“Mississippi’s Daughter” the title track from her forthcoming new album “Mississippi’s Daughter”

Please check this wonderful moving song relax & feel the groove my girl Gabbie McGee hot 4 2010 because DJ NICENESS SAID SO!!!!!!

Part beatboxer, producer, turntablist and Emcee!!! a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL from Toronto Canada ROCKS SALT LAKE CITY, while opening for Mos Def!!! you gotta see this to believe it!!

Welcome to Neo2Soulblog. DJ Niceness, CEO of Neo2Soul Promotions. If you would like to be featured on my blog then contact me at or twitter me!/Neo2soulBlog

This is where real Soul & R’n’B music lives.

Neo2Soul is a promotional solution that strives to bring you culture through arts, music, and drama. In addition, we also provide unique grassroots marketing by promoting parties, seminars and events of music/drama fusions involving jazz, R&B, Hip hop, Soul and spoken word genres, in and around the regions.

Our goal is to help emerging unsigned and independent artists, bands, DJ’s music producers, and spoken word talents to connect with opportunities to increase their exposure through marketing & promotional outlets via our events, website network, and services such as artist listings, galleries, cultural forums and much more..

We represent artists on a non-exclusive basis, unless indicated otherwise and are ever expanding our relationships with other talent agencies.

Our energy is directed to the advancement of a variety of clients, which focuses on their targeted audience, thereby increasing their exposure and visibility. Multifaceted in our range of services, our goal is to establish a synergistic approach to fulfilling the promotional and developmental needs of those we serve.


• To create a UK/Europe, predominantly unsigned music promotion.

• To help bridge the gap between mainstream and unsigned artists.

• To reduce the stigma attached to Soul, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Reggae & ethnic music genres.

• To develop strategic alliances with the entertainment industry, individuals and companies.


• Ed-u-tain you. (Entertainment with a positive message)

• Bring light to the underground.

• Confirm that diversity is a good thing.

• Creating a bridge between entertainment & community awareness by promoting events

• Creating awareness in social programs, address on going issues and concerns.

• To provide an opportunity for unsigned artists, poets, etc 2 showcase their talents.

• Providing a place where art, music and spirit can be explored, through creative expressions.

We also provide workshops and activities which are marketed towards a diverse community, along with emphasis on the youth.

We are currently looking for people with an interest in music, arts and a collective vision & commitment in working 2gether to support Neo2Soul Promotions.

My blog is full of the “U Factor” underground, unreleased, upcoming, Up front, underappreciated with unity) artists click now read about them

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