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Opaz (Ray Hayden)

Opaz celebrates 20 years of Achievement!!!!!

Industry peers, critics and music connoisseurs alike have all acclaimed Ray Hayden to be one of the most established legendary and revered producers in the UK and now Opaz Productions celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

From the inception of Opaz Productions in 1992, Ray Hayden has worked with the following artists:

Produced tracks for: Martine Girault, Ronny Jordan, Mica Paris, Swing Out Sister, Incognito, Guru, Maysa, George Howard, Omar, Adeva, Carol Thompson, Patrick Jean-Paul Denis.

Remixes for: Marvin Gaye, Mary J Blige, Sade, Tyrese, Tony Toni Tone, The Brand New Heavies, The Christians, Gene Rice, Des’ree, Another Level, Nina Simone and The Temptations.

Martine Girault – Revival

These formative years were bookmarked by the release of the now signature song and a firm UK classic ‘Revival’ by Martine Girault, which entered the charts at No 1. Revival added flavour to Nescafe’s TV advertising campaigns and featured in films starring Meg Ryan, TuPac Shakur and Micky Rourke allowing Opaz Productions to establish itself as a world class production company.

In marking its twentieth anniversary The House of Opaz will be releasing its entire catalogue online including many hidden gems from its vaults. Leading the campaign is new signing Cartier Fraser a young lady from North West London.

Already a radio and critic favourite, lead track ‘Mr Lost’ from the debut album of the same title features nine tracks which showcases the incredible talent of Cartier nurtured and lead by the magical and renowned production skills of Hayden. ‘Mr Lost’ will be available to download from iTunes October 29th 2012.

Cartier Fraser

Hayden comments:

“I’ve been lucky enough to stay in music in spite of the impact from the internet and I couldn’t have found a better artist to mark my anniversary than the very gifted Cartier Fraser”.

Clearly not afraid of a challenge or ‘status’, Hayden in 1998, won his five year legal battle against Hollywoodgolden boyWill Smith, for copyright infringement against his song ‘Boom Shake The Room’.


Now, Ray Hayden & The House of Opaz have a diverse portfolio of projects and ventures. Much like a chameleon [he] has changed and adapted to his surroundings and environments both personally and professionally; and like Scott, Hayden has gone off on musical expeditions like an intrepid explorer travelling, experiencing and immersing in cultures from East working with Japanese artists Towa Tai, Monday Michiru and Shinobu to Jeremie Johnson from the Middle East to all the Westerners named above, to animated projects, graphic design and web design all culminating in the development of a computer game with a to-die-for sound track utilising the hidden gems from The House of Opaz all under his umbrella company Opaz Multimedia.

**Media & Links Update**

In celebration of 20 years of achievements the entire back catalogue will be available for the first time digitally at the end of the month; this will also include collaborations from Cartier and iTunes No. 1 selling Jazz Artist Yolanda Brown.

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Many thanks to Monique Pennie (Purple Reign PR) for info

Alison Crockett


Alison Crockett has paid her musical “dues” in full… She is perhaps the quintessential nu jazz/ progressive soul singer of her generation and yet you may not have heard of her – – but you’ve no doubt heard her voice.

On seminal recordings by King Britt, Blue Six, Us3, Landslide, John Wicks, Mathematics and a whole host of others, Alison’s voice has provided the velvety, sensual sound of tomorrow’s yesterday’s…a captivating tone which evokes both the music of the past and that yet to come.

A voice dripping soul with generous helpings of jazz, gospel and blues, Alison has taken the baton from divas of the present and past such as Lizz Wright, Rachelle Farrelle, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Donna Summer, Diana Ross and Sarah Vaughn and forged a uniquely personal and singular musical vision.

Alison decided early in her life to pursue a music career. Piano was her first love. “It just called to me. I still feel like a pianist who sings.” However, after winning several talent contests during her high school years, it quickly became apparent that her voice was a rare gift.

Jazz Artist Alison Crocket

Alison honed her vocal skills at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and then earned a masters degree at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music in New York City. As she says, “I set out to be a craftsman; someone who could mold and shape music like sculpture.” Upon graduating, she settled in Philadelphia, where she met superstar DJ/ producer King Britt (formerly of Digable Planets).

Britt summarily gave Alison the nickname “Diva Blue” and together they recorded the classic, “Season’s Change” for his groundbreaking Sylk 130 album, “When the Funk Hits the Fan” (Ovum/Sony Music). She was also featured on four other genre bending tracks on the album including the single, “Gettin’ Into It”.

Billboard Magazine loved her “throaty, diva-styled vocals.” After touring the US as a member of Sylk 130, Alison relocated to Brooklyn, NY, where she introduced herself to the vibrant New York music scene by fronting hip hop/ jazz innovator Greg Osby’s band.

Alison Crockett-Come Sunday

Only a few months later she was approached by Geoff Wilkenson, founder of the pioneering UK based acid jazz outfit Us3 (best known for their 1994 world-wide smash “Flip Fantasia (Biddy Biddy Bop)” ) who’d heard “Season’s Change” and became convinced he was hearing a young legend on the order of his heroes Shirley Bassey, Dianna Washington and Dianne Reeves.

In this pre-You Tube, pre-Facebook era, Wilkenson had embarked upon a feverish search to track Alison down and request that she become Us3’s first lead singer. Upon her acceptance, Alison traveled to London to write and sing on the album “An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place”.

The first single, “Get Out”, immediately shot to the top 10 within a few weeks of it’s release in Japan. In support of the album, Alison experienced her first world tour, as Us3 headlined stadiums and festivals all over Europe, the US and Japan.


Throughout her tenure with Us3, Alison continued to write, perform and record on a number of interesting musical projects, always looking to grow and remain fresh. To distinguish these side projects, she often recorded under her Sylk 130 pseudonym, Diva Blue.

Under the Diva Blue moniker, a 4-song EP enttitled “Azure” was released during the summer of 2001 on Soulhead Recordings. The lead track off of “Azure”, an early version of the breakbeat influenced track “Alive”, began to create a buzz on DJ mix shows and in clubs throughout Europe.

Overwhelmed by the response to the track and near bursting with creative energy and song ideas, Alison could hardly wait to begin working on a project which would showcase the new music she was writing. Her debut solo album, “On Becoming A Woman”, was released to wide acclaim in Japan in June 2003 and in the US and Europe in April 2004.

LIKE RAIN (YamWho ReWork)

The epic ballad from the album “Like Rain” reached number 3 on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Winner’s 2003 chart on his legendary BBC Radio 1 programme. Alison knew she’d tapped into something special with the album,

“I really thought long and hard about this music.. agonized over it…it was truly a birth- like experience and that’s why I named the album “On Becoming A Woman”…I feel like I grew in leaps in bounds as both an artist and a person making it…”

In 2006 Alison released a collection of remixes based on tracks from “On Becoming A Woman” entitled “The Return Of Diva Blue: On Becoming A Woman Redux”(Sol Image/Village Again/Groove).

Alison Crockett – Crossroads (Dj Spinna remix)

Featuring mixes by a who’s who of top flight DJ producers: DJ Spinna, Yam Who?, Phil Asher, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Waiwan, Landslide and more, the album became a treasure trove for lovers of deep house music, with DJ Spinna’s take on the song “Crossroads” becoming a signature classic for Alison.

In the spring of 2007, Alison released her “love letter to my fans”, the stripped down, acoustic based “Bare”. Much of the album comprised of Alison simply sitting at the piano and singing songs from a backlog of compositions from a particularly prolific period of writing.

“There are songs on “Bare” that could be placed on no other album,” she said. “Some had been in my catalog, unheard by anyone but me, for many years. I wanted “Bare” to be a record that you could just sit back, listen, and let all your cares melt away for a short while…”

After taking an extended break from recording in order to focus on mothering her two children, in 2008 Alison returned to the recording studio to work on what would become, “Mommy, What’s A Depression?”, her third solo album of original material.

Gentrification (DEMO)

Says Alison, “When I began working on this project in earnest, it was during the heart of the financial crisis in the US, and it seemed as if the world was going to hell in a hand basket…George W. Bush was still the president and most people felt as if he’d run the country into the ground, from starting unnecessary wars, to being negligent during the crisis in New Orleans, to enacting policies which almost caused the collapse of the global economy. So I thought about creating a work of art to reflect the chaos and disorientation I, and so many people around me, where feeling at the time.”

It would take Alison more than three years to bring her vision to reality, as she and her brother fine-tuned the production to ensure the sonic tapestry was just right. “ A mixture of jazz, soul and electronic music seemed to me the best way to give these messages the weight of the moment.

Each of these music forms is all about creative destruction and re-invention, a process it seems we are going through right now. So I call the sonic style we’ve come up with, “Mixtape Jazz”; it’s the sound of taking the familiar and shaping layers and layers of seemingly disparate and sometimes even dissonant components onto it in order to fashion new creative textures.

I arranged standard songs from the jazz and soul cannons that seemed to speak to our national and societal condition and, to compliment these, wrote music and lyrics that reflected my own feelings of anger, frustration, bitterness and hope about what’s been going on around me.”

Views & Vibes

And so with the release of “Mommy, What’s A Depression?” the next chapter in Alison’s musical journey begins. As with all of the music she’s released during a career which has grown to span a generation, her newest songs take risks, challenge preconceptions, push her art powerfully forward. This latest project, unarguably her most ambitious to date by far, neatly captures the very essence of who Alison Crockett is as an artist: a fearless musical traveler boldly projecting her inimitable voice into the sonic future.

**Latest Album**

Mommy, What’s A Depression?

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Riley (Guitar/ Bassist)

Having worked for over 30 years as a performer, session musician and recording artist in a range of genres such as Reggae, Bhangra, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rare Groove, Soul, he feels it’s time to put out his own material.

His journey into music began at Heath Park School, Wolverhampton where he played the saxophone for five years aswell as the tenor horn and the baritone trombone achieving a level 5.

He was raised in a musical family home and so at the age of 9 years of age was given his first Guitar for his birthday, the instrument he never knew would be his life quest.

Jamming – Riley

At 13 years old the opportunity came that to go forward music school is the next step to study the rudiments of music such as Jazz, Classical, Musical Theory for 4 years. He was employed by Zip Theatre in Wolverhampton as their session worker for 4 years a position he really enjoyed.

Riley makes music in a wide range of settings including youth clubs, centres for the elderly and Young Offender institutions and performs a variety of musical styles from classical to bhangra.

His talent has taken him into the UK media spotlight from appearing on Blue Peter to Surprise Surprise.

He has performed in venues all over the world and has managed bands. His professional expertise is showcased in his unique sound on albums as well as live performances.

Riley Daley – Tune Two

Riley encourages music making in all settings from school workshops to evening classes and feels a sense of fulfillment through being able to enhance the lives of children and adults through his musical talents.

In 2011 he worked with Kuumba Arts Movement developing the music for an musical talent Show.

Over the past few years he preformed with artists from US/UK/Canada from the jazz/soul world like Nicole Mitchell, Gianna (US), AKA Subliminal (Canada) Juliette, Coco Brown, Clover Ray, from the UK plus many more

Now in 2012 on 25 October  his 6 track EP “Who Am I ?” was released

Out on Amazon NOW click photo to buy

6 Track EP

Dawn Delights
A Touch Of Paradise
Magic Where Are You
Guitar Train


Dre Cole

Dre Cole comes from a family full of singers and musicians.

He was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1986, Dre‘s Uncle was Grammy Award Winning Producer and Multi-Platinum Artist, David Cole of C & C Music Factory.

‘At the tender age of 2, he began playing the drums and as the age of 13, he began playing keys. In 1998, Dre’s family moved to Atlanta, Georgia where his music career officially began.

Dre Cole Music Update

He got connected with and was trained by a number of musicians including Justin Gilbert, Tres Gilbert, Eric Sinclair, and Marc Mays. These mentors pushed him to follow in his Uncle’s footsteps, as he began producing tracks for independent artists.

His resume as a Musician includes working with artists Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling, Otis Byrd and Adoration, Cecil Thornton and Transparent, Sonya McGuire and Friends, and he is currently the Music Director for B. Chase Williams and Sha Bach.

He has also been blessed to share the stage with music greats Marvin Sapp, James Hall, Ricky Dillard, Richard Smallwood, Walter Hawkins, Hezekiah Walker, Future, Masspike Miles, Kindred Family Soul, and D’Maestro, just to name a few.

Dancing The Night Away ft CoCo Jones (promo)

Currently, his debut album ‘Diary of a Mended-Broken Heart’ is in production and will be released in 2013..

Although Dre has a number of accomplishments as a Musician, his biggest one is being a proud Father of a beautiful baby girl, Faith Ann Wilson Kitchings, who is his pride and joy.

Now Dre is preparing for his first single ‘Grateful‘, which will be available on iTunes & CD Baby on September 18th. WATCH THIS SPACE for more updates.


New Single from Dre Cole Dancing the Night Away


Twitter: @IAmDreCole
Facebook: Dre Cole
YouTube: DreColeWorld

Courtney N. Aiken
Chief Executive Officer
ShowKase Entertainment, LLC


“A singer with an innate ability for passionate songwriting that one cannot learn” – Billboard

Ask Abiah, (formerly known in the industry as Jeremiah), how he felt going in to record his sophomore studio album and this artist can sum it up in one word. “Cautiously excited,” he says simply. Cautious?

Neo2soul caught up with Abiah to talk to him about the inspiration and stories behind ‘Life As A Ballad

When did you start making music and realize that you wanted to be a singer/musician?

I started writing songs when I was nine years old which was the time I realized I wanted to be a singer.

Was there a person or record that inspired you to pick up the pen and start writing songs and hit the studio?

My first major influence was Anita Baker.  She inspired me tremendously at the beginning of my career.

When it comes to making music what would you credit as your main motivation?

My main motivation is to share my gift and stories.  Everything I sing about, someone else can relate to and has experienced also. I’m hoping that my music can somehow change lives in a positive way.

How would you describe the music that you make? Who does your production?

If I had to call my music anything, it is Art-Song.  It is the conglomeration of my music influences and exposure.  I produce my own records although on Life As A Ballad, I had a co-producer, Keith Witty on half of the record.

Abiah – Doves

You got a song (Doves) out now featuring your cousin Robert Glasper which is the (Prince Cover) of When Doves Cry, Why did you choose that song? What do you feel you have brought to it? What was it like working with your cousin?

I think one of my greatest gifts is the ability to re-imagine music. When Doves Cry, is such a classic but I wanted to retell the story without using Prince’s music and make the story mine.

Robert is such a kind musician and we have worked so much together in the past.  His contribution to my art has helped me develop a picturesque landscape in the music.  You can see the story when you hear the song, as in a movie.

Your forthcoming album is called Life As a Ballad, Why did you name it this? Is it a soundtrack to your life or just a part of your life or neither?

I decided to name my album Life As A Ballad after seeing an episode of Oprah Winfrey.  She had the widow of Steve Erwin on and she said “when he left, the wind stopped moving” and the words struck me very deeply.

I began to write the song Life As A Ballad. Everyone has a story to tell and I wanted to explore what makes our collective ballad.  However, LAAB also means for me an opportunity to start again.

Do you enjoy playing live? Have you done many gigs and what kind of artists have you supported or played alongside?

I was made to perform live.  I’ve spent many years honing my craft in order to share it.  I’ve been singing professionally for 16 yrs.

My first major gig was with George Michael and I’ve gone on to perform with many notable artists in numerous genres.


I remember you as Jeremiah, so why did you change your name? What’s the story behind it?

The name change was part of my growth and evolution artistically.  ABIAH is my last name so it is honoring another part of myself.

It’s been nearly 6 yrs since I’ve released material and therefore in essence to many, I never existed.  Here’s my chance to start again.

Getting radio play is real gripe for a lot of independent artists, but have you had any radio play? If so what DJ’s and stations are supporting you?

I have had radio support of my last album and recently lots of blog/internet radio with the new music.

Do you think that radio is still as important as it was in the digital age?
It is always important if you are reaching your target audiences but not nearly as important as the visual these days.

Let’s talk image and branding for a minute. Some artists spend lots of money on artwork and other acts aren’t that interested. How important is image, artwork and branding to you?

Branding is so essential in this business now.  We are not just artists anymore but rather a product to be honest.  We have to be consistent as to not confuse our audience.  There is little time these days for an artist to grow with an audience but it has to be packaged just right from the start.  My team and I put lots of time into making sure everything is consistent in image, artwork, etc.

LOTL Radio Welcomes Abiah

I think that any artist coming into the game these days needs a music video. I mean You Tube is one the most visited website in the world and it’s still a great way of promoting a track. Have you got any videos on there and have any of them actually got played on any TV Stations? 

Yes, I agree with you.  Being seen is most important these days.  I was able to stay visible because VH1 and Centric continue to play my videos from my first album even unto this day. It is invaluable.  I have a few videos on YouTube and preparing to shoot my debut video for my current single September this week.

So what does the future hold for you as an artist?

Artistically I am always growing and looking for new opportunities.  I’ve already written or sketched out my next four albums.

I am also in development of two new television shows for network.  In addition, I continue my pledge in helping to develop other singers in my artist development program.  I feel extremely blessed to be an artist.

Official Music Video ‘September’

Abiah Music/Links

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All Songs Written and Arranged by Jeremiah Abiah*
Produced by Jeremiah Abiah and Keith Witty with Ulysses Owens, Jr.
Musicians: Robert Glasper, Marvin Sewell, Ulysses Owens, Jr., Keith Witty,
David Rosenthal, John Shannon, Chris Eddleton
All Vocals: Jeremiah Abiah
Mixed & Mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Studios NYC
*Next Time Around (Co-written by Anadara Farmer for Postage Stamp Publishing/ASCAP
& Jeremiah Abiah for Songs Made Simple (SESAC))
Doves (Music by Jeremiah Abiah, Lyrics by Prince Rogers Nelson)
Art Direction by Mr. Boyd for

Many thanks to George Littlejohn (The Purpose Music Group) for bringing Abiah to our attention

Russell Delegation

Russell Delegation is a Gospel choir known for their cutting-edge delivery of the Word in song. The group has recently introduced their new single, “How I Feel About You”.

It is a remix of the popular 80’s single, “Night and Day” recorded by R&B recording artist Al B. Sure. The single, produced by Herb Middleton, features B-Wellz, Lisa McClendon, Mahogany Jones, and Tia Pittman.

B-Wellz Shout Outs For The Track “How I Feel About You”

This is the first single from their forthcoming project, “Almighty God” produced by Franklin “Bubby” Fann. The project features guest LeCresia Campbell, Bruce Parham, Sherwin Gardner, Miche Waller, Danny Eason and Jay Caldwell. The release date is September 11, 2012.

Celebrating their 25th year in Gospel Music, this is a high spirited aggregation that represents Wilmington, Delaware; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Baltimore, Maryland.

The choir is an outreach ministry based out of the Simpson UM Church in Wilmington, Delaware where the Reverend Lester N. Justice is the Pastor. The group is named after Reverend Dr. Williams E. Russell who now Pastors in the Virginia Beach Portsmouth area.  They are signed with the independent label Nu Beginning Muzica.

Listen To Video Below – Click Photo To Buy Single

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The Album “Almighty God


Marcel Anderson

Marcel Anderson is a soulful and spiritual gospel singer.

He was reared in a household with 3 talented brothers and 3 sisters, he discovered one of the many gifts God had placed in his heart, which was singing Gospel Music. Marcel always allowed the spirit of God to be glorified through his music.

As a talented songwriter, Marcel introduces us to yet another one of his gifts in his new Inspirational Gospel song. Marcel recently released a song called “Closer”. The song Closer has a positive message that inspires listeners to develop a closer walk with Jesus during the good and bad times in their life.

Marcel Anderson & Colandra McDowell @CommUnityNow

Marcel gift from God as a vocalist allows him to reach out to the new generation of young leaders, praying daily that they will continue to hide themselves in the word of God.

With a practical, yet insightful and charismatic singing style, and a passion for Gods music, Marcel Anderson is dedicated to spreading the good news of the Gospel to everyone he meets especially young people.

Marcel Anderson singing Challenges

He is a sought after revivalist and mentor who is called to empower and encourage the people of God. As he travels the world proclaiming the Word of God, Marcel meets no strangers and loves to meet new people wherever he travels. He enjoys proclaiming Gods victory to everyone he meets.
Marcel Anderson is a native of Spartan-burg, South Carolina.

After graduating from Dorman High School, Marcel received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Saint Augustine College, in Raleigh North Carolina.

Marcel is now attending Southeastern Baptist Theological School in Wake Forest North Carolina, where he will receive a Master in Divinity with an emphasis in worship leadership.

Marcel has taught at Hillside New Tech High School for 3 years as a special education teacher.

Free in the Garden Mix

Marcel has a heart for the 21st century generation and is charged to make a difference with his words of motivation and inspiration.

Marcel is currently the youth minister and member at St Luke the Evangelist Christian Church, where B. McKinley Bayless, is the Senior Pastor.

With a unique style of inspiration and words that will touch your heart, Marcel released his new single “Free in the Garden,” in July capitalizing and focusing his attention on Genesis chapter 3.

Singing Free in the Garden live in Spartanburg SC

The song Free in the Garden gives listeners the opportunity to understand that the enemy can’t keep you in captivity. The song tells a strong story that every one can enjoy and relate to as they listen to it from start to finish. With a little dancing instruction within the song, we know this song will guide you to be free from your misery.



Louise Golbey is an inspiring, emerging singer, songwriter and musician.

Having already played at Glastonbury and recorded at the famous Maida Vale studios, Louise has established herself amongst a variety of acclaimed producers and DJ’s.

A frequent performer on the live soul/jazz circuit she plays regularly at many legendary venues such as Ronnie Scotts and The Jazz Cafe and her strong fan following continues to grow.

Louise has also developed a strong reputation within the UK soul scene performing extensively across London and beyond over the years.

Mr Potential

She has worked with Example and The Newham Generals and has supported and shared the stage with a number of acclaimed artists including Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Katy B, Kal Lavelle, Mr Hudson, Mikill Pane, Mitch Winehouse, Ryan Keen, Omar, Sonique (at a London Fashion Week charity gig) and one of Barack Obama’s favourite artists: Anthony David at Bush Hall.

Last year she was asked to open for the legendary George Benson at the fabulous Kenwood House Picnic Concert performing in front of nearly 6,000 people!  She recently supported Alexander O’Neal at an exclusive one-off show at The Leicester Square Theatre and in January she also supported Mitch Winehouse at Floridita in aid of The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Weigh A Ton

Louise is also a vocalist in the very successful band Broadcast 2000 (who’s music has featured on many adverts). She is a firm favourite on the BBC radio; she has been interviewed and performed live on various shows as well as her tracks being played regularly on BBC Radio 1, Radio 1Xtra, 6Music and BBC London by Huw Stevens, Tom Robinson, Jo Goode, Gemma Cairney, Sarah-Jane, Ronnie Herel AND Trevor Nelson.

Louise also features on producer Nick Doe’s soulful house version of ‘He Loves Me’, a Jill Scott cover which is out now on the Restless Soul label and has been getting lots of attention on the club scene and reached No. 1 in the Soulful House Charts.

Jazz FM are also avid supporters of Louise and her music. She has twice headlined a sold out show at Kensington Roof Gardens this year has performed at The London Jazz Festival (Barbican) and was the first artist to perform at the brand new venue Boisdale at Canary Wharf which was recorded live and broadcast on Jazz FM.

Although currently unsigned Louise has achieved a number of major milestones during her career so far. Her outstanding performance at Glastonbury on the BBC Introducing stage has resulted in Louise being widely regarded as ‘One to watch.’

A Little While Longer

Louise is continuing to stir up a lot of interest. The BBC has really taken to Louise and continually supports the exciting new artist.  Louise’s music video for her track ‘Same Old Same Old’ features BBC Radio 1 DJ Ras Kwame and the BBC Introducing team filming behind the scenes during the shoot. The behind the scenes video is available on BBC iPlayer.

Same Old Same Old (feat DJ Ras Kwame)

She has been working with a wealth of producers including 8Trak, Alex Morris, Cato Hoeben, Nick Doe, as well as continuing to work with Mercury Music Prize nominee Drew Horley. (De La Soul, Estelle, Roots Manuva, TY, Natalie Williams and Nate James).

Another string to her bow, Louise speaks fluent French and has recorded a French version of her song and video ‘How It is’. She also headlined the Jazz night at Musique Cordiale Festival in Provence this August and is planning on doing a French tour next year.

How It Is

Her music video ‘How It Is’ was nominated in this year’s UK Music Video Awards

If  you want to see the French version of the track/video: CLICK HERE  How It Is (FRENCH)

Her tracks are available on iTunes and her music videos and live footage are on her YouTube channel ‘Golbey1’. It is not often that you get the chance to witness the emergence of a complete artist and that is exactly what the Soul scene has acquired in the form of Louise Golbey.

*NEW* Single Up to Me

She is currently working with producer Aamir Yaquib who worked on the recent Rihanna album. She is also now associated with global entertainment agency Chokolate who regularly work with the likes of Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, and represent Chris Grant and legendary choreographer / Creative Director Frank Gaston (Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Usher, J-Lo, Kelly Rowland, Destiny’s Child, En Vogue). Please check out their website:

522523_10151378173622736_182488938_nLouise recently performed at at The Isle Of Wight Festival 2013. She was shortlisted from over 2600 artists/bands in the IOW Unsigned Competition to win the chance of playing at this year’s festival.

She battled it out for a chance to win one of six slots to perform across the Festival site. She performed on the Stage: The Bandstand

Having already performed at Glastonbury – Louise now has another legendary festival under her belt. Watch this space for video footage of her set…

See more at:




Louise Golbey
Lots to Give
5 track – EP


Click photo for the iTunes download link
also it is out on Amazon, Juno and Traksource

The Funky Street remix package  Weigh a Ton

Includes remixes by these six incredible producers:

Soulful Session
Circle of Funk
Frank Ainsworth
A Deeper Groove
Soul Twins
Tee Bee

Up To Me iTunes Artwork

Game Player final artwork



Labrinth Let the Sun Shine

The Sea and Me (LIVE)

For bookings and info please email

Sherry Davis

She is a songstress of rare quality and unmistakable character

Want to know why some of the most respected names in UK soul are throwing their support behind impressive new vocalist and songwriter Sherry Davis?

Her debut single, the Omar-produced Ain’t That Love provides a first part of the answer: the self-penned tune is not only the most haunting song you’ll hear all summer, but it also introduces the wider public to one of the best kept secrets of London’s underground live circuit.

You’re about to hear a lot more of her. Sherry is already hard at work on her first EP, collaborating not only with said soul don Omar, but with several other top writer/producers on the soul music scene.

STREET STARZ [AM] – Sherry Davis – ‘Back Up’

So far the list includes Steve Chrisanthou and John Beck, the Grammy nominated production duo behind Corrine Bailey Rae, Incognito leader Bluey Maunick, hit songwriter Tim Hutton (Prodigy, Groove Armada) and LA based hit making producer Gregg Pagani (Charlie Wilson, LeAnn Rimes).

The truly arresting thing about Sherry Davis is that she hasn’t sought to cop any of the major pop/R&B/soul divas for style. She freely admits to being a massive Mariah Carey fan… but that’s as deep as the link goes. Her mum’s played her a lot of Diana Ross over the years too, for that matter.

Street Starz TV: Sherry Davis – “To The Limit”

And you can detect some gospel roots anchoring nearly everything that Sherry does. Yet this is unquestionably about a long-term career in the making, not the dreams of the latest X Factor wannabe. You’ll notice, maybe, touches of Niecy Williams’ mid-range in there somewhere, perhaps a little of Syreeta Wright’s vulnerability, and possibly a touch of Alicia Key’s sass. In the end the Sherry Davis sound is all her own.

Sherry Davis Making Of Ain’t That Love

Click Photo To Download It

Ain’t That Love Official Video 2012

Water Seed

Water Seed gives me hope!!!” – George Porter (the Meters/Funk Legend)

Brought up on the roots and traditions of the musical city of New Orleans, Water Seed has become one of the undergrounds best kept secrets.

Crossing genres, social status, and age lines, Water Seed continues to reach fans of every demographic.

Made of up of Grammy winners, Major Label side players and accomplished composers, Water Seed presents musicianship at it’s finest.

Water Seed – It Won’t Be Me

Known for their amazing live show and stellar sound, Water Seed has funked out just about every type of stage and venues. Be it their 3 appearance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival or the far off  stages of Russia, the Water Seed legacy and second to none.

Water Seed has just finished their latest cd and is preparing to hit the road.

While preparing for the road Water Seed released a number of singles with some of the independent scene’s most influential performers to keep their fans grooving.

Water Seed is now poised to capture the music scene like that of legendary acts.  They possess the perfect ingredients to create a superstar gumbo.

Water Seed live at Smiths Olde Bar in Atlanta.


“The show ended with everyone standing and clapping as if it were church, and then the offering plate came into the audience.” – Live New Orleans Music

“It’s vibrant and loud like Prince, but soulful enough to gain more than any other fast-paced R&B music.”- Star Watson for AOL’s City’s Best

“I’m feeling this Music” – Ric Ross (Capitol Records)

“As a taster for the album these tracks are great, good mellow, soulful music, and real music to with excellent production and musicianship.” – Mike Ashley, Life and Soul

Water Seed EPK: Wonder Love

in 2013 Water Seed new single Imagination is A mellow groove that will grab you from the first drum tap, Imagination is the sad story of a man lost in his thoughts about a woman that seems out of his reach. Jerry May Productions deftly depicts such a scenario capturing the lead man imagining the life he wished he had alongside the woman of his dreams.


Feel Like I Do Final (Heart Beat Remix)

Water Seed – I really don’t care that you’re leaving (Official Video)

Vent (Official Video)


“Wonder Love Pt.2”


Vula Malinga was born in 1980 in Texas US was always surrounded by amazing music from George Benson, Al Jarreau, Barry White to Rick James, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & the Gang, Minnie Riperton, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson… the seeds were being planted for what was to come in the future…

In beautiful Winchester some years later Ben Jones was born. Growing up Ben was fortunate to have access to his parents record collection.. In this ‘said’ collection included artists such as MJ, Level 42, Steely Dan, Thomas Dolby, Van Halen, Prince, Peter Gabriel, James Brown… to name but a few.

Fast forward to now, DivaGeek, made up of London based vocalist Vula Malinga & multi-instrumentalist/producer Ben Jones, DivaGeek release their debut album, ‘He Said, She Said’, independently on DivaGeek Records.

DivaGeek – EPK @divageekmusik

Already having a release under their belts with Vula‘s 2008 EP ‘If You Want It’, Vula and Ben continue their musical journey with DivaGeek, a refreshing combination of Neo Soul, Funk & R’n’B with an Electric Dance feel, giving listeners that ‘Electric-Soul’ sound they are becoming known for.

Four years in the making alongside a delicate juggling act of working with other industry names such as Jazmine Sullivan, Sam Sparro, Kelly Rowland & Basement Jaxx, both Vula & Ben have used every ounce of their spare time to complete the first instalment from the DivaGeek project.

DivaGeek – Oh La Laa (live) @divageekmusik

15 tracks make up ‘He Said, She Said’, including a cover of Hall & Oates‘ ‘I Can’t Go For That‘, which both Vula and Ben added as a nod of respect to the music surrounding them growing up in the 80s and the album continues to show the pairs’ influences by a plethora of artists such as: Level 42, Prince, Janet & Michael Jackson, George Benson, Faith Evans, Sting & The Police, and the music that surrounds them today, DivaGeek bring together an eclectic sound with their debut material.

“During the process of making this album, it was my musical friends that influenced me the most, whether it be them playing material from other artists or just hanging with them.” says Ben Jones, the alleged ‘Geek’ of the group.

Whilst the ‘Diva’, singer Vula adds: “With Ben’s productions, I found it easy to come up with melodies that I felt and I just played around a lot while working on my inner ‘SWV, Janet or Faith’-ness!’ A hearty chuckle comes from the pint sized singer

“We came up with something people were finding a bit different and I think that’s because we are just making music we want to make. There’s no agenda or pre-thought out plan to make hits per say, we just hope people enjoy what we do!”

DivaGeek – He Said, She Said (live) @divageekmusik

Technically accomplished and full of rich orchestration and electronic flourishes, ‘He Said, She Said’ somehow still manages to keep a lightness of touch and an instant pop appeal, with stand-out tracks: ‘Oh La Laa!‘, ‘Hangin‘, Wid U‘ and ‘Money‘ and, of course, the title track ‘He Said, She Said’.

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Rahsaan Patterson


Many Thanks to So Soulful (DJ Jai)

Cocoa St. James

Detroit born Cocoa St. James started singing at the age of 2. Her family tells stories of her making up songs and melodies before she could even formulate sentences.

Her first official songwriting endeavor was an ode to her favorite pet at the age of 7.  Cocoa honed her talent in school, church, and various show choirs.

She was even privileged enough to participate on a gospel singing tour throughout Italy.  An avid lover of jazz, Cocoa sites several jazz legends as her earliest influences.

Cocoa St James – Gotta Get Away

Some of her favorites include Al Jarreau, Michael Franks, Jonathan Butler, and Bob James.  But don’t put her in a box, her musical palette ranges from Phil Collins, to Jay Z, to Linkin Park.

Ms. St. James is a true artist who see singing and songwriting as therapeutic.  Although Cocoa obtained her MBA and established a fruitful career in Corporate America, her passion for music kept calling her.

Recently, she decided to leave her office behind, step out of faith,  and pursue music full-time.

Cocoa St James – Tick Tock

While her debut CD entitled “Here” did a great job of introducing this R&B sensation to the world, her sophomore albums “Be” and “The Remixes”, have solidified her spot in the neo-soul movement.

Cocoa’s future ambitions are to continue to make great music, and to work with some of her favorite artists such as: Lalah Hathaway, Eric Roberson, Rahsaan Patterson, and Gary Taylor.

Look out for more updates by Cocoa St. James in 2012, so in the meantime check out her music below

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Amber Ojeda

She is vintage with a modern flare.

Known best for her sultry and subtle vibrato, it’s her ability to lace together jazz, new soul, pop and hip hop that helped make her mark on the digital world of music.

Equal parts talent and ambition, Ojeda has managed to secure music placements on networks such as ABC, Bravo, Oxygen & The Style Network.

In 2010 a distribution deal was acquired with Sweet Soul Records releasing her debut Album ‘Here I Am‘ in Japan.

Lady Like live @ Zanzibar

In 2011 Ojeda landed a coveted spot on Bravo‘s emerging singer songwriter competition series “Platinum Hit“.

Her sophomore album “” was released in January of 2012 and has been highlighted on numerous music blogs among the likes of Getty Images & This is Real Music.

Amber has continued to receive constant airplay by independent music stations and has remained #1 on Reverbnation (San Diego pop Charts) for over a year.

Amber Ojeda “Don’t Rush” Belly Up Show

In 2012 Ojeda song ” Don’t Rush” (above) was featured on the World Soul Collective VOL. 1 compilation on Japan’s Sweet Soul Records, which is filled with some of the promising independent international artists on today’s Indie scene. 17 tracks collectable soul music, 100% quality from start to finish for your musical ears and dance-floor feet. Click the photo below (in music links section) to buy the CD.

Amber Ojeda – “Never Be Her”

Amber Ojeda – “My Heart’s A Whore “

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