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Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe

She is the living, breathing embodiment of progressive music. Imagine Nona Hendryx meets Black Sabbath or Janis Joplin meets Grace Jones, it is then that you will begin to feel the blaKbüshe experience. blaKbüshe, reminiscent of the Soul/Pop recording group Labelle, is a blend best described by Shelley Nicole as SolaRoc, an undeniably spine-tingling surge of rock, funk, soul, and beyond. As validated by Labelle member Sarah Dash, “blaKbüshe is not to be overlooked.”

Since Shelley Nicole’s arrival on the New York music scene, she founded Red Butterfly Music the label through which she released her albums, she who bleeds… and The Quick & Dirty EP. Her co-ed septet band, blaKbüshe, has performed at hot spots all over New York City, the U.S. and Europe, including the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom, B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, The Blue Note, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, World Café Live, Endenu, Genghis Cohen, and the Mau Mau Bar (London).

Shelley Nicole also has shared the stage with notable artists such as Erykah Badu, Corey Glover (Living Colour), Vicki Randle (The Jay Leno Show), Les Nubians, Natalie Stewart (the Floacist/Floetry), Julie Dexter, Joi, V. Jeffery Smith (the Family Stand), India.Arie, Hanifah Walidah (Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Black Patti), and Toshi Reagon.

Prior to the band’s inception, Shelley Nicole released “Being Me” on Imani/King Street Records. The song topped charts in London and received rave reviews in New York, Europe, and Japan’s dance music scene. Critically acclaimed by Curve Magazine Music Reviews Editor Margaret Coble as “an irresistible dance groove”, Shelley Nicole’s latest single “blaK Girls” is featured in the documentary and soundtrack of the film U People, and was recently released on the compilation Fire in the Dark.

Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe EPK

The band’s London tour helped secure Shelley Nicole’s song “3/4 Shit” on the UK released Jazz Re:freshed Vol. 1. While exhibiting her acting talents in the rock documentary Electric Purgatory, Shelley Nicole’s melodic, edgy song “Release” is featured on the film’s soundtrack. Chosen out of 120 submissions, Shelley Nicole’s fiery, powerful soulful voice, riveting bass riffs, poignant lyrics, and unforgettable theatric performances also secured her placement as an In House Artist during the 2009 Silver Starr Art Studios LLC (SSAS) competition.

The Village Voice calls Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe “an ingenious musical evolution.” Author and Associate Professor of Black Popular Culture at Duke University Mark Anthony Neal says, “On she who bleeds… Nicole created a vibrant synthesis of Rock and Jazz, which ultimately aimed to tweak the staid sensibilities of both mainstream America and the gatekeepers of African-American culture and identity.”

Her latest release The Quick & Dirty EP features bonus tracks from producers Ian Friday (Tea Party Music), Daz-I-Kue (i-Kue Productions/Bugz in the Attic) and Lionel Sanchez Jr. (Audioglyph Productions). adds “If [Shelley Nicole’s EP] is any evidence of what’s to come, we should expect more greatness from this soul-funk-rock queen.”

LIVE with Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe

(Live in London)

(Out of My Mind @ WNYC)


The Quick & Dirty EP

01. blak Girls
02. Give It To Me
03. Crazy 4:18
04. Can’t Blame a Tree
05. Box 5:37
06. Hairs In The büshe
07. Go Head & Rise
08. blak Girls (Afrobiotic Swine Funk Mix)
09. Dance (Flying Home) [Tea Party Vocal]
10. blak Girls (Daz-i-Kue Dub)
11. blak Girls (Original Mix)


She Who Bleeds

01. Who is blaKbüshe (Intro)
02. Scorpio Chile
03. Spiritual Revolution
04. Americas’ Secret
05. 3/4 Shit 4:59
06. Cheatin’ Baby Daddy 6:58
07. Release 4:51
08. Getting Yo Head Did (Skit) 1:19
09. No Lye 5:52
10. Love Triangle: Self, Family, Goddess/God 2:22
11. Real to Me
12. Dance (Flying Home)

Get ready to experience a musical revolution.

Get ready for BlaKbüshe!









Samantha Cardwell

As principal of the multi-faceted performing arts firm, SCardwell Productions, Samantha uses her creative gifts in music, theatre and business management to minister throughout the Atlanta area and beyond, in singing, songwriting, acting, motivational-speaking and production.

She devotes time to participate in charity organizations such as the Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (mentoring young girls) and Mission Minded Artists (missionary efforts abroad) to spread locally and globally the divine message of love.

Samantha sings with Ozara Ode, Twinspirit & Gabbie McGee  (tribute)

In 2009, Samantha traveled throughout the Southeast region to perform two hit singles that she co-wrote and produced, “Your Word” and “Behold the Lamb”, and in doing so, she clearly established her ability to create atmospheric contagious praise within a crowd of eager worshipers.

Samantha’s 2010 projects included the honor of being a guest jazz vocalist to perform at Space Atlanta in tribute to the multi-talented High Priestess of Soul, the late Nina Simone in a 10-day festival of cultural art activities.

In theatre, she was the lead character in several gospel plays, including “The Woman I Am Today” and “Sista Ella” which traveled regionally to perform before large audiences.

Sanantha Cardwell live from Atlanta 57 Edited By Roderick Of Legacy Film

Her debut CD release in August, “The Way You Love Me” takes her listeners to another level as she creates a unique worship experience which rides on her velvet voice to the rhythmic sounds of jazz, rhythm and blues and even acoustic riffs, but never abandons the timeless inspirational message that her neo-gospel style demands. She was recently nominated as a candidate for Best Female Artist by the Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards.

Her most recent project, the “It’s All About Love” concert in November, grouped together artists and performers of various types and music of all genres to help partner with HEROs for Children, a non-profit organization benefiting children affected by HIV/AIDS.

The WayYou Love Me  –  CD Release Party

Samantha Cardwell – The WayYou Love Me

The year 2011 will mark the launch of another project featuring a variety of styles and creative expressions entitled “Notes of Inspiration” where spoken-word, musicians and vocal artists will come together on an inspirational platform to create harmony at a series of quarterly events for true lovers of artistic expression.

This is Samantha Cardwell — a dynamic singer, songwriter, philanthropist and actress by God-given talent and design.

Notes of Inspiration


01. The Way You Love Me
02. Overwhelmed
03. Honest Heart
04. Cleaning Out
05. Free
06. Celebrate
07. Everything
08. I Never Knew
09. Arise
10. You Been So Good

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Karen Morales

NEW female on the Neo2soul block is the wonderful sweet soul/jazz singer who goes by the name of Karen Morales 29 years old,sagittarius and from Australia, grew up in Melbourne,and studied contemporary/jazz piano at the Box Hill College of Music.

This path led her to experiment with a collage of styles like Salsa, Funk, Soul, Acid Jazz and Drum & Bass. As well as studying and teaching music, Karen was an in demand rehearsal pianist for several Melbourne theatre companies before moving to becoming a musical director.

Tired of playing in cover bands, Karen spent 2005 onwards focusing on her own songwriting. After receiving positive feedback for her acoustic demos on MySpace.

Karen recorded her first Demo “My Everything’’ in 2008 featuring artists such as Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai – UK), Jesers (France), Princess Freesia (Australia), Cory Jach (Australia), and James Higgins (Soul Continuum -Australia).

Recently returning from Europe where she teamed up with Derrick McKenzie for a writing session in London’s legendary Tin Pan Alley Studios, Karen is now working on releasing her debut solo album. Stay tuned for the release along with more tunes via MySpace/YouTube/artst.


Karen Morales “My Everything”

My Everything” – Co-written with Cory Jach, produced by James Higgins ( J.Fox Soul, featuring Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai) on drums.

Karen Morales “Summertime” (Remix by Derrick McKenzie)

“Summertime” Derrick McKenzie Remix (Jamiroquai) – Featuring Jesers (rap intro), produced by James Higgins (J.Fox Soul, Backing Vocals by Princess Freesia (Nude Continuum).

Karen Morales “Take It Slow” ( Acoustic Mix) 

Music & Lyrics by Karen Morales Produced by James Higgins — J.Fox Soul

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karen.morales7 (SKYPE)

Tamika Nicole

 Born and raised in Oakland, CA, it wasn’t until after she finished college that she began to develop her gift as a vocalist. The long-time educator, who holds a Master’s in Education Administration, Tamika spent days working in corporations and classrooms and her nights performing, preparing for auditions or recording sessions.

“There is a realness I get to draw from — like the frustrations of trying to balance career with a social life, community issues, dating, and all those things that concern GenXers like me as we work to achieve our dreams,” says Tamika.

While working on her latest project, Tamika Nicole has set the stage to broaden her music career. Her theatre credits in San Francisco include the 2007 productions of Hair and The Wizard of Oz.

She has been a featured performer at San Francisco Grammy events, Yoshi’s San Francisco, fundraisers for Terri Vaughn’s foundation, and Pete Escovedo’s Latin Jazz Club. In 2009, Tamika received accolades all over the world for “The Art of Letting Go” culminating in her earning five First Round Grammy Nominations for her music.

Tamika Nicole, known in the Bay Area for her raw, gritty sound and high-octane performances shows her versatility on her latest release “Get It Right”.  On “Get It Right”, Tamika reunited with producer Jimi Fischer (The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, Steve Winwood, etc.) to produce a modern day anthem which incorporates Funk, Blues, and R & B. Believing life is about the journey, Tamika and Jimi crafted “Get It Right” to be a call for people to take a look at what’s going on in our community.

Listen to track click video

Tamika Nicole Get It Right (2010 Mix)

Her CD “The Art of Letting Go” is still available


Tamika Nicole Performing in 2005 (People Make the World Go Round)

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For More Info

Representation: Rick Camacho

Tamika “LOVE” Jones


New Project ADDICTED TO LOVE JONES releasing 12.12.12

ADDICTED TO LOVE JONES (EPK) 2012 | Tamika Love Jones

Info on Tamika Jones

Born and raised in Washington, DC, the singer/songwriter Tamika Jones has finally come into her own.

Growing up in poverty, Tamika turned to music as an escape from the harsh realities of drugs and violence that those around her so easily succumbed to.

A young and timid Tamika, at the age of 11, was discovered when a classmate heard her singing a song so beautifully and ahead of her age and outed her to her teacher and classmates, who let her know that she could no longer keep her voice hidden.


by. Tamika Love Jones, Directed by: W.Ellington Felton.

From then on, Miss Jones began singing everywhere she went. Singing in various gospel and jazz choirs in school and around the city and even directing her very own gospel ensemble at School Without Walls High School.

Eventually, Tamika caught the attention of Grammy nominated producer and Bad Boy Hit Man Chucky Thompson, also a DC native.

Chucky worked with Tamika for several years mentoring her on songwriting, recording and the music business, inviting her to work on projects with acclaimed artists like Faith Evans, Mya, Lil’ Kim, Nick Cannon, Tanya Blount, and Grammy winner, songwriter Denise Rich.

Unplugged “Something More” Live @ District Heights Festival

Surrounded by so many successful artists, Tamika began searching for her own sound and place in the industry. With other musical influences such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Rachelle Farrell, Nina Simone, Sade, Karen Clark Sheard, and Jill Scott, she found that she was most at home with Jazz and Gospel. Also, her love affair with hip hop is what she found connected her to her peers and younger kids who she wanted her positive messages to reach and also gave her that street edge that is intrinsic of a girl surrounded by the ghetto.

Round Midnight

With one look into the eyes of Tamika Jones, you can see the love and passion she has for music and her people, and in her songs you can hear the pain, struggles and triumph that makes Tamika stand out like a rose emerging from the concrete.

Finally, she is ready to walk her own path, as she shares her life, love, and passions in the only way she sees fit, through heartfelt lyrics and most enchanting melodies.

Rayshun LaMarr and Tamika Jones again

Tamika has put in years of work performing around New York City and Washington, DC and her performance vitae includes but is not limited to Bohemian Caverns, Blue Note, Groove, INDULJ, NY Perks, The Creek LIC, Carter Barron Ampitheater, The Sugar Bar, Peachez Café, Busboys & Poets, Café Nema, Twins Jazz, Posh, Duke’s City, and Republic Gardens.

LIVE STUFF  by Tamika “LOVE” Jones

Damn,Damn,Damn (live)

Performing at every chance and passionately following her obsession with live music, Tamika captured opportunities to perform with the likes of Amel Larrieux, Yahzarah, Black Indian, Marsha Ambrosius, W Ellington Felton, Jaguar Wright, Chris Rob, Bilal, Maya Azucena, Maimouna Youssef, Rashida Jolley, John Forte, Taraji P. Henson, Eric Roberson and Marcus Mitchell.

Tamika LOVE Jones – Dumb Love

She continues to spread her music through various community events, private engagements, and benefits, and finds herself most comfortable at various festivals and other live music venues where her music is appreciated by true music fans and writers alike.


click picture

  Song Title Time Price  
  1. Dumb Love 3:59 $0.99
  2. Damn, Damn, Damn 3:19 $0.99
  3. All It Was (feat. Rayshun Lamarr) 4:19 $0.99
  4. Make It Mine 3:50 $0.99
  5. Sunshine 4:25 $0.99
  6. Let It Ring 3:32 $0.99
  7. Really Wanna 3:31 $0.99



EPK | Bio | Past Shows





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Mr. DeLonte’ R. Briggs Founder / CEO
Mr. Briggs Management, LLC |

Promotions Director | Blog Host
Total Eclipse Magazine | Nu-Soul Collective |

Regional Sales Representative
KLM National Music Distribution Network

Director of Expansion & Development
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Veronique is not a woman of mystery. She is the musical embodiment of a Movement. Through the instantly recognizable seduction in her voice to her signature vocal, lyrical arrangement and with her distinctive “Live” sets, she is the spokeswoman for a global alliance who aims to reclaim beautiful music for beautiful people worldwide.

This beauty is not defined by over saturated images of pop-media culture. Rather, it is the amalgamation of global culture, independent thought and creative spirit shared by adventure hungry hedonists with lust for life.

Veronique sings Veriations Of Soul

Veronique, a Bethesda, MD native began her career early studying music with her father and singing in church. Her vocal/lyrical skills were honed with Detroit House Music legends Aaron-Carl (Wallshaker Music), Derwin Hall (UR), Malik Alston (Truth Manifest Records) and Delano Smith (Mix Mode Recordings).

Veronique is a founding member of Detroit’s BackSpin Musiq, an indie-soul music/soulful house remix production house shared with marketing guru & husband D. Miller (Montaj Enterprises).

Her introduction to the global music scene came in 2007 with her 1st installment of several powerful hit house music singles, which showcased her vocal stylings and part of her musical taste. In 2008, Wallshaker Music released her first project titled “Veriations: The EP”.

The cd garnered international acclaim. Uninhibited from the confines of major labels and in keeping with this vision the first full-length release will be an LP, “Veriations Of Soul” due Summer 2009. “Veriations Of Soul” will focus on the various styles of music she loves.

Raw and honest-it is a daring departure from sub-standards of today’s pop music. Appearances and collaborative production work with the likes of Al Ester, DJ Minx, Craig Alexander, James “D-Train” Williams, Dajae, Peven Everette, DJ Stacey “Hottwax” Hale, Gene Hunt, Andre Hatchett and many more house music pioneer & musical alchemist weaving beautiful people, fine arts and progressive music into a purely golden lifestyle.

Veronique sings three songs off her new project

“I have been humbled by travel,” Veronique recounts. “I have realized the potential of pleasure through experiences and journeys.” Veronique is a missionary. She uses her renowned live PA sets as a vehicle to bring likeminded music to pleasure seekers worldwide.

Veronique –

ARTIST: Veronique
TITLE: Veriations Of Soul
GENRE: Nu-Soul/Soulful House
LABEL: BackSpin Musiq
For bookings, please contact D. Miller
313.283.6146 or




After 20 plus years, no one would have guessed that the original members of the group TODAY would reunite and create music once again.

The R&B singing group TODAY came on the music scene in 1988 as one of the major groups of the New Jack Swing era. The group consisted of four members, Larry “Chief” Singletary, Larry “Love” McCain, Fredrick “Bub” Drakeford, and Wesley “Wes” Adams.

The group’s first album garnered hits produced by Teddy Reily such as Him or Me (#3 R&B), Girl I Got My Eyes on You(#1R&B), Take Your Time, and Your Loves Not True. The second album, titled The New Formula, released in 1990 included hits like Why You Getting Funky on Me (#2 R&B)and I Got the Feeling(#12 R&B).

Shortly after the release of the second album, the group started encountering trouble. A member of the group stated, “As a group, we enjoyed touring and singing together but the business side of it was more than what we were prepared for, and it eventually lead to the group breaking up like so many other good groups before us”.

So, how did this reunion happen?

We decided to lend our voices to bring the consciousness of spirituality to all. Letting the world know there’s hope in JESUS CHRIST our LORD!


TODAY 360-album release is coming soon, so stay tuned

TODAY is back and they have added 360 to their name to symbolize the full circle that God has brought them. The new single, fervently titled Orchestrate, tells the story of how God has put them back together for a purpose.



Big thanks to Alecia Jones, Marketing & Strategic Planning “In Christ, this is who IAM –Indie Artists, Music, Marketing & Entertainment – Gospel”

Eternal Voices


Eternal Voices was birthed Independence Day 2002. This group began with the goal of radically reaching out to others through powerful song testimonies and letting them know that the only way to live the life of their dreams is through God. Since the Eternal Voices began, they have had the privilege of sharing the stage with J. Moss, John P. Kee, Ayiesha Woods, Maurette Brown Clark, and Desmond Pringle.

Their single “Author” from the “Better, Stronger, & Closer” cd project is played on many gospel radio stations. They have appeared on various television programs such as: WLTX’s Friends at Five, CW-47’s J.Juice TV, Preach the Word Worldwide Network, and The Best of the Low Country Jams.

They has won national recognition for Rhythm & Praise Song of the Year from the 2010 Urban Inspirational Awards for their song “Don’t ‘Cha Give Up” from the album “Better, Stronger, & Closer”.They are also named the 2010 SC Music Award Gospel Recording Artist of the Year.

The highlights of their ministry are the times they are allowed to sing for the homeless, imprisoned, persons in nursing homes, and other people who aren’t as fortunate as most.

The most important thing they hope for is that people desire a closer, more firm relationship with the Savior by lifting Him up and encouraging his people. The membership of Eternal Voices currently consists of four radically, anointed young people who all individually place God at the number one spot in their lives, CoreyJ, Tiffany, Siera, and Courtney.

The single is titled “I Found Someone”, and it tells a story of someone whose search for love rode a bumpy rollercoaster until that someone finally realized “love” was always there, but just waiting on acceptance; this is when that someone fell in love with “that perfect somebody”.

The song features solo vocals from each individual group member; CoreyJ, the only man of the group, introduces the song and brings the listener in to hear their story; Siera, follows by leading the first verse; the second verse is led by Courtney, and the rest of the song is led by Tiffany.

“I Found Someone” is just one of many songs that present the “realness” of the gospel and God’s unchanging love to listeners of all ages, genres, and cultures. You are able to witness the strong relationship between God and EV through this collection of music.

More news to come regarding upcoming and anticipated third album “AddicTeD”. release, January 29, 2011, at a later date. Be sure to call and request the single “I Found Someone” on all your internet and terrestrial radio stations across the USA.

For more information on Eternal Voices and their music, please check out the following websites:,,

CoreyJ Nowell-Brown, President of Marketing
Siera Wider, President of Administration & Bookings

 Many Thanks to Tiffany Wider to bringing this to my attention


Matthew Daniel

Born 8th February 1987 and raised in West London. Matthew is a keyboardist, pianist, producer, and songwriter. From a young age his musical influences were Dinah Washington, Marvin Gaye and Sarah Vaughan.

As a teenager he discovered modern soul. Artists D’Angelo, Jill Scott, Maxwell, India.Arie, Raheem DeVaughn, and Angie Stone inspired his song writing. He begun writing lyrics on the piano, and later would turn to poetry to help him get through the tough times. African American poets such as Langston Hughes, Jessica Care Moore, and Rita Dove helped him develop his expressive poetry.

At College he attended his local youth club where he would shut himself away from the world and create music in their studios. After College Matthew Daniel entered the music business and did various Internships. He was content and contact manager for, and built his own website dedicated to global soul music

He was published in the 9th and 11th edition of The Soul Survivors Magazine for an interview with Joy Denalane and a review of Mary J Bliges’ ‘Growing Pains’ album. He is now writing for and Flavour Magazine, and manages his soul music blog Soul Discoveries where he has interviewed the likes of Donell Jones, Faith Evans, Elisabeth Withers, Vivian Green, Chante Moore and Lalah Hathaway.

Matthew is working on his EP with Yolanda Johnson, Paul Ewing, Trizonna McClendon, and Lydell Williams. Matthew Daniel is now signed to a major company in London called Triumph Music Publishing as a songwriter and composer.

Matthew Daniel feat. Trizonna McClendon – Lose Your Smile

click picture to link to download

“Lose Your Smile” is taken from his E.P Attempt Again, which is coming soon so watch this space for a taste of Matthew’s unique style and background.

For more information on me visit

 More on Trizonna McClendon


Oliver Scott

Oliver Scott is truly one of Gospel music’s best kept secrets. His musical talent was nurtured in the small Pentecostal church he grew up in. Upon leaving home Oliver and his brothers formed a band (Bloodline) and moved to Los Angeles.

After numerous night club gigs and two years of music study, Oliver began a three and one-half year stint with The Gap Band. While with The Gap Band, Oliver penned the R&B classic Yearning For Your Love” as well as many other “album cuts”for the group;

He not only earned opportunities to contribute to significant recording projects by several other popular R&B artists, as a songwriter and producer (e.g. “Billy Paul” / Total Experience, “Yarbrough a & Peoples” / Total Experience), but was also privileged to have the performance of his song “Where Are We Going” nominated for a GRAMMY AWARD in 1984 in the category “Best R&B Instrumental Performance.” In July of 1983 Oliver accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. His response to God’s faithfulness began by opening his heart to study of the Word.

This faithfulness to the word was the seed that God used to propel Oliver into full-time ministry. In 1987 Oliver formally began his ministry as a Psalmist, singer and teacher when he was called to serve as Minister of Music at JOY Tabernacle Houston, Texas with Dr. Michael P. Williams, Senior Pastor.

He has since produced and written four solo Gospel projects, three JOY Tabernacle releases and has written and produced for other Gospel artists. He now serves as Associate Pastor for Worship and Arts at JOY Tabernacle. Oliver is currently working on a new project that is sure to be one of Gospel’s greatest gifts and let the secret out


Black Pearl Music Inc.
Artist: Oliver Scott
Single: What Manner of Man
Genre: Gospel
For Booking & Licensing:
Chris Black:
Schezelle Ward:

 Now that we are entering into this Christmas season,  Oliver is continuing that legacy of great music with his singles- “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “Winter Wonderland”. Look out for them

Many thanks to Keyonne Brooks -Talent Manager
PH Balanced Music / Black Pearl Music & Productions
if you need more info contact
424-442-9096 or 601-861-0117

Lin Rountree

Lin Rountree the R&B/Soul Trumpeter

He is the latest artist to emerge from the ‘new’ Detroit music factory.  His playing has been described as soulful, funky, and sensual. Be it R&B/Soul or Groove Jazz, he has an innate ability to connect his music to his listener’s soul. And his charm, intelligence and wit make him a great entertainer on and off of the bandstand.

Lin began playing the trumpet in Alexandria VA., when he was just 11 yrs. old.  He frequently attended music development programs at The Duke Ellington School for performing arts in Washington DC.  Upon his graduation Lin was recruited into the Music program at Florida A&M University where he performed with the famed Marching 100’ under the direction of William P Foster and Dr. Julian White.

Lin credits his abilities to practice, prepare and perform to the training that he received at FAMU.  Likewise the school is also where he started to develop a deep appreciation for Jazz music and began studying some of its masters.  Lin cites trumpeters Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw, and Tom Browne as huge influences on both his playing and writing styles.

After his graduation and after several stops around the country he found his home in Detroit, Michigan a city with a rich tradition in R&B, Soul and Jazz music.  Lin hit the music scene hard sitting in and learning (cutting his teeth) from well established Detroit musicians.

The next few years Lin played in a few top 20 Motown bands but quickly realized that Trumpet players were not typical side-men in smaller R&B units where soloing opportunities were more plentiful, so he formed his own working group, “Up Close” which featured vocalist Michele Nicole.

For the next 6 years, then band-leader, Lin worked the tough Detroit music club circuit as Up Close quickly became one of the most sought after and top performing bands in the city.  In 2004 Lin had a chance encounter with two accomplished producers, Dana Davis and Billy Meadows who after listening to a demo of original songs written by Lin decided to work with and eventually sign him to BDK records.

BDK went on to ink a distribution deal with Ryko/Warner Bros through Nu-Millennium records.  This after Nu-Millennium owners and industry heavyweights Kindall Minter and Hank Caldwell were blown away with the quality of Lin’s material.

To date Lin has released two solid projects for BDK Records (GROOVETREE and SUMTHIN’ GOOD) that both introduced him to the industry as a driving force in the new generation of instrumental soloists, and demonstrated his talents as an innovative composer and polished recording artist. Both projects garnered chart topping singles like: For Your Love (feat. Tim Bowman), Candie, Sumthin’ Good and Seldom Sunday.

Likewise the success of these records has afforded Lin the chance to travel and perform all over the world, as well as the opportunity to play and record with some of the industry’s top musicians including: George Benson, Tim Bowman, Kem, Dwele, and Conya Doss to name a few…

Lin Rountree, Trumpeter

Last year BDK records was dissolved however Lin continued to push forward and is poised to Independently release his most audacious project to date: Soul-Tree, The Soul-Jazz Experience coming Jan 2011. This R&B/Soul based project written and produced by Lin Rountree with the help of Dana Davis, Jeff Canady, Tony Gordon and Monica Marie Jones, has 12 tracks including 6 vocal collaborations and 2 popular instrumental covers. 

The record features R&B sensations Conya Doss, L’Renee, Aaron “AB” Abernathy, Valencia, Michele Nicloe,  LaRae Starr and Kendrick Jackson.  Featured soloists include Flautist Althea Renee, Pianist Gail Jhonson and Guitar phoneme Darryl Dixon.

The first single is a “Rockin’” version of Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World” which features aforementioned Darryl Dixon playing a lights out guitar solo at the end.  All of the songs on Soul-Tree represent a new direction in instrumental soul and will undoubtedly place Lin at the very top of his generation, ushering in this new sound.  Stay on the lookout for Lin Rountree as his music will bless your SOUL!!

The click picture for new single from Lin Rountree, “You Rock My World” is now available for download on iTunes….get your download today…


Soul-Tree, The Soul-Jazz Experience

For performance dates, and to hear samples of SOUL-TREE go to:

ME-Entertainment, Michael Elder
(917) 721 – 6023

LIN is a proud endorser of WISEMANN Trumpets and Flugelhorns

Dexter Kendrick

Neo2soul welcomes the man Dexter Kendrick to the UK market

His budding music career started while attending The University of Hartford in Connecticut. Performing with his first band, Royal Ink, he impressed the Hartford college community very quickly.

Generating a fan base that would later book him copious gigs throughout the city of Hartford, New York and his hometown Harrisburg, PA., his experimental sound was creating a buzz. 2003 marked the release of his debut album Saturn’s Moon presents…Janus.

This project made his music tangible, reaching ears beyond his campus. Performances including; University of Connecticut’s Spring Fling Showcases, Connecticut’s Hip Hop Summit, B.E.R.T.T. Family Presents

Expect The Unexpected, Black Unity Showcases, appearances for Muscular Dystrophy Benefits, performances at Soul Café and The Sugar Bar in NYC, The Millennium Music Conference and the  Levitt Pavilion in Harrisburg, PAproving his legit musical aesthetic has remained consistent since his first appearance in 2002.

Galaxy: A Memoir/Journey Home trailer

Music is his livelihood; raison d’être. With a foundation solid in his church, Kendrick started his singing career as a member of Voices of Unity in Steelton, PA. With a voice that most would agree came natural.

Kendrick nurtured the encouragement and birthed a new sound, unlike what’s being classified as neo-soul today. His music is the story accounting the process from being the son of an amazing singer to an established artist that composes, writes and arranges his own music.

Dexter Kendrick- In Love

Now available on is his much anticipated project “Galaxy: A Memoir“.   Since it’s release in October 2010, Galaxy has been received with open arms by his fans and the media.  He has been a feature on ‘The Briggs Report‘ on Jota FM radio, Supreme Entertainment’s online radio Artist Spotlight, Mami Magazine,’sThorough Thursdays‘, Vigoronline, and

Dexter Kendrick- Goodbye

He also has been recognized as the epitome of the genre Psychedelic soul by His music has been spun on multiple radio stations to indclude 92.5 KYHY FM, BBS Radio, and Smooth Jazz Beach radio in California; WDEP radio, MN; Old Grumpy Network, TX; WNYU Radio, NY; Slammin Fat Beatz radio, OR; Punto Radio Bologna, IT; Starpoint Radio,Beats, Rhymes and Basslines/ Hot 96.3, The Hurst Selection/ 91.9 fm wclk, Radio Meltdown / ALLFM 96.9, Breakfast Beats Show/ Peace FM in the UK .

He is currently on a promotional tour of the U.S. bringing psychedelic soul to a city near you! Welcome to my world!!

Dexter Kendrick- Time

As I walk between Heaven and Earth I’m grateful to Creation for keeping me on my path.  This material is the very BEST of my works nine years into my journey.  Peace to the Ancestors.  May you live on through me.

In his own words…”The soulful movement contained in my music and lyrics are filled with over nine years of life’s lessons,love, and most of all hope.”

OUT NOW!!!! Check out the samples and buy the album HERE

01. Don’t Leave
02. Hope
03. Galaxy
04. Goodbye
05. Manifest
06. Need Love
07. Journey Home
08. Time
09. In Love
10. The Calling
11. Saturn’s Moon (Janus)
12. Legacy
13. Rapture

Bonus tracks 
14. You
15. I Like Ya Style

Eunice Wright

Born, raised and living in Delaware, Psalmist Eunice Wright is a “PK” – born to Bishop David and Evangelist Ella Purnell. Of course, being a PK is a good thing, because true to her lineage, Wright knows how to minister through the medium of song.

Eunice released her first project, “Wait On Me,” in in June 2009 on Joyful Noyze Records label. “Wait On Me” is an uplifting and unique blend of musical selections that will encourage intimate relationships with the Father and charge the atmosphere for the presence of God to have free reign. This project caters to a variety of musical tastes for every gospel music listener – from contemporary praise to intimate worship, for hymnists to those that love a good ol’ fashion praise break.

Though this musical testimony is diverse in its selections, the message is the same – toencourage listeners that Jesus is able to do exceeding abundantly all we can ask or think if we just put our faith in Him and to remind us that praise is always applicable.

Getting close with Eunice Wright

Eunice, along with Joyful Noyze Entertainment’s staff of talented and knowledgeable musicians, writers, producers, vocal coaches, composers, vocalists, and industry professionals, have joined to create a musical testimony that is sure to take us back to the essence of gospel music and allow God’s people to experience unprecedented places of praise and worship.





To buy click picture

Eunice Wright – Wait On Me
Joyful Noyze Entertainment

Album Track Listing
 01. Great Is The Lord
 02. What Is The Highest Praise
 03. I Want Got To Get The Glory
 04. Wait On Me
 05. In Me
 06. In Me (Reprise)
 07. O How I Love Jesus
 08. Intro
 09. Don’t Let Your Faith Fail
 10. My Everything
 11. Praise Him

More info like bio • photos • audio •  video  go to

For management and bookings,

contact Joyful Noyze Entertainment 302.241.5015
For radio and media, contact Carlos Cannon 302.241.5015

Big thanks to Alecia Jones, Marketing & Strategic Planning “In Christ, this is who IAM –Indie Artists, Music, Marketing & Entertainment – Gospel”


Mr. Sean Scales

Lisa McClendon and BluSoul Entertainment  presents…

Mr. Sean Scales

Sean Scales is the newest member of the BluSoul Entertainment family. This Ohio native is being compared to vocalist greats both old and new. Scales, an accomplished musician and producer (Keith Wonderboy), began singing at the age of five in his grandfather’s church. The son of pastor Donald and Evangelist Sherry Scales, Sean Scales has served as music director for his parent’s church, Man In Christ Ministries, in Columbus, OH.

At the age of 18, Scales, who stands six feet four inches tall, relinquished his career in basketball to pursue his God given destiny. In the year 2000, he released his first gospel recording, “Souled out to Jesus”, which single peaked at number five on the most requested song list for “The Light” 1580 WVKO.

Scales, with such vast abilities, single handedly produced, composed, arranged and performed all the vocals on the project. Scales, now 28, is working with the inspirational “Queen of Gospel Soul, Lisa McClendon (BluSoul Entertainment), to release his sophomore project, early 2011. His first single “All Over Me,” is already receiving national attention and being dubbed as the new “I Need You Now” (Smokie Norfolk).

Sean Scales –  All Over Me

Sean Scales, also known as “The GODCHILD”, has written and sing for national recording artist Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson. Scales’ contributions would earn Wonderboy a Stellar Award nomination that year. He has shared the stage with national recording artist such as Lisa McClendon, Charles Woodfork, Brenda Waters, Josiah Martin (Colorado Mass Choir) and more. Scales won best artist award at the Jackson Sister’s (Malacco Records) Artist retreat 2001-2003.

Sean Scales  – You Are Holy (Lisa Mclendon Cover)

Scales relocated to Denver, Colorado where he produced and provided vocal contributions for the “Fountain of Life Church,” along with David Ford (Marilyn Hickie Ministries). In addition to producing for Wonderboy, Scales has also produced for National recording artist Montrell Darrett (Commissioned), Pastor John P. Kee and the V.I.P. Choir, and Tiffany Palmer/Bastinay, former background singer for Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winanns and many more. Scales and his new bride, Christanna Scales, currently resides in Columbus, OH, ready to go wherever God will take them next.

Look out for a new track called Owe It ToYourself

More Info



You can also catch Sean doing a duet on the Lisa McClendon NEW album   “CHRISTMAS WITH YOU.” “Christmas Night” also on this album the classic remake “El Shaddai.” Available TODAY on iTUNES and 

Big thanks to Alecia Jones, Marketing & Strategic Planning “In Christ, this is who IAM – Indie Artists, Music, Marketing & Entertainment – Gospel”

Gospel Internet Radio Station Coalition (March, 2010, pg 17)

Safiya Bowerback 
BluSoul World Wide Entertainment 
The BluSoul Family


Jae London

Newcomer Jae London (Songwriter/ Producer) steps out on his own with new album “Discovery” bringing a lot more to the table than just the art of storytelling. His creative ability to blend Jazz, Hip-Hop, & Soul with a style of his own is something many call classic.

The Discovery Album has so many colors it cannot be contain to one genre. Helping those colors shine are lead vocalist Saunders Sermons, Kimberly Marshall, Chris Turner, Jesse Boykins & others.

The album’s list of musicians are quite creditable just as the vocalist ranging from Lonnie Plaxico, Kenneth Whalum lll, Jerome Jennings, Muhsinah, Bruce Harris, Jamire Williams, Jon Notar, Rashaan Carter, Corey Bernhard & Omar Abdulkarim just to name a few.

The Discovery Album is now available on major download sites Amazon, iTunes and worldwide digital music media stores.

Listen to the album tracks HERE




Fallen feat. Saunders Sermons from The Discovery Album


Download: Jae London-Fallen


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