last Summer i hoped a single or new album would follow, but we all know how on and off their situation is. Man, i’d really, really love for them to release another album. I truly believe their impact would single-handedly save New York Hip Hop and make others follow suit!

Avant – Lie About Us (DJ Soulchild’s Silky Soul Remix)

Which artist(s) or track would you like to remix and why?

I can’t say i have a specific artist i’d like to remix for, because at the end of the day it’s all about a great song and me coming up with a dope idea for it, no matter who it is. I’m open to collaborate with any artist out there, as long as i truly love the record and given i have the time. I just want to continue to push quality R&B through my remixes with my trademark throwback sound and eventually have big-name artists say: “Man, that’s dope! I need a DJ Soulchild remix for my release too!”

DJ Soulchild 4How did you get into Dj’ing?

I actually started DJ-ing back in 2001, whilst i was still in my R&B boy band. Back then it was just fun to me and something i did in my bedroom in my free time.

The main reason i even bought turntables was because i had been a music collector since i was 11 years old and realized that there was a lot of dope R&B tracks and rare promo or white label remixes on vinyl which weren’t available on CD.

A local DJ friend of mine called DJ SCA used to mix these amazing R&B sets in the clubs and i’d be like: “Damn, i’ve never heard that joint before! That’s hot!” I wanted those joints so badly too, so i went out and bought them on vinyl, along with my first pair of turntables.

One thing lead to another and before i knew it, i was trying my hand at mixing two records together and quickly became addicted. My first public gig was at a friends birthday party, which lead to a recommendation, which lead to further gigs and from then on it just spiraled upwards! After the band split up in 2004 i decided this was gonna be my plan B and my new way of representing quality music to the fullest.

KEITH ROBINSON ft. SADAT X – Same Rules (DJ Soulchild Remix)

What music was bumping when you where coming up?

Well, like i just mentioned, i started collecting music at 11 years old, so that was around 1990/1991New Jack Swing was at its peak and that’s what i fell in love with. But i was listening to everything from Bobby Brown, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Color Me Badd, Naughty By Nature, Heavy D, Salt’n’Pepa, De La Soul, right through to more Pop-orientated music like NKOTB, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, C&C Music Factory, Kris Kross and Marky Mark.  Hey, i was young, don’t judge me! Hahaha! My musical taste obviously matured over time, so i was getting into Public Enemy, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Blackstreet, Boyz II Men, SWV, TLC, Montell Jordan, Eternal, Damage and loads more.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat equipment do you use when you do a mix?

Two Technics SL-1210 MK2 turntables, a Pioneer DJM-800 mixer and Serato Scratch Live. I’m thinking of finally buying a Rane TTM-58 mixer soon though.

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

I’ve had so many career highlights, so it’s difficult to pin-point one. But right off the cuff, playing in Dubai back in the Summer of 2008 was an incredible experience! I’ve DJ’d for Chris Brown and Rihanna, two of the worlds biggest artists, at Chris Brown’s official afterparty.

I’ve had artists like Charlie Wilson, MC Lyte, Ryan Leslie and Horace Brown acknowledge and praise my remix work. Faye B hit number 3 on the UK Soul Chart and number 8 on the UK Urban Club Chart with her debut single “Finally“. I know that’s not my personal achievement as such, but as her manager and collaborator i share her victories, so i’m very proud!

CHRIS BROWN – Fine China (DJ Soulchild Remix)

2014 is here, what do you have planned?

Definitely more remixes! My next remixes are going to be crazy and i can’t wait for my supporters to hear what i’ve got in store for them. Some cool high-profile collaborations in the works! I’ll be starting work on the follow up to my successful mixtape “R&B Secrets, Vol. 1” soon, the tracklist is set. I definitely want to DJ abroad more in 2014 and finally make it over to the States.

DJ Soulchild 3Faye B will be releasing some amazing new singles, her debut album “Arrival” is planned for the second half of 2014, plus we’ll be touring soon, so i’m sure that’ll keep me pretty occupied.

Any big ups or shouts  out you want send out?

Yes, i’d just like to thank every single person out there who supports what i do, be it with my remixes, gigs, own events or even my endeavors with Faye B. Without you there’d be no me and that’s the truth. I truly love what i do and i thank you for making all this possible and being my driving force!

Thanks for your time.


CHARLIE WILSON – I Still Have You (DJ Soulchild Remix)

Remix Bullies BackgroundYou can look and hit DJ Soulchild up here

Kyla Simone

1480648_10100780331406506_1286364754_nKyla Simone is a Gospel Neo Soul singer/songwriter

011 editedBorn and raised in whats considered the DMV, singer and songwriter Kyla Simone has been impacted by music her whole life.

With music in her DNA, she developed a passion for songwriting as early as childhood.

As she progressed into her teens and young adulthood her gifts blossomed into a desire to pursue music as an artist. God opened a door for her upon receiving her first guitar just before she went away to college.

Kyla Simone @ Psalms 117 – Called To Ministry

Surprisingly enough she composed her first song that night and from there taugh herself to play the instrument, following in the footsteps of her father, brother, and her uncles. This is where her journey as an acoustic soul artist officially began. Once her musical peers caught wind of her gift she began to get requests to come and share.

017 editedSome of her favorite opportunities were singing for Wednesday Night Live at Howard University on several occassions, and performing on the same functions as some of her favorite artists Leon Timbo, Adrianne Archie, and KJ Scriven, and opening for Leah Smith at Bus Boys and Poets in DC.

Kyla Simone has also shared in local showcases with soulful talents Carronne Jones, Todd Ledbetter, and Robert E. Pearson among many.

Kyla Simone and Friends at IHOP

lookn dwn mergedIn 2011 Kyla was graced to make it to the top 3 in the Shine Your Light competition which featured guest judges artist Michelle Bonilla, producer David Hackley, and neo soul singer and radio personality Dezzie.

In 2012 Kyla was named Neo Soul Artist of the Year at the 1st Annual DMV Christian Music Awards and was nominated for 4 awards the following year.

Kyla Simone – Pride and Clarity at BusBoys

Ky leather lean 2Currently Kyla Simone is approaching the summer release of her debut EP project entitled “FlySoar” which embodies the emotional journey we go through as we pursue our purpose.

The story speaks of the initial excitement, then the discouragement and fear that trickles in, overcoming past hurts and mistakes, and then releasing all that inhibits you to “FlySoar” towards the plans God has for your life.

The first single to be released from this project is “Pride” which becomes available for digital download on January 21st.

When Kyla Simone is not sharing her music, you can find her as the Co-Producer and Co-Host of Thirsty Soul Radio, “The NEXT GENERATION Station.” Kyla is also the Co-Director a girls mentoring program which is one of her greatest passions.

In all her pursuits her mission is to restore the value of living creatively, boldly, but with Christ as the anchor of ones existence.

unnamedCheck out the snippet

kyla simone fantasy bkgd bannerFIND KYLA SIMONE ON

For booking please contact:
Integrity Consulting & Management

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Inohs Sivad

Inohs Sivad bannerInohs Sivad, pronounced E-nos Sivad is a singer/songwriter

InohsSivadPromo062313-080Having grown up listening to a variety of music from Bruce Springsteen to Metallic to Peabo Bryson, Luther Vandross, LTD, James Brown, Chaka Khan, Minnie Ripperton, Stevie

Wonder,Donnie Hathaway, Mahalia Jackson and James Cleveland, Inohs embraces all the music she’s heard over the years with Fourward.

Fourward is a much harder hitting project than her previous three albums No Goodbyes(2011), Changes (2007), and IS (2003).

Though, it is more reminiscent of the rock slant and strong guitar sounds of IS, thanks to the heavy metal guitar influence of Inohs’ newmusical director, Deus Christian of the heavy metal band (SBUStrength Beyond Us).

Inohs welcomed the familiar connection with the guitar, having begun her musical journey on a 12-string acoustic that is heard throughout her debut album.

Inohs Sivad Crush/Don’t Let Go Medley

InohsSivadPromo062313-177Inohs welcomed the familiar connection with the guitar, having begun her musical journey on a 12-string acoustic that is heard throughout her debut album.

Fourward offered a sense of renewal, and Inohs boosted her creativity by adding new songwriters to her team LaVell Williams, Dana Anderson and Tomi L (on “Glass”).

Along with Deus Christian, Chris Donaldson and Naomi Daniel the team created an album that plays to her reflective/story telling lyrical nature, while keeping to her signature soul alternative fusion of rock, soul, and funk.

Gotta Be Good | Inohs Sivad

The album includes “Forward,” the hard-hitting title track,“Glass” and “Pearls,” which come with harsh messages; the sexy “Burn,” the hopeful “Epic,” the rock infused “Drive,” “Bridge” an honest love song, “Over” about an ended relationship, the uplifting “Spirit,” the reggae laden “Good Feeling,” and Inohs’ funky, rocked out version of Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.”


Rounding out the sound are musicians Deus Christian (guitars, bass), Chris Donaldson (drums, percussion, intro and backing vocals on “My Prerogative”), Duáne Dawkins Sr. (drums), LaVell Williams (lead vocals on “Burn,” backing vocals), Shinda Ewell (backing vocals), and Naomi Daniel (backing vocals on “My Prerogative”).

Inohs continues to be the driving force behind her record label, SoundThought Recordings established in 2004.

Creative Juice #15: Singer Songwriter Inohs Sivad

The label now boasts four artists, including Bashiri Asad (“Living the Dream,” 2012), Drizz (“Soulful Rain: Love Sessions, Vol. 1,” 2013), and Zanye (“Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” single released in 2013, full-length album to be released in 2014). SoundThought Recordings artist’s music is gaining speed in Europe and Japan.

Drive: The Music Video


FOURWARDFormats: CD (Digipak), Digital
Catalog No.: STR00011
Release Date: October 25, 2013
Label: SoundThought Recordings, LLC
Track Listing
01. Forward
02. Glass
03. Pearls
04. Burn
05. Epic
06. Drive
07. Bridge
08. Spirit
09. Over
10. Good Feeling
11. My Prerogative
12. Holla ft. Drizz (Bonus track. Not on LP)

Shon Norman
Sound Thought Recordings, LLC
22681 Woodward Ave. # 20741
Ferndale, MI 48220
313 460-0303

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Breezy Malone

Breezy_Malone_bannerBreezy Malone is jazzy neo soul/r&b singer/songwriter/model and actress

1273150_10151634176671194_1935000675_oThe flagship songstress of the Soulful Child Records family, Breezy Malone, despite her small frame, has a very special big and mesmerizing voice. With her wide range and superior vocal skills, Breezy is a songstress that can’t be locked into one genre.

Outside of being a superior songwriter and arranger, Breezy is also a model and actress who has starred in a number of critically acclaimed independent films.

Her debut EP, “Starts With Love” is slated for an early January 2014 release.

Heart On My Sleeve – Breezy Malone (Extended Version)

1391731_10151720380846194_2018953933_nWe had a chance to sit down and talk with Breezy about her singing career, and her relationship with Soulful Child Records.

Q. When did you begin singing, and at what point did you realize, this is my calling?

I think when I first started being recognized for my unique voice, and when people reached out for me to be featured on their songs…that was when I truly realized this is what I am meant to do.

Q. A lot of your songs deal with betrayal, hurt, and heartbreak. Is music one of the outlets you use to purge yourself from the emotional pain of some of your own personal love tragedies?

Absolutely. I’ve used my music to get through some of the hardest and toughest situations I’ve encountered, and with that I’ve also ended up helping others get through some things. I write from my own experiences as well as my friend’s experiences.

Breezy Malone – The Moment (Official Music Video)

DSC_1022Q. For those who have never heard your music, explain your sound in five words:

The 5s: Smooth, Silky, Soulful, Seductive, Sensual.

Q. Where did the name Breezy come from? Is there a story behind that name?

Honestly, I picked it up during my very short lived modeling career. Photographers would always say I was very easy to work with. Shooting me was a “Breeze” or my personality was a “breath of fresh air.” Eventually it just stuck, and I started being called “Breeze,” but I decided “Breezy” was more feminine.

Q. How did you meet up with Soulful Child Records, and so far how has the experience been working with them?

They actually got in touch with me on SoundCloud. They heard my stuff and said that they were looking for a female artist, and at the time I was kind of on a musical hiatus to focus on my acting, but after hearing their tracks I knew I had to give it a chance. The experience has been amazing! A match made in musical heaven for sure!

“72 hour hold” (1 of 3) -Breezy Malone

image7Q. What can we expect next from Breezy Malone?

You can expect lots and lots of amazing music beautifully created with love!

Breezy Malone is currently riding high on the charts with her smash single, “Love Face.” I am currently in the studio finishing up my debut EP, “Starts With Love” which is scheduled to be released in early January 2014.

Breezy Malone – Love Face.


Breezy Malone
Love Face

Breezy Malone EP Release Party


Breezy Malone
Charm Love: Vol. 1


Breezy Malone
The Purple Prelude

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Kenya Soulsinger

bannerWith a smooth mix of R&B, Jazz, Funk and Soul, singer-songwriter Kenya Soulsinger uses her sensual alto and haunting falsetto to tell stories of life, love, joy and pain. Having opened for such artists as Mint Condition, Kem, Jeffrey Osborne, Howard Hewett, Kee Kee Wyatt, Lyfe Jennings, Silk, The Whispers, Karen White and Bobby Valentino.

Neo2soul met up with Kenya Soulsinger to discuss the new LP “The Love You To Life Album” as well many other areas of her career to date.

image5Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My name is Kenya Lynn Whitlow AKA Kenya Soulsinger. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

When did you start making music?

I wrote my first song around age 12. I only allowed my brother and best friend to hear it. I’m certain that they grew weary of hearing those 3 chords over and over again lol

What made you get involved in the music industry and was there a person or artist that inspired you to start writing songs and hit the studio?

I was active in the Gospel Music Industry for several years before my group disbanded.

I sang almost exclusively Gospel music my entire life but R&B/Soul Music has always been the sound that I truly Love.

In 2010, wrote ‘Beautiful‘, a song about the pain that relationships sometimes bring and the eventual victory over that pain.

I thought it would really speak to and possibly bring healing to hurting women so I decided to record it and share it with anyone who would listen. I immediately  got the bug! That song would become the first single from my debut album ‘Groovy Way‘ and my inspiration to continue writing and recording.

Kenya SoulSinger Addicted (Live Performance)

What music were you bumping when you were coming up?

Even as a young girl, I was drawn to “real” music and true vocalists’. A few that made a great impression on me musically were and still are The Whispers, The Commodores, Earth Wind and Fire, Prince, Franky Beverly and Maze, Michael Jackson, Phyllis Hyman, Parliment Funkadelic, Cameo, Anita Baker, Randy Crawford, The Dazz Band, The Emotions, The Isley Brothers. The list is as big as my Love for the sound but these are definitely some of my faves!

image3What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

I have recorded and released 3 albums in 3 years…it wasn’t my plan, just turned out that way. Looking back on the hard work I think that’s pretty amazing!

Who have you worked with?

I have been privileged to work with some amazing gospel, R&B and Rap artists’. The world hasn’t been introduced to some of them but they are stars in my eyes!

There are far too many to name but notably, I have worked with two of the baddest producers in the game, Spyda The Wise Musician and CAP. Their musical touch has made all the difference in the quality sound I try to convey.

Kenya SoulSInger Live Footage 2013

Recently you released your highly anticipated LP “The Love You To Life Album” its sounding really tight. Can you tell us about that? Who dealt with the production and how long did it take to make?

Awww thank you soo much! ‘The Love You To Life Album‘ was produced by my Super Duper Producer Spyda The Wise Musician. I wrote and/or co-wrote 10 out of the 12 songs and covered two of my favourites, ‘Sister‘ and ‘Been So Long‘, originally recorded by my Auntie in my head, The incomparable Anita Baker.

kenyaredIt was also the most challenging but I love a challenge and the outcome. I was much more confident, relaxed and creative this time around.

I also felt a little more pressure. I wanted this album to be better than the last and I wanted my fans to love it just as much. I think they do and I looove them for their continued support!

Kenya SoulSinger- Anything (Official Video)

What do you think sets you apart from other female singers in the game right now?

My voice isn’t quite atypical. Most don’t hear me and say she sounds like this person or that person. I pride myself in the fact that my voice and style are truly unique, not forced and all my own…

image4How would you describe the music that you make? I know it’s hard to compare yourself to other artists and styles, but what kind of vibe is your music on?

My music has a heaping dose of Soul, a generous portion of R&B, a touch of Jazz, a dash of Funk and a pinch of Hip Hop…mix it all with some mellow chill and you have KSS music….solid and thoughtful as it arouses and relaxes simultaneously…

Kenya SoulSinger- Lovetopia (Official Video)

What do you enjoy the most about the whole process of recording and writing music? Is there something that you absolutely love and is there anything that maybe you don’t like doing as much?

I absolutely Love the creative process of writing and recording. Hearing my tunes come alive from a dream or concept is a magical experience that gets more and more exciting with every time it happens….right down to the mixing and mastering, I’m there and involved every step of the way. The process gives me LIFE! The only part I don’t like is completion…I’m immediately ready to get back in the lab to create more!

image7What other material have you released thus far in your career?

I released my debut album ‘Groovy Way‘ in Aug 2011, and then in 2012 released the ‘Unofficial DjangoEP. ‘The Love You To Life Album‘ was released on my birthday this year. I’ve also collaborated with several super dope MC’s…

What artists are you listening to at the moment and why?

Right now I’m listening to artists like Robert Glasper, Amel Larrieux, Estelle, Goapele, Jill Scott, Conya Doss, Eric Roberson, Erykah Badu and Rahsaan Patterson to name a few. Why? Because they are all amazing artists who are keeping the Art in the music…they will forever be in my playlists.

Kenya SoulSinger- Sunny Day [Official Video]

So, after the LP what’s next for you?

What’s next? Well…definitely more hot hot music, more hot collabs. I’m working on a few projects with other artists now and am crazy excited to soon be working with another fabulous Indie Artist.  I’m keeping it quiet for now but she and I are definitely gonna make some noise!

image9Let’s talk image and branding for a minute. Some artists spend lots of money on artwork and other acts aren’t that interested. How important is image, artwork and branding to you?

I definitely pour my resources into my sound and my brand. My ears and eyes are drawn to all things lovely. I Love creating images that coincide with the musical vibe.

Have you got any videos on You Tube and have any ever got played on TV Stations?

Yes, I have several videos on a YouTube including my first Official Music Video, ‘Anything‘, ‘Lovetopia‘ and my latest effort, ‘Sunny Day‘. More to come! I’ve not been played on any major TV stations as of yet but I’m just getting started! Wait and See 🙂

Kenya SoulSinger- Love You To Life [Official Video]

Can you tell us your websites, social networking etc….

My official web site is coming soon. Until them you can always friend, like, follow, or add me all over the place!

Up Close & Personal with Kenya SoulSinger

Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview, is there anything that you would like to add?

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about me and my music and for supporting Indie Artists! We are the new heartbeat of the music game! I love the movement and am honored to be a part.

image 2

Kenya Soulsinger
“The Love You To Life Album”

Kenya SoulSinger- Oooh Ahhh [Official Video]


Kenya Soulsinger
‘Groovy Way’

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Bradd Marquis

bannerBradd Marquis is a singer/songwriter

Charles_Roussel_-20130516-7936-BraddEnchanting audiences long before his 2007 album debut, the critically acclaimed Finding My Way, Marquis projects the kind of clean-cut, old school charm unseen since the days of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, and the iconic men of Motown.

Whether serenading his girl about an all or nothing love or baring his soul of its inner hurts and longings, the spiritual troubadour has his finger on the pulse of the common man. Strumming the pains, feelings, and thoughts of that brother who struggles to find the words to say, Marquis’s latest delivery is a gift for the unspoken.

Boyishly handsome, towering with a strut accented by that indisputable New York swagger, and boasting a baritone dipped in the gravel and gravy of Southern soul, Marquis is one of the streets and the steeple. A committed man of dedicated faith and community service, Marquis is the anti-thesis of today’s R&B bad boys. Like his inspirations, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, Marquis started his stage life in front of the pews.

Bradd Marquis Performance Reel

1009688_10151542171006466_241383013_oDeriving from a rich family legacy of performers that includes blood ties to Phyllis Hyman, Debbie Allen, and Phylicia Rashad, Marquis traveled up and down the East Coast with family as a child performer in the “Family & Friends” gospel troupe.

From age four to pre-adolescence when basketball dreams beckoned, Marquis rocked the church with his preternaturally grown vocals. After a love affair with the ball, a star-turning performance at a college show returned Marquis to music’s fold, quickly leading to two craft honing years as a member of the R&B quartet, Mass Appeal.

Garnering the attention of Babyface’s production team, Marquis refined his music and engineering skills even further both in front of and behind the studio boards, meeting and working with future Finding My Way producer JeremyCochiseBall (Rhymefest, Notorious B.I.G.), Thank You producer Angelo Ray (Keyvon Edmonds, Pieces of a Dream) Joe Little and the Rude Boys, the production team of legendary Gerald Levert.

Bradd Marquis – I Want To Be In Love

1039801_10151518512646466_1567093905_oIn the midst of these refinement years, a much sought-after Marquis mixtape, All Love, All the Time, was released in 2006, opening more doors. Signed to a production company, it wasn’t long before Marquis was releasing his 2007 debut LP, Finding My Way, with the independent production company, Quiet As Kept.

Breaking through the New York airwaves with the regional R&B hit, “Radio,” Marquis suddenly found himself a multiple guest on both BET’s 106 & Park and Showtime at the Apollo, in addition to an appearance on Apollo Live.

Named Soul Singer of the Year by 106 & Park, Marquis booked the Soul Summer Tour and later the Budweiser Superfest where he traveled the country as the stable opening act for vets like Jaheim, Tamia, India.Arie, Blue Magic, Frankie Beverly & Maze and fellow newcomers Gordon Chambers, Hal Linton and Kameron Corvet. Marquis also had toured for six months as “Adam” in Oscar Brown Jr’s musical fable, ‘In De Beginnin’.

MIHE TV: Bradd Marquis Live for the Soul Factory at Drom, NYC!

More than an in-demand vocal talent, Marquis was also starring in videos and writing music for artists in New Zealand where Finding My Way and “Radio” had found a serious following. Marquis lyrical prowess soon scored song placement on international projects by Styles P, Ethical, Young Sid, and a forthcoming compilation by Super Producers Sly and Robbie, amongst others.Following Finding My Way, Marquis went on to release two additional independent projects. The 2009 mixtape, FMW2.5, was partially comprised of unreleased material from the uncensored Finding My Way sessions.

1072239_10151526663936466_563420726_oWhile his debut told the aftermath of Marquis’s broken engagement, its 2011 follow-up, Authentic, was an introspective view of a man struggling to find himself artistically and personally. Marked by moody blues and torchy ballads, Authentic, was a raw, transparent portrait of a man making hard decisions at life’s crossroads.

While Authentic doubled Finding My Way’s sales and whetted fans’ appetite for the new, the experience of singing about broken families, lost love, and the roughness of the climb opened something up in Marquis.

Following Authentic, Marquis took a hiatus to make peace with his family history, study the industry, and re-discover his spirituality and the church. I had to take a break and regroup. I had to figure out how I fit, whether I wanted to sing gospel music or be an R&B artist. I also studied books on songwriting so I could write better songs and searched for better producers. I went through a lot of trail and error to find what meshed with my spirit,” says Marquis

Bradd Marquis at SOB’s, R&B SpotLight

1377195_10151657961156466_1028937298_nIn his old producer and mentor, Angelo Ray, Marquis found the spiritual mesh he’d been seeking, introducing Marquis to his new sound of driving, contemporary soul with hints of pop, hip hop and classic R&B.

Ray delivered the hook and music for the title track for Marquis’s pen and ultimately set the theme for this decidedly more spirited, up-tempo project. With 10 of the 20 recorded songs written in five days, the very personal Thank You is a love letter to everyone who stuck by and loved Marquis through his turmoil and his evolution into manhood.

Straddling the line on Thank You between the secular and the spiritual, Marquis writes honest material of life and love lessons that can be shared across the family spectrum, from Generation Y to the Baby Boomers. With party-ready music that is upbeat, melodic, and undeniably soulful, Marquis returns with his brightest, most assured set to-date.


From the finger-popping inspiration of the lead single “Winner” and the deliriously retro-soul of “Bounce Back (feat. Phaze One)” to the dark synth anthem “One Night” and hip hop soul of “Sleeping With Yourself,” Marquis and Ray keep heads bobbing and feet on the dance floor. Together they bring the party. “It’s about entertaining people who are coming to see and support you; when you’re having sex with someone you make sure they get theirs and that keeps them coming back,” quips Marquis.

1381676_10151657961216466_197290366_nNot abandoning the soulful crooning that established his name, Bradd Marquis shares his love’s devotion on “Love Will Find A Way” and “B4 I Knew You,” cementing his image as the man to take home to mama.

The rose is off love’s bloom on the mid-tempo groove of the cautionary “Happy Home” and the pleading acoustic guitar duet, “Break Up (featuring Tess Henley),” showcasing the grit and passion of Marquis’ and Henley’s powerhouse vocals.

Channeling his inner Curtis Mayfield, Marquis’ spins his own street tale of survival on the unflinching “Lucky Ones.” Revealing both sides of Bradd Marquis, the meditative “Free” is a direct conversation with God, granting listeners voyeuristic privilege to the interior yearnings and struggles of the artist and the man.

Love Will Find A Way

It’s these kinds of unvarnished illustrations of a performer willing to strip ego and mask to reveal what lies beneath the matinee looks and competitive hardness to the interiors of the heart, the connecting kind of testimonial soul that both teaches and reminds listeners they are not alone. The kind of music that makes Bradd Marquis the everyman’s soul man for this generation.



featuring the singles
Love Will Find A Way


For bookings and inquiries:
contact Jonathan D. Bates at SOULMAN Music Group, LLC.
@ 646.623.5274 or


Ms. Irene Renee

banderMs. Irene Renee is a singer/songwriter

IMG_2538At the age of four or five, Ms. Irene Renee was scheduled to perform a duet with her sister for the Easter Sunday children’s show.  She rehearsed “Yes Jesus Loves Me” and “This Little Light of Mine” for weeks, knew her lines, and was all set to perform.

But stage fright struck, and she chickened out, leaving her sister to render the songs on her own.  Despite that experience, Ms. Irene Renee went on to develop a love for performing and singing.

She joined the children’s choir and the adult choirs at both Northwest C.O.G.I.C. and Glad Tidings C.O.G.I.C churches in Detroit, MI, where she was a member for most of her young adult life, thereafter graduating to performances in gospel groups, church plays, and school talent shows.

At Michigan State University, her alma mater, she continued to nurture her desire to perform, choreographing dance routines for various talent shows before landing a spot as a dancer for the then popular rap/dance recording artist/group known as MCM and the Hype Crew.

Casa de Cafe Open Mic Night Irene Renee

After moving to New York, Ms. Irene Renee started learning the performance circuits and began singing around NYC at popular venues like Amateur Night at the Apollo, Chaz ‘n’ Wilson’s night club, and Café Wha? At many of her performances, she was relished and encouraged by famed artists like Sean “PuffyCombs and Rapper/Recording Artist and Radio Personality Ed Lover.

IMG_2446_resize“Keep singing sister!” he whispered, approvingly.  She even gained an invite from a top A&R music executive at Sony Music.

While these encounters did not result in a recording contract, she was resolved in her spirit to continue honing her musical skills and pursuing her passions.

In the midst of an upward climb, however, life happened.  And she put her dreams on the back burner to tend to the greatest love of her life—her son and the role of motherhood.

Intermittently, to keep the dream and the ecstasy alive, she performed at weddings and dance club bands, but decided those weren’t her forte.

Years later, Ms. Irene Renee decided to make a come-back and began again with local karaoke competitions, taking a few titles before getting back to the Big Apple open-mic circuit, particularly, the famed “Sugar Shack” owned by Valerie Simpson and the late Nick Simpson.

Ms. Irene Renee – The Way (Jill Scott Cover)

This evolved into her own monthly show at the beautiful Zuppa Restaurant & Lounge, where she sings her sultry renditions of jazz, R & B, and neo soul cover tunes.  After an almost two year stint, she stumbled upon a last-minute audition notification for a singing competition that she only had 24 hours to prepare for. Auditioning, she wowed the panel of judges which consisted of seasoned musicians and recording artists and landed a spot as one of 12 winners in the 2012 Forum Jazz Arts competition.

IMG_2278_resizeShe was debuted as one of Westchester County’s rising jazz entertainers in the Forum Jazz Arts Summer Concert Series.  Ms. Irene Renee has received numerous performance invitations by local and private organizations.

After having already developed a love for writing, working with phenomenal musicians and producers over the years Ms. Irene Renee decided to embark upon a journey to independently produce and release her debut album, aptly entitled, Serendipitous Experience.

Her dynamic melding of sultry and earthy,  mixed with a bit of sweet and sexy is incredibly appealing; the album’s lyrically conscientious vibe, coupled with its melodic assortment evoke genuine reactions in her listeners:  they love it; they get it!

Her music promotes reflection, inspiration, and movement.  She has been compared to singers like Toni Braxton, Jill Scott, Cassandra Wilson, Phyllis Hyman and Anita Baker and complimented by accomplished artists, including Cissy Houston and Luther Vandross.Ms. Irene Renee

Ms. Irene Renee Feelin’ Good (Offical Music Video)


Ms. Irene Renee
Serendipitous Experience

Ms. Irene Renee “Pick Up The Phone”(Offical Music Video)

IMG_2262 resized

Carronne Jones

CarronneCarronne Jones is gospel singer/songwriter

carronne_3Like many, Carronne’s musical career started as a child singing in her church’s choir. However, this Maryland native and graduate of Morgan State University (Baltimore, Maryland), was fortunate enough to have songwriters, producers, & musicians as parents.

Being around her parents, Bishop Dr. Carroll & Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Jones, allowed Carronne to learn from and be exposed to some of the best musicians, producers, and National Gospel Recording artists.

“How Great Thou Art”

Carronne has been singing professionally since age 12 and have recorded several albums on the national and international level with her family group “The Family Jones”. As she matured mentally and musically, Carronne started to think about pursuing a solo career. It was not until competing in the 2005 Rising Star competition sponsored by Vicki Winans that she embraced her individuality as a soloist and decided to move forward.

carronne_jone_3From that platform, she made appearances with her Soul, Smooth Jazz & Inspirational sound as a featured artist at the Black Heritage Arts festival in Baltimore, MD., National Public Radio, Charm City Improv, Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute & Cultural Center, Howard University’s Homecoming,

Also The Baltimore Convention Center, The Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, Md., Prayzefest Gospel Hour TV show, HGS Radio Concert and the AFRAM. She then featured in the Entertainment segment of “The Baltimore Times

Carronne’s new release “Expressions” is a mix of all of the music that influenced her career. The title track “Expressions” deals with reality and issues that revolve around love, self-actualization, and comfort.

Friend of Mine” is being played on several radio stations and has even crossed over into the secular market.  She truly believes in “singing for the soul.”

Carronne Jones “Friend of Mine”

carronne_jones_1With a busy schedule,  Ms. Jones still finds time to serve at her church home as the Worship Leader and Youth Pastor at True Fellowship Ministries (Baltimore, Md).

As well as the National Youth Pastor of True Fellowship Ministries, Worldwide (under the leadership of her father; Bishop Dr. Carroll W. Jones Sr). She pays homage to God for her ability and her parents for their coaching and support.

Nominated for a 2012 DMV Christian music awards, 2013 Prayzefest Music Awards, she recently won the 2013 DMV Christian Music Award for Neo Soul Artist of the Year. Carronne is committed to sharing the good news locally and abroad.

Stay: Carronne Jones Expressions CD Release Party



Her journey

1384197_621063661249746_686561638_nHer musical journey thus far has allowed her to work with an array of musical talents, including Zed Bias, Andy Jay & S-Tee and Hil St Soul’s producer, but to-date Charlene is best-known for her critically acclaimed single “Second Nature” of the compilation album Soul Independence.

She is also one of the original members of the band Tygerstyle which was formed in her university years. In this playful soul union she played in revered establishments such as Zanzibar and the Magnet and began her musical journey.

To date this journey has brought her onto stage with established artists such as Honey La Rochelle, Elisha La Verne, and Kendra Cash, enabled her to record live sessions for Radio1Xtra, and has seen the release of singles “Spiralling” and “It’s Still You”.

It is testament to her playful and witty nature that promoters and high-profile producers from the UK and across the pond keep working with her time and time again. She is a difficult entity to pass by, with a strong sense of style, an engaging stage presence and lyrical prowess all wrapped up in a positive and polite attitude.

It is this very energy that enabled a ‘crowd member’ to end up on stage with Conya Doss at the Jazz Café, Camden in 2011 and leave both the crowd and Ms Doss speechless! You cannot watch Charlene and stand still. Her talents go beyond seamless vocals as she certainly knows how to move, making sure that all eyes follow suit.

Charlene – Second Nature (Live)

1384279_621062424583203_1725116569_nCharlene’s lyrical aptitude demonstrates an insightful and emotionally sophisticated female living in a modern, urban world. But despite the concrete surroundings in which many of her tales are told, she can certainly take you to a higher place with her vocals.

She doesn’t rely on vocal gymnastics to keep you captivated. Instead, it is her rich, earthy tone that encapsulates a vulnerable yet versatile voice which makes this multifaceted vocalist someone to look out for.

If the purpose of music is to make you feel something, then the much anticipated debut album from this London born singer-songwriter with Nigerian heritage does that and then some!

What you can expect…

1294558_10153404355550651_1904607072_oGood Day’ is an honest album with conversational lyrics; each song tells a story. The range of songs allows you to tap into your emotions through the instrumentation and lyrical content. The songs capture the expressed sentiments with rare ease.

Everyone has their “go-to” song or their theme tune for when they feel a certain way and ‘Good Day’ is full of songs that serve that very purpose. ‘Good Day’ doesn’t fit neatly into a genre; it has hints of Neo Soul, R’n’B, Funk and Bossa Nova.

For that reason, it’s an album that you’ll want to listen to over and over and over again. Charlene’s debut album ‘Good Day’ was released on Saturday 28th September

Charlene performing at MCX Showcase




Paris Toon

paris bannerParis Toon is a lyricist/producer and musical enigma behind the band Mother’s Favorite Child.

fW152Zqd1PC1GuJshUy1y5Nj1mbOYiPjgfwe6T0JSv0,ue87H_nSj0FjYjiS7O74prYII7AdGt2HQmXWOVdY32A,LhAXHSpi-di1u6MN3-zhiTV3Ap-LdBfgQdkFUKjpvVUIntroduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My name is Paris Toon writer and producer for the group Mothers Favorite Child.  I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and my music was born in Brooklyn, New York.

When did you start making music and was there a person or artist that inspired you to start writing songs and hit the studio? Who are your influences?

I started writing in high school as well as making music.  I bought some drum machines and a sampler and was into hip-hop.  My biggest influence is Prince Marley Marl, DJ Premier & Pete Rock were my Hip Hop influences.  Lyrical influences were Rakim, Big Daddy Kane & Prince.

What made you get involved in the music industry?

I saw the movie Purple Rain when I was a child and that was it.  I knew what I wanted to do.

When it comes to making music what would you credit as your main motivation?

Relationships are my biggest motivation when writing lyrics and as far as when I write the music, it’s just past influential and inspirational artists like, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Omar, Donny Hathaway, etc.

Brooklyn Soul Music Paris Toon

Let’s put your producing hat on so what would a typical day be like if I came to hang with you?

Depends on the day. When I get to Desert Rock Studios and meet with Mothers Favorite Child I show them the ideas I have either in my head or sitting in my phone or on hard drives.

We then start the process of creating and making sure the feel is correct.  After laying down a few ideas I go back home to my home studio and edit and arrange all the ideas so I can then work on re-arranging the lyrics and melody ideas with Tanya Tiet.

1070027_10151497035901498_1872451968_nWhat producers have influenced you and why?

Prince is my biggest influence I would have to say because I truly studied his music bar for bar, song for song when I first started.  The live musician ship had a huge impact to my ear and helped when I was producing Hip-Hop.

How did you get into producing?

A friend of mine Rodney Tubbs had a record deal when I was in high school and had asked me to produce a few tracks to submit to his label.  At the time I was not producing Hip-Hop but trying to learn how to produce r&b music.

I had a sampler and an Alesis HR16, Roland TR 909 & TR 808 and did a few tracks.  After the label heard the songs they suggested to him that I produce more songs and that was the beginning of producing.

Paris Toon Baptism by Fire R&B Soul Music

What equipment do you use when making your beats?

I used to use HR16, 909, 808 & an MPC but now I strictly use drummers.  I usually just beat box them the beat and we go over tuning and getting the warm sound. I try to get sounds that I would have sampled back in the day if I had access to the masters. Dowell Davis, Dan Petrosino, Deven Reed & Ira King are drummers I have used on my production

artworks-000021147833-364u6e-originalWhat other artists have you produced for?

Nik West, Jessica Care Moore, Tanya Tiet, Fat Bottom Lip, Mothers Favorite Child, iAm Jones are some of the artists I recently produced.  I have done some remixes that are available online for artists Maxwell, D’angelo, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Fugees, Esperanza Spalding & Lyric Jones,

You’re the person behind Jazz Soul band Mother’s Favorite Child, how did that happen & what’s the main focus for them?

I decided to put a band together when I couldn’t get the sound electronically I was searching for.  MFC is more of a collective of musicians that perform and sometimes co-write on my songs. The main focus for MFC is to keep them in the studio tracking.  From time to time we will do live shows and support national acts or even perform our material at festivals.

I been playing an artist called Tanya Tí-ét produced by you ft MFC for the last few weeks now, is she a new artist or is it just her time to shine now?

Tanya has been a member of MFC since 2003.  She was a background vocalist and starting writing with me in 2006.  In searching for the right vocalist to perform my songs it turned out that Tanya had the most passion, work ethic and interest in truly making the songs her own.

Her current solo record was not planned but ended up being a product based on her being featured on the nSn compilation vol. 1 where she stood out to djs, charts and sales.  It was a no brainer to then just grab songs from the vault we had written for submissions and just release them for her.

Fat Bottom Lip – Preview of “Never” w/ Paris Toon Jazz Soul

What music was bumping when you were coming up?

Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS, Prince, Michael Jackson, Omar, Fugees, The Roots, D’Angelo, Maxwell just to name a few that were bumping when I was coming up.

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

Longevity in writing real songs based on real life situations and feelings.  I have never swayed from writing lyrics based on experience, emotion and truth.  Musically, I would have to say that I never went back to programming which would be easier, nor am I following any trends.

I stick to what I feel and hear regardless of whatever is going on in music today because trends are just that; trends. And I hope to make music from my soul that will last.

Paris-Toon_img2_miniDo you think the Internet helps or hinders independent artists?

I believe it can do both based on how you use it.  If you use it as a tool and not the rule it can help.  Prince has proven it can help and hurt on many levels.

I made the mistake in the 90s to depend on the internet and when certain sites like was sold, indie artists who helped to  build it were left in the dark.  I realized that the websites & internet is no different than large business.  Once it can generate serious capital you got to realize you lose control.

Paris Toon Sweet Soul Records

Do you think that radio is still as important as it was in the digital age?

Internet radio is what will help keep indie artists going.  It is more important now than ever.  Commercial radio is a fallacy for most indie artists and I am not into playing the lottery and that is how I look at commercial stations. I like the social network of djs and stations who truly,  sincerely enjoy our creation rather than play it because they are forced to.

Where can we find all about you and the music?  has anything you need to hear, see or know about MFC and Paris Toon.

Paris Toon Electronic Presskit 







paris no smoking filtered


hestonHis name is Heston and he is an addict, his drug of choice is love.

hes 1His new released album ‘Love Junkie’ is, of course, all about his and your addiction to love.

Heston’s fourth and hottest album to date, he believes, is his best yet.  This well written and produced album has something for everyone, from famed producer Dj Kemit, with dance and steppers groove cuts like, To the Sky and Resign to You, to the talented and highly sought after producer, Darren Daz I-Que Benjamin, with  love ballads, such as the title track, Love Junkie, and second single, Dreaming.

To the Roots Reggae, songs like, Come away With Me and Our Father –  produced collectively by The Swatt Band and gifted producer and Bassist, Ryan Wilson, pulling songs out of Heston, that have bubbled inside this talented singer songwriter from his early days growing up in Dominica, and being influenced by the best that reggae had to offer.

Ep.6 Underground Sound Presents Heston

1017467_10151941504627193_347838843_nFrom the 4th July Heston has launched his “Love Junkie Listening Party Tour” right across the United States and abroad which will end in November, touching countries all across the world.

Heston’s music is beautiful, lyrically refreshing, vocally and melodically unique, timeless, rich and soulful.  He has been compared to legendary artists such as Marvin Gaye and Leon Ware for his honesty and musicality.

Heston possesses one of those rare, “instant classic” voices laced with confident sensuality – nostalgic, yet very much his own style.

This Dominican born, Atlanta based, ‘Love Junkie’ is a hot-blooded man, unabashedly romantic, allowing listeners to enter his most intimate spaces and thoughts.

Greatest Lover Music Video by HESTON

hes suit and tieWith his polished voice, passion for delivering stellar music, and loyal and growing fan base, Heston is poised to make a legendary impact on the music world.

Heston is a perfectionist and he defines his journey as a full-time musician, composer, songwriter and producer. The precision of his musicality both on his albums and love is unparalleled in this day and time.

Heston lives and loves great music.  His music is accompanied by a full band with foundational rhythms that stem back to his island roots, comprised of percussions, horns, acoustic and electric guitars, leaving audiences captivated.

Heston My Kinda Lady

This Soulful Gentleman mesmerizes his audiences all over the World, including Paris and London and is soon to steal his Australian Fan’s hearts, as he heads to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth for The Love Junkie Tour Australia, in February 2014.

“Creating timeless music has always been my ultimate goal,” says Heston with a poised, yet humble demeanor. “I want to leave the world with music that can be played for a lifetime.”

Heston Love Junkie

heston jazz



tour front


image (650x650) (3)

Heston – Love Junkie

487244_10151465207056443_1870547036_nPRESS KIT

Big Thanks
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Evie Foster
Manager to Heston Francis

Tanya Tí-ét

bannerTanya Tí-ét – Neo2soul Interview Tanya Tiet CoverIntroduce yourself and tell us where you are from? I’m Tanya Tí-ét and I’m from New York City.

When did you start making music and realize that you wanted to be a singer? 

I knew I wanted to be a singer when I was a child but I was painfully shy so I didn’t actually start singing in front of people until I was in my mid-teens. I used to write poetry in grade school and eventually started writing song lyrics when I was 13 (the most ridiculous songs! Hahaha).

I started to do a little songwriting and recording with some guys in the neighborhood when I was 18 and finally found the courage to sing with a live band for the first time when I was 19. I was terrified but I knew the minute I hit that stage that I would do it again and would probably never stop.

How would you describe the music that you make? I know it’s hard to compare yourself to other artists and styles, but what kind of vibe is your music on?

Most of the music I’ve been recording would fall into the Soul or Neo-Soul category. I describe it as thoughtful music with a solid groove. I am very much into lyrics; lyrics that tell stories or that decorate life’s experiences so when good lyrics are matched with a clean groove, I’m ready to sing from my soul. Artists like Jill Scott, Adele, Prince, Maxwell and Stevie Wonder have certainly inspired some of this sound.

Tanya Tiet Cover 2What do you enjoy the most about the whole process of recording and writing music? Is there something that you absolutely love and is there anything that maybe you don’t like doing as much? 

I really like witnessing the birth of a new song. It’s great to be in a room with a musician, kicking ideas around and building a groove that leads to a melody and having the lyrics fall into place. I think my absolute favorite thing is that feeling I get when I hear that one note or that one word or phrase that makes me say, “OH!” and suddenly I’m overflowing with a song.

I LOVE that feeling. It’s like smacking two rocks together and seeing a spark; you know you’re about to make a fire. When I first started recording, I didn’t like it so much because when I got serious about music, I started out performing with live bands so it was hard for me to just stand in one place in front of a microphone and try to channel the same energy in the studio. I used to get frustrated because I was stuck in this “container” like some kind of lab sample that was being studied and it made me nervous so my studio performances would end up sounding empty.  I’ve become much more comfortable in the studio since then and actually enjoy it these days.

Tanya Tiet Flowers

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

I’ve been fortunate enough to score a few incredible opportunities since the start of this little career I’ve built. One of the most awesome was going out on a three week European tour with Sister Sledge. We were touring along with other Funk & Disco legends; Kool and the Gang, Chic (Nile Rodgers is the man!) and the Earth, Wind and Fire Experience featuring Al McKay.

It was such an amazing experience on so many levels. I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it. It inspired me all over again to keep moving and do what I do to the best of my ability.

I’m also crazy excited about my work with Paris Toon and the release of my new CD. It’s great to see songs climbing internet charts and to receive all this wonderful feedback on the songs and the video to my single, “Beautiful”.

Tanya Tiet EPK

How are you getting your project out there? Do you have a distributor involved or maybe some shops/websites stocking & supporting your music?

Well, between my producer (Paris), the label (nSn Records) and me, there’s a lot of activity going on as far as sharing the music with the masses. So far, iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon are supporting and selling my stuff. And DJs around the world, including you, are receiving and playing my music. I’ve already been featured in a few music blogs and local publications. Every day, the team makes sure that this music ends up in the hands of someone new.

What feedback from the media have you had?

I’ve had some wonderful responses. I’ve had a couple of my singles reach #1 spots on internet charts and a few music bloggers have written favorable reviews of the music. I’ve also been enjoying many DJ “shout-outs” since the release of the “Beautiful” single and now the full album. I’m so very grateful for all the support. It’s really exciting. 46821_10151497036336498_794803104_n

Let’s talk about your latest project, its sounding really tight. Who dealt with the production and how long did it take to make?

I’m pretty proud of the project. It was produced by Paris Toon, whom I’ve been working with for a while now. It took several months to put together. It was a cool process, sometimes frustrating but worth every second. There were many days of sitting on the floor with pages of lyrics all around and different musicians coming through, inspiring new moods. Then listening to everything over & over, walking away then listening again to make sure we had just the right songs with just the right vibes. Soon, the album just presented itself to us and now, here we are!

Do you think that radio is still important now in the digital age?

I do think radio is still relevant. It’s still a source that provides us with information (music, news, etc.) and it also serves as a live connection to the rest of the world in a way. I still think it’s cool to turn on the radio every so often when I’m by myself, knowing that I’m not really by myself because there are so many other people listening with me. DJs converse with us through music, sharing new artists and ideas and then it gives the rest of us something to talk about with each other. There’s just something about that connection that you can’t really get from a download.

Never by Paris Toon featuring Tanya Tiet – Fat Bottom Lip Jazz Soul


Do you think the internet helps or hinders independent artists?

I think the internet, like any other tool, can help and hinder depending on how it’s used. It’s great for communicating with and marketing to the masses. It also levels the playing field a bit so that some of these incredible “underground” musicians, who, in the past, wouldn’t be visible to the heavy weights of the industry, can actually be recognized for their work. Of course, there are things for musicians to be wary of as well, such as piracy and copyright issues as a result of sharing music online. It’s important for anyone in this business to educate themselves in the matters of the internet so they don’t fall victim to some of its negative aspects.

Let’s talk image and branding for a minute. Some artists spend lots of money on artwork and other acts aren’t that interested. How important is image, artwork and branding to you?

I think all of those things should be very important to any artist who wants to reach their highest level of success. As an artist, your brand and your image is everything. The marketing materials you choose are your stamp. Your stamp represents YOU. You want to make sure that your stamp speaks volumes for you so your pictures, logos, and other products need to embody your vibe and should be designed to grab attention. That way, wherever your stamp goes, your audience knows it’s YOU and that means you should respect and protect your brand at all times.

Tanya Tiet FBL1Do you enjoy playing live? Have you done many gigs and what kind of artists have you supported or played alongside?

I’ve played hundreds of live gigs in many different situations and I absolutely love it. There’s something about the exchange of energy between the performers and the audience that you just can’t find everywhere. It’s a bit spiritual. There aren’t enough words to express my love for live shows; the sound of the instruments in the open air (especially if it’s outdoors), the smiles on people’s faces, the collective sense of euphoria . . . it’s beautiful. That joyful feeling is magnified when you get the opportunity to sing with major artists. I’ve had the chance to sing on some big stages with Sister Sledge and also sang behind Jamie Foxx and opened for Living Colour.

What was the last album you bought and apart from Soul/R&B what other genres of music do you listen to?

The last album I bought was ManMade by Zo! (before that was Random Access Memories by Daft Punk). My taste in music is all over the map really. I listen to a lot of stuff that might surprise some folks. Hahaha. Aside from all my favorite Soul and R&B artists, I also love Rock (sometimes hard rock),  Alternative, Jazz, Hip Hop (especially Old School) as well as Deep House music and Singer/Songwriter stuff;  even some country  and bluegrass tunes. On any given day, you might hear me listening to a playlist featuring Deftones, Radiohead, Fiona Apple, Zombie, Led Zeppelin, Cassandra Wilson, The Band Perry, Ella Fitzgerald, KT Tunstall, John Mayer . . . It’s endless. I just love music.

625446_589568127737796_1306866133_nHave you got any videos on You Tube and have any ever got played on TV Stations?

I recently released a video for my single, “Beautiful” which is on YouTube. It hasn’t been featured on television yet but it does make appearances in a few clubs around town – video DJs come in handy. Very cool!

What plans have you got for the future?

I’m prepping for lots of live performances, hopefully as part of a tour in the very near future and, of course, creating and releasing more music.

Would like to send any shout outs to anybody?

I definitely want to shout out to all the folks who have been supporting me and my music, especially to my new DJ friends in the UK, Nigeria and Germany! Also wanna shout some love to all these amazing independent artists out here doing this thing. Keep pushin’ y’all!

Where can we find you on the Internet?

You can find everything I do on my website: and you can also check me out on Facebook, Twitter (@tanyatiet), Soundcloud, iTunes and CDBaby. And right here with DJ Niceness. I’ll be around!



Tanya Tí-ét


Mark Bunney

bannerMark Bunney is the creator and presenter of SaxMastery

Mark Bunney's shoot-262b new editMark Bunney is originally from Leicester and was raised in the church where he developed his passion for using music to praise God and minister to others.

Mark graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts and is now a professional musician and recording artist who enjoys touring internationally, giving concerts and assisting others in learning to play the saxophone and flute.

Fast becoming widely known in the gospel arena for his inspirational and dynamic performances, Mark has shared the stage or supported many of the industry’s top artists such as Take 6, Jonathan Butler, Donnie McClurkin, Byron Cage, and many more.

I love the Lord by Inspirational Gospel Saxophonist Mark Bunney

UntitledMark’s ministry has carried him to performance venues around the world and   he has toured extensively throughout the UK, USA, Bermuda, Europe, South America, South Africa and the Caribbean.

To date Mark has completed two CD projects, with his long anticipated 3rd CD project, ‘The Art Of Praise, releasing on Sept 1st, 2013.

He is the creator and presenter of SaxMastery, a brand new, unique and exiting yearly course designed for anyone who really wants to learn to play the sax or flute well.

Mark is also the director of Quiet Revolution Productions (QRP), a company dedicated to the production and distribution of quality instrumental music, instructional courses and supplier of high quality instruments at affordable prices.

God And God Alone – Mark Bunney

mark_ored tieThrough his testimony and the power of music, Marks primary aim is to praise God, point others to Christ, and inspire people to use their gifts and talents to do the same.  He attributes his past, present, and future successes to his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and considers himself a living testimony of Philippians 4.13,

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

For more info of CDs, SaxMastery of

bookings visit:

Blessed Assurance by Gospel Saxophonist Mark Bunney


Updated album cover

Pre Order

Glorious by Gospel Saxophonist Mark Bunney

bunney-7_NO BG edit 1Skype: mdbunney
FB: Mark Bunney
Tw: @markbunneysax

Marcia Mitchell

bannerMarcia Mitchell is a singer/songwriter

MARCIA 4Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from? 

My name is Marcia Mitchell and I am from Miami, Florida.

When did you start making music and realize that you wanted to be a singer?

Quite frankly, I was in my very early teens and KNEW that I NEEDED to sing as this was a God given talent of which no one should ever try to conceal. I knew this talent had to become a “business” as its rewards are greater in that form.

How would you describe the music that you make?


I know it’s hard to compare yourself to other artists and styles, but what kind of vibe is your music on?

We are about exploiting MUSICAL FREEDOM and just doing the exact opposite of what the Industry considers “acceptable;” however, the music remains relatable to the acknowledged general public.

Marcia Mitchell – Bad Girls

MARCIA 2What do you enjoy the most about the whole process of recording and writing music? Is there something that you absolutely love and is there anything that maybe you don’t like doing as much?

I LOVE making mistakes (vocally) because it makes everyone laugh! Yes, I am an accomplished vocalist so this is unacceptable, gets erased, and has to be sang again.

Most people cannot even imagine this, but yes, accomplished vocalists make mistakes too e.g. hitting bad notes or will have a tendency to sing flat and can sound as bad as the next guy.

Trust me. There is nothing I don’t like when it comes to recording and writing music.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

Landing the #1 spot on the UK SOUL CHART as of August 11th, 2013.

How are you getting your project out there? Do you have a distributor involved or maybe some shops/websites stocking & supporting your music?

We are using Tunecore and our personal sites. We’d love to have a larger distributor or one that offers other options of product presentation but for now it’s Tunecore.

What feedback from the media have you had?

I am surprised to learn that they’ve labeled my debut release FOR LOVE “a breath of fresh air!”

MARCIA 3Let’s talk about your latest project, its sounding really tight. Who dealt with the production and how long did it take to make?

My latest project is a Double A-Sided Single titled FOR LOVE; however, the two tracks listed are “Wish You Were My Man” and “Déjà vu.”

This project was spearheaded by my Production Team which consists of Mikael Manley (formerly of the Commodores), Clifford Dale, and Marcus France and also, my Band Members from the Marcia Mitchell Band aka “MMB.”

It took us no time to complete because we are always prepared. The songs were already ready and I personally wrote “Wish You Were My Man” so the guys just produced it and voila!

Do you think that radio is still important now in the digital age?

Yes, in the sense that some of the older generation will never fully embrace new technology and should still be exposed to new music just as the rest of the population; however, there needs to be music available to capture this audience and some Artists are doing just that.

Do you think the internet helps or hinders independent artists?

Helps and hinders. I’ll take both!

Marcia Mitchell – Deja Vu

Let’s talk image and branding for a minute. Some artists spend lots of money on artwork and other acts aren’t that interested. How important is image, artwork and branding to you?

It’s the highlight of my life as marketing and desktop publishing is my background but I own a few businesses as well. Branding is your image and first impression before anyone is aware of your products and services. If the consumer doesn’t like the wrapper, they may not move forward to see what’s inside. It’s human nature.

1170933_347251232074137_1393547704_nDo you enjoy playing live?

Heck yeah! This is ALL I do! Lol!

Have you done many gigs and what kind of artists have you supported or played alongside?

Oh boy! I have performed 1000s of gigs.

I am not at the liberty of naming the Celebrity Artists that we have been on stage with and have performed with and FOR (for that matter) as Celebrities hire my Band to perform for their Weddings and Private Events.

However, I have opened up for people like Natalie Cole, Vanessa Williams, Diana Ross, Mary J. Blige, Lou Gramm of the super-group Foreigner, and countless others.

What was the last album you brought and apart from Soul/R&B what other genres of music do you listen to?

Hmmm. I just purchased DON-E’s music (SMILE) and I listen to everything. I am not biased or partial toward the different genres of music.

Have you got any videos on You Tube and have any ever got played on TV Stations? Yes, YouTube and Vimeo. Not sure if they have hit any Television Stations yet; however, I did get a message the other day from a West Palm Beach, Florida, TV Station so we will see what happens.

Marcia Mitchell – Ain’t Nobody

What plans have you got for the future?

This, I won’t answer. We are ‘JUST DO IT’ kind of people. You’ll look up and I’ll be there. LOL!

Would like to send any shout outs to anybody?


Where can we find you on the Internet?

Seriously? If you key in my name, the streams will go on for several days. All jokes aside,



Marcia Mitchell


1146863_10151638104238772_1086706186_oNO.1 UK Soul Chart Top 30

Heart & Soul Radio aired on 5/26/13
(click photo to listen)
(click photo to listen)

522742_4811463451940_1347380933_nMARCIA’S interview with KEITH “Deejay” SLY of WE ARE BANG RADIO!
(click photo to listen)


Cleveland P. Jones

bannerCleveland P. Jones is an singer/songwriter

cp1“Men have heartbreaks, too. I just decided to unapologetically write about it”, states Cleveland P. Jones about his highly anticipated debut album, Ace of Hearts.

“Expressing my feelings of love’s lost and my recovery from such doesn’t make me any less of a man.

If anything, I’m stronger because of it”, he candidly mentions. What promises to be coined as a resurgence of classic and timeless soul music, Ace of Hearts offers you twelve riveting tracks of personal, raw, and gritty perspective of Cleveland’s experiences in love and the lack thereof.

“My music is undoubtedly emotional, but in order to heal, I had to tell my truth without fear of judgment.” That alone is why Cleveland is the quintessential artist he is.“

Somebody out there will hear me and I hope it awakens something on the inside that ignites freedom and invites healing.”

SOBs Sol Village featuring Cleveland P Jones I Can’t Stand The Rain

This native of a little country town in South Carolina, called “North”, started his musical journey on a little clay road and pastures of green fields. He affectionately recalls listening to his mother sing as they cleaned the house on hot summer days and bumpy rides to the church house. “Momma would sing songs by gospel greats like Shirley Caesar then switch to soul legends like Betty Wright.

cp3It just depended on her mood,” he kindly reflects. This was the beginning of what would later become Cleveland’s maturation as an accomplished singer/songwriter and producer.

His voice is simply one of a kind and to experience it, especially live, is a spiritual journey on it’s own.

Penning timeless classics like Free Yard Sale, Cleveland boldly speaks of the liberating experience in giving away the belongings of a past love after holding on to them for nearly four years post break up.

Cleveland decided not to sugarcoat the hurt and, in turn, gained a new found mental and emotional freedom from what was his own personal imprisonment of not knowing when to let go.

With his soulful rock tune, Patience, Cleveland compositions are designed to welcome open dialogue often abandoned or non-existent between lovers and friends alike.

SOBs Sol Village featuring Cleveland P. Jones – Patience

“Sometimes you’re just tired of the person, but it doesn’t mean I stopped loving you”, he speaks of this captivating soul tune. When asked about his future in the music industry, he proclaims, “my mission is longevity, not instant fame. I’ve learned by example and experience that rushing a good thing normally ends abruptly and suffers long…what’s intended for me will be,” he says.

Cleveland P. Jones.Cleveland has carefully chosen the unbeaten path to discover his truth, which resulted in this self- written,self-produced, and performed confession, which is Ace of Hearts.

He spared nothing to give you his best as he unwaveringly chose live instrumentation throughout this masterpiece of soulful art.

A graduate of two prestigious institutions, Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, Cleveland became deeply involved in music and theater.

SOB’s Sol Village featuring Cleveland P. Jones – Don’t Leave Me

He performed and toured many places stateside and abroad. After Morehouse, Cleveland continued to develop his acting and vocal skills later finding himself in the growing underground independent music scene of Atlanta, Georgia.

cp2From this experience, he was afforded great opportunities to travel and lend supporting vocals to some of Atlanta’s most promising soul artists.

While in Atlanta for nearly ten years, Cleveland appeared in and lent his voice to Paramount/MTV’s Fighting Temptations soundtrack.

From then on Cleveland became highly influenced by artists like Anita Baker, Bobby McFerrin, and Rachelle Ferrell. As he continued to search for “his voice”, he later indulged deeply into soul legends such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Donny Hathaway, Oleta Adams, and a plethora of others.

SOB’s Sol Village featuring Cleveland P. Jones (Entire Set)

cp4Thus these musical influences, Cleveland’s music speaks boldly for itself. No fanfare or polishing needed. Simply put, he committed to his mission to deliver unadulterated “timeless soul music” and therein offers you the golden keys to unlock this soulful brilliance.

Ace of Hearts is a faithful story about Cleveland’s road from personal insecurities, abandonment, love, pain, and back to square one of loving oneself wholly. “The heart was made to love, break, and heal” he says.

“The best part is when you reflect and discover how strong you were the whole time.” Cleveland P. Jones is well on his way to higher places, yet very rooted in the quest to heal souls one song at a time.

Cover Art -Cleveland P. Jones

Cleveland P. Jones
Ace of Hearts


ACE OF HEARTS Album Preview – Cleveland P. Jones

21985_709221555760523_513216356_nCleveland P. Jones can be found online via:
Facebook: Cleveland P. Jones
Twitter: @clevelandpjones

P3P Music GroupHis company, P3P Music Group, can also be found online at:
Facebook: P3P Music Group
Twitter: @p3pmusicgroup

James Colah

bannerJames Colah is an keyboard player, producer, arranger, composer

untitled shoot-0285-Edit FacebookJames Colah is from London, England and is an accomplished keyboard player, producer, arranger, composer and session man with an impressive resumé in the music industry.

He began his music studies at the age of four with a classical training which progressed to a dynamic and creative flare for composition and performance, much of which is undertaken at his own south London studios.

He has composed, performed, recorded and produced music for more than 300 artists of various genres with the philosophy, “As long as you have a germ of a melody which you can hum, I can develop it into something which is sure to please.”

His achievements and experience span many diverse areas of the music business including being signed to CBS ( Sony / BMG Records ) with his two identical triplet brothers at an early age, resulting in a European tour.

James Colah (Part 1) Short Keyboard Solo

untitled shoot-0251-Edit small cinema film effectHe has also toured with many other high profile acts including supporting, ‘Tears For Fears’ in America and Canada and the classic soul band, ‘The Foundations’ throughout Europe.

James co-wrote and performed the title music for the BBC’s, ‘Terry Wogan’s Friday Night Show‘ and was featured in the prestigious, ‘ Keyboard Playermagazine. He has also worked for production companies in the media and national corporations including other projects for the BBC in the UK.

In a three decade career to date, he has worked as a musical director or session man with a range of high profile international artists which include : Edwin Starr, Ballet Rambert Dance Company, Virgin Records, Sheena Easton, Haysi Fantaysi, Pendragon and EMI.

James continues to maintain his standard of excellence by developing as a musician/composer/producer and has recently steered his talents into the genre of ‘ Smooth Jazz ‘. He’s currently working on his first solo smooth jazz album release under the name of ‘The James Colah Project’


To date has released eight highly successful singles: Come with me (The James Colah Project), To Be With You (The James Colah Project), Touched By The Light (The James Colah Project), Better Days (The James Colah Project), Ocean Tide (The Parlett-Colah Project), Moment in Time (The Parlett-Colah Project), Blissful (The Parlett-Colah Project), Luna Stars (The Bobi-Colah Project).

untitled shoot-0228-Edit film effect FacebookHis smooth jazz music has enjoyed rave reviews and is on the playlists of over 100 international radio stations around the world including Jimi King’s Show and The Project for whom he has been a featured artist and which also resulted in him doing radio interviews jingle production and voice-over id’s.

In April 2012, James was invited to perform as a special guest at Spaghettini’s, Seal Beach, CA, USA. James was honoured by winning the 2011 Coffee Talk Jazz RadioInternational Songwriter Award Luna StarsThe Bobi-Colah Project.

Reached #1 in the CDBaby Contemporary Jazz Chart and #1 in the CDBaby Ambient Chart Come with me – The James Colah Project, reached #1 in the CDBaby Lounge Chart#2 in the CDBaby Smooth Jazz Chart.

#4 in the CDBaby Instrumental Chart and #7 in the CDBaby Jazz Chart  – Ocean Tide from The Parlett-Colah Project has made history for being the only song on the KJAZZ Radio UK ‘Top 10’ to have remained on the listener voted chart for 6 months of which 6 weeks were at #1. Ocean Tide is a global hit as voted by the KJAZZ Radio UK global audience.


James Colah, Take me higher, Cover art - med-res

Facebook page
the world premier airing of my new single,
Take Me Higher
The James Colah Project
Saturday, 10 August, 2013
12 noon (GMT)

!cid_7B72D10D-777A-4E0C-A03D-2B2DC05B66D6 editedLondon based writer, producer and keyboards player James Colah is back. He has already released seven highly successful singles from ‘The James Colah Project.’ On his new track ‘Take me higher’ (due for release mid August, 2013) for the first time James is on lead vocals. His vocals are delivered with passion and conviction and include some very nice chord arrangements. The track is a  retro-funky, upbeat & oh-so-catchy number with a hint of George Benson about it. I think this groove is aimed straight at the dance floor – its got the potential to crossover which will appeal to both underground and mainstream audiences. Guaranteed to get air play across the pond in Europe/US/Australia. This tune will be firmly planted on my playlist.

Dj Niceness (Neo2soul Promotions/ Jazzysoul/RhythmAndSoulRadio)

edited DSC_0092Twitter

Kim Scott

981506_10151625846479028_1504301354_oKim Scott is one of the most sought after classical and jazz flutists in the country.

Kim Scott 152Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, she burst onto the jazz scene in 2011 with her debut CD “Crossing Over“, which received rave reviews from the music industry.

After a very successful global campaign, her debut CD made it to the BDS Billboard and charts bringing her into the forefront with visibility across the world.

Known for her hauntingly beautiful, unique tone and for her polished technique, Kim Scott is a fresh sound for today’s increasingly popular smooth and urban jazz music industry.

Kim Scott – Deja Vu : Debut Album “Crossing Over

Scott O’Brien of states, ” Exceptional tone and polished technique will leave you wanting more from this brilliant player” and Ron Jackson of The Smooth Jazz Ride says, ” The one virtue that stands out when you listen to Scott…her delivery and technique, which can make any tune her own, be it a cover or not. Give her a listen, and I’m betting that you too will become a believer”.

kscott1 - CopyChair of the Music Department at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, she has been an educator for 13 years and prides herself on passing her musical knowledge onto her students.

Classically trained, she is a member of the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra and performs in solo recitals and concerts across the United States and abroad. Kim Scott’s sophomore CD, “Rite of Passage” was released May 18, 2013 and has taken the world by storm.

Kim Scott – Golden (Rite Of Passage)

DSC_1932-2eThe first single released from the CD, “Golden“, was the #1 most played/most added track the day it was released, gaining her even more recognition as one of the hottest new flutists on the scene.

Produced by Kelvin Wooten, “Rite of Passage” features some of the most funky and soulful grooves by this artist and the CD is now in the top 25 on the BDS Billboard chart, in the top 30 on the chart, the top 15 on the Smooth Indie Star chart, and #27 on the Groove Jazz Music chart.

Kim Scott – Sweet Obsession [smooth jazz]

It is steadily climbing and it even features a few surprises, like “Sweet Obsession“, of which Kim Scott showcases her sultry, one of kind voice!  Mark Edwards of puts it this way, “Let Kim Scott’s sensual style take you on a journey, one that will never have you thinking the same way about Smooth Jazz flute ever again”!


Kim Scott
“Rite of Passage”

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Felton Offard

JcbghPwm_YHSLuI-XdStAsQxP_aegwEUDzSFkZfmUvg,WG1RemPggXCXuU5QSkEPTeRLJOVPq4Rvmy2qx0-QIv4Felton Offard is a guitarist/composer/producer and educator. He grew up in the small town of Freeport, Illinois (100 miles west of Chicago).

Offard is a versatile artist who has worked with diverse acts from pop star Barry Manilow to jazz legend Clark Terry.

He was a touring and house guitarist for several Broadway shows including Oprah Winfrey’s Presents: The Color Purple, Jersey Boys, Standing In The Shadows of Motown Live with Peabo Bryson, and Leela James, The Addams Family, Crowns and numerous others.

I’m Yours | Felton Offard

rEkqQ40qKyaE0fezep2B-UB4YBammLO4oI1AiDJmh0o,Pp2VjkNUTvw7PoHZMMdx8uEsU1hORHzmE2SNTZVg14wTV appearances include NBC’s The Playboy Club and Three Mo’ Divas.

His new CD, “INVINCIBLE” was released in May 2013, a follow up to his critically acclaimed Gospel Jazz cd RISE.

Mr. Offard teaches guitar, jazz/popular music and music business at Chicago State University.

You may contact him  @feltonoffard on twitter, or

“INVINCIBLE” Live by Felton Offard with an S/O 2 DJ Niceness

Felton Offard Invincible Cd Cover

Felton Offard

Joe Leavy

bannerA Guy Named Joe Leavy” is the CD project by singer/songwriter/producer Joe Leavy

Joe Leavy 16A self-proclaimed romantic with a high regard for love and a huge passion for music. Fortunately for the listener, he is combining the two.

Internationally influenced in his music, for more than 10 years, the San Diego native worked overseas playing R&B, pop and jazz nightly in popular clubs and hot spots throughout east Asia and Japan.

Joe Leavy The I Heart You EPK

856877_127602597418704_2016882767_oFamily led him to return the United States, taking his gifts to the Las Vegas market, where he once again, kept busy in the local music scene.

Over time, the grind burned him out, and he moved to California, set his music aside and opened a construction company, creating a lifestyle more conducive to focusing on his wife and children.

Copy of Joe Leavy I Heart You The D.O.A Joint

As any true musician in love with his craft, he couldn’t completely put music aside. Tinkering’ lead to the creation of a song in early 2012 called “It’s About Time”, dedicated to his wife, the tracks for “I Heart You” and the others that will be included on this project soon followed.

Cool Ass Joe in white“In my previous work, I never had the opportunity to perform my own creations. With the music industry being as it is today, with independent music being so vibrant, I can create music that appeals to me”.

When asked about his musical influences he references greats such as Nat King Cole and Tony Bennett, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Donny Hathaway.

When it comes to songwriting, one can’t forget Stevie (Wonder) and Marvin Gaye. Two of the greatest  story tellers in popular music.

I feel blessed to have an opportunity  to express my thoughts and passion through music. My desire is to create music that resonates in the hearts and minds of people from every walk of life.

I Heart You Live

Joe Leavy CD_cover

Joe Leavy
A Guy Named Joe Leavy


bannerjJahah is a singer/songwriter

Jahah Looking DownJayeJAHAHBerry is a producer/emcee/singer/songwriter from the “Home of the Brave” – Atlanta Georgia.

He has released three Independent albums: 2002’s Ear for Music, 2004’s Mama’s Only Son, and 2007’s The Melting Pot under the alias Jahah. Jahah began writing songs when he was just 15 years of age.

Since then he’s collaborated with Tha Bizness, Pink, Speech (Arrested Development), Big Rube, Choklate, Scar, Mistah Fab, Wale Parker, Cool Million and Dukes of Daville to name a few.

In 2002, Jahah popped up on the Atlanta music scene with his first album Ear for Music. The album garnered him attention from Outkast’s now defunct label Stankonia. “It was an honor to know the legendary Outkast and their executive’s at Stankonia wanted to sign me.

Jahah: Soul Music (Live @ The Earl)

Jahah SittingI only wish something bigger would have come out of the whole situation”. Since the brief set back with Stankonia, Jahah has been featured on four of Speech’s EMI Japan releases and released two critically acclaimed LP’s on the Japanese label Day-Track.

After releasing The Melting Pot (Day-Track) in 2007, Jahah was able to tour Europe, South America, and South Africa. “All the tours were great but being able to touch down in Africa was a dream come true.

Jahah: Live at The Indigo Bar

I was greeted with WELCOME HOME the first day I was there. At that moment I felt like all my hard work had paid off. I was so thankful”. In the summer of 2008, Jahah began working with the production duo Tha Bizness who went on to produce Young Money’s “Every Girl” and Young Jeezy’s “My President is Black”. “Tha Bizness gave me new life and inspiration. My life and career are in a different space now and I welcome change.

Jahah: Bare My Heart (Official Video)

FallingI needed a fresh start and Tha Bizness helped me do that”. Jahah has since signed on as a songwriter for Tha Bizness and has recorded a 70’s inspired album with the duo that will be released in the near future. He’s also co-produced several tracks on Tha Bizness album and will be featured on 4 of the LP’s songs.

Jahah is also co-producer of his new production company The Feel with Angie Stone’s touring bass player DeToxXx. The Feel has produced the bulk of Jahah’s forthcoming albums Nostalgia (RED) and The Paradigm. Jahah looks to collaborate with other artist(s) soon.

Jahah – Doin’ It (Street Sessions)

Jahah AlbumCover1

Nostalgia Black

Jahah – Soul Music (Official Video)

Jahah: “Happy” (Official Music Video)

Jahah: Falling (Official Music Video)

Twitter: @Jahah143
Instagram: Jahah Love
Facebook: Mamasonlyson


headerSomewhere between R&B & Neo Soul lies the union of classical, hip hop, & rhythmic pop that is Lexxi

1Lexxi (aka Lauren Alexis) is a native Detroiter from the east side of 7 Mile Road with strong family roots in Brooklyn, New York.

A multi-dimensional performer, she has been entertaining since the fearless age of four. Lexxi began as a dancer, going on to perform in local & national competitions.

After being offered to enter into local pageants & being accepted into John Robert Powers Modeling Agency, this sultry tomboy quickly ran in the other direction stating “there is TOO much make up & WAY too many girls in one place at one time!”

But after auditioning for a role in a junior high play, the school’s theatre coach personally pulled aside Lexxi’s parents  & encouraged them to pursue a path of singing for the aspiring dance choreographer.

They bought the starlet her first round of vocal lessons and a karaoke machine as a gift for  her next birthday.

Lexxi – Turning Tables

She would disappear into her room for hours, studying artists like Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Prince, Madonna, Heart, Minnie Ripperton, Lisa Fischer, Aaliyah & Stevie Wonder. By the age of 15, she was quick to step into the role of “entrepreneur” by creating her first business cards as a “vocalist for hire” for wedding ceremonies.

3 Lexxi & Tha Ripyr GA Music AwardsThis enabled Lexxi to utilize her operatic training with several church directors while simultaneously reaping the financial benefits of her talent.

After several more years of auditions, theatre work, & consistent vocal training, she made her live debut around the Metro-Detroit area performing everything from top 40, blues, rock, gospel & smooth jazz to R&B, pop, electronica/house & even reggae.

Lexxi studied under & performed with a Trinidadian steel drum family of friends to fully embrace soca, calypso, dancehall, and roots rock reggae. She had become a regional finalist for “Star Search”, a finalist for Detroit’s WDIV Channel 4‘s “Super Singer” competition,  & a background vocalist for Rod Stewart live in concert.

This gifted performer also worked alongside Alto Reed of “The Silver Bullet Band” in concert as well as on his debut solo CD “Cool Breeze”, Motown‘s KEM, Detroit’s own hip hop artist Trick Trick, R&B songstress Regina Belle, & hip hop artist Mr. Cheeks of “The Lost Boys” to name a few.

Lexxi: “Valerie” (acoustic)

It wasn’t too long before Lexxi hit the road performing in gospel stage plays sharing the stage with the likes of Billie Dee Williams, Richard Roundtree, Allen Payne, Kel Mitchell, Lavell Crawford, Christopher Williams, LeLee Of “SWV” & Monifah. Due to all of the extensive work and travel, Lexxi began to notice her 5 octave vocal range was tightening. She would find herself in pain, being unable to sing after only a short period of time on stage.

2Her livelihood was threatened by bilateral vocal chord nodules & was immediately advised to quit her band & undergo two vocal chord surgeries. She mentally prepared herself for a 50/50 chance to ever sing again.

After 2 years of voiceless times, writing on a dry erase board she hung around her neck, & working with a speech pathologist to learn to speak again, Lexxi proved her discipline & passion was too intense to throw in the towel.

She went on to be named one of Detroit’s top ten vocalists & then took it to another level as a national Hollywood finalist for season five of FOX 2‘s hit show, “American Idol”. As one of the top 64, Lexxi was voted off for “having too much experience” after a flawless performance.  Feeling the fire of her will, Lexxi flew back to Detroit and hit the ground running.

Lexxi’s “Morning Love” from the Lucid EP

AND HERE WE ARE! This artist of captivating stage presence & sensuous multi-ethnic appeal landed in Atlanta in 2009. After going on hiatus from the industry for a year to realign her new mission, the songstress wasted no time jumping onto the fresh new music scene. Honing her songwriting skills, Lexxi released a new impressive body of songwriting material entitled “LUCID” in January 2011 as a way to introduce herself to the Atlanta music world.

4_winnerPromising to bring more fire, she responded to the demand from her fans and followed up with her debut album “RHYTHM LOTUS” which was released November 2012.

It’s a clever reminder that if music is the confession and art is the instrument, Lexxi must be the source. Full of exotic rhythms, soulful interpretation, and honesty of heart, this album is a sweet plethora of sound, movement, ardor and even humor.

An exotic caravan that weaves you through the tapestry of her intimate feats and trials as a woman, it’s tempting if not captivating from the very first note. Just “press play” and let the body of work ride as it has the consistency of musical tupelo honey that oozes with the thickness of soul.

Lexxi most recently won BEST R&B FEMALE OF THE YEAR at the Georgia Music Awards June of 2013. Although placed under one category, to define this diva’s sound in one word or genre is equivalent to claiming there is only one color in the rainbow.

Lexxi “How I Love”

Album Cover internet


“Inamorata” – Lexxi

Check out her latest dance single aka  “audio seduction” entitled “INAMORATA
(a free download at
Lexxi has been bringing audiences to their feet WHEREVER she performs,
so catch her live and get ready to rise!


Tatiana “LadyMay” Mayfield

bannerTatianaLadyMayMayfield, a jazz vocalist/songwriter

tn_1200_4884dd81e9465e943fc83650ec706152.jpgRefreshing and beautiful are how many have described the voice and persona of TatianaLadyMayMayfield, a jazz vocalist, musician, and educator from Fort Worth, Texas.

“LadyMay” (as she has been named) has been singing and playing jazz music since the tender age of thirteen. Since then, she has performed in various venues and festivals throughout the U.S., received rave reviews from listeners, and numerous awards.

In October of 2010, she was chosen as one of the twelve semi-finalists to compete in the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Vocals Competition that was held in Washington, D.C.

Tatiana “LadyMay” Mayfield (OFFICIAL EPK)

tn_1200_4c1245a3c9ffe33f05caebcb939ebe0c.jpgShe performed before a panel of legendary jazz vocalists that included Al Jarreau, Dianne Reeves, Patti Austin, Dee Dee Bridgewater, and Kurt Elling. She has opened for several well-known artists such as Kirk Whalum, Randy Brecker, Dave Valentin, Bobbi Humphrey, and The Main Ingredient.

She has also recorded two albums, From All Directions (2009) and A Portrait Of LadyMay (2012).  Jazz journalist Scott Yanow described her voice on her debut album From All Directions (2009) as “attractive” with “excellent elocution” and a “joyful spirit”.

Tatiana “LadyMay” Mayfield- Love (Live)

tn_1200_695c261bd251f7e80348bafd52a58da5.jpgOn her latest album A Portrait Of LadyMay (2012), Harvey Siders, former writer of JazzTimes Magazine, describes her intonation as “flawless” and her scatting “as natural as breathing.” In addition to her vocal skills, she plays piano, trombone, composes, and teaches.

LadyMay’s appeal has also reached listeners abroad in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and Nigeria. Her music has been featured on international radio stations such as “Solar Radio” and “Star Point Radio” in London, “SwissGroove Webradio” in Switzerland, and “Smooth 98.1” in Nigeria.

Tatiana “LadyMay” Mayfield- Fever



Live @ Music Connex London (UK)

Tataina Ladymay Mayfield ~ Cherish The Day

Tatiana Ladymay Mayfield ~ Real

Tatiana Ladymay Mayfield ~ For You


shout to Monique

Kejam aka Dee Majek

bannerClose your eyes, escape from life’s realities into a world of Jazz Funk Dystopia.”

kejam_dystopiaMusically refreshed, after a short hiatus in Central America, Dee Majek, returns re-inspired to launch his new project Kejam (pronounced KeyJam). With a double-sided, slice of UK feel-good, jazz funk ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Radian’ from his forthcoming album ‘Dystopia’.

As Dee states “The inspiration behind this project was my burning desire to revisit my musical roots, reinvent the music of those halcyon days that I’ve always loved to listen, buy and danced too as an ardent collector in the Seventies and Eighties growing up in South London.”

Dystopia is an extension of Dee’s passion and music knowledge, digging into his vast collection of over 40 years. The album concept is simple. Take a listen to the punch-packing bass line of the title cut ‘Dystopia’.

The double A side by Kejam ft James Colah Dystopia/Radian

To ensure Dee, stays on track to realise his vision of a ‘jazz funk landscape’, Dee enlisted ‘Mr. Keyboard ‘extraordinaire and 2011, Coffee Talk Jazz Radio – International Songwriter Award Winner, James Colah, who Dee has known for over 20 years.

radian_1500x1500James has been featured in the prestigious ‘Keyboard Player Magazine’ and for the past three and a half years has established himself as a major world artist, under the banner of ‘The James Colah Project’within Smooth Jazz (

To date James’ has released eight, highly successful singles that have been play listed of over 100 international radio stations around the world. ‘Ocean Tide’ from ‘The Parlett-Colah Project’ made history for being the only song on the KJAZZ Radio UK ‘Top 10’ to have remained on the listener voted chart for 6 months, 6 weeks of which at number one.

Talking hits! For those who don’t know, Dee Majek’s involvement in the UK urban music scene stretches over four decades. From the age of Seventeen, in the mid Seventies, Dee secured exclusive promotional copies from American label, Casablanca Records, International Operations Manager, Scott Bergstein.

The History of Casablanca Records

The roster  included Donna Summers, Cameo and Parliament and Giorgio Moroder for Dee to source and garner feedback to legendary UK club and radio Djs that included Chris Hill, Robbie Vincent, Greg Edwards, Graham ‘Fatman’ Canter, Graham Gold, Les Spaine and Record Mirror Disco Columnist, James Hamilton. Other labels Dee sourced records from included Cotillion Records (Luther Vandross), Bang Records (Peabo Bryson), early Salsoul Records 12 inch DJ white labels and Beam Junction (Grace Jones) releases.

Donna Summer-LIVE & MORE-1978 Studio Mixing Session!!!

Warner.live_and_learnIn the Eighties, as a songwriter/lyricist, he gained co-writing credits with April Music,EMI,working with top, UK urban producer and arranger, Roy Carter (Heatwave, Central Line, Jermaine Stewart, Errol Brown, Courtney Pine and D.C. Lee) on projects including Warner’s, Eighties club classic ‘Live and Learn’ and ‘After Love Has Gone on Oscar Jay Records.

In the Nineties, as owner of independent label, Seven Universal Records Dee, produced the highly successful series of urban mixtapes, ‘Beats Researcher Volumes One, Two and Three’ that was widely played in the UK and USA. Plus as a street poet, he wrote and produced the critically acclaimed jazz poetry album ‘Soul on the Edge’ going on to win the ACER, Black Penmanship award.

2 Step – Warner – After the Love Has Gone

For the last 20 years his soul network has grown like co-writing sessions with legendary, Island records engineer, producer, remixer and A&R Consultant Godwin Logie, UK Toolroom producer Mark Knight, plus contacts with host of high profile, American producers, engineers and remixers that included Ike Lee III, Adam Blackstone, Young Lord , Anthony ‘TC’ Cunningham, Timothy Walls , Carl Breeding, Lamenga Khafi  & Keisha Miles.

As head honcho of boutique, promotion label, Madkonnects. Where in 2000, Dee was responsible for the infectious and most sought after record, Derrick Dixon’s UK club anthem ‘Gotta To Get Her’ EP, licensed to Stonegroove Records.

Derrick Dixon – Gotta Get Her (R&B 2000)

The following year, Dee branded and jointly compiled Urban Street Anthems Volume One, an album of aspiring American independent artists that Dee closely worked with, in partnership with Street Sounds records, mogul, Morgan Khan, for his Music With Attitude (MWA) label. He also, sourced highly acclaimed, New York, wordsmith, Phararoe Monch, of head banging ‘Simon SaysRawkus records ,fame for the multi –platinum selling, Mobo award winner, Adam F’s , Kaos album.

Adam F – Last Dayz Feat. Pharoahe Monch

M_World_Comp_for_print_frontAs joint owner, and CEO of the highly successful American, independent label Mapp Records, voted by leading urban magazine, Blues and Soul as the second best independent record label of 2005.

Dee was responsible for pioneering a blue print EP, ’Six for Spins’ that set the bench for the artistic development, successful promotion and licensing overseas of unknown, American, independent artists.

This blue print model, broke the careers in 2005, of Chanel Perry, ‘My Life’ that spawned, top 40 national chart hits in the UK, France, and Scandinavia

Chanel – My Life (Audio only)

To date has been licensed worldwide on over 80 compilations and worldwide licensing of Chanel’s follow up club hits ‘Dance’ and the excellent cover of the Brownstone classic ‘If You Love Me’, which were licensed and released through premier, UK, dance label Ministry of Sound imprint, Hed Kandi. Further success followed, for Dee and the label, with the highly acclaimed R&B group, Metropolis classic debut album, ‘The Voyage’ and his memorable ‘Nights over Egypt’ club mix of the groups ‘Lovin You’.

Jai Black Lovin’ U ft. Metropolis MWorld Nites Mix (2011)

Which was  widely supported across Europe and Japan culminating with Metropolis supporting legendary new jack swing producer Teddy Riley in concert and  the album being licensed to Japanese label BMFN Records and voted eight best R&B album released that year , as well as the group being  voted ‘Best Independent Act of 2005’ category by  Blues & Soul magazine.

Metropolis – Kick It

Chanel_album_frontWith the demise of Mapp Records, in 2009, Dee has continued to thrive and maintained his prominence within urban music UK, with partnerships that have included Mworld dance project with bad boy dj and producer Pat Bedeau.

Co-writing and production credits on the highly anticipated album from UK soul diva Natasha Watts with UK super DJ and producer, Ross Emmins aka DJ Destruction (Adam F, Lee John, Canibus, Rodney P and Retrospexx).

Furthermore, the creation of a  distribution, partnership with  Atlanta based multi platinum, producer and CEO of Blacktree Music , Ric Atari (Wyclef Jean, Usher, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Jill Scott and 112) for the  promotional release of  Dee’s, Mworldnites Volume One, compilation and Chanel Perry’s Forget About Your Boys debut album that spawned 20  top 10 hits across  various UK soul chart.


fisherman_croppedThe double A side
Kejam ft James Colah Dystopia/Radian

Kejam  Links

Get Dystopia and Join the Jazz Funk Revolution!
For more information contact Dee Majek @ VEC Records


The Geary Faggett Ensemble

bannerThe Geary Faggett Ensemble, a popular Christian group and ministry

3The Geary Faggett Ensemble, was formed by Composer and Songwriter, Rev. Geary Lanier Faggett in the early 70’s. Geary Lanier Faggett, was trained in classical music.

A consummate pianist, he is known to many by Geary Lanier, who penned the popular song “If We Never Pass This Way Again” recorded by Rodena Preston and the late Rev. James Cleveland.

Fellowship”, a song written by Geary made it’s away around the world as a featured song on Whitney Houston’s tour, who was also a fan of Geary’s and his singers.

Geary Lanier, along with his sister Vonciele Faggett and the members of the Geary Faggett Ensemble (including alternate singers) are well known in the entertainment industry.

Geary Faggett Ensemble

Trained by Geary Lanier, Geary and all of his singers are music industry pro’s and solo Artists whose names and faces can be seen and heard with the most iconic and popular Artists in the music and film industries, including Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Madonna, Glady’s Knight, Whitney Houston, Andrae Crouch, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Quincy Jones, Elton John, Brandy, Faith Evans, El Debarge, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Dionne Warwick, Patti LaBelle, and the list goes on. Collectively, the music history within this group is astound-ing.

Geary Faggett Ensemble Reunion Concert 8.15.13 – Invite

gfeTheir contribution to popular music in all genres is uniquely recognized in the signature sound heard on hits like “Man In The Mirror”, “Like A Prayer”, “Heal The World”, Whitney Houston HBO South Africa,The Earth Song” , the theme song for Amen, and the Color PurpleGod Is Trying To Tell You Something” just to name a few.

As one of the most sought after keyboardist in the music industry. Geary’s music and songs were considered to be the “newest sound in the gospel and christian community” as young people and adults flocked to any concert featuring The Geary Faggett Ensemble.

Geary Faggett Ensemble Rehearsals (Teaser)

Geary was genius at choosing just the right singers and teaching them to blend together, forming a sound that was new to the music community. Coupled with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a ministry aimed at the youth, The Geary Faggett Ensemble became a household name in the Gospel community, and led thousands of young people to Christ.

GFE Event Flyer 1.7!music-page/cmfx

Keyonne Brooks

Dennis McCalmont

bannerDennis McCalmont  is a singer/songwriter  

DSC_6570-2Music has been stirring in the veins of Mayoman Dennis McCalmont since he was a lad, but it began to course faster as soon as he heard Paul Kossoff’s fiery guitar solo on Free‘s ‘All Right Now‘.

As Dennis himself puts it, “That raw sound and emotion blasting out of an old radio had a great impact on me even as a child. I was immediately struck by the music bug, and for years I sang in school choirs.

In my teens I played drums in a band, until I learned a few guitar chords and became the singer/guitarist in the band!” Since then, Dennis has been pouring his seemingly limitless creative energies into his music, writing songs, playing his trusty Canadian S&P 12- string guitar, singing, recording singles and albums, doing solo gigs and performing with his band.

To a broad range of original songs that cross musical boundaries from mainstream rock into funk, soul, folk, country and blues, he applies his sturdy and sensitive vocals to attract an ever-increasing number of fans both in Ireland and abroad.

Dennis McCalmont ‘Titanic’ Tribute Song ‘Live’ on C.R.C. Fm

DSC_6553-2The tightness of his band comes from 10 years of loyal friendship and musical explorations with seasoned musical campaigners Michael Buckton (electric guitar), Craig Donaldson (bass) and Donald Hoban (drums).

To the influences of Van Morrison, Neil Young, R.E.M., Bruce Springsteen and Sting, McCalmont and his band of troupers add their own exquisite personal touches, as can be heard in their exuberant live performances, and on McCalmont’s most recent recordings of his stunning compositions as ‘Speeding Train’, ‘Wishes‘ and ‘Missing Person‘.

Those recordings  feature on the soul/funksters’ New Album #SoulRecall, which has been mastered by Ciaran Byrne, whose impressive studio CV includes Sinead O’Connor, U2, Van Morrison and Metallica.

That these guys are on the right track is demonstrated by the reaction to the songs at home with Legendary Radio Broadcaster and Champion of Irish Artists Play-Listing ‘Missing Person‘ on Galway Bay FM and from way beyond the shores of Ireland.

‘Speeding Train’

Let The Spirit‘ was picked up by renowned Soul Music Radio Show ‘Modern Soul Sauce‘ in May and has been playlisted on 10 Radio Stations across the Globe  ‘Speeding Train‘ has been playlisted in France, USA and UK, besides invading the Top 5 of the Reverbnation Irish National Singer/Songwriter Chart. It also attracted the attention and admiration of noted musician and producer Gavin Ralston, further proof of how top music industry practitioners gravitate towards McCalmont’s prodigious talent.

DSC_6641-2You’ll Make It Through‘ with its homage to Soul Singer Randy Crawford‘s ‘You Might Need Somebody‘ has been heard and very positively approved by Legendary Songwriter ‘Tom Snow‘ the Award-Winning Writer of the Randy Crawford Hit.

Wishes‘ has also been playlisted in the France & UK, while ‘Missing Person’ proves that McCalmont can take a serious subject and give it the sensitivity it demands. But then this is the man whose ‘Time For Truth‘ was a reflective response to the infamous Invasion of Iraq.

‘Let The Spirit’ (Move You)

It helped win McCalmont the coveted “Pick of the Fortnight” accolade in Hot Press magazine from Jackie Hayden, the man who signed U2 to their first record contract. As well as the New Album #SoulRecall Listeners can engage with McCalmont’s 2011 all-original 14-track Acoustic Solo Album ‘Nature of Life‘, also available to download at iTunes and including a bonus track ‘Silent Friend‘.

Dennis McCalmontReviewing that album, Danny McElhinney, Irish Mail On Sunday, remarked that “McCalmont knows how to deliver a heart-felt song without any histrionics…

One Day In Spring‘ and ‘The Circle Never Ends‘ would remind one of Crowded House’s Neil Finn, while there is a nice Bono-esque falsetto on ‘Carousel‘… Any Music Publisher worth his salt should be seeking the man out.’

In their review of the album, Hot Press described ‘Lost’ as “a slower atmospheric song with a melody and a vocal approach that evokes Elton John. McCalmont’s harmonies are spot-on too.”

The album also attracted references to Fleet Foxes, and included ‘Carousel (Sun is Shining Down)’, which was short-listed for the final of the Irish Daily Mail competition for unsigned artists.

Apart from regular live solo and band appearances around his native part of Ireland, McCalmont has also dipped into his bottomless pit of energy to work as a facilitator with several youth orientated organisations, his engaging approach to music giving him an instant link with the participating youths.

Just Jamming

He has co-written songs for a local musical production On A Wing And A Prayer at The Royal Theatre in Castlebar, raising much needed funding for ‘Hospice‘, and he even penned a number about the Titanic tragedy, before Bob Dylan did likewise on his 2012 album Tempest. So, keep a close watch out for the arrival of his much-awaited new album.

#SoulRecall 2


TC Eckstein, Vocalese

bannerTC Eckstein, Vocalese Lead Solo Multi-Genre Vocalist

1363135645_LADII_TC_Eckstein_New_CD_Profile_picA lifelong music lover, singer, come from a musical family blessed by God with Jazz Influences of Father Robert and Grandfather, Late Great Billy Eckstein , Church, Gloria Lynne, Billy Holiday among many others.

But mostly Christmas songs and it became a new year tradition to sing with big Brother Richard Eckstein (Jazz).

TC Eckstein is very multi-genre faceted with elements of Hip Hop Jazz All Forms Of Jazz/ some Classical/Funk/Neo-Indie Soul, Rock,Modern Gospel….etc.

TC Eckstein grew up on Teena Marie , Donna Summer, Corey Day Of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band, Minnie Ripperton, Pat Benatar, Ricky Lee Jones, Heart, Astrud Gilberto, Natalie Cole etc..

Tc-The Golden Scat

1352433537_TC_V_Shoot_Take_That_Chance_1TC Eckstein have opened concerts for Mikki Howard, Najee, Color Purple On Broadway, Lisa Mcclendon, etc.. and been recording and performing since age 8 (Church-Secular-Jazz- Modern Gospel, Neo-Soul, R &B, Acid Funk, Rock, Etc..

TC Eckstein also done the National Anthems @ Falcon Hockey Games Political events, Boston House Of Blues, Berkley Performance Center and for ADP Conventions with Senator John Kerry. Numerous Televised performances , WTCC Radio 90.7 fm of Springfield MA Member n Advocate/ Comcast Public access TV Show Personality.

Fundraiser Volunteer Performances in addition to private weddings/events/I have been Nominated and won numerous Music Awards including Boston Music Award with KSG Band and up for Akademia Awards as A Solo Artist.. Presently with Poze Records/Productions and Studio Visual Rebels Ent.For Promotions etc..

TC Eckstein – “Take That Chance” Official Video




TC Eckstein, Vocalese Soloist- Demo CD “A Song 4 Sky”!
Turn them Jazzy Sassy Lights Down CD/ Upcoming Soon: Diamond Day CD
The Kevin Sharpe Group “God’s Songs” on CD Baby available for purchase


Maya Neiada

bannerA Neo-Soul Rocker – a.k.a.- Whitney Hendrix – a.k.a.- the black Benatar – a.k.a. Maya Neiada

tn_1200_mayablue1.jpgMaya Neiada is an Atlanta-based Singer/Songwriter serving up a tailor-made, genre-fused cocktail that has been quenching the thirst of indie music lovers both nationally and abroad.

This ‘Neo-Soul-Siren-from-the-South’ is steadily carving her niche, creating a buzz and blazing a trail underground so hot it is only a matter of time before she emerges in the mainstream.

Born in the Bronx but raised in South Carolina, Maya Neiada’s interest in music began at an early age. She recalls her parents’ large, multi-genre collection of music being played on the weekends while she and her sisters did their chores.

She states “It included all the good stuff –  Stevie Wonder, Queen, Aretha Franklin, EWF, The Commodores, The Emotions, Dan Fogleberg, Modern Jazz Quartet, Teena Marie, and Barbara Streisand to name a mere few.”

Maya’s exposure to the vastness of that collection instilled a permanent curiosity and appreciation for live instrumentation, good singing, and different music genres.

maya neiada interview and performance snippets

neiada blueA shy child, Maya Neiada hid her talent, only singing in the church choir or on the rare occasions when she was home alone.

A turning point occurred for her during college. While pledging a sorority (Delta Sigma Theta), she was challenged to sing by her ‘big sisters’.

It was then that her confidence blossomed, propelling her to give her first solo performance during a Greek step-show.

She was hooked from that moment on and has been singing, writing, recording and giggin’ ever since.

Maya Neiada’s sound – “Neo-Soul with a Twist” – is a manifestation of the definition of her very name: maya – meaning ‘illusion’.

Her recordings and songs coax listeners to categorize her in the Neo-soul genre.

Maya Neiada at Tantra

1 hand mic 1 hand backShe croons over break-beats and R&B’esque sounds, telling stories of seduction, love gone wrong, dream-chasing and self-empowerment. But her performances introduce you to the “Twist”.

True to her Gemini nature, her live shows are where she becomes ‘a whole otha person’.

She adapts like a chameleon to the live show environment, transforming into a pint-sized-power-house-rock-star right before your very eyes.

She BRINGS IT when performing live, always leaving concert-goers begging the question “How can someone so little sound so BIG??!!”

Her new indie-album “Cinco De Maya” is a bulls-eye reflection of her soulful, strong, sassy and seductive style.

The meaning behind the name of the album is related to the historical significance of the annual celebration ‘Cinco De Mayo’.

Maya Neiada @ Kat’s Cafe – Blurry (Acoustic)

Spanish for ‘the fifth of May’, it was on that day in 1862 when a small Mexican army of only 4000 defeated a large French army twice the size, proving ‘it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog’. Maya Neiada released ‘Cinco De Maya’ on May 5th in celebration of the under-dog.

maya at devry for posting She represents dream-chasers. She is the face of all those that have been bet against, over-looked and picked-over.

She believes there is no such thing as “too-something” with regard to chasing your dreams (i.e., too old, too fat, too dark, too short, not good enough, don’t have enough money, too late for you, you don’t have the right look, you got too many kids, etc…)

She is committed to creating music that inspires people to believe in their dreams and to NEVER GIVE UP working towards them.

Maya Neiada I’m Not Moving

cinco de maya album cover


Maya Neiada’s highlight performances & accomplishments include

Performing live in Italy and Norway with soul singer Keisha Jackson
Performing the National Anthem for the Atlanta Braves at Turner field
Recording jingles for Atlanta radio stations V-103 and 790 AM ‘the zone’
Performing live with Simply Irresistable Band, led by Singer Trina Braxton
Performing live on Atlanta’s 11 AliveMetro Mix Soundcheck’ television show
Performing live for NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr. during a banquet honoring him
Performing live for then-Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton during her campaign tour
Writing and recording songs included on internationally released albums Independent Soul Divas I and Independent Soul Divas IITokyo Rush
Opening for Frankie Beverly and Maze at Jonetta Patton’s 50th Birthday Gala sponsored by son Usher Raymond and attended by Terry Lewis and Jermaine Dupri

AD photo shoot 4 maya w speechMaya Neiada  appeared in the video of music group Arrested Development’s new single titled ‘Living’

maya at pals mirror



Shea Soul

BANNERSHEAShea Soul is a writer and vocalist

25874_388917767139_4176343_nHailing from Croydon, South London, Shea was born to an English mother of Irish descent and Jamaican father who was essentially absent from her life from the word go.

Shea draws on that life experience to pen her first single, ‘Where Did You Go?’ from her debut album, which alludes to the ‘mess left behind’ by broken relationships.

Now a long established vocalist on many a dance anthem such as No Sugar- Joey Negro & Gramophonedzie, Perfectly- The Layabouts, Raincloud – Twin Cities, Pull Me Close- Funk Butcher, Make it Funky For Me- Attacca Pesante, Tricks- Restless Soul, Set Free- Guynamite, Runnin- Phlash & Friends, Never Say Never- MJ Cole. Also worked with the likes of  Phil Asher, AtJazz,  & Toddla T, etc.

Joey Negro & Gramophonedzie feat. Shea Soul – No Sugar

5574_108918312139_68446_nShea for the first time launches her own sound blending classic soul and jazz with a unique twist of double bass and snare brushes providing that vintage feel. Her debut album ‘Grey Skies & Rainbow Fingernails’ is out now.

Shea Influences are Lauryn Hill, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Jessica Rabbit, Diana Ross, Rainbow Brite, old school TV commercials, & Bugsy Malone movie.

Shea Soul – Acoustic Session



Shea UK – Where Did You Go



Reese Robinson

bannerrrReese Robinson South London based singer song writer

Neo2soul Review  by DJ JohnnyF


Reese Robinson
I Got This (Team Superwoman)

Reese Robinson – I got this (Team Superwoman)

This is Reese‘s debut single from her forthcoming album “ My Box” which will be released in early 2014  the tune is  a powerful  slice of Soul music from  this talented Londoner who has been performing since the age of 13 .

Starting with a deep drum beat intro before the powerful vocals merge into the groove, the tempo remains low for a while then Reese says “Let’s do this” and we move into a funky neo soul/ R&B groove which showcases her powerful voice to perfection.

This young woman has a serious talent to offer us and the album should be well worth looking out for.

If you enjoy the real music please tune in on a Thursday with DJ Johnny F between 7-9pm to

The making of…. I Got This (Team Superwoman) – Mini Documentary

Who is Reese Robinson?

385626_10150943490644497_1467718979_nUnbelievably talented singer and performer, classically trained, with countless experiences on the stage and in the studio, Reese is swiftly becoming a voice of class, distinction and authority.

With a voice described as soulful, warm and smooth, Reese is definitely heading to make her mark on her listeners. Reese has been in the limelight from the age of 13 performing as a supporting act for Edwin Starr.

Having moved on to develop herself vocally, she resorted to have vocal sessions with Mark De Lisser (BBC’s vocal coach for “The Voice” and ACM’s Choir Master), Reese has since then, gone from strength to strength.

As a result of her vocal ability, she sings professionally with the ACM Gospel Choir and has performed in Choirs that have backed Westlife, Alexia Goddard and Beverly Knight.

The Honest Truth (Preview)

DSC_0189Reese Robinson holds a few residencies at Theatre Royal Stratford East and Da Scalzo, Victoria (London). Currently working on her EPOut Of My Box”, she brings a fresh, vibrant and soulful vibe to market.

What inspires her to do what she does you say? “My mum’s strength and ability to stand on her own two feet, watching her as I’ve grown up has made me stronger and more determined to succeed…”

She takes inspiration from other strong figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Jill Scott, Beyoncé and Michelle Obama

“These women highlight things that I seek to develop in my own life as an artist; honesty in penmanship, being bold and fearless, dispelling stereotypes and displaying values, and internal strength…

I want to be a credible artist, well respected within the music and media industry.”

Latch (Cover) Reese Robinson ft Abbie



Reese Robinson @ Ruby Tuesday’s


Deletta Gillespie

dgbannerDeletta Gillespie, a multidisciplinary performing artist, singer-songwriter and educator

deletta the badass S2L3Having walked away from two record deals over the course of her twenty-plus years in the music industry, singer/songwriter and performing artist Deletta Gillespie has finally realized her dream of becoming a recording artist, and she’s done it on her own terms.

Gillespie’s first outing as a recording artist is called TRIUMPH(ant). The album is an eclectic collection of songs that celebrate triumphing over life’s challenges and the lessons learned in that process.

The music is firmly rooted in classic r&b and jazz, yet flavored with Gillespie’s favorite musical styles. The genres of jazz, blues, adult contemporary, reggae, and dance are all represented on this release.

There’s even an ever so slight nod to the hybrid of African and Celtic music, popularized by groups such as the UK’s Afro-Celt Sound System. Gillespie wrote the music for nine of the ten tracks, and co-wrote lyrics on three of those nine tracks with spoken word artist Shameeka Dream and singer/songwriter Novelair Peele.

Deletta Gillespie – Spring to Life Concert 3/11/2011

The cd was also recorded live in front of an audience. Says Gillespie, “I wanted my first release to be representative of my strength, which is live performance. So we recorded at my church before a live audience. I wanted the music to have a nearly raw, organic feel.

IMG_7826I didn’t use autotune, nor did we punch in anything afterwards. When we screwed up, we rerecorded the whole tune right in front of the audience. The only overdubs are a couple of saxophone parts, the backing vocals, and the guitar.

I did all the backing vocals, and my sound engineer, who’s also a guitarist, laid the guitar parts in post-production because the guitarist was a no show on the day of the recording.

We kept the usual post-production wizardry to a bare minimum. I just wanted the project to be as uncluttered and unfiltered as possible.”

Deletta Gillespie-Spring to Life Concert…Love Reign

While the collection of songs on TRIUMPH(ant) is reflective of many of Gillespie’s musical tastes, nearly every song is infused with a message of self-empowerment or of social and spiritual relevance. “I didn’t intend that. I just wrote what came to me. Even the title came to me in a dream.” A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Deletta Gillespie is a multidisciplinary performing and teaching artist.

jcLduZT5ob2OXJSV29MJJqCxwJyl4_iInbnZGFghALg,XAch69FIk9znAG6sp2OvaDbnNI7R4AYXsgFGRvDaMeMBorn into a show business family, both parents were musicians and backed legendary superstars of the 1950’s and ‘60’s such as The Ink Spots, The Shirelles and many others.

Gillespie made her debut at age five in her mom’s nightclub act in Kansas City and sang in church choirs and school productions through high school.

Attending college on a jazz music scholarship while studying musical theatre performance helped her further hone her trademark vocal versatility and energetic presentational style.

While she easily glides between repertoire ranging from classical to rock to broadway, she admits to camping out at the intersection of classic and neo-soul, classic and contemporary jazz, and the blues.

She’s been in dozens of theatre productions, including The Hot Mikado, Livin’ Fat, The Boys from Syracuse, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and 7:32, an original musical and national runner up in the 2009 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

Deletta Gillespie featuring Kevin Jackson – Ready to Love

She was a featured soloist in the Broadway in Bermuda concert series for three years, performing alongside Broadway stars Carolee Carmello (City of Angels), Sharon Wilkins  (Seussical), Nike Rene (Once on This Island) Michael James Leslie (Little Shop of Horrors), and others. Other highlights include performing in the English Pocket Opera Company’s production of ‘Carmen’, and two appearances in the Bermuda Jazz Festival opening for Patti Austin, and New York Voices.

Triumph postcard backShe’s also opened for Lalah Hathaway, and British music icons Paul Carrack, and Judi Tzuke. She’s even performed for the late Michael Jackson. Deletta has performed in all over the US and several countries around the world.

She spent a year at sea singing onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and has fronted showbands in Atlantic City and the Nevada casino circuit.

She took a hiatus from music when she moved back to the US in 2006 to earn a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Theatre Arts at Towson University in Baltimore.

But in 2010, she realized how much she needed to get back to her first love – music. Since then she has worked with a diverse group of artists based in the Washington D.C./Baltimore corridor including Kim Jordan, Chelsey Green, Marc Evans and Soul Centered, Big Daddy Stallings, Ray Gaskins, Buddy Jordan, 83 South, Kevin Jackson, and Crosstown Traffic.

Currently she fronts The Clockwork Band and The Pakiva Bluz Band, as well as her own group, Deletta & Company. In addition to her musical credits, Deletta has also written  seven plays, with two of them seeing multiple productions. Her play The Magic City Massacre was selected for a reading at the Alternate RootsCreative Conversion.

All Blues

Alternate Roots is a theatre organization dedicated to providing  support for theatrical artists who create work around the themes of justice and social change. The Magic City Massacre went on to enjoy runs at both Towson and Morgan State Universities. Her play What a Girl Wants has enjoyed runs in the US and Bermuda.

1014265_10152374078144897_987625481_nIn Bermuda, the play raised over $15,000 for the Women’s Resource Center, a charity providing assistance and support for women and families impacted by domestic violence. Gillespie is member of the Theatre Arts faculty at Morgan State University.

She holds Level I and II vocal pedagogy certifications in Somatic VoiceWorksTM, is a member of VASTA (Voice and Speech Teachers of America) and offers private coaching in acting and voice. Gillespie is also director of the music ministry at The Spiritual Empowerment CenterBaltimore.

Deletta Gillespie in concert, Morgan State University, June 8th. 2013

triumphant cd cover 001


For more information including bookings,
please email, or call 443.600.7693.


DrizzbannerDrizz is an entertainer and a lover of music and prose — he is an unorthodox love poet.

Drizz1Named after the rain, a symbol of growth, Drizz offers us his brand of spoken word, hoping to spark the seed of love. Using a mixture of auto-tune, spoken word and rap, Drizz speaks to the mind and body while soothing the soul.

Born Nathan Johnson, a son of Detroit, he found inspiration growing up in a musical family influenced by soul, hiphop and gospel.

It was his interest in words that cultivated his poetic voice throughout his teens. Through this combination of music and poetry, Drizz formed a unique style of inspiration with a conscience effort.

DRIZZ | Excuse Me, Beautiful

Drizz5As an entertainer, his stage show is a combination of energy and raw emotion. He has performed in a variety of venues — from coffeehouses to the University of Michigan to Detroit’s Hart Plaza.

Drizz is ready to bring a new and different sound to today’s music. His debut album, Love Sessions Volume 1: Soulful Rain is due early 2013. Drizz refers to his songwriting as “R&B Love Poetry/ Soul Hop” — A soulful spin on hiphop that relates to everyday people with everyday problems.

He writes real love songs that connect with people of all ages and he uses his unique voice and solid musical arrangement that will put you in the mind of classic R&B. Drizz is the future of music and the rain has never felt so good.

Go! (Episode 2) | Drizz



Track Listing
1. Excuse Me, Beautiful
2. Go!
3. Dreamin’ ft. Dyrel Johnson
4. Lonely
5. Ms. Right One
6. Beautiful Girl
7. Yesterday ft. Darnell Kendricks
8. Wanna Be
9. Higher Place ft. DeAnna Johnson
10. V.I.P. ft. Hot Sauce Band


PR Contact
Andrea Daniel
AND Communications, LLC
Phone: 313 468-2459

Lavell Williams
Phone: 248-894-0534

Shon Norman
SoundThought Recordings, LLC
Phone: 313 460-0303

The Doggett Brothers

the doggThe Doggett Brothers are currently making waves on the UK soul scene.  They are a British band from Norfolk on the east side of England.  Their original sound is a crossover of Soul, Funk, Nu-jazz, Latin and Dance.

The band was formed by brothers Carl Doggett (drums) and Greg Doggett (guitar), who were influenced heavily by their dad, Alan Doggett, a talented jazz drummer.

He introduced Carl and Greg to Buddy Rich and big band, Weather Report, Average White Band and Simply Red’s ‘Stars’ album.  It was this album that laid Carl’s foundations to soul.  Later influences to the brothers include the sounds of Jamiroquai, Incognito, D’Angelo, Chick Korea, Lynden David Hall, Dwele, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Roy Ayers, Tower of Power and Prince.

The Doggett Brothers came about in unusual circumstances.  In 2005, Greg was forced to cut short his studies at Leeds College of Music after developing a neurological condition in his hand called focal dystonia.  Then the condition resulted in him unable to play the guitar, Greg began to focus more on writing music.

The Doggett Brothers – Reminds Me of You

With Carl’s encouragement the brothers decided to record a few tracks live in the studio with some local session musicians from Norwich.  In 2009 the resulting single ‘Azure Sky’ was released and endorsed by the likes of Jazz FM, Snowboy and Blues and Soul’ Magazine. It was subsequently featured on the ‘Soul Unsigned Vol. 4’ compilation.

Band shotBy 2010, Greg’s determination and belief to perform live again proved possible after working hard re-training and developing his technique and style of play.

Greg believes that he is now playing better than he ever has done, and what was originally born as a studio project has now developed into an explosive, tight live act.

The brothers are joined by the talents of Benjamin Race on bass and Andy Nimmo on sax and keys who have become permanent members of the band.

Hit the Beat + bass solo Benjamin Race The Doggett Brothers

The Doggett Brothers released their debut album ‘Daylight’ on CD in March this year. The album has a collaboration of guest vocalists, featuring Sulene Fleming, Charlie Walton, and Laura May.  ‘Daylight’ is available to purchase on Amazon and has been receiving great reviews. The album has also been selling out in record stores, including London’s Soul Brother Records.

549427_10151321677482286_940364132_nIt will be available to download on iTunes very soon.On 9th March 2013, The Doggett Brothers proudly launched the album at London’s famous music venue The Jazz Café playing to a packed out crowd.

Sulene Fleming featured on vocals for this very special night of live music.  The band is looking forward to performing at the Jazz Café again in the near future.

The Doggett  Brothers  single ‘Joy’ and the album itself has earned great reviews from DJs all over the UK receiving  lots of airplay on stations such as Solar, Stomp, Zero, Point Blank and Platinum Groove radio to name a few.

The Doggett Brothers – Solar Radio Interview + Gary Spence

Writing continues with various artists including recent collaborations with Natasha Watts (Cool Million) On 4th August the band will be performing on the same bill as Bah Samba at this year’s Margate Soul Weekender. Live on stage with The Doggett Brothers will feature guest vocalist Katie Leone, who has previously worked with Incognito and Emeli Sande.  The Doggett Brothers are currently performing UK dates and hope to release European and US tour dates in the very near future.

Album cover


The Doggett Brothers – ‘Daylight’ Album Sampler


West lee

bannerWest lee is a jack of all trades

3West lee, a Wolverhampton based rapper, actor, producer, video director, has been recognised as an extremely eccentric character. And he definitely represents that through his music.

From a young age it was evident that West lee had a vast amount of talent, he taught himself to play keyboard and  continued on to him making music at age 12 exploring many different themes and styles.

West lee is highly experimental and unique which is always evident throughout his music, from being eight years old playing keyboard with his toes to being 0an0d writing only with pictures.

Westlee – WORD (Mini’vid’isodes) [[OLD STUFF]]

A2lways ready to conduct exciting new explorations West lee started minividisodes – A video album of random short experimental songs; for example ‘Illamal’ which is spoken using the language of music production, and ‘Word’ which uses kinetic typography  making a visual display of the wordplay used to write the track turning his ‘old stuff’ to new.

West lee has most recently announced the release of his new (yet to be named) E.P coming out soon following a theme in which everything involved has been created while under the influence of alcohol.

Expect to be captivated by the hilarious and entertaining sounds of West lee intoxicated, combined with the deep thought provoking lyrics behind the entertainment.

Check out West-Lee dropping a tight 16-bar flow on US Detroit female singer Cocoa St. James New UK Single. “Oooh Baby”  listen here

Westlee – Illamal (Mini’vid’isodes)

Drinky thing E



Twitter: @westleesays
youtube: westleestyle

Nadia Washington

banner Nadia Washington is a jazzy singer/songwriter nadia_lomo_8_final_smallBorn and raised in Dallas, TX, Nadia began showing sighs of an entertainer at the age of 2. As far back as she could remember, she was surrounded by some of the premiere musicians of the Dallas Metro-plex. Of course one in particular would be her mother, Nelda Washington, who took the hotel bar and lounge circuit by storm in the late 80s and early 90s. Being a single parent, her mother would bring her to studio sessions and some hotel gigs. This was the beginning of her education. “When I was an infant, I would watch her work intently and would never make a sound. It was mesmerizing to watch my mother perform.” At the age of 5, Nadia had her first performance at a church that seated five thousand. This was the start of her passion for performing. As she began to really get serious about her craft, her mother would invite her to sing along with on some gigs.

Nadia Washington video

nadia_lomo_1_finalsmallEventually, Nadia began singing with her in studio sessions for clients such as Frito Lay and McDonalds. She has also been involved in numerous studio sessions with various major recording artists like David and Tamela Mann of the new television sitcom “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns.” By the time she hit her teen-age years, Nadia found a new passion. That passion was Jazz Music. At the age of 15, Nadia was accepted to Booker T.Washington HSPVA where she could learn more about the music that mesmerized her. Attending this school led her to many more opportunities that gave her national recognition- winning 2 Down Beat Student Music Awards and the National Foundation of the Advancement of the Arts. In 2006, she received The Monterey Jazz Festival Outstanding Jazz Vocalist award and participated in the Grammy Jazz Ensemble.

“Jazz at The Kessler” – Nadia Washington

nadia_vintage_6_smallNadia was then accepted to Berklee College of Music on the Bill Cosby Presidential Scholarship. “I was so honored and blessed to receive such a scholarship. I still can’t believe it to this day.” During her college years she experienced things that she could not conceive in her high school career. While in Boston, Nadia has made a mark on the coasts of America, playing at the Blue Note in New York as well as the Vibrato Jazz Club in Bel Air, CA. She was an affiliate of many ensembles, most notably the Terri Lyne Carrington, Greg Osby and Ralph Peterson Ensemble which has toured along the East Coast in cities like Washington D.C. She has appeared as a guest vocalist for many occasions including a musical tribute to Dave Brubeck in 2007. Nadia was a featured performing artist in the Trinidad and Tobago Steel Pan and Jazz Festival in 2008.

Nadia Washington “Come Back To Me”

She has appeared as a guest vocalist for many occasions including a musical tribute to Dave Brubeck in 2007. Nadia was a featured performing artist in the Trinidad and Tobago Steel Pan and Jazz Festival in 2008. Shortly thereafter, Nadia played the role of Billie Holiday in the musical “Love and Hunger: Tribute to Billie Holliday” featuring special guest, Dee Dee Bridgewater. iphone-20130604083021-1Nadia appeared as guest vocalist on a national release of gospel recording artist Greg O’Quinn’s “After the Storm” by Universal Music Christian Group/Pendulum Records 2009. Most recently, Nadia had the opportunity to sing with legendary jazz pianist Kenny Barron in the 2010 commencement ceremony at Berklee College of music. Nadia Washington is among the prominent artists that connect the lines between music’s heart and soul. With musical influences ranging from the rock group, Queen to Yolanda Adams, and most significantly, her mother Nelda Washington, now at the age of 23, Nadia is continuing to nurture and hone her unique sound.

Nadia Washington “Danger”



Nadia Washington “What We Got”


bannerRoucheon is a creative entrepreneur leading the way to inspire many women to live their best lives.

photo(10)A performance artist in true form her music has touched thousands of people around the world.

Founder of FEROmedia, the Global brand that streams art in all forms from film production to music videos, the brand continues to set the pace sharing ground breaking media.

MTV award winner, Women4Africa award winner, WWA nominee, MOBO nominee, the multi talented songstress has been honoured for her contribution to the industry.

Hailed as ‘The Next best thing to come out of the UK’ on, Roucheon is a singer, songwriter, producer, and lyrical MC who brings a hip-hop edge to her soulful sound.

With 11 albums released to date, a catalogue of videos and a documentary series the world is paying close attention to this rising star.

‘The Sound of Life’ Documentary on Roucheon

photo(4)Her musical history began in childhood growing up she was surrounded by performance as her mother Charlene Robertson, a number 1 selling artist in Zimbabwe exposed her to the music business and stage very early on.

Music was and always has been a natural part of her life. Through her teens she developed her love for poetry, writing and rhyme, learning of the hip-hop culture from where she became part of a group called Royal priesthood.

FEROmedia presents Roucheon – Love Royelle

The group became an instant success, went on to impact the underground hip-hop scene as well as getting attention from major labels. With their dynamic stage presence and heartfelt music Royal priesthood represented family and an authentic sound that had transformative power for the listener. Ahead of their time, pioneers with relentless productivity, their choice to build independence was influential and gained the respect of their peers.

12891_4968968865440_1182183462_nAs well as music Roucheon has an instinct for fashion and design; in 2010 she launched a jewellery line called Love Royelle, a collection of handcrafted pieces as unique and elegant as she is.

The gorgeous range quickly caught the attention of woman nationwide and the underlining theme was the beauty of womanhood, love and royalty.  Having a passion for people is essential to her work. Over the years she has taken on many causes.

Being a founding member of ‘Urban Truths’ a showcase started back in 2000 to reach the wider community about social issues led her to work alongside, ITV, MAG and a wide network of artists to use their talents as a voice to affect change.

She has been a spokesperson for the Platform2 initiative sponsored by DFID (Department for International Development).  The project was one that enabled almost 2000 18 to 25 year olds to visit a developing country and get involved with global issues of justice and poverty.

FEROmedia presents Roucheon – Never Gone

She has a passion for women and has been a speaker, motivator and mentor to many through her creative art and lifestyle. Her body of work has been instrumental in helping many to become self aware and empowered. Roucheon as a solo artist released her debut album ‘Love Royelle’ in 2011 from which the title tracks ‘Never Gone’ and ‘Mid Night melody’ once again had Dj’s worldwide locked in.

photo(7)She continues to be a sort after female lyricist and her vocals have been described as ‘Evocative and Hauntingly beautiful’. She has the ability to touch the soul.

She takes full creative control, is responsible for her image and clearly understands her brand.  She is also a director playing a vital role onset when it comes to her videos.

Her media work includes clients such as BET and Centric networks in the USA with whom she’s worked on in the production of television advertising.

As well as managing a thriving business Roucheon finds time to balance being a wife and mother to three very talented young boys. One of those boys 2 year old Khaliyl, stared in a special clip of him rapping.

It went viral, was aired on all major TV networks worldwide, featured on the websites of major celebrities and even appearing on The Ellen Degeneres show. Her family is a true representation of the wealth of African culture as she is Zimbabwean and her husband Nigerian.

FEROmedia Presents Roucheon – Golden Rain

Together they have created an empire that has independently reached the world on an international level distributing music on their own record label, with mainstream success. This beautiful young woman is a force of sheer love, excellence and determination.

love royelle cover



Mario “Rio” Smith

marioooHello my biological name is Mario Smith. My professional/stage name is “Rio”.

bio-pic-1I was born and raised in the small town of Ripley, Tennessee. I come from a true lineage of ‘Soul and Gospel’ singers.

As an aspiring vocalist, singer and student of the game, some of my greatest influences range from the likes of retro artists: Sam Cook, Johnny Taylor and Ronald Isley to such current artists as: Ginuwine, and Dru Hill.

Blessed with a strong and powerful vocal, I also possess the talented ability to be soulfully smooth blending old school riffs and runs to new school lyrics and subject matter.

I am a song writer and have been blessed to write with the likes of Woody from the group Dru Hill and Steven Russell.

I consider myself to be very fortunate as my voice has taken me many places where I have had the opportunity to touch the lives of so many people who have become my loyal fans.

With this being the ‘Digital Age’ I am humbled by the million plus youtube and myspace fans who have shown me much love and support.

Ginuwine Pony Live by MarioSmithMusic

I write much of my own material with a purpose, hoping to make my mark in the music industry, as Marvin Gaye made his, and that is giving my fans a song to fit their every mood. Music is my life, and I can’t remember a time when it hasn’t been!

rio5It’s the beginning and ending of each day that I live and breathe. But such in life as in music comes great disappointments and sacrifice.

And lord knows I have had them! However, I stay motivated by my faith in God and the support of my family, friends and fans. So with that said, I remain humbled and focused with great anticipation of Rio’s forthcoming album coming soon!

Sam Cook/Bobby Womack A Change/Woman’s Gotta have it

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bannerDameTheDrummer is becoming a well-known name in the music industry

dame1Respected for his eclectic drumming ability, aggressive pocket and feel, Dame is also a well versed producer.

A self-taught instrumentalist and producer, Dame hails from a musically inclined family and has been playing the drums since the age of 4.

His style has been compared to the deep pocket of Steve Jordan and ?uest Love with a shot of ChrisDaddyDave.

The singer-songwriter-producer-musician is extremely versatile. You’ll hear influences of a variety of musical genres such as Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Gospel.


DSC04875His all-around eclectic style has landed him performances in every happening venue in and around his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and beyond Including a 2013 Coachella appearance with DåM FunK.

His work has landed him session and production work with Sarah’s Girl, Alvin Frazier and Conya Doss to name a few. He is currently the drummer for San Fransisco based indie/pop/electro/hiphop band Le VICE.

With the same ear for music beyond his drumming abilities Dame is no stranger to a pair of Technics 1200‘s as he also loves spin in front of music enthusiasts.

As the CEO of Sweaty Llama Music you can catch a diverse display of DameTheDrummer’s production, arrangement and vocal talent on his self-produced solo album entitled “BREATHE

“I make music because I have to release the beauty that goes on upstairs. Music makes me come alive. I truly believe that it is a gift from the good Lord,” Dame humbly remarked about his talent.

Behind the scenes: Pocket Full of Purpose





379329_10151485892988134_853260278_nOutstanding hip hop, lyrical frankness & honest portrayals of everyday life

TY Press Shot by Elias Saunders-DeutschBen Chijioke, better known as British rapper Ty, signed to Tru Thoughts in January 2013 to begin the next stage in a remarkable career with the release of two singles.

With a reputation built on his original style and refusal to hop on any industry bandwagon, Ty is best known for his lyrical frankness and honest portrayals of everyday life, setting him aside from many mainstream hip hop acts and allowing him complete artistic independence.

Ty – Like You Never

TY Press Shot 2 by Elias Saunders-DeutschThis has led to the release of four successful albums and a Mercury Prize nomination, among many high profile plaudits. After gaining notoriety on the London underground scene Ty signed to Big Dada records in 2001, the same year his mighty debut album ‘Awkward’ was released.

The union between the artist and label saw a further two albums – 2003’s Mercury-nominated ‘Upwards’ and ‘Closer’ (2006) – released over five years.

Since his fourth solo album, ‘Special Kind of Fool’, was released in 2010 via BBE records, Ty has featured and collaborated with many artists stretching from America to France. Closer to home, Ty features on a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, released in early 2012, and most recently recorded a track with former Radio 1 DJ and producer Kissy Sell Out.

Ty – Let’s Start

TY Press Shot 8 by Elias Saunders-DeutschA lifelong love of hip hop has seen the honest speaking South Londoner gain skills in sound engineering and producing, the latter leading to work with Scratch Perverts, Talib Kweli, Blak Twang and Arrested Development.

Ty is also known for his work as a spoken word artist. Earlier this year he was asked to perform and host workshops for the British Council, which culminated in the conclusion of a 35 year halt on international performers in the Sudanese town of Port Sudan.

As well as this, his spoken word efforts have seen Ty put in performances at The Big Chill Festival and The Royal Albert Hall. Alongside his work with the British Council Ty is also a memberof The HipHop Shakespeare Company, running workshops with young people, showing the influences and works of Shakespeare in today’s music scene.

Ty: Still Reppin’ UK Hip Hop




Limited Edition 10” Vinyl
A Kick Snare & An Idea plus Ty’s back catalogue,
can be purchased directly from:

Just some of the previous praise for Ty

“Something about Ty’s voice and flow is so deep and hopeful. One of the
UK’s greats.” – Zane Lowe (Radio 1)

“He makes mainstream American hip hop sound as formulaic and vacuous
as it really is” – The Times – 4/5

“Love TY. One of the most underrated. Sick live and a brilliant live band to
boot. F*ck why hasn’t he blown up..!!” – DJ VADIM#

“Mellow, deep and highly accessible, Ty reinstates himself as the UK’s most
well-rounded rap don” – DJ Mag


Big S/O 2 Sidel Stewart for info

Lynn Marie

bannerEnergetic, Effervescent, Spiritual, Sensational, Feminine Phenomenon – Now, that’s Lynn Marie!

IMG_6692Lynn is a Native Detroiter and an R & B soul diva, but she certainly transcends the genre. The velvety-voiced crooner has spent countless hours in the studio, putting the finishing touches on her new CD, simply titled: LYNN MARIE: “PHOENIX”, a labor of love that she is writing and producing with her sister, Patricia Shannon.

The contemporary, neo-soul driven LP, lyrically captures the re-birth of herself. “The music’s message embodies the positive lessons we learn through our pain about our passion and the power of love.”

“Everything about this project is happening in God’s time and control. I’m blessed to be working with an anointed group of people such as producer Parkes Stewart, musical  director MauriceMoWhitsett, and my brother and owner of Mario’s Menswear, Walter Shannon.

Lynn Marie Live Performance

In addition to the album’s release, she is excited about the launch of their publishing company Long Journey Sisters Music Publishing. Lynn Marie is on a mission to spread the joy and love of life she feels with audiences everywhere. Lynn Marie has been a high-energy performer all her life. Lynn Marie’s focus as an entertainer – whether it is in the studio or on stage is always the same – to give life and energy to whatever role she inhabits. To that end Lynn  Marie took on the lead role of Rosie Johnson in the jazz-opera ”Forgotten: The Murder at the Rouge Plant.

Sisters-and-Lynn-MarieRosie was a depression era woman who took a stand and worked to make a difference in the lives of the men and women struggling for a decent wage at the Ford plant during the 1930′s.

Her performance in the sold-out production of Forgotten: Murder at the Rouge Plant is a luminescent combination of verve and technique. As she literally leads the chorus in a marching song, her voice soars over the audience and never fails to bring them to their feet.

Lynn Marie gives honor to her creator and extends her gift across the country and the world. Lynn says, “It’s a brand new day.

We have come this far by faith leaning on the lord and he did not bring us this far to leave us.” To describe Lynn Marie as dynamic, captivating or electric would be understatements. She is all of those superlatives and more… She’s Lynn Marie – singer, actress, motivational speaker, dancer performer…par…Excellence!!!

This video is public. Vacation & Diggin U (2 songs) from “Phoenix” LP

Music Hall PhotosThere may not be that many new releases this week but the Quality is high. Phil Perry’s smooth delivery has enchanted us for 30 years, and his new album of covers ‘Say Yes’ will delight his many fans.

Lynn Marie is a new name to us but the Detroit vocalist with a great voice has made 2 previous albums before ‘Phoenix’, but this will be the album that puts here firmly on the map, Quality female soul. An exciting discovery Detroit Soul Diva Lynn Marie has a really nice classic SOUL voice.

CD (1)


Phoenix’ is an solid album comprising of eight good tracks. ‘Round And Round’ is a nice upper tempo songs ‘She Ain’t You, He Ain’t You’ flows along nicely and ‘Diggin U’ is another highlight.

The cover of Phyllis HymanLiving all alone’ and ‘Can’t Get You off my Mind’ are strong ballads, whilst ‘Vacation’ ft Parks Stewart is a good up beat mid tempo groover.‎

Nikki Wade

bannerNikki Wade is a multitalented artist, who dares not limit herself in the realm of entertainment.

599994_10151059811887299_1147328952_nOriginally from Seattle, Washington, Nikki has been a performance artist since the age of four; with her foundation being in theater and dance.

After studying classical ballet, modern and jazz dance for 10 years, at Cornish College of the Arts; along with a 14 year acting run (having performed in close to 100 plays around the city).

Nikki found her niche as an R&B vocalist, where she became well known in the metro Seattle area for her soul stirring vocals, sexy persona and elaborate stage shows and was aptly nicknamed “The Diva“.


473348_10151139166807299_1378828633_oIn pursuit of a serious music career, Nikki moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1996 and in 1998 rekindled her creative flare, by embarking on Atlanta’s spoken word scene at Yin Yang Cafe. Thus began a steamy love affair of music & prose intermingled, to create a new type of viewing and listening pleasure.

Since she has been on Atlanta’s entertainment “scene”, Nikki has not only recorded with some of Atlanta’s most reputable producers (i.e., AKON, Chuckey Charles, Teddy Bishop, etc.), but has also been an opening act for soul singers Bilal; Raheim DeVaughn; Algebra; Donnie and Eric Roberson;

Also been a featured guest on such radio stations as WVEE V-103.3, WAMJ 102.5, WRFG 89.3 & WCLK 91.9; worked as director of fundraising for the National Action Network Atlanta Chapter (2008-2009) and debuted her first music video “U R The Only 1”(2009).

After having her poetic work published in V-103 Joyce Littel‘s book “Poetic Moments“, in 2002, she re-introduced her acting skills by capturing the lead role in two plays~”Soul Food or Fast Food” and “My Soul Untitled“; as well as creating and hosting an ongoing erotic poetry set at Apache Cafe called”Soulrotica“.

Nikki Wade “Not U”

Nikki_edit_8In 2003, Ms. Wade began working for MetroBoyz Entertainment Group, as an event coordinator/booking agent/host/performer, after co-creating the neo-soul event “Brown Sugar Thursdays”.

Also she was nominated for the 2003/2004Underground Icon of the year” award at the 2003 Atlanta Underground Awards and in the same year toured with independent female rap group, the Caustic Dames.

Later, “The Diva” Nikki Wade was a recurring guest host on the network and star of the comedy “The Truth About us”.

In 2007, Nikki founded DIVADOM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and went on to successfully produce several benefit concerts; two bi-coastal tours (Soulstice Concert Series w/Darien Brockington and The Return of Brown Sugar Soul w/Donnie & Kimberly Nichole);

She also establish the Christine Marie Hunter Cancer Fund for African American Senior Citizens and begin work on her premier musical stage play “Little Black Girl’s Blues”, which premiered to rave reviews, at Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center, in June 2011.

LITTLE BLACK GIRL’S BLUES an Original Musical Stage Play

For all her work, Passkey Entertainment awarded Nikki the title “Ms. ATL’s Hottest”, in November 2012. You name it; she’s done it…A talent like Nikki Wade is undeniable and cannot be ignored, as she continues to blaze the stage to infinite measures!



Barbara Barrett

dion 5Barbara Barrett is a singer/songwriter

100_2116Along with generous vocal range, Barbara Barrett‘s song styling is supported by early music training. Starting with piano at a young age, she progressed to music theory and flute, finally finding her love of vocals at the age of thirteen.

Yearly solo competition, choral and small ensemble work, and a brief stint in band, lead to pursuing and receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, from the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music.

After graduation, she traveled with The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and The Blossom Festival Chorus, including performances at Carnegie Hall, and in Chautauqua, New York.

She then began her study of classic jazz, ultimately including blues, soul, and R&B, as well as gospel and reggae. In February of 2012, she had her Las Vegas debut performance at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel in the A-List’s Pre-Valentine’s Day Fashion and Jazz Show.

Venues in northeast Ohio have over the years have been both public and private including nationally known and respected Nighttown Cleveland and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. During her frequent trips to New York City, she has been well received on the stages of Smoke.

Barbara Barrett @ Phil the Fire 2012

 Also at Cleopatra’s Needle in Manhattan, and the Zebra Room of the Lennox Lounge in Harlem before it’s closing, singing repertoire sung by legendary jazz divas such as Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald, for which she received personal kudos from Lou Donaldson, Art Blakey’s saxophone player.

Dion 16sbWith the closing of many of the Cleveland area’s classic jazz clubs, being a versatile vocal artist who has a passion for singing, Barbara has successfully expanded her repertoire to covers of well-known artists such as Jill Scott, Ledisi, Chaka Khan, Frankie Beverly and Maze, and others, as well as her own original material.

When the historic Karamu House presented Scott Joplin‘s opera “Treemonisha“, Barbara was given the lead role of Monisha, for which she won an Actor’s Guild Award for Best Female Vocalist. Dance and costuming complete her theater experiences.

And still enjoying the mood and rhythms of reggae and world music, One World Tribe, world music band out of Erie, PA, is her newest affiliation, singing background vocals. Barbara’s second CD, “Dawning“, which is her first collection of her own original jazzy, soulful, world-music type material, was released in 2012.

Barbara Barrett Dawning

100_1705Dawning” was written during a major transitional time in her life, moving from married to divorced status, and beginning the process of moving from being a full-time RN, to making full-time vocal artistry work.

Her 1st CD “Joyous!” is an historical tribute to African American sacred music including spirituals, familiar hymns, West African chants, and contemporary gospel, all with fresh, creative arrangements.

A creative, melodic, versatile, and meticulous vocal artist, Barbara Barrett is in the words of the late jazz master Duke Ellington, “Beyond Category”.

Barbara Barrett & Beyond Category @ Kings and Queens, CLE OH




Patricia Leigh

bannerPatricia Leigh is a singer, songwriter, actor, wife, mother and daughter of the King.

IMG_6444Her songs of good news reveal a positive message that are spiritually grounded while dealing with everyday life issues. The Atlanta based contemporary Christian/Gospel artist is prepped and destined to become one of the industry’s next powerhouses.

Patricia Leigh’s music is birthed from personal experiences while growing in relationships with God, husband, children and friends. The result is an artist who has determined to live “under the shadow of the Most High.” To present the Father first and herself last is her daily goal.

Patricia Leigh has shared the stage with industry greats such as Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winans, and Lamar Campbell in addition to recently appearing on TV shows such as Babbie’s House and Atlanta Live.

“Babbie’s House”: Patricia Leigh sings “Masterpiece”

PLeighHatHer latest release, The L.I.F.E. Project is Patricia Leigh’s personal journey of LOVE, INSPIRATION, FAITH and EXPERIENCE.The album features production from hit making, Stellar and Dove Award winning producers.

The album is an energetic and eclectic mix of music that melds seamlessly together to give listeners God inspired messages about L.I.F.E.The multi-talented artist is also currently filming the feature film I Thought You Knew.

In addition to acting and singing, Patricia Leigh is also using the knowledge she has gained as a Physician Assistant to minister via medicine. You can catch her segment, The Healthy Me, M-W-F and weekends on

Finally, never one to rest on her laurels, you can check out her weekly devotional and podcast on living God’s dream for your life by clicking here or visiting iTunes.

Patricia Leigh sings “GREAT”

IMG_6502 According to Stellar-Award Winning Producer, Rod Lumpkin II, “I’ve had the honor to work with recording artists such as Bishop Paul S. Morton, William Murphy III, Bishop Neil C. Ellis, and several others as a producer or composer.

However, there’s something very uniquely special about Patricia. The depth and richness of her deep alto tone penetrates your soul. I’m positive the best is yet to come.”

The LIFE Project Promo Video




Patricia Leigh- Feather (On The Breath Of God)

IMG_6547Patricia Leigh social network links:
Twitter: @iamtricialeigh
Facebook: /iampatricialeigh
Official Website:

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