Raised in London city the talented Brooke Bailey was exposed to the
entertainment industry in the early stages of her life. From the young age
of 3 she was performing for audiences and collecting certificates for her
efforts. Dance you could say was a taste on the tip of the tongue to the
beginning of the creatively driven life ahead of her.

Brooke Bailey loved to sing, though her voice as a youngster was not all
that she loved imitating her favourite artist Mariah Carey. She would come
home from school, sit down and watch Mariah Carey live in Madison square and imitate the performance on her plastic microphone. Sister act 2 was another obsession along with Annie and the Disney movie Aristocats. *

The first solo performance was a memorable yet humorous experience for
Brooke. At six years old Brooke and her school friends had entered a school
talent competition and planned to sing the theme tune to telletubbies
dressed in their characters’ costume. Brooke wasn’t well the day before the
competition so could not attend school but still expected to be performing
on the day unfortunately she had been substituted and replaced by her
friends. Brooke was confident enough to still go ahead and sang “Never ever” All saints dressed as the red tellietubbie ‘PO’ and came second place.*

Whilst attending Highbury Fields Girls school. Brooke took part in a
yearly competition, Top of the Fields, coming first place on several
occasions, and gaining experience in band performance gave her direction
and Brooke decided she wanted to pursue the career of a singer, performer
and successful lyricist. Brooke involved herself in her secondary school
choir and a musical theatre class that ran weekly on the school grounds. She also began having vocal, piano and guitar lessons.

Vocal sessions were shared and Brooke teamed up with a fellow student for
an outside charity function at The Union Chapel, Islington where they shared the stage with Leona Lewis and many other talented teenagers to raise money for Leukaemia.

Blessed enough to have supportive parents, Brooke would be accompanied to many auditions she’d search for on the internet or in the stage newspaper. One of the first successful auditions was for a theatre part in the play “To Die For” which she performed in the London Palladium.

She continued following her dream by applying to the Brit School in year 9
after a successful audition was accepted at The Brit School of Performing
arts where she studied Music from the age of fourteen up until her current
age, eighteen. Whilst developing her musical abilities at the school Brooke
grew into a confident singer and performer.

Performing with her classmates in the schools Obie theatre, The Cartoon
Club, Fairfield Halls, Bloomsbury theatre, The Colinades, Cannizaro Park and for the community in schools created for students with special needs,
elderly homes and a hospice definitely helped shape her into what she
currently stands for.

Preparing material for shows with the school was one of Brooke’s favourite things about her institution. She once collaborated with a student to produce a song called “Puppet on a string” which caught the attention of Emi A&Rs the song was very original as she combined her own soulful style with a student who was more into the heavy metal side of things. Brooke was exited to experiment with the sound they could both create and it proved a successful idea. Performing in Fairfield Halls and Bloomsbury theatre were one of the most creative experiences she has had so far. It was a chance for every strand in her school year to come together and perform a musical theatre play created by themselves for primary school children in south London and Islington.

Brooke wrote a musical theatre song for herself and two other students in
her strand named “ The rule song” to go with the script of the play and it
went down very well as a dance by the dance strand was incorporated into the feature. The song and dance, along with costumes had the audience in fits of laughter.

Brooke has collaborated with many talented musicians and formed with a
collective of writers called “The Arcade” and also “The Pop Factory” with
musicians Scholar and Stix. She got involved in singing and writing demos
for other artists and for television shows.

Brooke’s Performance skills improved when she began gigging around London showcasing herself at open mics and was approached by members of the audience and asked to perform her own sets in other venues. This is where she discovered networking and how important it would be for her career.

Brooke began one of her first gigs at Plan B, Brixton (Soul Unique) where she was approached by Marsha Ambrosius former Floetry singer and was given a few words of encouragement to continue and strive for the success she deserved.

In 2009 Brooke then went on to become a resident artist at The Cobden Club in the West end (Soul-D-Out) to finish residency at the end of the year.

Plan B was also the location Brooke was approached at by the label SBI
Limited. This is the label she is now signed to. She is currently working on
album material and channelling her energy into some very creative
productivity. Her new single “So in love” has recently been played on
BBC1xtra which is the very start of the next chapter of her dreams.
Lightning Radio 90.8fm, Bang Radio 103.6, also on a few Radio Stations up in Manchester

Early on in the year she featured on a mixtape DJ NICENESS PRESENTS – Mixbag Of Music got a review  @ of the best track read below

Brooke Bailey Favourite

The mix is on a Neo Soul tip but on here we get to hear all sorts of genres including Soul & R’n’B to positive Hip-Hop, Jazz, Slow Jams, Gospel and a touch of reggae, all styles are covered in a quality way.

My favourite acts on this mixtape included legendary producer Herb Middleton, the Jill Scott-esque Coco Brown, the talented Dezzie, the sweet sounds of Lisa Zure, the relaxing sounds of China Blac and my personal favourite Brooke Bailey. This is a great project that has set the new decade off well! I absolutely love this mixtape and I just hope that DJ Niceness keeps bringing the niceness because this is really Nice (with a capitol ‘N’!).
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All about Love is the title of Carmichael’s third independent CD. His music will make you feel as if you are immersed in warm silk on the most perfect day of the year.

Singer, songwriter and producer Carmichael discovered his passion for music when he started playing with his little sister’s Casio keyboard as a teenager in Birmingham, AL. He attributes his love and obsession for “real” music to waking up every morning to his dad blaring 8 tracks of artist like Al Green, Marvin Gay and Stevie Wonder.

While attending college he entered a school lip sync contest and sang over a track. After the show the school’s choir director approached him about singing in the school choir after that music was in Carmichael’s soul. He soon gave up sports to sing in several university sponsored choirs.
While still in Birmingham Carmichael, who grew up in a strict Jehovah’s Witness family, would sneak and sing in clubs and other engagements. He sent his demo to super producer Manual Seal of So So Def Records and was immediately signed to Seal’s newly formed record label. So Carmichael left school behind during his junior year and moved to Atlanta to pursue his dream.

Later Carmichael and Seal would part ways amicably and Carmichael continued to develop and grow as an artist. He soon learned if he wanted to be truly happy and successful as an artist he needed to start getting more involved in the writing and production of his own music. As a result Carmichael has released three full-length albums independently.

He has worked with Grammy Award winners Tony Rich, Joe Rich and Peter Moore in various aspects. In 2004 he sang background on Tony Rich’s Live DVD recording. During his early years in Atlanta he worked with an unknown Pink while she was a member of the girl group Choice writing songs and providing musical direction.

If you enjoy soul, R&B or can remember when love songs actually put you in the mood for love. Carmichael is a definite must have in your collection.


You Can Listen @


His new project has just been released a double disk entitled “Fantasy Rain” which include a track called Eternally Feat UK singer, songwriter, Nadine Charles (check her blog  he is already back in the studio working on his  next project  with more UK artist like Coco  Brown, Chidi & Brooke Bailey to go on the album (so he is a busy man at the min).

When he was over from ATL in Dec 2009 he performed at Soul Unique (Plan B) with full live band for the MJ Tribute Night. He should be back in UK very soon to do some  shows  dates TBC

facebook/musiclover carmicheal

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What do you get when you mix R&B, Jazz, Gospel, and a touch of soul? Dorian Cody, who was born in the small town of Yalaha, Florida. Dorian began singing in his church choir at the age of six and started writing songs at the age of ten, which later inspired him to start his own singing group. Dorian along with his group “Something Special” performed at local venues around his hometown, which took the crowd by storm.


D.Cody Performance Video




His love for live instrumentation would later turn his group into a young, popular urban group called “Voice of Soul”. At the age of eighteen Dorian decided to go solo and be a one-man show, showcasing his superb arranging, production and songwriting skills as well as his soaring vocals. Dorian’s smooth, eclectic music is similar to those who have influenced him such as Anita Baker, 112, Brian McKnight, Rafael Sadiq, Joe and Kenny Lattimore.

Currently Dorian is the front man in a local band called “Jam Session” where he is the lead vocalist backed up by his bass player, J. Stevens and his pianist Glenn Thomas. They have played in local shows and clubs and have performed for charity events to raise money for breast cancer and the VH1 Save the music foundation. Dorian’s Passion has led him to write music for local artists in Orlando, Florida and to pursue his dream to make music for the world.

















LaShon Jones


Durell Peart


Personal Quote: “Music is a universal language that can be felt by all, and I am chosen to be one of its messengers.”


Check out this video “Bachelor” has not been officially released

yet it’s an exclusive

Masterful and vibrantly fluid on keys, his voice blends unique textures and a stratum of harmonic ability into contemporary R&B. V. Rich is an artist of innate musicality equipped with an arsenal of skills as a singer/songwriter, musician, arranger and producer. With sultriness reminiscent of Maxwell and musicianship influenced by the likes of Prince and Stevie, his solo EP project, “V.Rich – Songs from the album ‘Addicted’” meshes Neo-soul, R& B, and hip-hop energy with panache so irresistible, so catchy, it’s hard to know exactly what rhythm grabs your attention first.

Born Vincent Richardson in a small Michigan town, V. Rich spent his childhood in New Haven, Connecticut where he learned the power of music and its ability to connect to the hearts and minds of its listeners. Growing up the son of a preacher, in a family of singers, musicians, and music lovers, the young V. Rich was exposed to a vast array of musical genres and quickly became fascinated by the greats: Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye and Oscar Peterson and the classical giants: Chopin, Debussy and Beethoven.

By thirteen, he had not only begun to explore his gift of transforming simple melodies into lyrical treasures, he had also learned to convert his passion and innate love for the piano into a means of artistic communication. He recalls, “The piano was one of my best friends. If I were angry I would play the piano. If I were sad, I would play the piano. When I needed to relax, I would play; it became an outlet for me.” With a firm but loving push from his parents, V. Rich, took every opportunity to showcase his talents. From church to school, local events to local malls, he eventually gained his first major musical performance with the legendary Pavarotti, in the celebrated opera Tosca.

By the age of 14, shortly after moving to Washington DC, V. Rich studied under the world-renowned classical pianist, Dr. Raymond Jackson. Under his tutelage V. Rich would become a prized classical pianist, earning a full scholarship into the prestigious musical program at Carnegie Mellon University. He would go on to graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance from Howard University.

His fervor for music deepened in the eclectic musical hub that is Washington DC; known then as “Keys”, he founded a critically acclaimed hip-hop band Lauda and began playing keyboards and singing backup for major R&B recording artist, Amel Larrieux. The exposure gave V. Rich greater desires to one day perform at the front of the stage. But he continued to add depth to his catalog and in 2005 he scored scenes in the BET made for TV movie “Multitude of Mercies”. He began to gain momentum in the music industry and began working with a number of local and national artists including Navasha of the underground giant “Fertile Ground”, Grammy – nominated performers Wayna and Raheem De vaughn, and Grammy award winners Mya and Lauryn Hill.

The culmination of this diverse and eclectic musical journey is highlighted in his first self-contained solo project, “V.Rich – Songs from the album ‘Addicted’”. On the edge of freshly defined tracks with the lyrical swagger of a virtuoso, this tunesmith and accomplished producer bares his seasoned soul. The beauty is not only in each chord and its progression but also in V.Rich’s ability to write, produce, arrange, record, and mix most of this EP at his own studio, Vibrato Studios. His energy and silvery polished quality demands attention in songs like, “Lovely” and “Spontaneous”. “Addicted” bleeds prowess and vulnerability; a euphonious blend of his rich and soulful artistry layered over infectious tones. His first single, “Bachelor” demands attention from radio. And “C.R.A.Z.Y Girl” Is sure to make some noise as he describes a possessive girl who through it all, still loves!

Whether through live acoustic sets, or with his five-piece band V. Rich clearly is poised to make his mark as more than just the ordinary performer. Falsetto or richly in perfect key, his innate ability to perform is manifested through his showmanship, and charisma, and forges him out of the shadows. “Addicted” is aptly named, the kind of album you play from beginning to end, dynamic in range and listenability. It will leave you hooked, wanting to hear it again and again.

V.Rich has shared the staged with artists including: Bilal, Chrisette Michele, Amel Larrieux, Will Downing, Raheem DeVaughn, Laura Izibor, Anthony David, Howard Hewitt, Goapele, Res, Martin Luther, Melba Moore, Tony Terry and Chuck Brown to name a few.

Undeniably appealing and compelling, K.D. Brosia is the best of classic rhythm and blues wrapped in the rawness of soul.  A tremendously gifted vocalist and writer, Mississippian K.D. Brosia is challenging those music connoisseurs disenchanted with today’s artists and music, to listen to cuts from his “Love Is…” cd, or attend one of his performances, and not fall in love with music once again.

[He] has just enough of that 90s lead voice (a dap of sandpaper timbre and melisma aplenty) to keep my head bobbing,… Brosia’s “Love Is…” delivers in performance!

Pairing with Mint Condition and vocally collaborating with Stokely Williams suggests his strength as an up and coming notable crooner.

He is a vocalist with whom to contend.

—L. Michael Gipson, Soul Tracks

On a steady incline, Brosiacs (those loving the music of K.D. Brosia), are sticking like glue to the crooner. The passion and enthusiasm Brosia delivers in performance are infectious.

As the momentum of the resurgence of true vocalists increases and audiences become less moved to applaud mediocrity, voices such as Brosia’s will remain.

Prodigy endorses the works of K.D. Brosia.


Mike Ashley, K.D.Broisa, Me , Knee Deep @ Soul Summit in ATL

CD Releases

“Boku Desu”  –  Asia                2005

“Love Is…”    –  International    2008

Collaborative Performances and/or Compositions

Mint Condition,  Frank McComb,  Joe, Wanye Morris  Ken Wan, Hitomi

Norihito Sumitomo,  Stokely Williams,    Loose Ends

Opening Act

Mint Condition (The Vault)       Dwele (Brixton South Bay)

N’Dambi (Camden House)

Background Performance

Ai (Asia)

Performance Venues

Cotton Club (Japan)                             Budokan (Japan)

Dreams (St. Louis, MO)                       Temple Bar (Santa Monica, CA)

Mandela (Japan)                                   The Warehouse (Marina del Rey, CA)

Celebrity Centre (Hllywd, CA)         The Savoy Ent. Ctr. (Inglewood, CA)

Maggie Malone’s (LA, CA)                  Brixton South Bay (Redondo Beach, CA)

The Vault (Long Beach, CA)                CAP Complete Actors Place (Sherman Oaks, CA)

The Camden House (Beverly Hills, CA)


Pepsi                                        Tommy Hilfiger               Asahi Beer

Honda Motorcycle                    Donkey Kong                  Mazda


KHNL Hawaii – Morning Show

MTV Awards (Japan)

TV Asahi – Music Station


KMJM (Clear Channel) St. Louis – Selena J Show

Various Internet Radio Stations


Soul Food or Fast Food                     Atlanta                  Featured Vocalist

Special Skills

Music and Lyric Composition


Prodigy International, LLC (562) 234-4900

ChinahBlac - Damn

An exclusive new track, entitled “Damn!!!“, which uses warm synth lines and drum samples to bring touches of those classic modern-soul jams that highlighted R&B music from the late 70’s to early 80’s.The whole sound is very tender and touching as Chinah Blac brings her signature passionate vocals to create another outstanding track for her growing repertoire.

This will be featured on her sophomore album The Ressurection of Chinah Blac, also i have heared some other tracks from lp like  Just The Way, Lessons & Never and if they all sounds like these it gonna be HOT ONE..Fans can also look forward to Chinah Blac’s upcoming Eargamic mixtape, with DJ Conscience, which will serve as a prelude to the album The Ressurection of Chinah Blac.


ChinahBlac has gained fans all over the world for the past 15 years. A diamond takes a long while to be birthed. Well this A-class gem is ready! Supporting everyone from The Dave Mathews Band, being the vocal director for Erykah Badu to presently recording, arranging, and touring with Jill Scott (Hate On Me, My Love, All I from “The Real Thing” Words and sounds Vol 3.), she has become one of the most sought after vocal arrangers in the industry.

Now ready to step into her own light, she brings you an original sound that she has profoundly coined as ‘Aggressive Soul’. “I live hard and love hard. My music goes straight to the gut. It’s all truth, no sugar.” She exclaims.

With a voice that can only be compared to the likes of Chaka Khan, ChinahBlac is the next to be crowned Queen! With a commanding stage presence and unrelenting vocals, ChinahBlac leaves you thirsting for more. Along with her band “The Collective”, ChinahBlac has opened for artists such as Common, Musiq, Anthony Hamilton, Erykah Badu, and many others. “Every time I open my mouth, I want whoever is listening to feel and connect with every word, I want to bring the fire back to music”. It’s for that reason ChinahBlac is WHITE HOT!!!!!!!!!


Albums Recorded (backing vocals)

Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
The Dave Matthew’s Band’s Listener Supported
Erykah Badu’s Mamma’s Gun & Worldwide Underground
RedMan’s Malpractice
Bilal’s First Born Second
Black Ice’s The Death of Willie Lynch
Jill Scott’s The Real Thing Words and Sound Vol. 3
DJ Jazzy Jeff’s The Return of The Magnificent

Support Act For:

Erykah Badu
Chico Debarge
Anthony Hamilton
Jazmine Sullivan

Performed With (backing Vocals):

The Dave Mathew’s Band
Dave Hollister
Erykah Badu
Angie Stone
Renee (Formally of Zhane)
Heather Headley
Jill Scott

Cecilia Stalín, who got her largest breakthrough in her collaboration with the nu-jazz duo Koop and their song ‘Waltz for Koop’ which was made soundtrack to Woody Allens film Match Point, has worked in different constellations over her years in the business, amongst them Charles Tolliver Bigband. First and foremost she has focused on her own ensembles;

She recorded her debut cd ‘Straight Up’, as soon as she was done with college, with her Swedish quintet in 2005 which was released in Japan and USA in 2006. At the same time she has been involved in a large number of different collaborations and this combined has given her an international breakthrough.


For distributors: MConnexion:


Dusty groove:




Piccadilly Records:






Dance music Record:

Amie street:









Track it down:



Natassja is a soul music artist whose contribution to the genre challenges the notion of what contemporary soul music should be. Her urban-influenced and sometimes moody, folk-tinged arias involve more than a moderate degree of genre bending.

At times, she even blurs the genre. This is an artist who is just as comfortable listening to the gritty elements of southern trap music as she is listening to Raheem DeVaughn soul, or the music of Clannad, Bjork and Thunderheist. From the folk of Dylan and Baez to the contemporary styling of Sade and Sting, Natassja steeps herself in music that moves her spirit.

An “eighties baby”, Natassja had trouble fitting in with her peers and had many challenges as a result. However, at 16, things changed dramatically when a family friend who was also a producer, heard Natassja hum a pretty tune he hadn’t heard before and asked her to sing it for him. She delivered the self-penned tune in a way no one had anticipated and hit a home run. The song, Giving You My Heart, still remains one of her most beautiful compositions to date.

Music would become the counterpoint to this artist’s troubled life. Being able to express herself through this medium felt empowering and precious to her. It allowed her to experience something better than the struggle she was accustomed to. Through song, Natassja found her artistic voice. And with it, she could tell not just her own stories but the stories of others like her.

The first chapter of that story was issued in her debut EP – Flow: The Birth of Kozmik Soul, released July 2008. This marked the first time in this budding artist’s life that she offered others a peek into the world as viewed through her lens.

Fans on the internet began discovering Natassja’s EP through social media streaming, digital downloads, and p2p file-sharing. Standout tracks, Gravity and Flow emerged as fan favorites and were placed in rotation at a number of rhythmic and soul internet radio stations across the spectrum.

A dedicated corps of fans that loved what they were hearing, began to tell their friends about the music and continued to follow Natassja’s progress. Natassja, grateful to her small but growing tribe for embracing her other-worldly music, named them the “Starchildren”.

With the friendships forged through Flow, Natassja decided to reprise the experience. Along with band members Bill Turpin, Conroy Gooden, and Sinclair Davis, she embarked on an enhanced course of storytelling that would result in her latest musical chapter, titled Minimum. Minimum is a special 4-song EP that becomes available to her fans and new listeners, March 2010.

Not bashful about taking creative license with her work, Natassja engages in the kind of habitual genre line-stepping that often threatens to re-define her category as something else. But the genre her music fits into isn’t as important to Natassja as giving voice to the music she hears in her head. And we’re glad of it because she paints gorgeous mood-scapes with music that soothes the souls of angels, warriors, and savage beasts alike. Simply put, she creates music for the heart, mind, and soul.

go 2

Intro: Acoustically Yours
Rebirth Of Love
Warrior (Heart Of Stone)
Road 2 Redemption

Hear her…see her…feel her…
Natassja at:

Kaye Fox

The promotions arm of 4 The Soul-Reciprocity Inc., would like to introduce you to Kaye Fox.  Hailing from the West side of  Chicago, this former Def Jam signee has gone the independent route and offers Your Song.

Your Song is a hard hitting, head nodding love song that makes it easy to understand Sade’s appreciation of music by Reakwon of the Wu Tang Clan. Produced by Xtreme, the multi-platinum producer whose credits include work by artists such as Jaheim, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Ghostface (to name a few), Your Song is Kaye Fox’s ode to that special someone.

A fan of artists such as Marvin Gaye and Lauren Hill, Kaye wants listeners to “feel” music again.

For more info on this talented artist visit, or simply reply to this email with any comments or questions regarding this talented new artist.

Jill Scott is back in the studio recording a new album !

A follow up to 2007’s Grammy nominated album “The Real Thing,” Scott’s forthcoming effort is said to be taking a personal turn, described as “a flurry of emotional poetry as both her career and personal life have skyrocketed with success in Hollywood and the birth of her first child.”

Titled “The Light of the Sun,” the album is expected to be a Spring/Summer 2010 release, just in time for Scott’s return to the stage.

Joining Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu and Sarah McLachlan, Scott will be a featured performer at the 2010 Lilith Fair Tour; a celebration of diverse female voices across all genres. While dates are being confirmed at this time, the tour will make rounds through North American cities including Dallas, Denver, Portland, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Toronto and Montreal. Dates and additional information will be revealed at a later time.

The Reel On “The Real Thing” (Part One)

The Reel On “The Real Thing” (Part Two)

Playing the Freshest in Neo Soul, Modern Soul

Stevie4real – Breakfast Beats Show @ Peacefm Manchester playing the freshest sounds in Neo Soul and Modern Soul grooves, every Saturday from 7-10am check out

Playing the Freshest in Neo Soul, Modern Soul but above all, Shining the spotlight on the emerging, true and talented soul artists, who are keeping soul music alive, kicking and very, very 4Real

Many thanks to you the artist, managers & promoters for your continued support with the exclusives, cdrs, drops which have helped in making the show become a success.

Music for hope and towards finding a cure. United We Cure is a musical compilation featuring different artists paying homage to those who have had breast cancer or have been touched by it. As one artist puts it, ìThis cause is about a larger sense of bringing hope and a cure to thousands of women. Believe. Belong. Be beautiful.

01. The Cure (Lalah Hathaway/Rahsaan Patterson)
02. Believe It (Paul Taylor)
03. Silver Lining (Hil St. Soul)
04. Lifeline (Brian Culbertson)
05. Jean Marieís Groove (Eric Darius)
06. Everything I Need (Kindred the Family Stone)
07. Be Beautiful (Mindi Abair)
08. Walk on Water (Norman Brown)
09. Fly Higher (Will Downing)
10. City of Hope (Euge Groove)
11. Like a Diamond (Leigh Jones)
12. Lives Inspired (Gail Jhonson)
13. Tulsa Chillin (Wayman Tisdale)

Concrete Jungle



Pop music is a here today, gone tomorrow world. A starburst of YouTube notoriety and then oblivion. Or at least it is for most.

But when your journey has been as long and extraordinary as Nneka’s when you’ve travelled 10,000 miles and are still only just starting out – then instant celebrity is the last thing on your mind.

When your heart is as big as your Afro, when your talents stretch from teardrop soul-singing to freestyle rapping to a first-class degree from a top Continental university, when you¹ve got so much to say about so much, then you are in it for the long haul.

Every year since her musical career took off in 2005, this Afro-German warrior princess has built on her successes, stretched her muscles, and widened her range. Her debut album Victim of Truth (released in the UK in 2007), an inspirational mix of hot loops, black consciousness and 21st-century soul music – was garlanded with praise by the British media. “As good as The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” said UK’s The Sunday Times.

But this time around there¹s more of the best ingredient Nneka herself. Her first US release, Concrete Jungle is a collection of songs that put the singer/songwriter at the forefront. This album is an offering of love, hope and optimism dedicated to the people of Warri & the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Holding it all together is the emotional focus of her beautiful voice, located in a place somewhere between yearning and rage.

“Righteously bold and heartbreakingly fragile.” – SPIN “10 To Watch in 2010 & “Songs You Must Hear Now!”

“Nneka is pure hotness.” – Rolling Stone 2010 Breaking Artist & Hot List

“Feisty, charismatic.” – Time Out New York

A.K.A. SUBLIMINAL opens for Grammy nominated neo-soul star Eric Roberson.

Eric Roberson Freestyle over top A.K.A. SUBLIMINAL’s beatbox!!!!! LIVE AT THE HARBOURFRONT CENTER Toronto!! Check it out yall’ peace

As we announced with the news of the start of the new official J Dilla website, Stones Throw and Stussy have partnered to put out a limited edition Dilla t-shirt. Along with this, Stussy produced a 3-part documentary on Dilla’s life during his later years in Los Angeles.

Part 1 handles introductions,

Part 2 “Detroit to Los Angeles,”

Part 3 focuses on Donuts.

Stones Throw has sold out of the limited edition shirts, but you can find a list of stores where it’s available here.

J Dilla Documentary by Stussy

"True Story" mixtape.

DJ Conscience’s “True Story” mixtape. It’s chock full of exclusives only he could muster. Peep how he explains his work of art below and check after the bounce for the tracklisting. True Story expresses the passion for music and tastemaking coupled with the artist’s dedication to the music and their crafts. You will hear syncopated soul with bounce/head-nod frequency.

This mixtape premieres Valencia Robinson’s hot new single “What You Know” produced by the remarkable Raynier Hodnett for L Blayze Productions. Also featured on this remarkable musical collection are exclusives by ChinahBlac, Jesse Boykins III, Ra-Re Valverde, Choklate and other independent music greats. And just when you thought you’ve had enough, DJ Conscience gives you a tease for the upcoming release of the Queen Soul Warrior Heavyweight, Yahzarah, who will be releasing the long awaited, highly anticipated The Ballad of Purple St. James in early spring 2010 through The Foreign Exchange.

Sit back, relax and let Conscience take you on a journey and give you the “True Story” of musical excellence.

* Valencia Robinson – What You Know (prod. By Raynier “L Blayze” Hodnett)
* Yahzarah’s Basement Freestyle (prod. By AppleJuiceKid)
* Choklate Freestyle (Musiq Shout)
* ChinahBlac Freestyle
* Alison Carney Freestyle
* Kenny Wesley Freestyle
* Jesse Boykins III Freestyle
* Tiffany Wilson – Take The Cake
* Darien Brockington – SuperWoman
* Tracy Cruz – SonShine
* Shaun Mykals – Next Time
* Ra-Re Valverde – What A Day
* Julie Dexter – Transitions (prod. By ZO!)
* Yahzarah – Something Special (prod. By ZO!)

Artist…………..: DJ Ames & DJ Drama 
Album……………: ‘International Hustle’ 
Genre……………: Hip Hop
Uploaded Date…….: 27/02/2010
Quality………….: 192kbps

01. Intro
02. Mystro – 09 UK Rap Up (Pro By Black Einstein)
03. Nia-Jai – Hustle Hustle (Pro By Jmez)
04. Bigz, Shotty Horra, Panache, Flex The Truth, Hypes – The Sickness
05. Fredi Kruga – Who’s Afraid
06. Manny Moscow – Elevate (Pro By Tricksta)
07. Khalil aka B-Mus – Good Die You (Pro By Ortega)
08. Interlude
09. S.A.S – Hustle
10. Pariz 1 – What Ya Must Do (Pro By Nutty P)
11. Cyclonious – What’s A Postcode (Pro By Cyclonious)
12. JaJa, Pyrelli, Myke Deanz, DVS – Cross My Mind
13. Rukus – Broad (Pro By Diveno)
14. Rain Feat Tippa Irie & Money Mayham – Gun Gun Play (Pro By Tha Bizness)
15. Smiler – Enza
16. Flex The Truth – I Gets Crazy
17. JSB – Got My Swagger Back (Pro By Puzzle Productions)
18. Interlude
19. Mr Drastik – So Many Devils (Pro By Jon Phonics)
20. Genesis Elijah – I’m Doin It (Pro By Rich West)
21. Charlie Sloth – How To Grow Green
22. Pound Sterling Feat Change Mantanna – Cook Coke Man
23. Tusche De Costa – Atomicly (Pro By BeatBusta)
24. LATE – Real (Pro By Tricksta)
25. Meeks & Dan Man (S-Squad Ent) – Like A Jungle (Pro By 4th Lord – S-Squad Ent)
26. Mingstar The Major – How It Is For Me (Pro By Shauny B)
27. Outro

*Bonus Track*

Mystro, Manny Moscow, Rukus, Smiler, Rain, Flex The Truth, JSB, Genesis Elijah, Tusche De Costa, Cyclonious, LYNK, Meeks, Sonny Jim, OBoi – I Wanna Rock (Exclusive UK Remix)

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Download free now at…
01. Intro
02. Shes in love with a thug
03. Sippin On Dat (Feat Manny Moscow, Blazin & King P)
04. Slow Jammin
05. 12 barz and Guitarz
06. Dance for me

Born with rhythm and blues in the blood, the grandson of a jazz drummer, and son of a rock Singer/Guitarist. Raised on the likes of Michael Jackson, The Beatles and The Who, T aspired to make music and picked up a guitar aged eight. After years of performing in bands on vocal and guitar duties, T developed a love strong love for Hip Hop music and culture, and turned his musical talent in a different direction towards making beats, rhyming, and singing hooks. His infectious melodies and lyrics were soon noticed by and old friend, an up and coming producer in the hip hop world King P. He soon became King’s right hand man in writing sung RnB inspired hooks on Kings classic style hip hop bangers. Now having worked with top names in the UK grime, hip hop, and RnB scene with writing hooks backing vocals and live sessions, T has stepped out as a solo artist. With his first solo release “Release Roadz n Romance” E.P he is set to take the studio to record the debut album. “Roadz n Romance” is six tracks of Tommys distinct soft vocals, smooth melodies and lyrics with self produced beats. Available for free download now!

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