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Born with an unusual name that is eclipsed only by her talent, Yewande (pronounced E-wán-day) has been recognized as one of the most sought after independent artists in the world.

When she first exploded onto the music scene in 2004, her socially charged brand of Alternative Soul won over a legion of fans and critics alike. The release of her debut EP “Evolution” (Lotus Records, 2005) quickly led to appearances on MTV, BET and a highly coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame debut.

Performances with the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, Enrique Iglesias, Maroon 5 and Sean Paul followed soon after as she earned countless international songwriting awards, head- lined concerts from the college circuit to Europe and Africa, and walked red carpets with the “who’s who” of Hollywood.

As a little girl her only dream was to change the world, but in an industry that doesn’t always celebrate “different”, Yewande began to question whether that wish had simply become a dream deferred and the music virtually stopped.

Fans demanded more of her unique songs on blogs while critics awaited the follow-up to “Evolution”, but it never came until now. Was it faith, ambition, the fans, the music? Or perhaps its Yewande’s Yoruba birth name, which means “reincarnation of mother”, that foretold this story long before her journey ever began.


During a nearly 5 year hiatus from the recording industry, Yewande not only set out to claim her dream, she ignited a one woman movement across the globe and she’s back to tell us stories of that journey on her highly anticipated LP recording, “Rebirth” (PhoenixRecords/Lotus Records, Winter 2011).

As the “First Lady of Alternative Soul” on the Phoenix Records imprint, her songs still speak unapologetic truths about issues that many artists shy away from but with powerhouse vocals that hearken back to the days of Tina Turner and Pat Benatar, she’ll make you a believer!

Much like her progressive contemporaries Prince, Lenny Kravitz, BOB, Black Eyed Peas, Seal, Kina, Yewande’s music continues to defy genre. “Life is colored with so many emotions, joy, loss, struggle, triumph,” she explains.

Yewande: The “Rebirth”

One part storyteller, one part live band with the angst of Rock, a dash of Hip-Hop and a whole lot of Soul, “Rebirth” is a refreshing departure from formula driven artistry that so often trumps innovation. Her bold, lush new sound is like a carefully scored movie soundtrack with lyrics that reflect the journey of a lioness reborn. The target is aimed squarely at your heart and based on early response, will undoubtedly land in heavy rotation on your mP3.

 “My music is just a reflection of that raw connection we all share.  It’s not about Black or White emotion, not Heterosexual emotion, religious beliefs or where you’re from. I want to write songs about the human experience!”

Yewande – “Amazing”


The world has come to know Yewande as far more than a singer-songwriter but an award-winning lecturer, passionate social activist and an honorary U. S. Cultural Ambassador for her commitment to using music for social change.

With classical voice and piano training at Howard University and the prestigious Carnegie Mellon Conservatory of Music, most listeners would be surprised to know that Yewande was once poised for the Metropolitan Opera, but somehow corsets and high E’s didn’t fit into her master plan.

As a child, she was awestruck by artists like Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Hendrix, and John Lennon whose music brought people of all backgrounds together at the height of social conflict in America and that’s just what she wanted to do.

Yewande Austin at Ikago Molepolole

So you might be wondering, how does one set out to change the world?  While touring the U. S. college circuit early in her music career, Yewande was overwhelmed with questions from young fans about identity, discrimination and other deeply personal issues.

“They really just needed someone to listen to them, to tell them their dreams were possible to rock their individuality!” she shares. “I was that kid the one that never fit, so I understand. Those are the types of songs I’m drawn to write about.”

Youth Leadership with Yewande Austin

In 2004, the budding activist responded to this outpouring by launching a series of lectures ( that led to such national recognition as “Best Solo Artist”, “Best Diversity Event”, “Top 20 Campus Programs”, “Top 10 Hot New Acts” and a movement was born.

When Yewande isn’t rocking the stage or addressing lecture halls, her humanitarian organization ( uses music to empower some of the world’s most vulnerable children from Africa to the Americas. Still haven’t figured out what inspires Yewande to do everything she does?  Her name says it all.

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“Yewande is not just talented as a singer with a smooth rustic voice, but giving back 2 the youth in the world today, makes her an awesome exception.U know that I’m all about the mentoring & coaching so this type of work excites me.

GOD is moving, onward & upward.Keep pressing on Yewande; may GOD continue 2 richly bless, guide, & keep u through his mighty work. An extra ordinary voice, with an extra ordinary talent”


Norma Carby
(lifestyle, mentor & coach of NormaKnowz)


PHOTOS BY:  Derek Blanks

Carla Prather

Carla Prather  is a vocal phenomenon, native to the Windy City of Chicago. Carla has what many vocalists of her time have yet to encompass. A triple threat with soul reaching vocals, engaging stage presence and gifted songwriting skills.

Carla boasts of membership in Chicago based bands  Zzaje, Mr. Ali,  and has worked with music legend Roy Ayers. Recently, performing in a sold-out performance at Chicago’s premier music venue, The Metro with Chicago alternative favorite, Poi Dog Pondering.

Featuring a solo performance that she wrote the lyrics for.All of which was documented in a 25th anniversary DVD project for Poi Dog Pondering.

Carla Prather live in Chicago

Contemporary artists she has worked with include Common, Amel Larrieux, Al. B. Sure, KRS 1, Erykah Badu, Miri Ben Ari and a host of many others, honing her craft both as a vocalist and songwriter.

She has recorded  with some of the most elite musicians and producers of our time including Quentin Harris, Mike Dunn, Jellybean Benitez, Vic Lavender, Maurice Joshua, Terry Hunter and Jere McAllister.

Jellybean ft. Carla Prather – Secrets & Lies (Guy Robin Remix)

Vick Lavender Presents. Carla Prather – Hey Baby (Call Me)

Along with producer Arnel Newman of Soulistic 360, Carla proudly shares her debut solo release EP, “Chronicles of a Soul Sistah“. This EP includes dance singles “Go Beyond” and ” This Love is Music“, as well as steppers delight, “I Do Me“.

Carla rounds out the package with soul tunes “Round and Round” and her soon to be summer sizzler. ” Summer Nights“.

Both “I Do Me” and “Round And Round” are in the top 10 on CD Baby for Chicago as well as the entire EP for Neo-Soul and R&B categories.This EP promises to be the teaser to the full length album to be released in Spring of 2012.

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Carla Prather Links/Contacts

Autumn Geist
Public Relations and Events
Soulistic 360

Yolanda Rabun

Yodyful Music presents Yolanda Rabun

She is every woman.  A wife, mother, business person and artist extraordinaire, the Atlanta native’s biggest challenge is finding downtime between juggling a music, acting and legal careers, motivational speaking engagements and family life.

It’s a convenient challenge Rabun relishes, and considering her energetic personality and vivacious spirit, it’s one she overcomes easily.

Being on the go is a life Yolanda has become accustomed to since she was a teenager touring and performing as a featured vocalist in Europe and Japan as a member of Northside School of the Arts’, Showbiz Kids, and even working and recording with Isaac Hayes and singing for the President of the United States.

The Stanley Baird Group

Nancy Wilson & Gladys Knight are major musical influences of Yolanda Rabun, who capably serves as Corporate Counsel for a Top 5 Forbes Company & has served on many community-based Executive boards while singing with Clay Aiken on one of his past tours.

As the lead vocalist for the Stanley Baird Group, Yolanda opened for Jennifer Holiday, sang with Howard Hewitt and has since traveled the world over performing a sultry blend of smooth jazz and soul. Those experiences opened up the possibilities of international stardom for Yolanda, and she feels her time is now.

Yolanda Rabun & Stanley Baird Group Concert

 “Jazz speaks to all generations and cultures who want to hear, feel, and appreciate music through all of their senses,”Yolanda says.

With the release of her debut CD, “So Real”, Yolanda Rabun has transferred that energetic spirit into her album, bringing her personal experiences to life for all to listen.  “So Real” paints pictures of love and life through Yolanda’s eyes.

Rabun co-wrote the title song and other selections and reinterpreted some familiar Broadway and R&B tunes to ensure the album captures her musical essence.

Yolanda also collaborated with Stanley Baird, a true professional, who provided the blueprint for Yolanda to render.The result is a beautiful album that both smooth jazz and soul lovers alike will both identify with and enjoy.

So Real – Yolanda Rabun | Smooth Jazz | Soul Jazz

“[So Real] infuses the art form of jazz and delivers a story from song to song about real love in its many stages,” Rabun says.  “Each song, jazz-influenced by the instrumentation and arrangement has its own character, its own feel.”

Yolanda offers soul and jazz in the nicest combination and “So Real“combines many styles in an almost perfect balanceSonic Soul Review (Joerg Schmitt, Germany)

Notably, it would be short-sighted not to see the total artist that is Yolanda Rabun.  The Wake Forest, North Carolina resident is quite adept at acting, performing in several noted plays, musicals with Tony award winners and in television commercials.

“It’s transforming, and sometimes hypnotic to your soul.”

Yolanda is also a writer, director, motivational speaker and web designer.  If it involves the arts and self- empowerment, Yolanda Rabun is the person to talk to.  It’s all in that every-woman energy she brings…it’s what makes her so real.




01. So Real (Single Release)
02. Dreaming
03. Only in My Mind
04. Say My Name
05. The Good Wife
06. Just Believe
07. My True Love (Nilsa’s Song)
08.  I Will Be Loved Tonight
09. I Will Be Loved Tonight (Reprise)
10. Marry You Again
11. Set for Life
12. So Real Music Video in HD


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Post Office Box 91026 Raleigh,
North Carolina 27675


L’Renee is an internationally selling R&B recording artist and founder of L’Renee GirlPOWer Non-Profit Organization who resides in Detroit, MI and is a graduate of Renaissance High School and Kentucky State University.

L’Renee has written more than 40 songs and produced 7 albums:

1. “Special Song” (2005)
2. “2nd Chances” (2006)
3. “Merry Christmas” (2007)
4. “Jazz” (2008)
5. “Europe” (2009)
6. “Nathan R’s Grown Up Conversations”(2009)
7. “Karaoke” (2010)

She has a fan base of over 100,000 devotees on BlackPlanet, Facebook, MySpace, and email list. Listeners have streamed her music over 300,000 times via sites including Amazon, emusic, LiveWireMobile, iLike, ITunes,, Rhapsody, Soundclick, and Virb.

L’Renee and Dwele impomptu of Jill Scott song

L’Renee has also won the 2010 Detroit round of Andre Harell Superstar Soul Search, was a finalist in the 2010 Budweiser Superfest Singing Contest and has been a artist, Women Who Jam Showcase, Can-A-Sista Roc A Mic, and a 2010 Live @ Groovbox Studios artist.

Other notable achievements and contributions include singing the National Anthem for the Detroit Pistons, playing “Simone” in independent short film, “When Two World’s Collide“.

Also having songs placement in independent film, “Happy Holidays“, & “Darling Niki“, serving as a spokesperson for charity organization S.A.F.E., and serving as a volunteer for long running non-profit organization, Haven.

“L’Renee Loves Detroit” Detroit Hub News Interview


“The Party” Duet w K’Jon (writing and feature credits)-2011
“Nudez: Acoustic Remixes” EP (writing and feature credits) – 2011
“I’d Rather Be Makin Muzik” EP Mixtape (feature on 3/5 songs)- 2011
“Chocolate” Big Tone’s feat L’Renee 7″ Vinyl Release-2010
“Say My Name” Frank Rogers (France, Italy) Remix- 2007

“Special Song” LP – 2006, “2nd Chances” LP – 2007, “Merry Christmas” EP- 2008, “JAZZ” LP – 2009, “Europe” LP – 2009, “L’Renee Karaoke Compilation”- 2010

L’Renee “Baby Don’t Give Up” from Europe album

Live appearances include performing along with:

Eric Roberson– (2011)
The Whispers– (2011)
Kelly Price– (2011)
Avery Sunshine– (2011)
Trey Songz– Essence Music Festival (2011)
New Edition– Essence Music Festival (2011)
Mary J. Blige– Essence Music Festival (2011)
Kem – “Intimacy Tour” multiple cities (2011)
Fantasia– “Intimacy Tour” multiple cities (2011)
Ledisi– “Intimacy Tour” multiple cities (2011)
Musiq Soulchild– “Intimacy Tour” multiple cities (2011)
Mint Condition– “Intimacy Tour” (2011)
Joe– (2011)
Eric Benet– (2011)
Charlie Wilson– (2011)
Frankie Beverly and Maze– (2011)
Ledisi – Chene Park Amphitheater (2010)
K’Jon –  Elysium Lounge (2010)
Anthony David – Charles. H Wright Museum (2009)
Angela Winbush– Millinium Center (2009)
Dwele– Center Street (2009)
S.I.L.K. – Kentucky State University (2008)
The Mary Jane Girls – Hart Plaza Amphitheater (2008)
Lyfe Jennings – Arturo’s Jazz Theatre (2008)
Anthony Hamilton – Chene Park Amphitheater (2008)
N. By N. & Slum Village -The Fillmore Theatre (2008)
Musiq Soulchild – Detroit Fine Arts Theatre (2007)
Conya Doss – Detroit Princess Riverboat (2007)
Eric Roberson– Fifth Avenue (2006)
Jaguar Wright– Fifth Avenue (2006)

“Summertime” (L’Renee blues and jazz)

Chaka Khan “Sweet Thang” (L’Renee in Chicago)

L’Renee “I Love My Life”



L’Renee Musique Inc.
PO Box 85621
Westland, MI 48185

Office Hours:

M-F 9:00am-6:00pm
Customer Service /Advertising 313.461.3151
Booking 313.673.4036 /
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Theresa Pinkney

Destiny for some is a direct route. For others, there are twists and turns. Theresa Pinkney would fall in category of the latter, but with the voice of an angel and a pure love for God, destiny delayed is not destiny denied.

Gospel artist Theresa Pinkney recently released her 15 track CD entitled Me Against The World. From Gifts of the Spirit Music, the project is the psalmist’s debut into the gospel music industry.

Already capturing the ear of gospel music fans and industry folks alike, Pinkney brings a sincerity and sweetness that is rarely witnessed in today’s artists.

Although she is a new voice in gospel music, she carries a captivating soprano, a passion for ministry and a desire for God to touch the world through her.

Theresa Pinkney at The 2011 ECMA gala

For Theresa, life began in a one parent household with a mother who was the backbone of her family. Although they lived in what Theresa terms as “the projects in Northeast Washington, D.C., there was plenty of love to go around and church was always a part of their Sunday mornings.

First she was spiritually nurtured at a local Baptist church, then a “holiness church, growing up with “the fear of God” in her. But for Theresa, church was also the beginning of her love affair with gospel music. Listening to the choir, her heart was touched and she saw how others were moved by the power of the music.

At the tender age of 7, not only did she receive salvation, but she made it her life’s goal to become a singer that was after countless bedroom “performances” to a captivated crowd of dolls and stuffed animals. Although shy, music was an outlet for her.

Years later, she was accepted at one of the Nation’s Capitol’s most prestigious arts schools, Duke Ellington School for the Arts. As she attended Duke Ellington, she felt like a fish out of water. Coming from the streets of Northeast, D.C., to the elite community of Georgetown was a culture shock for her.

Theresa Pinkney singing Promise at the 2011 IGAA

“the best experience of her life, taking her out of a toxic environment. “I honestly believe that music saved my life,” says Theresa.

It wasn’t that I was a bad kid, but music kept me out of trouble. Not only was the experience an eye opening one culturally, but musically as well. She learned classical music and sung songs from the school’s repertoire of German and Italian.

In addition, she started singing R&B music along with gospel music. Her time there further solidified her calling to music. She took a master s class for vocalists with well known gospel artist and Broadway star Yolanda Wyns.

Wyns not only taught Theresa vocal techniques to better her singing, but she encouraged her, mentored her and helped set her on the path to her musical destiny. Once coming back from New York City, she joined the contemporary gospel group Just Breathe.

Theresa Pinkney singing Me Against The World

Just Breathe was not only a good experience for her musically, but as she grew closer to the group’s members, her shyness melted away. Although she loved the group, it came a time for her to, as she says, “step out from hiding behind other people, face the fears and walk in boldness”.

She knew it was time to sing songs the way that Theresa Pinkney interpreted them. That was the impetus for the new CD, Me Against The World. A diverse collection of sounds and influences, the CD is the artist’s debut onto the gospel music stage.

Featuring contemporary gospel, urban, jazz and other musical styles, the overwhelming theme is God’s love. She tapped gospel artist Jocelyn aka iNDIGO for the project as principal songwriter and co producer.

Theresa promise at GHOP

Joining the production team is DewayneDJ Bam The Gospel DJStaten and Elliot Jefferson. Theresa also wrote three songs (“Silent Praise”, “Never Alone” and “Count It All Joy”) and co wrote three songs (“Follow Him”, “You Are” and “Closer Walk With You”) for the CD release.

Not only are all the songs an inspiration to those who listen, but the songs minster to the artist herself. “Never Alone” is a beautiful ballad performed exquisitely by Theresa with guest backing vocals by Jesus Groupies United.

The song’s lyrics, inspired by Theresa and her husband s struggle to conceive, remind the listener that no matter what happens (or does not happen), God never leaves us alone. It’s clear that Theresa has no problem pouring out her heart and struggles in her music, evident by the song “Me Against The World”.  Speaking of her determination to press on no matter what, the lyrics inspire the listener to never give up.

 “Through the experience, both my husband and I understand that it’s not about what we want,” shares Theresa. It’s about God’s will, which we know is best for us.”

Theresa Pinkney singing My Prayer

Not only was the song the first she ever recorded, but the actual recording itself was a huge step of faith for the artist; during the process, she became determined not to let anything or anyone stop her; that determination was put to the test.

The passing of her good friend and mentor in early 2011 placed her in one of the most turbulent storms of her life. It’s also why the track, “Promise”, holds such a special place in Theresa s heart. It was her friend s favorite song and was a great source of comfort during her final days.

At the end of the project, Theresa wants to leave listeners with one message: boldness. “I want people who listen to my project to learn to walk in boldness and not in fear. I want people to shine their light as bright as they can; don’t ever let anyone dim your light. Don’t conform to the world; let the world conform to you.”



Ronald E Pinkney II
Vice President
Gifts Of The Spirit Music, INC

Nyee Moses

When Nyee MosesBetween Us ” hit the airwaves in 2008 , staying on the Billboard chart for 28 weeks, breaking Billboard top 10 and finally making it to “30 best songs of 2008″ was no wonder that both she and her new fans were a bit shocked, but delightfully so!

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“It is hard enough to get airplay even if you’re an established artist, but to have radio embrace an unknown artist is just magic..!”

Between Us by Nyee Moses

Magic seems to be exactly what Nyee’s debut cd is all about! Along with the producing writing team of MarquisHamiDair and Susan Youngblood, Nyee set her sites on creating the first song on the cd.

It would be a remake of the classic Summertime fused with the politically driven Gil Scott Heron’s The Revolution. Nyee wanted to bring to light the political situations that are still in effect today and how they are being spoken of in the media..and then the magic began to unfold !

Hubert Laws, the legendary flute player, who played on Gil Scott’s original Revolution in the 70′s, was playing on Nyee’s version! And in a very deep, poetic delivery, Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs and Harmony is wrapping throughout, saying”’s like a world war to maintain to stay alive”…and indeed it is!

Summertime (the revolution mix) by ft. Krazie Bone

But for Nyee Moses, she seems to be able to maintain the world war that keeps her alive and navigate through an uncertain world of who and what’s supposed to be on the radio and who get’s play and who doesn’t ..she is heard on several radio interviews when asked how she feels about her single charting Billboard?..”

There is so much incredible music out there and so many great talents, that to have my music heard on a mass level, is breath taking! When I hear people tell me that one of my songs is what got them through a tough time or a relationship..

I think wow! I know that exact feeling. I’ve been there too! Perhaps it is Nyee’s honesty in telling her compelling story of finding her way through tough years of growing up being adopted and of mixed Black and Jewish heritage that make her cd a must play.

Love is a Lion – Nyee Moses

She speaks of this in her song the Journey, from birth to present reliving her journey, finding her mother and understanding where she comes from and remembering her mother’s wishes before sending her off to find a new life.

Perhaps it is in her song Under the Sun, in which she talks about growing up in risky times and neighborhoods where she was the odd one out that makes her cd a must play? Or perhaps it is the tender, sexy captivating way she recounts love in her hit song Between Us and Call Me that make her cd a must have!

It is very often that she is compared to Sade. When asked about sounding like Sade , Nyee says,

“I believe people need to have a reference to be able compare a new artist….and to have radio compared me to one of the most legendary voices of modern times. Sade,that’s a huge honor!”

Call Me

Growing up Nyee played violin and guitar before ever considering voice. “I was always very shy and the thought of having a voice, so to speak, was not anything I really thought about.” She however wrote much poetry not knowing that later she would use those ideas to put to music. ”

One day my parents heard me singing and said I should think about singing my poetry, but it really scared me because I didn’t like my voice, it didn’t sound like any singers I heard and the last thing I wanted to do was be different!”

Nyee says that it took her a long time to find that confidence to sing but finally realized it was not the actual singing but the storytelling that was her true voice.

Nyee Moses- No limits

“..the experience of the life creates the art..the story gives my voice the vehicle to sing”.

Surrounding herself with world class players on her cd was undoubtedly a brilliant move! With players like Otmato Ruiz, ReneToledo, Pedro Eustache, Lenny Castro, Greg Reeves, Reggie Hamilton, Kevin Richard and Ramon Stagnaro who plays that now famous guitar intro to “Between Us”.

How could you go wrong? And as Nyee so beautifully thanks the musicians on her cd liner notes..“You have given my music it’s breath..and I will be forever grateful.”



Urban Network says..”Her music has that dreamy sheen of acoustic guitars and percussion dipped in spacey synths, gurgling electric guitars and fondue deep bass. Her lyrics and voice drip with the sensual evocative ache of one who worships at the altar of Sade. – Lisa Coleman

Smooth says…”beautiful Ms. Moses a cool chanteuse who weaves in seductive, soulful vocal textures of nu-jazz, urban groove, and chilled Smooth Jazz. Her rich, deep and sophisticated subtle vocal meanderings bring to mind Sade and Tracy Thorn (Everything But The Girl). NYEE MOSES is a hit record I’m not alone in this opinion!

Mamsie Tsosane

Lydia Mamsie Tsosane was born in South Africa, both mother and father were singers.  She started singing in church and in school choirs.

Her music career started when she teamed up with a township band from Soweto, performing in jazz clubs and at national jazz festivals, galas, etc.

She recorded with many well known South African artists and got her first break as a song writer when one of her songs was featured in an album called “Classically Zulu”.

Sweet Dreams Medley Cover for The Voice Of Germany

In 2003 she was asked to join “Umoja”, the number one musical in South Africa. She toured with them in South Africa, Asia and Europe.

In 2006 Mamsie moved to Hamburg/Germany to be part of the Disney musical “König der Löwen” (“Lion King”), covering the roles of Rafiki and Shenzi.

In September 2008 she joined André Heller’s circus show “Afrika! Afrika!” as a lead singer and toured Europe with them. In 2009 she went back to the studio and released two solo albums.

Mamsie Tsosane Live @ Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg 10.09.2011

Liar” her first single which made top 10 on the independent artist music charts, “Nice & Slow followed. She is now working on her full album (Emotions) which is full of R&B, Pop, Soul sounds.

Recently worked with the Hamburg musical once on this island which was a two day show to raise money for the Aids Hilfe Hamburg, joined the power of sister act gala performance) as Deloris, toured Deutschland and Austria with Soulfoot the show.

Mamsie Tsosane Live auf dem Gänsemarkt Hamburg

Lydia Mamsie Tsosane’s Trivia

Umoja the musical, Lion King Hamburg, Afrika Afrika, Once On This Island, The Power Of Sister Act, Soulfoot The Show.

Worked and shared the stage with the likes of Howard Carpendale, Nina Hagen, Michael Bernard Schmidt (Smudo), Darryl Smith, Danny Kretschmer ( D-Flame), Lulu Hughes, Holger Schmidt.

Also Timothy Riley, Cosma Shiva Hagen, Natalie Pütz (Naima), Emmanuel Ngole (Gros), Wolfgang Sabrowsky,

Love Newkirk, Nigel Asher, Tanzquelle (Alafia), Cornelia Ewert, Thor Hagedorn (Thor Dc) Lebogang Masemola, Judith Sephuma, Ringo Madlingozi, Nana Coyote, Gloria Bosman, Abigail Kubheka, Dolly Rathebe, June Kraus to name a few.



A new decade is here, the hour and season have come. The seed’s been planted, the soil watered, the ground agitated and NOW the time has arrived to present to the world an abundant harvest known as Jackyee. Through pain, tears and rejection, destiny was re-introduced to purpose and from that union, a worshipper was produced.

It’s been said that “with her jazzy R&B grown up style, her music goes beyond the sound where the words transform the mind and the heart.”

Jacqueline Denise Carter, better known as Jackyee, was born in Tucson, AZ but raised in San Antonio, TX. Growing up in a military family she learned early about discipline, togetherness, hard work and transition.

Though things and people around her changed often, one thing always remained constant for her – and that was her undying love and passion for music.

As a child she always found herself participating in the church praise team, youth and adult choirs, the school choir, and various groups and ensembles.

Wrap me In Your Arms

In 2005 Jackyee’s life drastically changed for the better. After suffering from the disappointment and rejection of a failed career choice, and having no “plan B”, she was divinely introduced to the world of musical theater by a close friend and extraordinary performer, Alisa Claridy.

Jackyee auditioned for and received a part in the play Dreamgirls, and as they say in show business, the rest is history. From that time on she has appeared in several plays and musicals, has sang on stage with recording artist Tony Terry, GaryLil GJenkins (from the group Silk), Kindred the Family Soul, Melonie Iglehart-Hammons, Tri-ni-tee 5:7, and many more.

One of her proudest accomplishments, and defining moments, was when she advanced to the Hollywood rounds during Season 6 of American Idol. This moment was defining for her because for the first time she had to face the reality that other people around her believed in her gift more than she did herself.

Jackyee – Champion & Awesome God @ SXSW in ATX

From that moment on, she vowed never again to make excuses for, apologize for, or be ashamed of the wonderful gift and vocal abilities God had placed within her. These experiences combined with her undying love for music inspired her to go into the studio and work on her solo project.

Her debut album, “Broken but Perfected for My Purpose,” released now. This album offers catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics that not only deal with the Greatness of God, but also reflects His wisdom and caring nature as He lovingly carries and guides us through those rough seasons in life when issues of brokenness, despair, loneliness, hurt and pain can seem unbearingly overwhelming.

Jackyee – Worth the Wait

“It is my goal that through this album I can introduce or re-introduce the listener to Christ the King as well as Christ the man.

I don’t want to push the issue of religion, but I most definitely want to press the issue of relationship.

Christ desires a relationship with each and every person on this earth, no matter what their story or background.

Every lyric that is heard on this album was birthed from a personal experience that I’ve had to deal with or am currently dealing with. All of my songs cost me something so I take each and everyone of them to heart. My objective is to minister from a place where I’ve been, not one I’ve heard about.”

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“I have truly been blessed and call it nothing short of God’s favor that has allowed me to be where I am right now.

It amazes me how God can take what looks to be a life of rejection, brokenness, disappointment, hopelessness and pain and turn it into the very platform for my ministry.

I am honored that God trust me enough and is willing to use my voice to share His message of love and hope with world.”

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Born Terry Echols, was raised in Perry, GA by a single mom who became a severe alcoholic.

As a result of her addiction and questionable choices, he and his mom were often left without electricity, new clothes, new eyeglasses and toys, but despite those unpleasant times, ECHO’s mom was still an encouraging factor in his life.

As a matter of  fact, his mom was responsible for introducing him to music by purchasing his first keyboard. This small gesture opened up the doors for ECHO’s imaginative inspiration to unfold.

Its sparked the beginning of his creativity through writing, reading and music, but, unfortunately, because of the perils of his mom’s addiction, his keyboard had to be pawned and the cycle of instability continued.

Gospel, Hip Hop, Echo!!!

After having to repeat 5th grade due to multiple absences in school, ECHO was sent to live with his father, new mother and two brothers in Athens, GA. It was in Athens where ECHO was able to act as a child without the burden he carried while living with his mother in Perry.

His new environment provided him with normalcy, a functional family and the opportunity to dream big. ECHO has often said that living with his father and new mother saved his life and helped him to transition into a secure, confident man.

Because of his confidence, he was able to excel as a teen, pursue a college education and establish a better rapport with his salvation. During his freshman year in college, he became more serious about his studies, his life and his love for Jesus.

All He Has Done live

Even though he became very familiar with Scripture as a teen, he desired to establish a closer relationship with Christ. His new relationship with God allowed him to find peace, love and freedom in the Gospel. This authentic commitment and strong relationship transitioned into the birth of ECHO.

ECHO’s passion for his new love of Jesus Christ with his first love of music led him to begin writing songs that he could introduce to others regarding the unwavering love of God. His goal was to make everyone feel as joyous and encouraged as he felt when he was introduced to God’s amazing love and grace.

During his journey, ECHO tried several different avenues, but eventually ran across the CEO of Rich Productions, John Richmond and a producer/engineer named Bari who helped to mature his ministry in terms of his delivery of the Gospel.

They challenged him to think outside of his box and to become more than a rapper and producer, but to become a well-rounded artist. His interactions with both mentors lead him to the production of his first official CD titled “The Forecast” at Rich Productions.

ECHO at Redlight Cafe

It was an EP that allowed fans to become more familiar with his ministry and mission. Though it wasn’t highly promoted, it was well received and allowed ECHO to minister at a number of events, churches, and open mics in the Atlanta area.

ECHO used the lessons learned along his journey and decided to hibernate in his studio for days at a time to cultivate his gifts of writing and production.

When ECHO’s emerged from his spiritual sabbatical, he was overwhelmed and rejuvenated by the growth in the quality and creativity of his music.

ECHO’s established his own label, Echo Music Group, in 2009, giving him the ability to fully exercise the vision God had given him. ECHO’s re-dedication led to him not only being nominated, but also winning a gospel award.

ECHO Goes Ham!

ECHO’s energy and sacrifices have lead to his current project, “The Preview”. This spirit based disc will allow listeners to observe what is to come from his full length CD slated for release in 2012.


As ECHO prepares for this venture, he is thankful for the task he has been given, the experiences he has dealt with as a child, the unfortunate loss of his mother as an adult and the connection he has with his savior, Jesus Christ.

Please continue to support ECHO as he contiues to inspire hope in Jesus Christ through Transparent.Testimony. Please join him on this journey!


André DePriest

Andre - Temptations CoverTemptations Review

We have a rising soul music star in the form of Californian Andre De Priest who has produced eight tracks of killer soul music, with lyrics that actually mean something.

”A soulful journey through relationships and the temptations driving the human spirit” according to the promotional blurb and for once it’s right.

In this life” is a killer mid tempo groove as Andre’s soulful vocals tells us that he will be there for his woman. The Album manages to combine a slightly retro feel whilst sounding fresh for 2013.

Get over you” is a  great example of this with a beat that goes way back in the day but a hook that his bang up to date and stays in your head, this should be a dance floor fixture in decent soul clubs for 2013, “Let’s get down tonight” is another perfect mid tempo groove.

On the slower side “Stuck on you” is a great jam featuring female mc Miss.She.iLL . “If you’re ready” is a simple beautiful slow jam, compared a lot of other releases from more famous artists this set stand head and shoulders above the competition.  (To buy it click photo) you won’t regret it.

Reviewed by DJ Johnny f (Six Towns Radio Soul & Funk show

Twitter; @johnnyfstoke ~ Thursday 7-9pm UK time

Andre’ DePriest – If You’re Ready

André DePriest is a cat you meet on the street and want to get to know in a heartbeat. With one thoughtful look he makes you think about yourself, the world and what’s in store for you.

DePriest has been involved with music since the age of 7 when he received his first Casio keyboard. “I knew from the very first key I pressed on that Casio, music was the love of my life”.

Like most American youth, DePriest dabbled with his passion playing trumpet and practicing voice all the way through his teens before reluctantly putting it to rest for an education.

The next time DePriest rekindled his childhood love affair occurred immediately after receiving a degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in May 2005.

Andre’ DePriest – Alright

“I remember sitting with my mother in a restaurant about 20 minutes after leaving the graduation stage. She looked at me and said, ‘So what now’.Before I could think about a reply, music slipped from my lips and I haven’t looked back”.

With that said, it is easy to understand why DePriest is a much needed remedy to an industry begging for fresh, creative sounds. After releasing 1000 copies of his first full-length LP MirrorSoul in late 2009, DePriest spent the better part of 2010 refining his sound and mastering his craft.

André DePriest is ready to emerge as a seasoned veteran ready to take the music world by storm.  When asked, about his future goals, DePriest had only one thing to say, “I just wanna mix, life and soul together and see what comes out“.

Now in 2013 DePriest has released a new EP called “Temptations,” a soulfully journey through relationships and the temptations driving the human spirit. The project blends André’s soulful voice over traditional neo-soul backgrounds with hypnotizing and electrifying rhythms.


Artist Manager : Roger Greer
Official Life Entertainment
Twitter: @OfficialLifeEnt

Reginald C. Harris

LOVE, is the message that Jazz Saxophonist Reginald C. Harris conveys every time he performs. He captivates his listeners with his smooth tones and styles.

Born Oct. 16 in Columbus, Georgia, at a very young age, his parents introduced him to music. With the violin being his first instrument in the 3rd grade, he later picked up the saxophone in the 6th grade and, immediately, fell in Love with Jazz.

From playing in the Band at Beach High School in Savannah, Georgia through College at Fort Valley State University, Reginald increased his craft in Marching Band as section Leader and Drum Major.

Reginald’s major influences are David Sanborn, Kenny G, Kirk Whalum and Gerald Albright.

Reginald Harris – Can We Talk (Sax Instrumental)

After completing two B.S. Degrees at Fort Valley State in 1997, Reginald began serving the Lord using his talent in the Church and later joined Gospel Recording Group, 1-A-Chord in 2001.  Since then, the group has completed two CDs.

Now,  as a Solo Artist, his love for Jazz has positioned him to open up for Gospel Saxophonist Angella Christie and Jazz Trumpeter Joey Sommerville. Minister in song at Atlanta’s VA Medical Center’s Stand Down Event for Homeless Veterans.

Reginald Harris – Let Go Let God (Live Jazz)

Also perform for Entrepreneur Kwame Jackson of the Apprentice, Atlanta’s Next Best Jazz Artist, and perform at Atlanta’s premier restaurants: Chicago’s Nancy’s Pizzeria-(Buckhead), Sambuca-(Buckhead), Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café, Café 290, and Londzell’s Martini Bar in Roswell.

Reginald also has a heart for the spiritual growth of teens.  As the Teen Minister at Solid Stone Ministries, he frequently pours into the lives of the youth the importance of Jesus’ Love for us all.

Reginald Harris – Point of It All (Winestyles Snellville)

As CEO of Bible & Blanket Ministries, Reginald and his wife have partnered with Solid Stone Ministries and Safehouse Outreach, providing a vehicle of Hope to the less fortunate in the Atlanta community, donating Bibles and Blankets and toiletries, while spreading God’s Love.

As the Co-Owner of Atlanta 1Voice Showcase, he and Gospel Artist Trish Standley have partnered together to provide a platform for some of Atlanta’s best Gospel/Christian Artists to showcase their talent while lifting up the name of Jesus Christ!

Reginald C Harris Released his Debut CD this past November 11th 2011 Entitled “BLESSINGS – 11:11”. It is Available on,, iTunes,,, and



Reginald Harris – Saxophonist
DLaniger Sounds Entertainment




Now the new “Middle School Sound!”  Now NaCole!

Recording artist NaCole fuses “Old School Style” with the drive of “New School electricity” that treats music lovers to a completely new genre……”Middle School Sound.”

“I grew up listening to old school; the melodies, the harmonies, the lyrics” says NaCole.

At the same time, I love and respect the members of the new school because of their energy.  My music is the merging of two musical worlds.”

NaCole’s EPK

Born into and surrounded by a family of talented singers from Gallatin, TN, NaCole’s gift of song was evident at an early age.

She seriously embraced her gift, joining American Idol’s Kimberly Locke, Selena Robb, and Shandra Boone, to collectively form Shadz of U.

NaCole learned how to skillfully showcase her unique harmonic and soulful voice.  After more than fifteen years of performing as part of a group, NaCole chose to pursue a solo career.

NaCole Covers Sweet Thing

With the support of family, friends, and industry professionals, NaCole’s current studio involvement includes working alongside producer Shannon Sanders, producer for India.Arie, and Heather Headley.

As well as R&B and Hip-Hop’s Dale Babb, Mike T of (ColorBlind Soul Productions), Montgomery Alabama’s Da Grindaz (T.I.& Jay z), Nashville’s Kriz Kang, and newcomer Lenny Hamilton, Jr.

NaCole’s premiere project covers acclaimed recording artist, Patti LaBelle’s, “If Only You Knew” as a loving tribute to her favorite singer.

NaCole Covers Patti Live at Lucy Blu 10-08-11.

“I’ve sung this song many times, but I wanted to do something new,” expressed NaCole. “Since it’s a Patti song I definitely had to bring integrity to it.

I believe I’ve created something that both Patti and listeners will enjoy.”  NaCole’s debut release, “ Now NaCole” will undoubtedly evoke a multitude of emotions.

“People are going to listen.  People will feel,” says a confident NaCole.

Now a whole new sound…Now Middle School…Now NaCole!

2 In The Morning Live from the Rutledge.

Click picture to buy CD

Click picture listen to the remix of 2 In The Morning


Contact manager
Yolanda Neely


Passionate is an artist who exposes her soul through inspirational music and heartfelt spoken word.

There’s something quite unfamiliar, yet intriguing and captivating, that cannot be labeled underneath anything else except for ‘Passionate’s sound ’.

Passionate is an American soul, pop, poetic singer-songwriter, and guitarist. Her style is one of uniqueness that cannot be placed in comparison with any other artists.

Thank U!!!

She shares this uniqueness with the world, by being herself and delivering this God given gift in the way it was fashioned for her.

However, she is inspired by the many trailblazers of uniqueness that have preceded her like India Arie, Lauryn Hill, and Alicia Keys.

Passionate’s commitment to the true artistry of music is present in every song she sings and word she writes. Her words project an honesty and truth about life that makes her sound unforgettable.


In March/April 2011

Passionate recieve National Exposure at the Florida Theatre/ Von Braun Civic Center.

Her diversity in the music arena opened many doors for her, she joined one of the most anticipated music tours of the year, the BET Music Matters Tour!

To say that Passionate is excited to be opening for Marsha Ambrosius and Melanie Fiona was an understatement. This trailblazer enthusiastically exclaims

IT IS U cover

“It was such an honor and truly a blessing to have had this opportunity to perform on the same stage as such highly-acclaimed artists!

Passionate has open for the like of Chrisette Michele & Urban Mystic in Meridian, MS. She also open for Gospel Recording Artists Mary Mary, May 2011 in Birmingham, AL

Her first project “The Journey –Love, God, and Relationships” which was released in early 2011. This CD will exhibit her poetry, her in depth passion for music, and creativity.

To name a few, the first single released is, “Shed A Tear ”,  This project is said to be, “Something the world has been longing and anxiously waiting for.

Click photo to buy CD

“Stronger” Music Video


Contact: Rod Tillman    Tillmanagement
Phone: (803) 663-0079



She’s spent most of her life behind the scenes of the music business. She sang hooks for pioneering female rapper, Sweet Tee.  She was the Executive Assistant to Hip-Hop legend, LL Cool J.

The queen of Hip-Hop Soul – Mary J. Blige calls her talented friend. After many years in the background, Davia is ready to grace the center stage with an exciting debut recording.

Introducing Davia is the title of her long-awaited EP and a public invitation to experience a fresh perspective in the independent soul genre. Davia’s style is silky lush vocals  wrapped in melody with skillfully crafted songwriting

 “I am a woman steeped in love, with a lot to say and so grateful for the voice to say it. It took a while to get here but I am a confident artist with a clear vision for my music.”

Live at Indie Soul Mixer Atlanta 2011

Grammy award winning powerhouse producer, Kevin Deane completes her sound with his stellar Jazz/R&B musicianship and expert production technique. The result is a project that is both comfortably soulful and refreshingly progressive.

It’s a perfect cocktail of Soul & Jazz on the rocks! Davia’s approach to her career is also quite organic and reminiscent of the early days of artist development in the music industry.

Davia – I Know

Prior to recording any of her original songs, she rehearsed, jammed and performed extensively with her jazz band to solidify her comfort level and live performance technique.

Davia gleaned an intuitive understanding of musicianship and improvisation that is clearly illustrated on her debut EP. Introducing Davia’s is sincere soul music with no chaser, fluff or filler.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing … Davia



Steven Knight

The journey for singer/song writer Steven Knight began in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Knight, the 3rd child from a family of 4 siblings, developed a love for music very early.

His earliest memories of singing included everything from choirs and choruses, to things as simple as mock concerts he would put on for his family for fun. As he grew older, Steven continued to nurture that gift and develop his craft when he joined his high school show choir.

Though Knight possessed an immense amount of raw talent, this experience would assist in developing the amazing showmanship and stage presence he is known for today.

Steven Knight – Get Lifted (John Legend cover)

As time passed, Steven began writing and recording his own material, and while attending Virginia State University, he would participate in various talent shows and music projects.

Upon graduating from college, Steven relocated to Atlanta, GA to take advantage of the budding music scene there where he would network and increase his visibility.

Three months after moving, Knight caught the eyes and ears of Atlanta-based Independent label, God Dynasty Entertainment, and was signed shortly thereafter.

During this time, Steven obtained management and began working with Vocal Coach, Donis of Marvelous Entertainment, respectively. With these new endeavors on the horizon, Knight began recording and developing his distinctive sound while also making a name for himself around the Atlanta area through performances at various showcases.

Steven Knight – Call You Tonight (cover)

Knight parted ways with GDE in 2007 to pursue other opportunities, but has continued performing and recording vigorously in hopes of taking the industry by storm. The music business itself has been a diligent teacher for Steven Knight, guiding him through many obstacles, while providing valuable lessons along the way.

Throughout his journey into the industry, Knight continuously encountered broken promises and pipe dreams that never seemed to work out. Though discouraging, it lead Knight to do something he had never done before, take complete control of his career.

Knight decided to fund and develop his own project, which would in turn showcase exactly who he was as an artist via his ideas, unique style, and signature sound. To assist with production and recording, Knight enlisted the help of local talented producers, writers and engineers.

Steven Knight – Knight Life

In June 2009, Knight released his promotional EP entitled Knight Life which featured the titled track Knight Life and R&B ballad Tryin. Both songs charted on various independent radio stations and Knight Life reached Number 2 on the Westside Will Countdown.

The summer 2010 began what would seem to be a positive turn in Steven’s music career. While performing at a local music festival, Knight attracted the interest of a private investor who expressed possibly funding Steven’s music career.

Steven Knight – Ordinary People (John Legend)

Three months later, the two developed a partnership and began working on Knight’s debut album after recruiting the help of talented producer Feenix Eletrik.  At that same time, Knight obtained a distribution deal through JMD Records/INgrooves, a partner of Universal Music Group.

The debut album is expected to be released worldwide in 2011.  The music is said to stay true to Knight’s roots and many musical influences that fans have come to love, but it will also reflect a new sense of urgency and struggle, no doubt a product of the many trials he encountered along the way.

Steven Knight – Forever (2011)

Knight was nominated for the 2010 ATL Club Award Future Superstar which would be his first award nomination.  What the future holds for Steven Knight is yet to be determined, but one
thing’s for sure, the best is yet to come.

To buy track click photo

Steven Knight Links

Coco Brown

Coco Brown aka Sophia Smith is a UK Neo-Soul indie singer/songwriter and promoter born in the city of Birmingham. Coco has been singing from the age of 8 years old, and her career has gone from appearing on local radio stations, to also making her mark at local City venues.

After years of collaborating with musicians and producers from her home town, Coco has now broadened her horizons and just collaborated with Adante, Malik from MD7 & Preacher who is featured on the Amy WinehouseValerie remix. Miss Brown is confident and self assured that she is now ready to show the world her talent and style.

Coco describes herself as a solo artist who has a deep passion for hearty music, in addition to putting her energies in to other projects that she is a part of. One of the projects that she holds dear to her heart is the U-Turn project, which she joined in 2010 that brings together UK, US & Canadian artists who collaborate to bring great music back from the yester years.

U Turn

The U-Turn project is put together by Godfrey Fletcher (Neo2soul) & Herb Middleton (Nuvybe Records). Coco has a song that will be on the forthcoming album out in early summer 2012 called “Dreams” produced by Herb who is also responsible for the production of other artists, such as Faith Evans, Nas, Phyllis Hyman and Mary J Blige.

Miss Coco Brown @ Hip Hop Central.Birmingham UK

In 2011 Coco got involved with a live band from London called The LIGHT BENDING BAND (L.B.B.) which was formed in July 2011 A.D. by Cartel3i of the infamous LAZERKRU.

The Lazettes are another group that consists of resident singers; Coco, Syrona MarieAudra Mc Kenzie, Andrea Clarke & Clover Ray. Collectively the L.B.B. emits the West London sounds of Broken-beats Future Jazz, a UK derived legacy.

Other genres include: Drum & Bass, House, Funk, Soul, Latin, Afro-beat, Experimental, Nu-soul, Neo-soul, Jazz, rare grooves & more. Music world and other faithful followers look out for 2 songs soon to be coming your way from the Lazettes in 2012.

Coco Brown – I Never Knew prod by Ylla

In 2011 I took a journey to the USA, where i met some wonderful people, also it became a spiritual, an emotional and physical building trip for me. The first week involved me staying in North Carolina. Hooking up with a drummer/ entertainment manager (Now my USA agent)
Dononvan ‘Cricket’ Mccaskill.

While during the time there  some strong connections where made. I was introduced to a producer by the name of 19 who runs his own recording, production & publishing label.

Meeting 19 was a big thing to me because he was the first of several  USA producers that I had met during my journey.

Unknowing to me 19 was expecting me and had shared during  our initial meeting that he had been waiting for me to come over to record for two  years.

During this visit we went through several tracks and I left with 12. I immediately started writing and then went back in the studio laying down my ideas. More contacts was made and studio time was schedule for when I got back from ATL with producers Shaun Davis, LanFouji & D Luv.

Then I went on to ATL, where I stayed with a phenominal  spoken word artist  Daynaomi IrRegularflow. I met her after speaking  via Facebook for such a long time. When I finally arrived she asked me to participate in her performance that night which I gladly accepted.

Lupe Fiasco ‘Kick Push’ Own rendition – entitled ‘Dreams’

I saw for my own eyes that the struggles people face in the UK are just the same if not worse in the USA.  I performed in two locations first up @ Indie Soul Mixer.

I performed one of my forthcoming singles  “Dreams” also a duet with Daynaomi IrRegluarflow on the remake of FloetrySay Yes“. The second place I performed at was a place called the Chocolat Bar.

I did an accapella of one of my favourite song by Sunshine AndersonHeard It All Before” this tore the house down and the fact that the crowd joined in made me feel accepted.

I learnt that nothing truthly happens before it’s time and my time is now. This trip has helped me to really appreciate the little things I take for granted. Now it only onwards and upwards for me no matter what obstacle is placed in my way. I learnt more about myself as an artist more passionate and hungry to share the music I write and sing.

UPDATE in 2012

Since the release of my first single “I Never Knew” in March 2012, I decided to take a step back from music to re-evaluate my place as an artist. Although sudden, the time taken out was very much needed it gave me time to consider the direction I longed to go into in terms as a career move.

I am happy to now say that I have since set up an entertainment company, by the name of Four Elements Entertainment where I am co-founder. We specialise in developing individuals professionally and recreationally using “The Arts” as a medium to interact and engage clients.

In addition to this I have also been working with a phenomenal team to bring to the forgotten city of Birmingham (UK) “Coco’s Live Lounge” which launches this October 2012. Look out for my new mixtape called The Art Of Word Vol 1 in September with Vol 2 to follow. Also working on 2 EP’s for the first fall of 2013.

Out Now to buy click photo

Contact Links

Wendy McIntyre

Not only a talented vocalist and performer

Wendy McIntyre has been sharing her gift with audiences all over the DC area, and throughout the region, since she began singing professionally in 2000.

She is known for her smooth, soulful delivery of contemporary R&B songs with splashes of jazz and neo-soul thrown in for good measure.

Wendy is also known for her songwriting abilities, having written or co-written every song on her debut EP, The.Anthem, released in 2009.

The.Anthem fluently conveys the artistry of the woman, through an introspective collection of R&B songs of varying tempos and themes.

Back In The Day

The EP is a “life” soundtrack of sorts, beginning with the DeAndre Shaifer-produced Back in the Day, a mid-tempo, retro-influenced track with catchy guitar rifts, and Marvin Gaye-esque vocal arrangements.

This song takes listeners on a journey through days past, hopes and dreams realized, love lost and found, and new possibilities on the horizon. Back in the Day is destined to be the jam of the summer, clearly a prelude to sunshine and good times.

Wendy’s emotive alto and range are fully displayed on the soaring ballad The Difference, quite possibly this generation’s love ballad. The song, a nod to soul ballads of old, imparts the story of love; found and cherished.

Produced by Carl Rushing, it pairs her honey-coated alto with a simple melody, sparse instrumentation and airy background vocals.

“The Anthem” @ Storytellers (Quill’s Farewell)

On Night & Day, the jazzy ode to finding new love, Wendy’s sassy and ethereal vocals with production help by Grammy-nominated producer James McKinney (Wayna, KevO) provide the perfect scenario for this anthology of soul.

The.Anthem, the title and final track, is laced with a funky bass line, gritty vocal performance and soul-sister affirmation. This feel-good declaration and call to “keep going strong”, leaves listeners primed for more…until the next soulful collection arrives.

Wendy has performed at various venues including: Twins Jazz, Old Post Office Pavilion, Teavolve, Indulj, Eden’s Lounge, SIP Lounge (NYC).

Also events such as Mad Jazz Poetry, NCNW’s Black Family Reunion Celebration, Can A Sista Rock A Mic, AFRAM and Artscape to name a few. Most recently she was featured on Gypsy Soul’s; “Ear Candy, Volume 2”.

The Anthem EP sampler

To purchase her debut EP and learn more about Wendy and the “Lady Soul Singer Movement” visit her online at:  Wendy McIntyre is the Ladysoulsinger on Facebook. Her debut EP is available at CD Baby, iTunes, VCast Music, Rhapsody and all your favorite digital media outlets.



Gordon Chambers

Gordon Chambers is a Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter and record producer

He has written songs for over 75 recording artists including Angie Stone, Yolanda Adams, The Isley Brothers, Brandy, Trey Songz, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, Usher, Marc Anthony, Jamie Foxx, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Beyoncé Knowles.

His #1 hits as lyricist include Anita Baker’s Grammy-winning hit “I Apologize“, Brownstone’s Grammy nominated hit “If You Love Me“, Angie Stone’s “No More Rain (In This Cloud)”, the Grammy nominated theme of Set It OffMissing You” (performed by Brandy, Tamia, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan) and Yolanda AdamsSomeone Watching Over Me“.

Gordon Chambers “Sincere” Album EPK 2011

He is the winner of 8 awards from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), has four Dove Award nominations, and has been nominated for two Grammy Awards, winning for the song “I Apologize” that he wrote for Anita Baker.

His songs have been performed at the ESSENCE Awards, American Music Awards, The Goodwill Games and the White House.

His prestigious appearances, in addition to acclaimed European and Japanese tours,have included the Essence Music Festival, The Congressional Black Caucus, The Apollo Theater, Constitution Hall, B. B King’s and the Kennedy Center.

More on Gordon Chamber Profile by Tago Jones

He was born in the Bronx to parents from Jamaica, his father having grown up in Montego Bay and his mother in Port Antonio and Kingston. Chambers moved to Teaneck, New Jersey in 1977.

He wrote his first song at the age of 7 and received guidance from other Teaneck residents, including trombonist Dick Griffin, bassist Rufus Reid and drummer Lenny White.

At Teaneck High School he learned piano and trumpet, and joined New Progressions, a 16-piece band. In an interview with The Record, Chambers stated that “Teaneck is the place where I had all my musical training” and recalled that

“Growing up, knowing that [I] lived in Teaneck gave me something to dream and aspire to: that one day I could grow up and become a professional”.

“I Cant Love You” Behind the Scenes Gordon Chamber

Chambers attended Brown University, where he enrolled in 1986 with plans to major in political science and become a lawyer. He returned to Teaneck after graduating, and it was there he wrote “If You Love Me“, the single by Brownstone released in 1994 that reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

While working as entertainment editor for Essence magazine in 1993, an interview with Queen Latifah led to the opportunity to write the song “Winki’s Theme” that appeared on her 1993 album Black Reign. His solo albums have been nominated for Independent Soul Album of the Year by and have been among CDBaby’s top R&B sellers.


Anglea Johnson & Gordon Chamber LIVE @ SOB’s

Live At The Blue Note: By My Side

His first solo album “Introducing Gordon Chambers” was released in 2005. The debut featured special guests Carl Thomas, Glenn Lewis, Sara Devine, Roy Hargrove and Mike Phillips. His second album, Love Stories, was released in 2007 and features soul artist Ledisi.

Touch You There/Never Fall In Love (Medley)

People Get Ready” – Curtis Mayfield Civil Rights Songbook 04

Gordon Chambers upcoming album titled “Sincere” was released NOW!!!!! its featuring duets with Sara Devine and Candace Coles, and production by Darien Dorsey, The BeatBanggahz and Jermaine Mobley.

The album also includes covers of Donny Hathaway’sA Song For You” and his version of “Missing You“, which he dedicates to late mentors Phyllis Hyman and Gerald Levert.

The first single “I Can’t Love You (If You Don’t Love You)”.





Love Stories


Introducing Gordon Chambers




D’Votion is an R&B / Urban Group from the UK!

The Smith Brothers by the names of Mr. Smith, (Paul), T (John) & CZee. (Charles) were formed in 2000, and are recognised as the new R&B & Bassline sensations.

The 3 Devoted Brothers look set to break down barriers and push their sound in Europe and the U.S.A with the full support of their independent promotional Team D’Votion Music Ltd.

D’Votion Video Intro

D’Votion in the Media

D’Votion have been receiving airplay on Pirate and Commercial radio stations throughout Europe since 2001 including:- DJ 3Style (Galaxy 102.2FM), DJ G Child (BBC 1XTRA), DJ Footloose (BBC 1XTRA) & DJ Rewind, DJ N B Funky, DJ Kush, DJ Marcus Nasty (Rinse FM), Choice FM, Aston 89.1FM, Galaxy, BBC 1Xtra … plus many more.

D’Votion Live Performances

D’Votion have wowed audiences all over Europe. Including support for Daddy Freddy, Wayne Wonder & Million Dan, plus many others. Highlight Gigs:  November 8th 2008 @ Chelsea F.C.  Stamford Bridge.

Dvotion Open Your Wings

GMTV (ITV1) – D’Votion were finalists and runners up on the televised singing competition, No.1 Family on GMTV (ITV1) in October 2009, their outstanding performances in the competition won them many fans and plaudits, and they sang to a televised audience on 5 million viewers.

Looselips TV – D’Votion Interview

D’Votion Debut album “DV.I.P”

D’Votion’s debut album is due for release Autumn 2010 on their label D’Votion Music Ltd. Available for download on I-Tunes, Amazon, as well as via their website This album features great R&B songs that will launch D’Votion into the top echelons’ of the music industry. Distributed by AWAL and published by Proof Songs.

D’Votion Song writing

Lead singer and Song writer Paul “Mr” Smith has written over 200 songs and has recently signed a publishing deal for his material with Proof Music (London, UK). Paul has also set up his own publishing company Itchy Fingaz Publishing with brother and co-producer Jason “Jim” Smith.


D’Votion Get to know


D’Votion Online Network

D’Votion Contact

Contact: Mr. Paul Smith
Tel: +44 7877755981
Skype: devotion
Facebook: D’Votion Smith Bros

DV.I.P Album Promo 2011

D’Votion Catalogue

D’Votion have already featured on 4 UK Underground Mix Tapes. These slickly executed mix
tapes were distributed from London to New York and amongst other credits, gained a top review
(4/5) in RWD magazine (Oct 2004 issue).

+ Word of Mouth Vol.1, Vol.2 & Vol.3 (PGS Recordings, UK) 2001-2003
+ Topp Shotta Mix CD Vol. 1 (ToppaTop Records, UK) in Winter 2006
+ DJ Teddy-O Mix tapes Vol.1 & Vol.3 (Beat Selection/ Rocawear/ JAM FM) (
+ DJ League Mix tape Vol.1 in March 2008 hosted by DJ Mista B (Germany)
+ Chocolate Box Vol. 1 in 2007/2008 (I-Tunes, Mixtape Kings, SL)
+ D’Votion’s debut single was a dance track “Dope Groove” Vintage/ Diamond Records Italy 2005
+ Ultimate Garage & Bassline (Demon Music Group) Dec 2008
+ No. 1 Garage & Bassline (Decadance Records) – Dec 2008
+ Sound of Bass 2009 (Ministry of Sound) – Feb 2009
* “Open Ur Wings” – NB Funky Ft. D’Votion (UK Funky Records) – Jan 2009 (
+ Bassline single “Players” Relentless / EMI Records Release: Feb 2009
+ Remix “Grind on me” D’Votion Vs Dezz Jones features on United Bassline (Ministry of Sound, UK)
+ Remixes of D’Votion’s club tracks “Ooh Girl” by Da Mighty Blaze & “Booty Call” appear on future compilation albums in 2008 Ministry of Sound, UK
+ “Over Now” – D’Votion ft Kaysee (Delinquent Remix) Sound of Bass 2009 (Ministry of Sound)
+ “Bye Bye” – Burgaboy Ft. D’Votion (Gridlockd Records, UK) in Summer 2009
+ “Grind on me” – Joe Hunt released on compilation 100% Bass (Demon Music Group) March 2010
+ Debut Album “DV.I.P” 2011 (D’Votion Music) – available by download

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Dawn McClain has emerged from the same rich soil of so many other great African American singers. Like so many powerhouses and trailblazers in music, Dawn began singing in the church at a very early age.

An 80‘s baby with a splash of 60‘s and 70‘s influence, and a sprinkle of gospel roots, she blends and bridges the generation gap between these eras in music, melodically suspending time.

Dawn McClain calls the show she gives “The Experience”, because it is just “that” an Experience. If you ask Dawn, how she would like to live out the rest of her days… She would say, “Performing”. There is nothing that she loves more than the opportunity to interact with her supporters.

Live on Peachtree tv show “JJ on Atlanta”

In “The Experience” Dawn’s gives you all the passion her heart can give, She fills the room with and bathes the crowd in the essence of song, clash and fusion; music with passion and force, sensuality and jazz, bluesy rock-steady R&B, funk and futuristic soul…that is, “classic soul groove gumbo”.

Your ears will be tantalized with vocal influences of her mentors, Chaka Khan, Rachelle Ferrell, Jill Scott, & Ledisi. Dawn’s career thus far has been a journey filled with “rare” opportunity for a independent artist.

Dawn McClain live in Denver “is it the way”

She calls it a blessing and God’s grace, that her project is touched with production and co-writing collaborations, from some of the industry’s most sought after Grammy nominated writers and producers.

She has graced the stage and performed with Industry legends such as Roberta Flack, Jeane Carne, Ann Nesby, Kem, Gordon Chambers, Tony Terry, Mint Condition, K-Ci & Jo-Jo, Stevie Wonder, N’ Dambi Blu, Liv Warfield, Lela James, Erykah Badu, Donnie, Frank Mcomb, Johnny Gill and Malcom Jamal Warner.

Dawn MCClain EPK

The Love Project, Dawn’s solo debut… takes you through the ups and downs, the tears, confusion and pain so synonymous to Love. Dawn “sings” the renewal you experience in   the “New” beginnings of Love, She expresses the heartache after loss of Love.

She takes you out for the night, when you are completely “fed-up” with Love, so that you can let your hair down and forget for just a second…Love. Just when you think Love has done all it could do, She reminds you that without Love “We” can’t exist…..Enter The Experience….

Dawn McClain The Experience at Sob’s

Dawn McClain



Erik Rico

erErik Rico : Artist/Writer/Producer/DJ/All Rounder

Born into and surrounded by the creative arts, Erik began his professional career as a self contained artist/producer on Sony’s Columbia Records, Prior to his major label introduction he had only briefly been producing, writing and arranging for independent hip hop and soul acts on the east coast.

However, after being immersed in the confinements of corporate music, Erik felt his creativity could be better expressed elsewhere.  He broke his contract with Sony, returned east and then to Europe in search of musical freedom. Eventually, Erik returned to California in pursuit of his musical career as an independent producer/artist where he was tapped to do his first major label productions.

Erik Rico – Let´s Lay Together, Live at Lilla Hotellbaren, Stockholm

Coupled with various multimedia projects encompassing network TV shows, feature films for the Showtime network. PBS as well as a two year stint as sound designer for famed photographer David LaChapelle and Producit Inc.

Whose clients include: All major TV & Film networks, international advertising agencies, private events and celebrity clients such as Elton John, Gene Simmons, Mariah Carey and Jessica Alba and many more.

Erik Rico @ jazz re:freshed

With production/writing credits for the likes of Tupac Shakur, Qtip (Tribe called quest), Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets), Jurassic 5, Planet Asia, Mystic, Pharcyde Carmen Rizzo, various multimedia ad campaigns, independent and documentary film scores.

Also DJ sets for Hollywood’s A-list celebrity crowd and his own LifeNotes music (launched March 2008/ Re-launched July 2011. After signings with major music corporations (Sony music, Capitol records) Erik is now doing his thing as an artist / Producer.

Erik Rico, Stockholm Rehearsal

With an aggressive release schedule, international and domestic tour dates and collaborations with some of the most innovative producers on the planet : DJ Spinna (USA), Marc Mac (4Hero/ UK), Ron Trent (USA) Grooveman Spot (JP), Opolopo (SE) and others be on the lookout for MAJOR movement globally !!

Electronic, Soul, New jazz, Broken, Afro, House, Dance Hall, etc.

LNSS introduction video

DJ Barry King

DJ, taste maker, radio personality, general manager of LifeNotes music

“I’m here to introduce the best music to the world”, literally born into London’s Jamaican sound system culture in Brixton , I was fortunate to be around selectors-dj’s-singers-producers from JA, USA and London.

I later help build & run a few well known sounds ! During the early 90’s I was heavily involved in promoting, buying & selling the best in black music to DJ’s worldwide..

Around the same time I contributed as a writer to several taste maker magazines, during the late 80’s I did many pirate radio shows,in 1997 I joined Solar radio exposing everyone to the World via London, “from 2010 onward it’s all about Lifenotes music & the artist’s we work with”

Erik Rico Music

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Watch Videos

DJ Spinna / Melody ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Erik Rico

“Wonderful” (reissue from “Journey back to me”)

grooveman Spot – Everybody feat Erik Rico 〜 People’s Groove

Destiny – Erik Rico & Marc Mac(4hero)


Current and upcoming release schedule, tour dates, booking, production, licensing inquiries, full discography and all current promotional materials and info can be found



2011 winter EU tour begins Nov till mid Dec



Erik Rico

DJ Barry King

Iesha Spinks

Musical Intelligence – Encompasses the capability to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones and rhythms.

Iesha is one that possesses this intelligence. Iesha’s sound is the product of a jazz guitarist and a gospel singer. She is one of 8 children originally from Stockton, CA. Her family moved to Portland, OR. and this would become the platform for her ever-growing career.

When iesha was just 9 years old she discovered she had a talent for song writing and singing. Iesha continued to write. Iesha started to branch out and sing hooks for local rappers, some were ankle biters other’s ferocious beasts just as hungry for it as she.

Through networking Iesha met a few producers interested in the barter system. She was able to trade hooks for tracks, that way she was able to add music to the lyrics she had been writing. Around this time Iesha met Big Deal who was also in the music business as a DJ. He became her manager and still is to this day.

Iesha Spinks f/Black Notes singing Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor

They then started working on projects as a duel and begin weeding out the things she had outgrown. Big Deal started setting up shows at local clubs and open Mic’s. Iesha then started receiving requests to sing at clubs and before bands.

At this point the melodic duo decided they would no longer wait for something to happen, they would do it themselves. After an engineer found out what kind of program she was using he encouraged her to play around and try it herself.

Iesha not sure, took his advice, became really familiar with the program and started to record, mix and master herself. Iesha recorded her album and released Amethyst Feb. 13, 2010!

Iesha Spinks W/The Lab Rats 12/29/10 Take Flight

Iesha is currently in the studio recording her second offering “Dark RnB”  to release late 2011

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Forthcoming single “Town Goes”

19th Annual Good In The Hood Multicultural Music



ayannaUnique and captivating, Ayanna Witter-Johnson is a composer, vocalist, cellist and pianist. Who has developed musically from a diverse background of mixed cultures.

Her compositional versatility includes writing for symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles, big bands, string quartets and choirs,as well as songs, soundscapes and pieces for solo instruments and tape, across a range of styles including jazz, classical, contemporary, R&B, soul, reggae, electro-acoustic and black folk.

EyeSeeSound Live Session

img_0267ed_formAyanna graduated from Trinity College of Music in London with a First Class Degree and the Vivian Prindl Outreach Prize for the Most Innovative Professional Skills Project.

At Trinity, she studied composition with Alwynne Pritchard and classical cello with David Kennedy.

She has studied composition with John A. Thomas, Errollyn Wallen and Andrew Poppy;; arranging with Paul Bartholomew;; orchestration with Stephen Montague and cello with Sue Sutherley (London Philharmonic Orchestra).

Show Off Winner: Ayanna

Throughout 2008 Ayanna Composers Scheme, which is designed to facilitate the development of orchestral writing for talented young composers. In addition, she was an Emerging Artist in Residence (EAR) In 2011, having won the Edward and Sally Van Lier Fund Scholarship, she completed a Masters of Music in Composition at the Manhattan School of Music.

Continually developing as a performer and composer of extraordinary versatility, Ayanna
made her debut at the London JaZZ Festival in 2008, opening for Intercontinental a
project that features jaZZ drumming legend Jack DeJohnette and the Queen of South
African jaZZ Sibongile Khumalo.

In 2009 she continued, to great acclaim, her association In 2010, her new trio featuring Fraser Fifield on pipes, whistles and saxophone and Robert Mitchell on piano made its debut at Dartington and toured the UK during the summer. In the autumn Ayanna won Amateur Night Live at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC, following in the footsteps of Ella FitZgerald, Michael Jackson and others.

Give In (full length)

In 2011 she was commissioned by Bath Festival to create a new programme in response to the work of Nina Simone, the legendary singer, songwriter and civil rights activist. In September Ayanna will showcase her current band at Decibel Performing Arts Showcase.

Ayanna has worked with groundbreaking composer Nitin Sawhney on his Aftershock
project for the re-opening of the Royal Festival Hall and with award winning film composer
Jocelyn Pook, preparing music for her ensemble.

She is a regular collaborator with Jason Yarde and has worked on three of his large scale projects: as a performer in the B-Trade ensemble;; the assistant orchestrator on the landmark Urban Classic project,

It brought together leading UK Grime artists and the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Charles HaZlewood;; and as arranger and orchestrator for Belief!, a concert with the London Symphony Orchestra and legendary South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela.

Ayanna “Roxanne” Version

Ayanna’s radio credits include oringal material on Courtney Pine’s Jazz Crusade and Jazz Line-Up (BBC Radio 3), In Tune (BBC Radio 2), the BBC Asian Network and (BBC Radio 4). She was also invited to feature as a cellist and musical arranger for the BBC documentary Little Angels.

In 2007 she was commissioned by the Liverpool Lighthouse to compose a choral piece for young vocalists in the Merseyside area to commemorate the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. Ayanna has also been commissioned to compose the soundtrack for the feature length film Disoriented Generation.

ayaA member of the National Youth Theatre and Youth Forum of the National Portrait Gallery, Ayanna has much experience as a Compositional Workshop Leader, working alongside Jackie Walduck for the Creative Partnerships Scheme in association with the Raising the Roof programme for a school in the London Borough of Lewisham.

This led to managing her first solo project, Sojourner Truth Story, in connection with Kori Arts at the National Portrait Gallery in 2008. Most recently she collaborated with ensemble Ignite to deliver On The Record, a workshop for young musicians at the Wigmore Hall in London. She has also delivered workshops on jaZZ with a group of elite music students at Aldeburgh Music.

**NEW**Ayanna Witter-Johnson – Black Panther


Click Photo 2 Buy

Truthfully‘ is an intimate journey through a landscape of unique stories that express singer-cellist Ayanna’s experience as a 21st century woman, drawing upon the stories of  Sojourner Truth, personal relationships, female experiences and hope as inspiration.

All tracks written and arranged by Ayanna and published by Big Life Music /In All Seriousness. Music except track 5, written by Gordon Matthew Sumner and Kjell Inge Torgersen and published by Steerpike Ltd.

Vocals, cello, percussion, piano – Ayanna, Piano (track 6) – Robert Mitchell, Produced by Marc Mac (4hero), Recorded at Kool World Studio,  Engineered by Matt Collis, Mixed & Mastered by Marc Mac at Dukes Place.


For more information:

Alisa Ohri

Every human spirit is eclectic, unique, and colorful.

Her delivers a self-penned song book about what it feels like to be human. Her refreshing blend of R’n’B, Soul, and Jazz is as necessary as air! Alisa’s tone is rich, haunting, and uplifting. When you breathe in her voice and her lyrics, you’ll feel like she wrote about you. She’ll have you laughing and just-plain-celebrating being ordinary!

What better place to experience life than in Manhattan? Based in New York City …a place where ordinary folks come to work out extraordinary dreams, Alisa thrives upon being a full-time musician! When asked to explain… “You see, it’s like belonging to this incredible club! It’s not exclusive in any way! In fact your only requirement is to say ‘yes’ to your dreams.

Alisa Ohri – Cuz I Feel

This crazy recognition thing happens when you bump into fellow New York City artists. You get this kind of glint in your eyes. You give each other that nod of understanding … and you silently say to each other: ‘We’re doing it! We’re really doing it!’ And then you smile and say: ‘Have a great gig!’”Regardless of the musical situation, Alisa Ohri never misses the chance to deliver.

Whether she’s in a Rock group with Stephan Jenkins (Third Eye Blind), opening up for Roy Ayers, collaborating with world renowned R’n’B/Funk bassist Hubert Eaves IV, singing/writing a Wendy’s Jingle, or “settin’ New York City’s Zinc Bar on fire” with much-acclaimed Jazz Guitarist Ron Affif, – Alisa Ohri delivers her vocals with a punch that leaves you asking for more!

Alisa Ohri – “Could It Be” Live at Zinc Bar

Called by some the Millennium’s answer to Sade and Roberta Flack with sass – spiced up with the retro nostalgia of Ella Fitzgerald – Alisa’s vocal knock out to the soul just plain feels good!



Rainey Vexen

Rainey Vexen’s music has a fusion of sounds with jazz/neo-soul/hip-hop.

Her influences are Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Sada, Jill Scott, Eryaka Badu, Ella Fitzgerald, and many more. Rainey’s unique vocal and lyrical texture divides her from other singer/songwriters.

Rainey Vexen started her humble in Mobile, Alabama at the age of four years old she sung her first solo in church. She is the eldest of eleven siblings. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. Rainey enjoys traveling, reading, singing and of course writing.

Creaction present Rainey Vexen featuring The Unit Band

She wrote all the vocal lyrics on debut album “The Inauguration of Rainey Vexen“, was released mid fall of 2008. She has released the single “One Hit Wonder“. This singer/songwriter will be bring the world music to love and enjoy.

Rainey Vexen – /jazz/singer/songwriter

Single “One Hit Wonder” release to be announce.
Debut album title “The Inuaugaration of Rainey Vexen” was released 2008.

“One Hit Wonder”


Forthcoming EP

Debut Album (click photo 2 buy)


Nicci Canada

Singer and songwriter Nicci Canada

Her newest smash, entitled “Attraction”, which showcases her sultrier and sensual side; is a follow up to her first single “Love” and you literally cannot get enough! Nicci’s messages of love, passion and worship create the musical canvases on which she paints her voice.

“I love to create and express who I am through music. I’m a walking melody and it’s a Gift that I want to present to the world.”

Through various genres – jazz, soul and gospel – Nicci communicates with listeners in a way that can only be described as magical. With a vintage flare that takes you back to the likes of Billie Holiday and carries you into the next wave of music.

I AM Music

Nicci was born into a family of vocalists in Charleston, West Virginia, and she has been surrounded by music since birth. In 2001 Nicci decided to make music a career after moving to Charlotte, NC.

Realizing the possibilities of pursuing her passion professionally, she worked with Paul Whitley to release a three-song demo in 2005. Recently, Nicci has teamed up with business mogul Eric Mitchell, and founded Jevenity Music Entertainment, LLC.

Her debut CD, featuring the singles “Love” and “Attraction” will be the first project on the label. With a collection of 14 tracks, there’s a treat for everyone to enjoy.

Nicci Canada on The Big Day Morning Show

Statement by Nicci Canada

“I was able to work with some really cool producers on this project. Doc Sizzo, Eric “EOZ” Howard, Paul Whitley, So Fo Real Productions, Alex Frazier and J-Stylz. The producers were different in style but they blended so well on the project.

I also had the privilege of working with some awesome writers. FreddyCanaan FameHeath and Trina Houston. Thanks Guys!! Jessica Macks blessed the album as well with her vocals on “Creation“. I’m so excited about “Twenty Twelve“.

This is my first album so I have something to smile about. Shout outs to Mitch Vaugn, Jevenity Music Entertainment, Bob Loughry and those who have supported me on this journey. Let’s continue this adventure together.”

Nicci Canada “Love” Live On Charlotte Today (Channel 36)

Through her warm, sultry vocals, the influence of Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle and Nina Simone is clear, yet, Nicci Canada’s amazing sound is all her own. Her debute album “Twenty Twelve“, was released August 30 2011.

Click photo to buy it, this is messages of love, passion and worship

“Love” Extended Version

“Attraction” Promo The New Single


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