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Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez singer/songwriter

Raquel Rodriguez was born with a mic in her hand! From the age of 5, the LA native knew she wanted to sing, and is a gifted musician at her core. She is a woman who believes in the magic of music. Her presence is warm, powerful and inspiring, like her sound.

The Mexican-American soul singer is in a lane of her own, as she draws inspiration from Prince, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars, to create a smooth balance of 70s funk, 80s synths and 90s R&B.

Raquel is the true embodiment of the multi-cultural millennial, fusing the subcultures of the last 20 years of LA style with her nostalgic, yet current, brand of music.

Raquel grew up on the West Side of LA around Santa Monica and Venice, close to Gilbert’s El Indio, her family’s Mexican restaurant, which, over the past 44 years, has become an institution.

Raquel Rodriguez – Talk of This Town LIVE @ Blue Dream Studios

Raquel shed her shy disposition at a young age while participating in elementary and middle school talent shows. She took piano lesions and sang at Hamilton High School’s Music Academy, and, as she matured, her love of music only grew.

After high school, Raquel attended the prestigious Thornton School of Music at USC, where she studied music industry and jazz theory.

It was at USC where Raquel polished her songwriting skills and solidified many of her now thriving musical relationships. The community of musicians is just as important to her as is the art of music.

After college, Raquel went on to sing backup for such luminaries as Gwen Stefani and Anderson .Paak, and, in addition, opened for artists J. Cole, Snoop Dogg, Trombone Shorty and Goapele.

Raquel Rodriguez – You’ve Got Me LIVE @ Blue Dream Studios

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Tue, Sept 25th The 310 Pt. 2

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Raquel Rodriguez – Mile High – LIVE @ Blue Dream Studios

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Raquel Rodriguez – The Way You Make Me Feel

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Raquel Rodriguez – Don’t Be Afraid (Official Video)

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Raquel Rodriguez – Better Days (Official Video)

hold on

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Raquel Rodriguez – Hold On


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Raquel Rodriguez – Miss Me – Acoustic

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1326125785_Raj_Green_Dress_CROPPED_Eve_Harlowe_EDITRajdulari is Jazz vocalist

raj3Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My name is Rajdulari , I’m a Jazz Vocalist and Bandleader and I ‘m from Kalamazoo, Michigan but now based in New York City.

When did you start making music and realize that you wanted to be a singer?

I’ve been singing since I was about 3 years old, I was raised in the church. But it wasn’t until I was offered my first Jazz gig at 17 that I realized that being a vocalist was something that I wanted to pursue as a career.

How would you describe the music that you make? I know it’s hard to compare yourself to other artists and styles, but what kind of vibe is your music on?

Listening to my album is like grabbing a glass of wine and sitting down with your favorite cousin. It’s down-home soul music combined with a little Jazz and R&B.

My songs are personal, they are the vehicle through which I express my emotions. I’d like to say overall the music has a fierce, funky but relaxed vibe all at the same time.

What do you enjoy the most about the whole process of recording and writing music? Is there something that you absolutely love and is there anything that maybe you don’t like doing as much?

I really and truly enjoy collaborating with different musicians. Every time I play with new folks, I get to challenge myself as a vocalist. Even when I perform my songs that I’ve had for years, they sound fresh and new with different musicians, so I really enjoy growing professionally in that way. There really isn’t anything that I don’t like when it comes to recording and writing music, I wish I could do it all the time, every day all day.

Rajdulari Autumn Equinox 2012 Live Full Concert Footage

28036_10200524539769645_1075769086_nWhat have been the highlights of your career so far?

It’s been really nice to be recognized for my work with the New England Urban Music awards and Black Celebration Award nominations and the various amazing venues I’ve had the opportunity to perform in, but I have to say that my most recent highlight was traveling to London and performing at the JazzFM studios. I have fallen in love with London and can’t wait to go back there as soon as possible!

How are you getting your project out there? Do you have a distributor involved or maybe some shops/websites stocking & supporting  your music?

We’ve recently partnered with London-based Music Connex and my debut album “HoneyWine” is now being distributed on You can also find my music on my website and on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, etc.

Rajdulari – Honeywine Official Music Video feat.Terrell Carter

What feedback from the media have you had?

I have to say, I’m really grateful for the media responses that we’ve received over the years. We’ve been fortunate to receive some really great Press about “HoneyWine” and about my new single “Natural”. Folks can check out all of our nice quotes here:

20130422065801-RajNElijahNaturalVideoShootLet’s talk about your latest project, its sounding really tight. Who dealt with the production and how long did it take to make?

Thank you! I have an amazing new producer named Aaron Brooks-Roberts. He and I have been working on my new album “Journey of a Woman”. He’s an amazing keyboardist and composer and working with him is so very seamless. You can hear his work on my new single “Natural”.

This time around the sound will be more contemporary and less of a traditional Jazz sound; I think that my listeners will really enjoy the direction we’re going in! We are in the process of recording the album now, it should be done by January 2014.

Rajdulari – “Natural” Official Music Video

Do you think that radio is still important now in the digital age?

Yes, radio is EXTREMELY important. I think that good radio stations really help to spread the word about new Independent Artists. If it wasn’t for folks like JazzFM, Rhythm and Soul Radio, and others, a lot of listeners wouldn’t have heard my music.

Raj Flyer Pic-option 2Do you think the internet helps or hinders independent artists?

I think the internet helps Independent Artists a great deal, especially when they’re just starting their careers.

You have access to an audience that is outside of your geographical area, and the internet provides you with opportunities to connect with a larger group of people than you’d be able to reach just on your own.

The only challenge with the internet is that there is SO MUCH new music out there that it’s hard for listeners to focus in on a particular artist. But the internet COMBINED with radio can be a powerful tool for an Independent Artist to gain traction in their career.

Rajdulari Performs “Live” on SistahTalk TV!

Let’s talk image and branding for a minute. Some artists spend lots of money on artwork and other acts aren’t that interested. How important is image, artwork and branding to you?

Aside from producing high quality music, your image, your artwork and brand are extremely important tools that can set you apart from other artists. At various times in my career, I’ve hired a Business Coach (Jo-Na’ Williams-Artist Empowerment Firm), a Stylist (Steffany Allen), a Publicist (Monique Pennie-Purple Reign PR), a US Media/Retail Manager (Kevin Goins), a UK Media/Retail Manager (JM Soul) and my Manager (Ryan Landell).

raj2These key Team Members have really helped me expand and grow my brand further than I could have done on my own.

As an artist, you really need to surround yourself with a team of people who 1) know more about how to navigate the Music Industry than you do, and 2) Can take on some of the “Business” tasks surrounding your career so that you can focus on what’s most important: creating great music.

What’s Love Got To Do With It (Jazz Arrangement) Rajdulari

Do you enjoy playing live? Have you done many gigs and what kind of artists have you supported or played alongside?

I PREFER to play/record live. There’s nothing like the magic that happens when you are on stage with great musicians! You’re having fun on stage, the audience is having fun watching and listening, and together everyone is creating a magnificent vibe that can’t really be replicated in a studio!  I’ve been performing since I was 17, so I’ve played with a lot of great musicians.

Some of my favorite gigs were with my friend David Zoffer (Berklee Faculty, Keyboardist/Composer), Axel Laugart (Keyboardist), Calvin Brown (Keyboardist/Composer), Avery Hartgrove (Drummer), Edwin Briscoe (Drummer), Alex DaSilva (Bass), Zane Stribling (Bass), Rogerst Charles (Sax), Travis Antoine (Trumpet), Patriq Moody (Trumpet), Monique Brooks-Roberts (Violin), Aaron Brooks-Roberts (Keyboardist/Composer). I could go on and on!

Rajdulari NEW MUSIC- “Real Love” (Live @Cafe939 in Boston)

RetroWhat was the last album you brought and apart from Soul/R&B what other genres of music do you listen to?

The most recent albums I bought were Dwele’sGreater Than One”, Omar Lye Fook’sThe Man”, and Gregory Porter’sLiquid Spirit”. All three albums are must-haves in my book! I also listen to a lot of Gospel, definitely Jazz (all kinds), Blues, and I love a good country song every now and then J.

Have you got any videos on You Tube and have any ever got played on TV Stations?

Yes! I have over 50 videos on my YouTube channel. You can check them out here: Yes, both Natural and HoneyWine were played on various local Cable TV Stations, but I’m hoping to find someone to help me submit my videos to TVOne, BET, VH1Soul, and other TV networks, so if anyone has a resource they’d recommend, please let us know!

What plans have you got for the future?

My new album “Journey of a Woman” will be released January 2014, I’ll also be traveling back to Europe in February to promote the album and connect with more venues overseas.

You stay updated on my events by visitin my website at .

My long term goals are: 1) To win several Grammys2) to travel the globe performing and using my music to support my musician friends and my family; 3) to perform my music with a live symphony orchestra; 4) to do more Plus Modeling….the list goes on and on….

London JazzFM Rehearsal of “HoneyWine”

raj1Would like to send any shout outs to anybody?

I’d like to thank my publicist Monique Pennie for helping me get this interview, and I’d like to thank my listeners, my Loved Ones, for continuing to support me on this Journey 2 The Grammys!
Where can we find you on the Internet? Listeners can check out my music on . I’m also on Facebook (, on Twitter (@RajdulariMusic), on Instagram (@RajdulariMusic) and on Google+ (+Rajdulari).

Rajdulari Live In Session for Jazz FM




Journey of A Woman by Rajdular

Journey of a Woman *Behind The Scenes* Studio Session


Shan Smile

6960344078_57ae9919d2_kShan Smile singer-songwriter/guitarist

image001Shan Smile also known as Shanice Smith is a 20 year old singer-songwriter, performer and musician based in London. Recently graduated from The BRIT School (Performing Arts College2007-2011) where her love for wanting a career in music was established.

Shan is now onto studying a Music Business & Arts Management degree at Middlesex University (2011 – 2014). Determined to become an accomplished artist being 100% herself, She is currently promoting her music through various gigs and events.

Au Cinéma – Shan Smile

59746_529532680418916_322698609_nHer music consists of a range of Gospel, Soul, Reggae and Folk influences. Shan describes her music as inspirational and positive. Her main focus now in the middle of her degree is networking as much as possible as well as building up her song-writing, experience, musicianship and collaborations.

Shan has independently released numerous amounts of material including her Debut Album (launched in January 2011 for her 18th birthday) consisting of original material written and co-written where she distributes at her regular performances. She her current Acoustic EP set is OUT NOW!!!

There will be no exaggeration in saying that Shan has made excellent and inspiring progress and is already an accomplished performer in her own right. She plays the Acoustic Guitar (Grade 6) where she accompanies herself when performing.

Shan Smile & Sloozie (Acoustic Medley)

Shan Smile HeadShot ProfesShe has successfully accomplished and is still participating in many shows and events in numerous venues (London based bars, Music venues & Theatres etc), regular Radio recognition (Premier Christian Radio, 1-Xtra, DeJaVu FM, Radio King Online, T-Sol Radio, WHOA HM and more) and TV recognition (X-FactorBootcamp 2007, GMTV, Must Be The MusicChakula SoulSky1, OHTV and more).

She has a growing fan base on the online media outlets. Not forgetting her YouTube presence, helping her to gain a large amount of hits and recognition through supporters, well established artists’ and industry workers. Shan is determined to excel in what she does best and share the vocal blessing that God gave her with all, for a long as possible!

Selah Sue – Black Part Love (Cover By Whitnie Flo & Shan Smile)



Shan Smile – Family Reggae Medley

Tori Kelly – Stained (Shan Smile Cover)

For more information on Shan please visit
Website: –

For booking enquiries contact:
Diane Dunkley – RM2 Live
Tel: +44 (0) 207 193 4911 or +44 (0)7775 615 203

Tasita D’Mour

cityTasita D’Mour is a singer/songwriter

_MG_8263A renowned singer/songwriter whose versatility has afforded her opportunities to collaborate and work with a wide variety of artists including Madonna, Girls Aloud, Mick Hucknall, Chrissie Hines, Sir George Harrison, Corrine Bailey Rae, Will Young, London Gospel Community Choir etc.

However, it is as alead vocalist that has brought her global recognition on projects with the likes of; Roy Ayers, Fatback Band, Max Sedgley, Reel People, Copyright, Sunlightsquare, DJKawasaki, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Bah Samba, Faze Action etc.

Copyright featuring Tasita D’Mour – You Got Me

homebackground3It is through the chart toping success with many of these projects that has enabled her to extensively tour the world across Europe, Asia (in particular Japan) and USA.

Tasita has performed at numerous festivals worldwide as well as high profile televised events such as The Rugby World Cup and the world’s biggest ever global concert, Live 8.

She has achieved all this whilst remaining fiercely independent never tied to a traditional label structure.

DJ KAWASAKI / You Can Make It feat. Tasita D’Mour

Afbeelding 2_0




Izzy Bizu

izzyIzzy Bizu is a singer songwriter hailing from South West London.

izzybizuBorn to an Ethiopian Mother and an English Father, this fresh faced 18 year old grew up listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Betty Swan, Betty Wright and James Brown and draws on these musical greats alongside newer influences such as Amy Winehouse and Adele to create a fusion of soul, funk, jazz and pop that sounds classic and brand spanking new all at once.

Izzy’s first live performance on the music scene came earlier this year at the highly acclaimed ILUVLIVE where she delivered a sensational performance to a mesmerized and captivated crowd.

Izzy Bizu (Artist Files)

467194_187265698093939_1958259429_oWith this single performance Izzy has garnered the support from music industry heavyweights aswell as the UK’s biggest selling artist Emeli Sandie as well as other major artists like Pixie Lott and Naughty Boy.

With an undeniable talent, Izzy is fast becoming one of the most hotly anticipated acts of 2013.

Izzy is currently recording an acoustic EP expected to be released this summer.

Izzy Bizu – Hit The High Road (ILL Acoustic)



Izzy Bizu – White Tiger‎‎‎


Acantha Lang

bannerAcantha Lang singer/songwriter

465924_10152332822710247_695396152_oShe grew up in the rich musical landscape of New Orleans. One would think that her musical journey began there; however, it wasn’t until she moved to New York City that she found her voice.

The first few years she was unsure about what career path she wanted to take but all that changed when she bought her first Blues CD at a local store in Harlem and immediately felt a connection. She says, “It felt like home.”

Acantha Lang – Eventually (Original) – Ont’ Sofa Gibson Sessions

194707_10150935634760247_158018416_oThe first few years she was unsure about what career path she wanted to take but all that changed when she bought her first Blues CD at a local store in Harlem and immediately felt a connection. She says, “It felt like home.”

She immersed herself in the musical form, its history, and watched countless documentaries about Blues greats like: HowlinWolf, Little Walter, Muddy Waters, and others.

Acantha’s Blues-influenced, sensuous, soulful voice alongside her tremendous and fine-tuned stage presence has taken her on a journey from a residency at the infamous ‘Supper Club’ in Harlem to performing all over the world.

She did  hosting for ‘The Box’ in NY and London, frequented by the rich and famous such as Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise, Sting, Axl Rose, Jude Law, and Billionaire George Soros are just some of the few A-listers!

Valerie-Amy Winehouse Acoustic Cover- Acantha Lang

maxresdefaultAlthough Blues music has had a major impact on Lang’s sound, she credits that everything she listens to has had an effect on her musical development in some way, pointing out Tina Turner, Led Zeppelin, Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix, and Mick Jagger as some of her biggest stimuli.

To date, Acantha has released two singles: ‘Know Your Name’ & ‘Eventually’, both can be purchased on iTUNES & Amazon. Acantha is currently in London working on her first EP.

4 Non Blondes What’s Up Cover (Acantha Lang)



Acantha Lang – Know Your Name




bannerNanna.B is a rare bird on the Scandinavian music scene.

NannaB04With her unique voice, her artistic approach on music and her courage to stand out, she has a sound that’s all her own.

The debut album Vitaphone was made with the ambition to create a nordic soul sound inspired by the nature and climate of Northern Europe and influenced by the American soul, which Nanna grew up listening to.

This new album presents a great deal of contrast. Nanna.B’s soft voice contrasts the heavy, dusty beats by producer, Damp.

The album’s experimental elements contrast the traditional soul sound in which the album is rooted, and the warm, organic feeling on the album contrasts the rough, cold Danish climate.

Nanna.B “Falling” (Rooftop Session)

“The concept behind the album was to create something that sounded like a soul concert taking place on a trip to the moon”, Nanna explains about Vitaphone. The title is inspired by a painting by American street artist, Basquiat, and consists of the two words “Vita” and “phone“, meaning “life” and “sound“.

NannaBpressphotoInternational soul releases are very rare on the Danish music scene, and Vitaphone has already received a lot of underground attention throughout the world.

First single of the album, Sum O’ Sometimes has been played on radio stations and posted on blogs from Brazil to Russia, Japan and The US, and the album received good reviews all over.

While currently based in Copenhagen, Nanna.B recorded the entire album during the past year hidden in an analogue recording studio with her producer, Damp, in the countryside of Denmark.

Nanna.B “Sum O´Sometimes” (Vitaphone, debut LP Out Now)

Most of the tracks are with live instrumentation supported by samples and electronic compositions. The album contains features from Chicago based rapper Diverse, Danish beatbox champion and rapper, Nappion, and feature productions by Stacks and Rewolmer.

HattebarnetIn 2012 Nanna graduated in contemporary visual arts from Danish school of higher education, The Funen Art Academy, and she has used her experience with both audio and visual art in the whole album-making process.

As an independent artist,Nanna has been in charge of everything from the music production to the cover and the visual design. Vitaphone will be out in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan in May 2013 on vinyl, CD and digital on Underdog Records.

Nanna.B – Keep on Moving (The 3 am Movement) // Prod. Damp

Nanna.B is has just returned from a 3 months stay in LA where she worked on new material with producer Shafiq Husayn (Bilal, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Robert Glasper), she played numerous live shows with Shafiq Husayn & Dove Society and gained airplay on KCRW

vitacover copy



“One of the darling surprises of 2012” – Kevin Nottingham ( USA)
“Takes you on a cosmic journey and lean towards a futuristic jazz-soul sound” – Soulbounce (USA)
“What you hear from Nanna is what you get—soul from the soul” – Scandinavian Soul ( Sweden)
“She offers some of the finest coming out of Copenhagen ” – Bands of Tomorrow (Denmark)
“Vitaphone is a trek into a dreamy and hypnotic blend of Jazz, Soul, & Electronica, ” – Audiodiva (USA)

2012-10-28 15.51.32Media Links

Jasmine Nichol

bannerJasmine Nichol is a singer/songwriter

IMG_2663Born in Hayward, CA and raised in the Bay Area, Jasmine Nichol got her musical roots from various places. While a toddler, listening to the music her older sister and mother were bumpin’ around the house led to her submersion into pop culture.

Influences such as Tupac, Biggie, Aretha Franklin, Digital Underground, Keith Sweat, Chaka Khan and Rufus, Will Downey, Jackson 5, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Smith, Miles Davis.

All of artists above plus so many others sparked her creative interest in songwriting, which later developed her passion for singing to express the words she wrote on paper.

Jazzy TV Ep. 2: #noE Interview

_DSC2186Musical talent runs through Jasmine Nichol’s veins, in that her grandfather was a writer and her aunt was an amazing songstress, even her mother formed a singing group entitled, Shades of Love in the 70’s.

All these old school influences have given Jasmine Nichol a distinctive platform and savory genre all her own.

During the course of her musical journey Jasmine has auditioned for The Voice, American Idol and the X Factor.

#RocdamicSac + KSSU radio interview

470232_577473215602527_250709643_oDebuting her first project, Ain’t Nothin’ Like Ya First Time in the summer of 2012 then following it up with her second project #NoE in April of this year, Ms.

Nichol has been given a taste of what the industry brings, fans, love and support.

With her hard work, determination and passion, Jasmine Nichol is bound to make an impact in the music industry.

On June 1st 2013 Jasmine Nichol opening  for Bilal  at Harlow’s Restuarant and Nightclub. Tickets are $20, 8pm 21+.

Rock the Vote in San Jose!



Jasmine Nichol Interview




Jasmine Nichol – the fantasy 

single off of the debut tape “Ain’t Nothin’ Like Ya First Time”

Jasmine Nichol – the struggle (Ft. Mani Draper)

single off of the debut tape “Ain’t Nothin’ Like Ya First Time”

620993_4523102688112_1711023745_oContact Info
Official website:

Janae Smith

bannerJanae Smith is an singer/songwriter

Janae Smith Shot 3Smooth, eclectic , and soulful is what defines Janae Smith,  born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut.

Janae has showed much appreciation for her origins, considering much of her music directly relates to her growing up as a young girl and blossoming into a young woman.

Janae first noticed her talent at the impressionable age of eight ,She would perform in plays, participate in dance groups, and sing in front of a gathering of family and friends. “I was always a multi-talented performer; I guess you can say I like taking the stage.”

Janae Smith/Interview

Janae Smith Shot 1She credits multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Troy Oliver in having a role in the discovery of her range in notes. “The day I met Troy Oliver was the ear I needed, his mentoring allowed me to define my range in sound.”

Janae has a strong appreciation for music. Her music has become a true art in her eyes.

She has expressed her artistry in a realm she’s never imagined, while infusing musical upbeat and slow tempo notes of soul, jazz, and contemporary music today we know as Neo-soul.

Janae Smith – Special (Official Music Video)

892763_135720846616382_358789434_o“I want people to see me as a singer/entertainer with a passion for taking the stage. I want my supporters to see the determination and eagerness I possess which has allowed me to advance in all aspects of the music/ entertainment business.

“Artists in the business know it’s a real hustle, and sitting around will get you nowhere. I have dreams, big dreams and I someday want my dreams to become a reality.” Janae continues to work on her music by writing and recording in local studios.

She is proud of the release of her second single entitled Lover’s Rehab from her Official EP Titled Coming From The Hart, produced by an up and coming producer Jerome Bewry the song talks about a troubled relationship that needs work, and in order to make things work they have to go to “Lover’s Rehab”.

Janae Smith – Lovers Rehab (Promo)



Janae Smith – Closer (Corrine Bailey-Rae Cover)‎

Nina Rae

bannerNina Rae is a singer/songwriter

ninaraentimeImagine a modern day soul singer who just happens to be classically trained pair that with a sultry sensuous vibe and ingenious lyrics and you will start to get a handle on Nina Rae.

From URB Magazine to the Chicago Tribune, Nina Rae’s music projects have been described as jazzy, sexy, defiant, and enthralling, which makes Nina’s solo debut even more impressive.

A debut solo release it may be, but Nina’s flow is timeless reinforcing the music of periods past from the genres of soul, jazz, and R&B.   These genres influenced and help shape a sound that is futuristic, beautiful, and bold.

NinaRaeN’Time performs cover song “Time after Time”

Some of the singers Nina cites as influences are memorable…Nina Simone, Me’shell Ndgeocello, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holliday … and were considered ahead of their time with haunting lyrics, inspiring melodies, and more.

Soul Music Fest '09-4576While the work of such notable artists helped to shape Nina’s style and her approach to musicianship, her love of Hip-Hop music, helped cement her organic approach to her lyricism, the music she chooses to record with, and the topics she chooses to sing about.

The third oldest of eight children, Nina grew up listening to classic Motown and jazz artists such as Gladys Knight and Miles Davis.

Her father, a painter and writer, and her mother, a singer, who once had the opportunity to share the stage with Chaka Khan, were constantly entertaining the family with stories from their childhoods.

The dynamic of having a big family contributed greatly to her creative landscape and she was encouraged to pursue her talents seriously. Nina’s solo release is entitled, “Born To Love.”

Nina Rae – Falling in Love

The lead single, “Falling In Love,” was featured on Grammy award winning site,,,, Tastemaker, & listed as having a “great beat, great retro soul vibe, & great vocals make “Falling In Love” a nice treat for the ears” by Singers Room.

ninarae3Nina has shared the stage with Common, Q-Tip, Mark De Clive Lowe, Sy Smith, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Leela James, 9th Wonder, Talib Kweli, Phonte of Foreign Exchange, Nappy Roots, Tony, Toni, Tone, The Chi-Lites, Poi Dog Pondering, and Grammy award nominated group Liquid Soul.

Nina’s previous compilations include work with Kenny Keys as Innosphere.  Innosphere’s debut album Shine was a best new group nominee for 2010.

Released in the US in 2009 and in Japan in 2010, Shine received critical acclaim, with features in Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, The Roots Site, UK based MC site Morpheus and many more.

To date, Nina has performed at the Chicago Soul Music Festival, The Shrine, House of Blues Chicago, Northcoast Music Festival, New York Indie Soul Fest, The Rave Wisconsin , and various other local clubs, festivals, and events.

Innosphere – Gotta Be Me



Nina Rae Promo Radio Interview


Rebekka B Mæland

bannerRebekka B Mæland is soul jazzy r&b singer/songwriter

Rebekka B. Maeland (Foto kred AGF Music)From a small, rural town in the distant province, Norway, sounds an angelic voice. Rebekka, a young, up-and-coming neo-soul artist takes our thoughts way back to the golden era of soul. Born into a music loving family she immediately learned to appreciate the joy of melody.

With her father as a mentor she would travel around to perform along with her brother, and sang in various choirs and groups, until she wrote her first song on her own, November 2006. A star had begun her journey towards the skies.

Still determinately working to develope further in style and expression, Rebekka keeps blessing us with songs that we all can relate to. Inspired by that universal love and divinity that no human can help but to recognize, she writes most of her songs herself.

NRK – Rebekka B. Maeland debut album reportasje 

Rebekka B. Maeland“All kinds of music inspires me, especially soul music from the 1950‘s. But God, love, life, and my family is my biggest inspiration”. Her music stretches into contrasts between the honesty and vulnerability of her lyrics, to the strength of her talent.

All of this without getting in the way of catchy hooks, or keeping her humble person from shining through. In short: soothing music to make you feel good.

She is working closely with producers such as Harry West from Bergen, Roar Farstad from Kristiansand and Jonesy for “JNS Beats” in Oslo. She has made great live performances with her new great band, as well as a couple of international collaborations. Some with rap artists from the US.

Her dream is to one day be able to make a living of her music, and concentrate fully on her great passion with her own unique artistic signature.

Meanwhile the fans can enjoy the new summer single, called Don’t Worry ft. Joleon Davenue that is available at Itunes and other music stores!

Rebekka B. Maeland – Acoustic consert

Rebekka B. Maeland - Coffee & Music Part 2

BEKKY FORSIDE cover (1400x1400PXL)


Rebekka B. Maeland – Release Party (Back In Time)

Rebekka B. Maeland – My Way feat. Son Of Light (HD Official)

What U Said – Rebekka feat. Rapper Big Pooh (OFFICIAL)



Jan-Erik ‘Gino’ Mæland
AGF MUSIC (All in Grind Factory)
Twitter: @ginobless
Instagram: @ginobless

Kia Bennett

Kia-Bennett-621x413Kia Bennett is a singer/songwriter

IMG_0046_2_copyKia is about love, beauty, human nature, and God. Her music reflects all those things.

She quotes, “I want you to feel high without the feeling of a superficial one. Through my music, I want to create and redefine an atmosphere of love and beauty in all forms and on all levels, embracing you as you embark upon a new but classic feeling.

It’s all about the beauty of elevation. My music is universal and for all seasons. You can make love, clean the house, cook, entertain, drive, sleep, relax, get motivated and even get lost in it and be vulnerable..!


186222_644890940_4654794_nThe gimmick here is to not have one. Just be true….and be able to relate….and just know that there is somebody out there who
feels the way you do.”

A native of Richmond,Virginia and a product of Howard University, Kia made her introduction into the entertainment world while singing with former Washington D.C. group “Entyme” along with other respected soul artists Geno Young, Sy Smith, and Yahzarah.

Kia is a member of the new school RAMP (Roy Ayers Music Production) whose musical contributions provided the world with samples for hits like  A Tribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum”, Mary J. Blige’s “My Life” and Erykah Badu’s “America’s Promise”.

Ms. Bennett is best noted for her soothing background vocals which blessed international recording artists like  D’Angelo, Ledisi, Michael Bolton, Julie Dexter, and Deborah Bond.

Kia was recently nominated for 2012 Best New Artist for SoulTracks Readers Choice Awards. Kia ia also a new member of the The Recording Academy.

Soulpersona “Lifetime” feat Kia Bennett




Also available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby

FB: Kia Bennett Music

Extra Curricular



They make future soul music, incorporating rock and electronic music styles. The band play real instruments along-side live electronics and vocals.

After releasing two EPs on Doorly’s Pigeonhole This! label in summer 2012 the world are now waking up to Extra Curricular’s fresh new sound.

The band’s debut EP ‘WON’T STAY DOWN‘ peaked at number 11 in the iTunes electronic chart and set the scene for the follow up success of ‘LAST DAY‘.

Extra Curricular – Last Day (Official Video)

The track received countless BBC Radio 1 plays courtesy of Annie Mac, Toddla T, and Friction, and was showcased as part of the now legendary ‘Free Music Monday‘ blog. Formed in 2009 from after-hours jam sessions in Huddersfield put together by rhythm section duo Noah Burton (Drums) and Jack Button (Bass), Extra Curricular sculpted their sound passing through the genres of hip-hop, jazz and funk, with past alumnae including Ruby Wood (Submotion Orchestra) and Jack Flash (UK Hip-hop MC).

Extra Curricular – Last Day – Ont’ Sofa Sessions

The current formation boasts an impressive live stage show which has to be witnessed to be fully appreciated. The band’s blend of soulful grooves, bass driven beats and luscious melodies together to form deep and meaningful songs delivered by the rapturous vocals and presence of Thabo Mkwanazi.

Front8This live show has seen Extra Curricular play alongside Example, Labrinth, Professor Green, Tynchy Stryder, Zane Lowe, Tower Of Power, Doorly, DJ Yoda, Reverend and The MakersArtwork, Youngblood Brass Band, The Correspondents, The Furious 5, and Craig Charles amongst others.

The band can also count Andi Durrant (Capital FM) and Eddy Temple-Morris (Xfm) as fans. Mixmag, Knowledge Magazine, and DJMag have run features on Extra Curricular, with Mixmag premiering the band’s debut music video on their worldwide blog.

Extra Curricular – Unaware (Allen Stone acoustic cover) – Ont’ Sofa Sessions

Front6Following on, ‘LAST DAY’ has now appeared on the Ibiza Rocks 2012 compilation and the Jaguar Skills and His Amazing Friendsalbum. Thabo’s vocals also featured on the Duke Dumont underground house hit ‘No Money Blues’ taken from his ‘For Club Play Only’ EP.

Fast-forward to 2013 and with a series of EP releases under their belt, countless performances at major festivals and venues. Extra Curricular continue to produce new music,  collaborate with exciting artists, and showcase their live show around the UK.

Extra Curricular - Sunshine and Snaredrums artwork


Extra Curricular
Thabo Mkwananzi (Vocals)
Martin Chung (Guitars)
Jack Button (Bass/Programming)
Noah Burton (Drums/Programming)
John Waugh (Saxes)
Greg Nicholas (Trumpet)

Front2We’re touring these dates at the moment

05/05 – Newcastle, Hoochie Coochie
11/05 – Holmfirth, The Picturedrome
17/05 – York, The Duchess
25/05 – Leeds, The Musiquarium
31/05 – Chester, The Compass
01/06 – London, The Finsbury
02/06 – London, De Beauvoir, St. Peter’s Church (Acoustic show)
08/06 – Leicester, The Soundhouse
14/06 – Cardiff, The Moon Club
21/06 – Cornwall, Rock Oyster Festival
22/06 – Lincolnshire, Hidden Hill Festival
05/07 – The Ribble Valley, Beatherder Festival
06/07 – Chelmsford, The Fling Festival

More about the band can be found at

Chris Chandler

bannerChris Chandler singer/songwriter

Chris_035There was a time in history when Chicago was the lifeline of the music industry. Such greats as Nat King Cole , Curtis Mayfield, and Earth Wind & Fire created a timeless sound in the windy city that resonated across the world.

Chris Chandler born and raised in Chicago came from such great musical roots. His uncle’s Kermit Chandler lead guitarist for the “The Shepherds” and Pete Cozy the legendary Jazz guitarist who played with the great Miles Davis, were an important part in the development of Chris’s creative foundation.

Chris Chandler – I Can’t Help It

Chris_155His journey thru music Landed him in New York City where he established a great relationship with Kirk Yano studio owner, engineer and guitarist. Through that relationship he met the Beatnuts and honed his writing and vocal skills on 4 of their albums.

At the request of A&R Mike Heroine , Chris was given the opportunity to write and sing hooks for Rawkus Records  further developing his songwriting skills!

Touring with Hip-Hop legends such as Common, Eminem, and The Beatnuts gave Chris an invaluable lesson in giving your audience an unforgettable show ! Leaving the fans with a musical experience like no other. Something clear to see when you experience his live performance.

Chris Chandler – Where Were U

Chris_122After the Beatnuts success he continued building valuable relationships in the industry. He began working with the Flower Brother’s, a production team for Jeff Robinson of MBK Entertainment.  There he learned the importance of artist development , while sharpening his producing chops sitting in on countless studio sessions with MBK acts.

Writing and producing songs with melodic chord progressions is Chris’s passion . He decided to get in the studio with a awesome group of musicians to create a soulfully organic sound that became his new release, “A Different Look”.

Chris’s best work to date gives the listener an inside look @ his depth as a singer, songwriter, producer. Blending genres together in a way that speaks to the soul, ” A Different Look” is the remedy for those looking for good music!

chris-chandler-cov artWork#23
10. WHO U R
13. NY (OUTRO)



Donnie C


439MaryKristenPhoto3rtDonnie C (born Donnell Charlton) is a Neo Soul Gospel recording artist. A singer, a self- taught keyboardist, and a songwriter, Donnie C is a native of Portsmouth, Virginia.

Growing up in a town where drugs were evident and poverty was visible, Donnie C managed to channel his energy into creativity. Being raised in a struggling community, Donnie C learned how to survive.

Through the hardships of life and the different challenges and hurdles Donnie C survived, he maintained his love of music.

His first exposure to music, at an early age of nine, was singing in the St Paul Pentecostal Holiness Church Choir in Portsmouth Virginia under the direction of his great aunt Fairfield Jackson, who nurtured his gift with love and sternness.

Donnie C sings Walk Around Heaven

274MaryKristenPhotortFin2As Donnie C’s passion for music and singing grew, his great aunt Corrien Porter asked him to sing with the family group The Gospel Swannetts. The group-performed songs like “Jesus, When Trouble Burdens Me Down” and “Well Done” during the early nineties.

Being born in a family of talented people ignited Donnie C’s passion to pursue a career in music and led to his passion for songwriting. The first song he wrote was “Happiness Is Just a Step Away.”

He followed up that song with “Never Change Your Heart’s Desire” and “It’s My Season.” All these songs of empowerment expressed his hope for a better life. Donnie C has performed up and down the east coast in various talent showcases, charitable events and venues including: The Kessler Institute of West Orange NJ, The YWCA of Newark NJ and Edison Job Corps of Edison NJ.

Donnie C- Acoustic Performance/ Live on Fox 8 New Orleans

Donnie COver the years, Donnie C has been highlighted in many events stretching in the south including International Music Festival and Shakespeare Festival in Nashville TN. In 2008, Donnie C put out his first inspirational album “New Moments New Choice.”

In a world of uncertainty, the refreshing music of Donnie C uniquely fuses the Neo-Soul and Gospel music genres into a powerful music of love and happiness. He performs music that brings serenity to the soul and tranquility to the mind.

He invites listeners to embark on a journey to an oasis for which the soul thirsts. Experience Donnie C on a new level with his powerful new single “Marching Up to Zion” and get your praise on.

In this world of commercialism, we have been distracted. It is time to realize that Zion is ours. Oh children of Zion, follow Donnie C to the city of God. Reignite your passion for God’s promise to you.

We’ll see you on top of Mount Zion. Be a solider with Donnie C as he’s marching up to Zion. This is music that refreshes the soul, music that touches the heart and music that exudes happiness and upholds love in the forthcoming sophomore album “Shelter.

Shelter From The Storm (Official Video)

DONC_ShelterCover- finalClick Photo To Buy

The musical abilities of Donnie C will usher your mind and soul into a serene, uncommon place
and bring you into a dimension that God can fill the void you have.

Donnie C- Jesus is Love- Party with purpose Va Beach, Va


Manager/ Booking- Natasha Charlton- 757-509-8182/

S.R. Soul

banner2012 Grammy Nominated SONGWRITER/ SINGER/ VOCAL ARRANGER/ VCoach

IMG_1096S.R. Soul, was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, to his parents on April 2nd. At the age of 6, S.R. Soul’s singing talent was discovered by his Family, at the age of 9 when he learned vocal harmonies and started writing music.

He began to Vocal Coach and Vocal Arrange for different artist. He later then started writing for local artists and aimed for Major Recording Artist with His Grammy Nominated writing team Infared Ink (written for Shontelle Layne, Trinitee 5.7, Wess Morgan etc.)

Not to mention vocal arrangements and written work for Laurieann Gibson, Mrs. Debbie Allen and Lifetimes The Client List.

SR Soul @ the legendary Village Underground in NYC

SR6S.R.  has sung background for Island Def Jam recording star Chrisette Michelle, opened up for The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin. Also was apart of the Cast and Bgv‘s for the Play called “Freeze Frame” written and starring the Legendary Mrs.Debbie Allen‘s , and recently starring in the Lifetime show The Client List

He’s a lover of all music genres, and wishes to follow in the footsteps of the great legends that paved the way for him like “The Queen” Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston.

Personal Quote: These Artists can and have sung every genre of music and they’ve inspired me to sing about love, God’s love and more. I know my dreams of becoming an artist that inspires the heart and feed the soul will come true. So stay tune and look out for S.R. Soul, he’s well on his way.

SR’s cover of Monica’s Until Its Gone




Instagram: SRSOUL

Julie Iwheta


IMG_8772Julie Iwheta is an exceptional talent that brings you a blend of R&B, Rock, Soul and House music.

Julie’s style of music inspiration comes from African/Country music to RnB/Soul and is driving forward onto a pathway of more genres.

Her voice is very rich and thick in tone, strong in full voice and captures you with a unique vocal break which lingers with a vibrato that just, engulfs the richest notes that warms the soul.

Julie Iwheta’s Rendition to Angel


Julie’s blessed voice has been circulating various venues and showcases such as the Jazz Cafe (Camden), The Uprise Anti-Racism Festival ’11, Olympic Park ’12, Soul-D-Out and many more.

She has had the opportunity to have her tracks played on radio stations such as Radio 1Xtra, Colourful Radio, Bang Radio and Rhythm and Soul Radio (USA).

Also Julie’s 1st soulful house single ‘STAY’ reached the top 10 singles chart on

Klevakeys feat Julie Iwheta – Ill Be There [Promo Video]


Julie Iwheta- Sunny Day


Catie Waters

bannerCatie Waters singer/songwriter 

Catie Waters CD (UK Review)



Catie Waters is a Texas based singer / songwriter and Stone Child her eight track debut album shows, her talent, versatility and suggests that she can reach the very top.

Her music combines the influence of classic soul R&B and Jazz with influences from contemporary artists and the tracks here will appeal to both underground and mainstream audiences.

The Album opens in fine style with the funky title track. “Spirit in the Sound “is more upbeat has a light jazzy feel.  The beautiful haunting “Secret Place” starts as a ballad and  builds in intensity and tempo  towards the end.

“Bleed” is my favourite track a powerful song for the neo soul lover. 1961 has a slightly retro feel reminding  me of an Earth Wind & Fire arrangement.

Over Now” is a funky number aimed firmly at the more soulful R&B dance floors “I’m Gonna Make It”  is an illustration of Catie’s  crossover potential  a catchy tune featuring a  children’s choir delivering an uplifting message that could easily appeal to mainstream radio .

The final track “Better Day” is a great song delivered with passion and could easily sit on an Adele album although Catie’s voice is more reminiscent of Erykah Badu

DJ JohnnyfSix Towns Radio Soul & Funk Show  Thursday 7-9pm UK time

Info on Catie Waters

IMG_0212bThe music of Dallas-based singer/songwriter Catie Waters has been described as a unique blend of jazz and soul, with rich undertones of R&B and funk grooves.

Undoubtedly unique and unwavering in her commitment to her artistic vision, there is an intellect and maturity that penetrates through her music. Appealing to multiple genres, Catie knows exactly who she is as an artist.

Dark, enchanting, soulful and haunting, Catie’s original music and lyrics are derived fromearly life experiences that inspired introspection and accelerated maturity,fostering the gifted mind of a uniquely talented artist.

Billie Holiday and Marvin Gaye are among Catie’s first musical idols, with influences also coming from artists such as Amy Winehouse, Jamie Cullum, Erykah Badu, Adele, and Robert Glasper.

Catie Waters – An Introduction (EPK Official Video)

Growing up in a small town in Northern Arkansas before moving to the cosmopolitan city of Dallas has enabled her to observe different societal views and values that have added perspective to her vast knowledge of cultural history.  The majority of Catie’s childhood was spent immersing herself in books, having read as many as 300 titles in one year’s time.

CatieWaters (40B of 40)She is particularly fascinated with the Civil Rights Movement and the Freedom Riders. Catie admires people of courage and those that have overcome strife and oppression in their lives.

Two of Catie’s favorite quotes:

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”  – Ernest Hemingway

Do not write so that you can be understood, write so that you cannot be misunderstood.”  – Epictetus

Catie Waters covers “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse

With a clear vision and commitment driving her to succeed, Catie Waters is the complete package as an artist. With her youthful energy and passion, her goal is to bring Jazz to the forefront as a popular genre. Catie aspires to write organic songs with tremendous depth that will inspire listeners to empower change.

CatieWaters (38b of 40)Catie is no stranger to the stage; having already performed at venues such as House of Blues in Dallas, The NAMM Show in Anaheim, The Bitter End in New York City, and Live in the Vineyard in Napa.

Also her music as being featured on KNON 89.3 Despierta Dallas, The Genie of Smooth 98.1  Rhythm & Soul Radio and Solar Radio.

Sought after by multiple producers in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas, Catie chose to collaboratein the Fall of 2012 with the talented Producer/Musician, Caleb Sean, who co-produced Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had.”

Stone Child – Catie Waters (Official Video)



With the participation of many amazing musicians, Catie recorded her first album with all live instrumentation to bring her organic vision to life. Catie Waters’ debut Album, Stone Child, is OUT NOW.  This is only the beginning for this emerging artist!

Catie Waters covers “Moon River” by Audrey Hepburn



Lisa Taylor

bannerLisa Taylor singer/songwriter

IMG_0085From the Big Island of Hawaii, Lisa Lehua Taylor has been singing her entire life. Growing up in a household where she was exposed to Theatre at a very young age and her parents played everything from Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, she was always encouraged to pursue her love of music.

Lisa finally started performing at the age of 10 and hasn’t stopped since! After years of making a living as a Vocalist in her home state, and performing with some of the best musicians the State has to offer, she’s also performed in Japan, Korea and Singapore.

“Let Love Shine” sung by Lisa Lehua Taylor

IMG_0138Since moving to Santa Cruz 8 years ago, Lisa has quickly built a name for herself on the Central Coast and Bay Area. As the lead vocalist for her band SoulCity, she is also a regular vocalist with The Joe Sharino Band and Steve Ezzo and The Monterey Bay All Stars.

On top of all of the performing, She has lent her vocal talent to many recording projects and completed her debut album “LT” in 2010. Her new album “Let Love Shine” was released February 1, 2013 and has been receiving rave reviews.

In the Pocket with Johnny Fabulous Show#2 (8.26.12)

IMG_0877Click Photo To Buy

Lisa Taylor – Funny Feeling


Tamara Bubble

bannerShe is singer/songwriter/actor

Tamara Bubble2Picture the ultimate blend of pop, r&b, jazz, hip hop and soul. music that defies genre. delivered with raw vocals and heartfelt emotion, Tamara creates timeless hits that will be around for years to come.

In a world where emerging artists are constantly given advice to stay in their lane and maintain creativity, Tamara has been a granted a permit to serve her soulful melodies to the masses on a platter of music genres.

Tamara Bubble – My Photographer (OFFICIAL – HQ)

Tamara Bubble - 1She reigns in the independent music realm as the Pop, R&B, Jazz and Hip-Hop singing sensation that has also been known to spit a few bars, act and model.

Tamara was born in Brooklyn, NY with a beautifully strong voice that could easily pierce a rowdy crowd and calm them to listeners, admirers even.

As a youngster, she grew up singing background and harmony on her church choir, but soon took the lead. Before long, she began to take charge of more than the microphone with music collaborations, songwriting for ASCAP and live performances at the Apollo Theatre and Williamsburg music festival.

Her strong stage present always leaves the crowd in tears because Tamara commands the attention with her raw vocals and enticing melodies.

Tamara Bubble – Fever (OFFICIAL – HQ)

Tamara BubbleTamara has even appeared on Fox TV and numerous blogs, media outlets and publications showing off her irresistible smile, bubbly personality and ultimate love for the camera.

Her music influences stem from legends and her songwriting concepts are powerful, comical and sexy; attributes that keep her supporters growing and take the first-timers by storm. Tamara writes about love and communication.

She says what needs to be said telling more than both sides of the story. She spares no feelings and literally steps on toes as some of the lyrics in her songs suggest that the people involved may get hurt.

There’s something to be said about an artist who can passionately, yet playfully sing about a kitty cat and still manage to connect with music lovers from 8 months to 108 years of age.

Tamara Bubble – Live Concert Performance

In 2013 Tamara is promoting her new LP called P.ublic S.ervice A.nnouncement, which addresses outrageous social issues. Do Your Part and share the music, share the videos, share the message. Album sales proceeds (for the first six month after release) will go to charity. Pre Order today   Album coming April 22, 2013. check the videos below

Tamara Bubble – Do Your Part (PSA Part 1)

Tamara Bubble – Pull Them Pants Up (PSA Part 2)

Tamara Bubble – To Kill A Baby (PSA Part 3)

P.ublic S.ervice A.nnouncement (Album Cover) - Tamara BubblePre Order today click photo

Tamara Bubble Live on Fox 5 TV (Unleashed Commercial)

Georgia Thursting

banner1 Acoustic / Jazz / Pop / Soul

885035_551881411513049_1886649843_oGeorgia Thursting is a 19 year old singer songwriter who has been writing and performing since the age of 12.

She moved to London a year ago and has been gigging around the London Music scene performing her soulful, jazzy tunes with a pop twist.

She has been generating a real buzz around her and has performed at Ronnie Scotts, The Hideaway Jazz Club and Notting Hill Arts club to name a few!

Georgia Thursting – ‘Love Him Like Me’ (Original)

533353_551878964846627_1300664308_nCollaborating is another thing she loves to do and has been working with some talented musicians over the past year, something she is continuing alongside her studies at Leeds College of Music.

Some dates for your diary Tuesday 23rd April, she will be preforming with her band at the next SubLIMINAL event at Norman Bar, Call Lane, Leeds.

Also she will be playing at the  LIVE AT LEEDS FESTIVAL on Saturday 4th May, which features some big acts in the form of Laura Mvula, Everything Everything, Rudimental, Little Comets, The Pigeon Detectives, Tribes, AlunageorgeDarwin DeezThe Stave, The Walkman, & Tribes.

Georgia Thursting – You Know You Like It (AlunaGeorge Cover)

885441_552201671481023_593779039_oClick Photo 2 Listen Songs

1Take.TV: Georgia Thursting (Outta my head)

ACoustic13 (Georgia Thursting)


Qui Qui Martin

banner Qui Qui Martin is Fresh, Sexy, Refined, and Talented

QUIQUIMARTIN-2545Hailing from Baltimore, MD to Los Angeles as a teenager this gorgeous young lady will leave you breathless with her smooth, silky vocal skills that can go from an angelic falsetto to a powerful and impacting belt.

She has an impeccable sense of style and edge along with her pin up girl persona that makes her different from any one else.

She is the epitome of what an artist should be and is completely involved in all aspects of her projects and artistry.

Being classically trained and able to read music makes her more than just an artist, it makes her a “musician”.

Grown, sexy & intelligent.. R&B artist QuiQui Martin interview

photo (22)Qui Qui is best known for being the lead singer of R&B group “ISYSS” whose debut album “The Way We Do” certainly impacted the music world with a number 12 Billboard chart position in its first release week.  The group went on to have a successful gold album.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly seven years since we’ve heard from the songbird.  So what has the bombshell been up to since her self-imposed break?  Well, if the LP is any indication, embracing womanhood would be an understatement to what she’s been doing.

She is currently signed to Omega Music Group/Fontana/Universal, and has also been feverishly co-authoring her upcoming relationship self-help book release with childhood friend and hit songwriter Makeba Riddick.

“At Last” by Etta James

updateddLook out for they’re book “The Mean Girls Handbook of Etiquette”, which will be released as an E book as well as in hard copy. Qui Qui also has her very own column in R&B Magazine called “Venus Verses Mars” where she provokes thought regarding everything from love to lies and misconceptions of men and women.

As Qui Qui Martin describes it, “I am a creative being, so my hands will always be in many cookie jars. I don’t limit myself to just being a singer.  I am an
author, I am a producer, and I am a creative force to be reckoned with”.

Being involved with so many aspects of entertainment, Qui Qui has inevitably created longevity for her career.  While she has a lot going on in her career at this time, she is most excited about her music which is her first love.

Qui Qui Martin singing “Daydreaming” by Aretha Franklin

ujdkjShe currently has a mix tape  “Bmore2LA” available for download online along with the album dropping summer 2013. Much was revealed while gathering material for the handbook “The Mean Girls of Etiquette – in fact the handbook set the context for the LP because of her natural belief system regarding love and relationships.”  As for “A Melodic Seduction” it’s highly alluring.

She describes the album as a woman’s journey of seduction and intrigue.   As a whole the album embodies who Qui Qui Martin is as an artist – highly feminine and perplexingly coy.

Look forward to being put into a seductive trance that will not only feel good to the ear but also bring wisdom to the heart.

Just vibin out with my boy joey and his guitar

389723_10151232664149037_935287763_nClick Photo 2 Download Mixtape

Qui Qui Martin – Mixed Tape Video (Feeling it/Pink Matter)




“Melodic Seduction”

She will be releasing one more mix tape before she debuts her album as well. Qui Qui Martin is making big moves so stay tuned!


For Bookings email:

Veronica Domingues

banner Veronica Domingues is a singer/songwriter

justchill-3864Growing up in the West side of Toronto, Veronica Domingues always had a passion for music.  At the age of 4 she was already singing to her family, but as she grew older, so too would her interest in music.

While attending high school she was a featured member of the choir for 3 years.  Veronica performed in shows in and away from school, but desired to accomplish more than what she was already doing.

After high school she focused on her post-secondary education and had to put a hold on her music.  It was then she realized she didn’t feel right without music being a major part of her life.

During the year of 2011 Veronica decided it was time to start working on her own independent project. She teamed up with Producer/Emcee Junia-T of Smash Brovaz & Director/Film-maker Customatic.

Veronica Domingues CMWIF Behind The Scenes

vdSoul music fans have been taking notice of Veronica Domingues since she dropped her 3rd track, “Keep On” (feat Bubba) on Soundcloud.

Her debut EP, Just Chill was produced by Junia T, and will be released May 10th of this year.  While some artists gravitate towards pop sounding records, Veronica has chosen a different to path for her musical career.

Many people have compared Veronica to Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Mary J. Blige.  Accompanied by Dilla’esque beats provided by Junia T, it’s been a match made in music heaven.

After recording her first EP entitled Just Chill, she hopes to showcase a different, soulful vibe that she feels has been missing in today’s music. We hope Just Chill will bring back the feeling that people once had about soul music.

Veronica Domingues – Out The Door

just chill


Veronica Domingues – Keep On

Behind The Scenes:Veronica Domingues Photoshoot

Veronica Domingues Just Chill BTS


Ann-Marie Lataille

banner Ann-Marie Lataille  ~ Singer|Song Writer|Entertainer|Mentor

l-1She was born and raised in North West London, Harrow. She started her career as a backing vocalist supporting UMA winner Lee Henry and opening gigs for artist such as Floetry, Kele Le Roc and Omar.

Ann-Marie Lataille has also done backing vocals across the world with Tashas World, who is a top selling artist in Holland. Since then, Ann-Marie Lataille has been working on a range of projects including her current E.P and album.

She lights up stages which her musical abilities. Her style is a mix of soul, funk, R’n’B and hip hop. Her amazingly unique voice sets her aside from other soul songstresses and has often been compared to Marsha Ambrosius, Jill Scott and Lauren Hill.

Organic In An Instant (Ann-Marie Lataille Live)

3841_80465643743_155281_nNot only does Ms Lataille have a beautiful voice she also has a personality to match, which comes across on stage. She delivers live shows like no other with her magical blend of music, comedy and spoken word.

For more of an insight on Ann-Marie Lataille, With a growing, impressive reputation from her live performances, in venues such as 02 Arena, Jazz Café, Eminence and more.

Ann-Marie Lataille performing @ Eminence

182163_10150960024367541_669014670_nAnn-Marie Lataille will be releasing her long awaited E.P entitled, ‘The Voices Made Me Do It’. Launching May 1st 2013. This Soulful, R&B style E.P will consist of meaningful, yet enjoyable music for all ages.

All the songs on the E.P are written or co-written by Ann-Marie Lataille. This E.P will be a structured introduction to show the world, of what makes Ann-Marie Lataille such a talented woman, with the elements of music she brings forth to the scene.

As an independent artist, her music has been amplified to a vast majority of people who appreciates live shows. to which they become fans of Ann-Marie Lataille. Its evidently known, once Ms Lataille is on stage, her performances becomes unforgettable.

Anne-Marie Lataille covers [Gotye’s] Somebody that i used to know


E.PClick Photo 2 buy EP

Ann-Marie Lataille (@MissLataille)-Baby It’s You @_QueenOfHoxton_, 1st May

Emily Johnson

Emily JohnsonEmily Johnson is a Bulgarian born Nigerian singer, song-writer and composer.

35Her musical influence started early when she was a child, with the album “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. At that moment she realized her life would be connected to ART.

She trained as a professional dancer and received a Masters degree in both Theater and Cinema.However, she never stopped singing and decided that music would take first place in her life. In 2007 she started writing music.

Emily Johnson the singer – demo

30Meeting with “The Band” was a confirmation of her inspiration to pursue her own music, and with their support she recently recorded 12 of her originals tracks.

Looking to perform on a “big” stage is one way to spread her music around the world. This is why she continues with her passion and holds tight to the belief that you should – “Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, at least you will be above the stars…….

Free (Remix by Gabin Nogueira) Emily Johnson

Click link to buy track

01Click Photo 2 Listen to Snippets


John Michael

johnmichael-At the age of 23, John Michael has established himself as one of the premier singer/songwriters of the upcoming generation. Born in northeast Washington, D.C. and raised in Virginia, John Michael began writing at 16 years old.

He has penned material for several distinguished producers who have worked with top artists such as Wale, Rick Ross, Lloyd, and Jay Sean. Although he is a force to be reckoned with behind the scenes, John Michael is ready to step into the spotlight and showcase his own music.

John Michael – EPK

johnmichael-02-2Unaware of his innate ability to sing, music always surrounded him growing up. His mother subjected him to the sounds of James Taylor while his father introduced him to the world of soul, funk, and big band.

Throughout high school he dropped hooks for classmates during freestyle battles and mixed his own beats. He began to take his talent more seriously after friends were blown away by his rendition of Dru Hill’s “April Showers.”

It was at this point that singing and writing transitioned from a hobby to a daily grind. Musically influenced by Stevie Wonder, Glenn Lewis, Donell Jones, Jon B., Lauryn Hill and Dru Hill, his unique ability to write and perform places him among the elite. “I set my standards high.

She Played With My Mind

IMG_7317I view my competition as Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and similar artists out today,” said John Michael. “I need my music to sound like that or better.” His strong work ethic and willingness to put in long studio hours has resulted in soulful hits like “Just A Man” and “Where I Belong.”

The key to success for John Michael is that he never gives up. His determination to prove skeptics wrong only adds fuel to his fire. This focus and dedication keeps him in the studio writing new material for his debut album. He is also working on songs for potential Budweiser and Nike commercials, as well as songwriting projects with Scotland artist Kasey Monroe.

“Everything I do is for my son. I don’t want him to worry about money like I did. That is what pushes me. I never had a team around to get me where I am today. I had to do everything on my own,” said John Michael.

Sophisticated Lady

Music has always been a hobby that I kept close. Now it’s time for me to push it out to the world. John Michael’s hit single “Sophisticated Lady” is # 26 on the Urban AC Radio Charts, # 24 on the Billboard Urban AC Radio Charts, also been featured on Singers Room and Urban Flava TV in the UK.

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Noel Gourdin

Noel_PicSoul and R&B singer Noel Gourdin (Gor-Deen) did not have a traditional childhood. He was born in Brockton, MA but spent his summers with family Pachuta, Mississippi.

The result is a man who is city to the heart but southern to the soul. He honed his skills in Brockton, MA, and by the age of 24 scored a deal with Sony and had his first album in stores.


His first exposure to the vocal arts came in church and he was introduced to the larger canon of soul music by his father (who introduced him to the classics, such as Otis Redding) and his brother (who turned him on to the sounds of new jack swing). Noel is influenced by classic soul as well as the contemporary sounds of R&B and Hip-Hop.

2013-03-24 22.52.12Therefore his music is a seamless blend of each genre. “Listening to so much music from so many different eras really helped me put my style together,” explains the gifted singer- songwriter.

As a high-school student in the Boston-neighboring Brockton, Gourdin performed in talent shows and did work (and shows) for the Boys and Girls Club.

Not Around

Noel signed a management deal with Stalin Entertainment in 2002, signed a production deal with Trakaddix, and shortly thereafter was linked to producer Kay Gee. Gourdin contributed the song ‘Family Reunion’ to the soundtrack of “The Cookout”.

IMG_6108A meeting with Sony Urban in 2005 led to a summer showcase and in 2008 Noel released his debut offering, “After My Time“. His first album is a refreshing mix of timeless R&B with a modern, youthful feel.

Armed with commanding, rich vocals and a solid collection of intimate, soulful songs, this budding new talent is positioned to make an indelible mark on music’s landscape by bringing together listeners across all generations and genres.

In 2010 Noel joined forces with Mass Appeal Entertainment. His sophomore album is now complete and when asked about the forthcoming project Noel said, “This time around the implementation of live instruments such as strings, horns, bass, guitar, and grand piano offer a more genuine feel for my style of music.”

You’re My Music performed by Noel Gourdin

The refreshing blend of live instrumentation, organic production, and lyrical content is reminiscent of classic old soul yet relatable to current music and lyrics, and will hopefully have my fans as excited as I am about this album. 2012 has been an incredibly year for Noel Gourdin, he just came off of a successfully run of sold outs shows in the UK. He is currently working on his third project set to come out in early 2013 with his hit single “FOXXXY”.

IMG_6109His current single ” FOXXXY” is getting heavy rotation on UK radio and is currently top 10 @ the UK’s urban radio soul charts. Also debuting this year is the highly anticipated single by Brian CulbertsonYou’re My Music” feat. Noel Gourdin.

“I grew up on music that had meaning and it’s still around today; that music was made in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. That’s something that my father had me grow up listening to.

I just want to be a positive black role model as well as a role model for anyone. It’s really important for me to be respectful and have music that can talk to anybody from two years old to your great grandma.

It’s very important to me so it’s all about the integrity and what you want to leave the industry with your legacy when you’re gone. So I want people to know that I’m making respectful music that has a chance to stand the test of time.”

Noel Gourdin “Foxxxy”

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Timotha Lanae


Click Photo To Buy The LP RED

Timotha Lanae “RED” Review : The best review of this Album is done by the lady herself in the short intro track intro to the album “A touch of Jazz, R&B, Soul and Hip Hop too I mix these together and make my grooves

“From Minneapolis Timotha  demonstrates her creativity in this varied  new set,” My Man” opens with a groove aimed straight at the dance floor as Timotha sings “You could be my man” with enough conviction to make you believe it.

Radio” featuring guest vocalist Stokley Williams is a catchy tune guaranteed to get air play and one of two collaborations on the album.

Intoxicated” features Desdemona ‘s spoken word skills to set a great mellow groove, a style that suits Timothy’s vocal range  across the album other mellow tunes  include the title track “ Red”, Softly In My Ear”  “Talkin To Myself ”  “Getting To Know You”  and the closer  “Red and Blue” .

People Pleaser” drops a cool mid tempo groove as Timotha sends a message out to us to be true to ourselves and not seek to please others all the time.
The Jazzy side of Timotha is emphasised on a great cover of “Night in Tunisia “and Jazzy Lady.

Timotha sums up  her style  short intro track intro to the album “Smooth Music” “A touch of Jazz, R&B, Soul and Hip Hop too I mix these together and make my grooves “ Recommended for people who can open their heart and  mind to feel the music

DJ Johnny “f” presents the Six Towns Radio Soul & Funk show  Thursday 7-9pm UK time Stoke on Trent

“Gettin’ To Know You” (New Single)

t1Timotha Lanae is an American Soul/R&B/Jazz singer, songwriter, dancer and theatrical performer.


Timotha Lanae was in Tokyo, Japan during the March 11th, 2011 earthquake on tour with the cast of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat .

The production schedule was cut short, with remaining performances cancelled, after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and massive tsunami hit Japan.

Timotha Lanae was named Outstanding Actress in a musical 2007 by the Minneapolis Star Tribune for her role in Respect: A musical Journey of Women. She was a cast member of H.M.S Pinafore at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis televised nationwide in the US and PBS.

Timotha Lanae covers Michael Jackson @MusicShowcaseUK

Timotha Lanae has been in three productions of West Side Story, and was in the world premier of Irving Berlin’s, Easter Parade. Other plays she’s appeared in are Singin in the Rain, The Producers, Footloose, All Shook Up and Beehive. Timotha Lanae is alsoa playwright, her first production is REDdington.

283424_243507675666944_5546866_nMN Artists for Youth Arts (MAYA) and Ladies of Jazz

TImotha Lanae has always had a passion for music, education and youth. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of MN in Foundations of Education. She then fused her passion for education, youth and the arts, into her organization, MN Artists for Youth Arts (MAYA).

MAYA’s goal is to help keep youth arts programs alive. In May of 2010, MAYA successfully raised funds for Twin Cities youth arts programs through their kick off project, Ladies of Jazz. Ladies of Jazz is a tribute song and performance group of the same name.

The song pays tribute to female Jazz legends. It all began in May of 2009 when 14 of the Twin Cities premier female vocalists came together to record the original song Ladies of Jazz

Timotha Lanae – Talkin to Myself


Timotha Lanae wrote all but two of the 12 songs on her debut album RED. RED is an eclectic album that fuses soul, r&b, and jazz.

When asked about the title of her debut album, she explained, “RED is more than a color, it’s a feeling, it evokes so many different emotions for each of us, passion, love, desire, anger…each song on this album taps into these emotions.”

Her first single Radio, featuring Walter ‘Q Bear’ Banks Jr. and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition. Two other singles have been released from the forthcoming project Talkin to Myself & People Pleaser

Timotha Lanae – People Pleaser

PeoplePleaserCoverClick Photo To Buy Single

Timotha Lanae FALLIN’ (Live From MMI)



TWITTER: @timothalanae

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infoIt’s often believed that you can tell the nature of a man by the way he loves. When hearing the music of Ka’Stacieon, you can quickly gather that this man’s nature and love is music.

Ka’Stacieon, (pronounced kah-stay-see-on) is an R&B soul singing swooner from Lufkin, TX who has been gifting audiences with his sound since the age of 13, only has it been in the last few years that pursing his passion of making music has come into fruition.

When hearing Ka’Stacieon’s alluring voice, you can only wonder if there is anything he cannot sing. Hearing the footprints of artists like Mint Condition, R. Kelly, Maxwell, and Eric Benet, Ka’Stacieon first learned how to sing by mimicking their artistry in his bedroom closet.

Slow Dance-R. Kelly performed by Ka’Stacieon

retouch3Building the reputation of a crooner, you can hear the influences of smooth jazz and neo soul stamped and sealed in R&B. Not only singing with the skill and ambitious prowess of a seasoned platinum artist, but also with sensual electricity that captivates any listener, Ka’Stacieon’s music is honest and nostalgic.

Ka’Stacieon is all heart, all body, and all soul, often being compared to the likes of great artist like Sam Cooke or Brian McKnight. Ka’Stacieon’s vocal ability is precise and agile, bewitching you with its charm or enrapturing you with its style of storytelling.

Ka’Stacieon – Heaven

Creating songs with strong melodies and relatable storylines, he builds a gap between the old world of R&B and the vanguard of Soul. Ka’Stacieon has something to say and he’s letting his music do all the talking. Reminiscent of the R&B Soul singing everyone says is missing today, Ka’Stacieon is that piece to the missing puzzle.

Retouched Pic2But no good storyteller can tell a story without having lived it. The release of Ka’Stacieon’s EP and album Love At First Sight is that story.

Taking you from love, to heartache, to longing, to healing, Love At First Sight is a vehicle of emotions that everyone has travelled. With songs like Heaven and Secret Admirer, you connect with Ka’Stacieon’s as a kindred muse.

But that’s expected. With a sound as enchanting as his name, the artistry of Ka’Stacieon’s music is sure to win any music listener over.

Wherever You Are-Live

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Nicholas Barron

bannerNicholas Barron is a triple threat.

media_slider-39740002An instantly recognizable-powerful Soul/Blues singer, a prolific and poetic songwriter, and a one of a kind guitarist who, when playing solo, sounds like a whole band.

James Taylor has called his talents “undeniable”! Wayne Jackson of the legendary Memphis horns called him the “real deal”.

Audiences are deeply moved by his performances. His most popular song is called “I’m not superman” and could be his autobiography.

Nicholas Barron – “I’m Not Superman”

Nicholas’ writes revealing lyrics as a kind of self therapy but also touches on the social and macro themes of peace and love in the way that Cat Stevens often did. He started in the tubes of London and then moved back home Chicago, where he sang Classic Soul and Blues, 8 hours a day in the Chicago EL for predominantly Black Southside train riders-honing his skills and building his name and reputation.

media_slider-39750022He founded CASA (Coalition for the advancement of street arts) when the city tried to ban busking and won-creating a license-and specific locations in the EL for performers. Nicholas then began playing 7 nights a week and creating weekly residencies which further built his following.

He has had close calls with fame but unique people and rare artists like Nicholas don’t play the game of glitz and glam well-choosing instead the sweat equity and purity of expression of Art instead. Nicholas has always been the true king of the underground and DIY yourself universe.

Fear No ART Chicago: Interview: Blues Musician Nicholas Barron

media_slider-39750010Nicholas latest CD called “Scary Beautiful” is a collection of some of he and legendary chicago producer Jim Tullios favorite classic and obscure Covers such as “Walk on by” and Al Greens classic ” Let’s Stay together“.

Jim is well known for his work with John Martyn, Mavis Staples, Richie Havens, John Prine, and The Band. The songs on “scary beautiful” are perfect soundtrack tunes for Film and TV.

Nicholas Barron – Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Nicholas sings on “Angeline”  the tribute to John Martyn: Johnnie boy would love this CD that was produced by the great Jim Tullio and came out in August of 2011 and has artists like Beck, David Gray, Lisa Hannigan, RoBert Smith of The Cure and more!

Nicholas Barron – Honey Lemon Tea

media_slider-39730022Nicholas Has Opened For

Al Green, Buddy Guy, BB King, Johnny Cash, Joan Armatrading, Shawn Colvin, Michael Bolton, Nelly Furtado, Charlie Hunter, John Martyn, Gino Vanelli, Tuck and Patti, The Meters, Average white band, WAR, The Subdudes, Groove Collective, Tommy Castro, Dirty Dozen Brass band, Neville brothers, Dave Mason, Shamekia Copeland, Andy McKee, Stanley Jordan, Doobie Brothers, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Karl Densons Tiny Universe, Smashing Pumpkins, and many more.

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Natalie Oliveri

Natalie-Promo-FixSince her induction into the music world Natalie Oliveri has infused her eclectic Latin Soul sound into the pulse of the music industry. With her angelic voice, creative compositions, and emotional-tinged lyrics, Natalie is on the verge of carving out her place among 21st century female singer/songwriters.

Born and raised in Chicago to a Colombian mother and Sicilian father, she began exploring music through piano at the age of eight. “Natalie started writing music at such a young age and had an extraordinary ear for composing beautiful pieces, it all came very easy and natural for her” says Gerald Rizzer pianist and coordinator of Chamber Music Ensembles at Sherwood Conservatory of Music.

Natalie has since worked with some of the most re-nowned Jazz Musicians and Soul Bands, has toured internationally representing her released originals and has had the honor of backing up Gloria Estefan as well as opening up for Grammy winning Soul artist “Estelle“.

“Whatever Makes You Happy” Natalie Oliveri Feat. Rico Sisney receiving her Bachelor of Art in Music Business Management and Vocal Performance Degree at Columbia College Chicago, Natalie released her first EP titled “Eclectic Soul” which became distributed by River City Music Co. in Japan .

Her work has also been featured in the Latino Film Festival, Oxygen Network, BBC Player documentary & an award winning web series titled “12 Steps to Recovery“.

Natalie Oliveri “Childhood Dreams

IMG_4737 reWhether the soulstress is belting out tunes in English or Spanish, her music carries layers of versatility transcending cultures and connecting listeners on an international stage.

Influenced by Motown and Soul Music of every genre, Natalie precisely blends influences of a vintage sound while adding a touch of Latin flavor.

Her last album was of originals titled “London Cool“, it had a mesh of Hip-Hop, Motown, Soul, Retro Soul and Latin Jazz into one unique product of work.

Be on the lookout for new music releases coming out in a few months. New featured release titled “Game of the Fools“. A soulful vintage goody with well know Chicago R&B Soul Band “Verzatile“.

Natalie Oliveri “It’s A Mans World” (Cover) James Brown

Natalie Oliveri New single


Game Of The Fools

“Goodbye, Farewell” – Natalie Oliveri

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Acoustic Show

Natalie Oliveri – Vintage Soul B-Side Introduction Vlog


Rae Ellis


Fusing gospel music’s past to its contemporary styling, emerging urban inspirational soul artist Rae Ellis serves as the perfect medium. With a vocal rasp reminiscent of Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald or Nina Simone, Ellis captivates a sound that is as raw and melodic.

Coupled with the awareness and lyrical responsiveness of her neo-soul contemporaries, Jill Scott and Chrisette Michele, she clearly exudes an undeniable anointing that leaps from the speakers directly into the heart and spirit of her listeners.

This songwriter, and vocalist w served in music ministry under her late father, Bishop Nathan S. Halton, who was the founder of the Greater Faith Bible Tabernacle. It was there that she learned the importance of prioritizing ministry and the “kingdom agenda” above her own desires.

Rae Ellis Promo

After honing her craft the doors of opportunity opened for Ellis; sharing the stage with notable artists ranging from: Celine Dion, Ledisi, Kim Burrell, The Clark Sisters, Mali Music, Tonex, Rev. John P. Key, Vashon Mitchell, Pastor Jason Nelson and a plethora of others, all experiences that proved invaluable. Aside from her impressive stage performance portfolio she also has worked with producers Aaron Lindsay, Doobie Powell, and many others.

raeellisThe Diary Of Rae Ellis is a soulful, yet anointed work of art. With hit songs such as “More N More” and “The Break-Up Song“, Rae Ellis translates the pages of her diary into lyrics that leap from the pages, through the speakers, directly penetrating the hearts of listeners worldwide. I wrote songs that really share the sentiment of my heart, and quite possibly the hearts of so many others.

Rae Ellis Live

534167_10151103447203692_657128703_n“The Diary is just that; it’s my recorded truth put to music. I’ve learned that the GOSPEL is not only the good news, but it’s also TRUTH news. It is the AFTER I’ve fallen, I can “Break-Up” with the devil and be accepted into the arms of a loving God.

Which is why I tell him ” You Bring Me Joy” or that I love him “More N More” with producers who’ve worked with artists such as Mali Music, Travis Greene, James Fortune, and the like, musically this record is certain not to disappoint.

Losing a parent to cancer and being a survivor of domestic violence Ellis has become an advocate for cancer wellness centers and battered women’s shelters.  Reflecting her life and spiritual resilience through her music, Ellis’ ‘The Diary Of Rae Ellis is available digitally, wherever music is sold.

Rae Ellis Sing For The Troops

Rae_Ellis_Baner_2-1Click The Banner To Buy The Album

Rae Ellis – My Friend


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Honey Larochelle

BannerFunky like Chaka, Soulful like Alicia and Edgy like Lauryn

sotw-honey-larochelleMellissa Mya Larochelle, known professionally as Honey Larochelle, has been all over the world searching for a “sound.”

This Vancouver born, Texas Raised, Florida reformed, and Brooklyn saved vocalist has toured with the Brand New Heavies and Joss Stone, Omar and many other bands which eventually lead to a record deal with Macy Gray.

Honey Larochelle EPK

HoneyLarochelleBetween touring as a background singer and producing,arranging, and writing for other artists, Honey rarely had time to reflect and explore inward for the sound she was looking for; one that moved her and felt like home.

Finally, after many twists and turns in her story, this Roberta Flack Protege discovered her very own warm yet edgy mash up of classic soul, R&B, hip-hop and reggae music. Honey found her “sound” on the Fun & Sexy Side of Soul Music.

Fight For Him by Honey Larochelle

Butter Fly Soul Records Is pleased to announce the release of Honey Larochelle’s debut album, “The Yes Feeling” in stores March 18th.

857079_598737666807294_828626795_oClick Photo 2 Buy (March 18th)

“If I don’t have a show of my own, I’ll be at Honey’s’ show cheering her on! She is so talented”
Roberta Flack

“Honey is a pure artist. Her voice drips of love and sex. Her words are magic”
Macy Gray

“You know what’s hot about her… she can really sing but she delivers her songs like an emcee.”
Eric Sermon (EPMD)

OMAR on Honey Larochelle

“Full bodied, open, and fearless, newcomer Honey Larochelle delivers a banquet of powerful jazz, electro-soul, hip hop and pop sounds
L. Michael Gipson (Soul Tracks)

[Honey Larochelle] is one of my favorite people to sing with!”
N’Dea Davenport (The Brand New Heavies)

A6_D-S_Flyer_frontMusicConnex Live Showcase Saturday 1st June 2013


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Ruth Koleva

bannerBulgaria. Breeding ground for music talent.

1News to you? Well that’s because Ruth Koleva is a different breed of artist.

Born into a volatile world of corruption and hardship in post-Communist Eastern Europe, she endured a difficult childhood largely spent without her mother, found salvation in the classics (Marvin Gaye, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole).

Ruth became ‘tour-hardened’ by jaunts to far-flung destinations such as India and Thailand in the company of her Olympian father (a weightlifting trainer).

From there, Koleva quickly developed into a rounded musician, spending an eye-opening year at the Hollywood Pop Academy and embarking on free-spirited excursions into several local scenes including soul, hip hop and the more ephemeral but nonetheless popular bass movement. All this before the age of 18.

Ruth Koleva – The Vibe & 4 Letter Word LIVE from Sofia Live Club

TTL_Image_528More recently, Koleva has become an ambassador for the best of Bulgaria – the youngest recipient of GRAZIA’s Woman of the Year award and Best Female Singer award at 2012’s BG Radio Awards.

No less – sharing the stage with imperious jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin, reaching the finals of TV show Music Idol, recording her highly acclaimed ‘warm-up album’ (Within Whispers) and garnering praise from a kindred spirit, N’Dambi.

So where next for someone who has achieved so much in such a short period? The stars, of course. “I want to tour and collaborate far and wide – western Europe, the US, Asia – walking my own path and finding my own sound,” says Koleva.

Ruth Koleva – Zashto? (Official Video 2011)

That sound is undeniably soulful and intricate, an effort to bring each listener closer to their own emotions. “To give you that feeling of first love, the butterflies in your stomach, a hunger for more,” as she puts it. The power of her music is subtle, slowly turning your attention and rewarding those who spend time with it.

TTL_Image_527Koleva also has a real writer’s instinct. Like her contemporary Jessie Ware, Koleva’s ability to straddle multiple genres and tempos has made her into a highly versatile artist. She knows what she wants to say, how and when. As a vocalist, her tone is imbued with warmth, sincerity and, particularly when speaking on matters of love, sensuality.

Era-defining artists such as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott have cast such a huge shadow over this mood that it’s almost impossible to not be influenced by them. Of course, Koleva is a huge fan but she is determined to find her own unique expression of this thing called soul, often finding the right vibe for a song in the moment, a phrase, a chord.

It’s the performer in her. “In the studio I get more time to craft the sound, to think about my message and to channel my own feelings,” she explains, “but it’s on stage where I really come alive. I prefer to share my feelings in that environment and try to develop something new based on the crowd’s response.”

Ruth Koleva – Fever LIVE @ Sofia Live Club

Speaking of craft, Koleva has certainly upped her game on this album, assuming full control of her career and enlisting a diverse array of talent: keyboardist and composer Vincent Helbers (Seravince, Flowriders), an alchemist in the studio, drummer Richard Spaven (Jose James, Guru, Flying Lotus), co-writers Colonel Red, Rachel Row and Diggs Duke, and vocalist Sharlene Hector among others. Recorded at breakneck speed, working around the busy schedules of those involved, this fluid album is going to charm a lot of listeners. It’s also an important mark in the evolution of Ruth Koleva. The moment when a national treasure become an international recording artist.

Ruth Koleva – “Better” (Official Video)

front_1_0Click Photo 2 Buy EP

Ruth Koleva feat. Rebelites – “Slow Fire” Official Video 2013

“Love Your Voice. Can’t wait to hear your new album!”
Andreya Triana

“Having your band open for us, was like having the biggest headliner. You guys rock”
Frank McComb

“Koleva tone is so smooth. You can feel the intimacy and you want to listen more!”
Richard Bona

Joye B. Moore

Joye B. Moore1You’ve seen her on BET, TVOne and the Word Network! 
 You’ve seen her acting in “A Raisin in the Sun“!

2-Time UGA Award Winner! “Best New Female” (Jazz) & “Best New Artist” for her debut efforts!

With Classic Soul Rhythms and Urban Jazz influences, Joye’s music features fluttering vocals, patterned nuances and pretty phrasing, the imagery is a true fit to Joye!

She is a songwriter and vocalist; co-writing and co-producing her debut inspirational album “Project Butterfly

Should Have – Joye B. Moore

17.1NOW she is currently in the studio finishing up co-writing and co-producing her debut SOUL EP that is sure to become a CLASSIC with the RIGHT Team!

From Night Clubs; to Music Festivals; to Churches! Joye renders wonderful interpretations of the songs we love and introduces us to the new!

She has a “SOUL/Urban Jazz” set that is sure to inspire and entertain, she is moving, has a terrific stage presence and persona that leaves audiences asking… where can we see her again? See her perform LIVE and you will see what we mean!

Please check out her two singles “Should Have” and “Where I Am” (click video to listen) already getting UK airplay.

Where I Am – Joye B. Moore

18-1.2Click Photo To Buy Singles

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Douye_0041New foto for single....Douyé, holds her own as she steps up to center stage with her new project, which is due to be released Spring of 2013. The songs on the new album were inspired by life experiences.

“This album reflects growth and who I am musically”, she said. Douye’ co-wrote all the songs for this project with her long time co-writer, Terry Shaddick, a renowned British born songwriter.

“I love the creative process of making music and how one can breathe life into a song, sometimes, almost immediately after writing it; it’s a special feeling that gives complete satisfaction to the soul”

Douyé Still Hurting

Web Resolution Douye's new fotoThis Rhine-River, Lagos born Nigerian, sings music that comes blended to perfection, rich in rhythm & soul with a splash of jazz; her sound is soulful and captivating.

The first single from this sophomore project is titled “A Beautiful Life” and the first single from the project is titled “Life Is Good”an upbeat vibrant tune that immediately puts one in a happy mood.

“I was inspired to write this song by life and the simple beautiful things of life that lights up my mood”

The song, “Life Is Good” has been gaining attention both in the United States and in Europe since it’s release; the song climbed up to 9thplace on the UK Soul Chart and continue to gain consistent spinning on contemporary radio stations in the United States and in Europe.

Douye – Life Is Good

Douye In Garden-thumb-473xauto-10788“I released Life Is Good as my first single from this project because, I wanted to get a feel of my fans reaction to it and so far, it’s been great and that’s encouraging to me”.

Douye’ is a singer, whose inviting voice possesses depth and passion and such qualities certainly resonates in this project. Led by courage and perseverance, a father’s dream and having the gift of song, this artist is definitely going places.

So Much Love Session (A Tribute to Fela Kuti)


Douye’s new song ” Til Morning Comes”

Douye'sClick Photo 2 Know About Douye’s LP

Wake Up

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Selina Carrera

bannerSelina Carrera is a songwriter, singer, rapper, and poet

guitarShe started her professional journey after graduating the Creative and Performing Arts HS in Philadelphia as a Vocal major.

Three years after graduation while attending West Chester University, Selina was signed as a solo artist to Sony/Columbia where she began working on her debut album.

She left Sony before the release of her album, leaving fans on their tippy toes with the release of her debut single ‘Energy‘.

Selina Carrera – Energy

Selina_no_glassesWithin the same month of her peaceful release from Sony/Columbia, Selina started working under mentor Roy Hamilton III as a solo artist and songwriter for his production company Monarch Music Group.

Here Selina not only advanced quickly as an artist and songwriter, she was introduced to many legends in the music industry.

While working under Roy Hamilton she was introduced to Pras Michel of the Fugees and together they created the group ‘Axixs‘, combining hip-hop soul and pop.

The AXIXS Presents “Hipstar” – Music Video ftr Roy Hamilton III

carWhile the group was short lived, Selina was able to perform worldwide on Axixs’ international and national tour, creating not only a broader fan-base but a new found inspiration as she continued growing as an artist.

In early 2011 Selina had a chance to meet the Legendary Lauryn Hill at a private audition as one of her back round singers.

Not only was Selina the first pick as one of three back-round singers for Lauryn Hill, the legendary singer named Selina as her protege with a uniquely different style.

Selina Carrera @ The Blockley // Veteran Freshman 10.23.11 // “You Are” / “I Heard Love Is Blind”

While working closely and intricately with Lauryn, Selina began to grow into her own sound as she was given advice and freedom to do so from her main inspiration and favorite artist, Lauryn Hill herself. Selina Carrera is now working on her own solo projects and getting ready to reintroduce herself to the world.

The BlockleyRecently she has been seen on different features with artist like Gilbere Forte, GLee, Khemist and Sean Rose just to give people a taste of her new found sound.

Selina Carrera is definitely a force to be reckoned with from her breath taking performances to her groundbreaking sound. She is a trendsetting artist and raising the bar for those around her.


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Adesha (Ah dee sha) n. Sanskrit origin Command from God; VOICE.

Aaaryonna Lopez (150 of 813) 2Powerful, sultry, dynamic, and moving are just a few words people have used to describe Adesha’s voice.  Though Deltrina had no idea her daughter’s name meant voice, she knew Adesha was destined to sing.

Oakland, California native, Adesha made her solo debut singing for hundreds of people at The War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco at the tender age of six.

By age ten she had starred and co-starred in musicals, she sang a jingle for a commercial, and had performed solo at a few of San Francisco’s live music venues.

Years of training from singing in church; vocal coaching from her mother Deltrina Johnson, a trained gospel singer; and numerous live performances would follow the training she received in her primary years. At age 13 Adesha joined a girl group called “Under 21”.

Day in the Life: Recording Artist

The trio spent most of their high school career performing and in the recording studio. At age 16 Adesha embarked upon a spiritual journey that would change the course of her future. Being famous was no longer her life’s goal. She wanted her music to make a difference; she wanted her music to change lives. This decision would lead to Adesha leaving “Under 21”.

Aaaryonna Lopez (280 of 813) 2The resistance she experienced from her cohorts, management, and peers as a result of her decision sent Adesha into a bit of a depression. She would spend the next 4 years soul searching and took hiatus from singing.

One morning Adesha had a conversation with a cousin over brunch. He told her he admired her commitment to her beliefs, that she should be proud of that, and do what she was meant to do, sing. He concluded he wanted her to help him as he was trying to overcome some challenges in his life.

6 months later her cousin, George C. Scott was brutally murdered in a shootout.  In honor of his memory Adesha decided to sing. She started by singing a song she wrote about her late cousin at few open mic nights.

At one particular open mic night, a young lady came up to Adesha after she performed and said, “Thank you for helping me. Today I was thinking of ending it all, but you encouraged me to keep up the fight”. That was just the confirmation Adesha needed.

Tribute to Sarah Vaughn by Adesha

With the help of her friends and family she was able to put together a band of extremely talented musicians. Adesha’s vocals and lyrics combined with keyboardist Allen Ross, bassist Aaron Baugh, and drummer Brian Braziel quickly became a force to be reckoned with. They went from performing coffee house gigs to top Bay Area Venues such as Kimball’s East in a matter of months. Their first show at “Kimball’s” had over 200 guests and upon their return a month later they had over 300 guests.

3859To date Adesha and “Seven” have played a list of venues from San Francisco to LA. They have opened for Ledisi, Goapele, Gospel diva Kim Burrell, Kase, Anthony David, Carl Thomas and more. Adesha recently released a dance EP entitled “Giving Love a Try” which is soon to be followed by her first full length album “Giving Love a Try”.

A review from I Am Entertainment Magazine said this about her

Adesha is a great singer and songwriter. After checking out her release, Giving Love a Try, I was reminded of how awesome music can be when those creating it are talented and creative.

Clearly, Adesha is ready to soar to new heights. It won’t be long before she is internationally known.

“Giving Love A Try” The Lyrics


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ILoveUIHateU Single Cover copyI Love U I Hate U

cd coverGiving Love a Try EP


Hyleen Gil

Hyleen Gilbanner1Singer/songwriter & guitarist, with a very warm soulful & jazzful voice 

Hyleen LiveeditIntroduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

My name is Hyleen, I’m 20 years old, I live in Paris and I sing and play guitar.

When did you realise that you wanted to be a singer?

I realized that I wanted to be a singer when I was 17 years after High School.

Was there a person or artist that inspired you to start writing songs and hit the studio? In 3 words describe your music? I know its hard to compare yourself to other artists and styles, but what kind of vibe is your music on?

I am a big fan of Stevie Wonder, I love his amazing voice, his lyrics, his groove and sound. When I listen to him I travel. My music in 3 words : simplicity, positivity and groove. If I have to compare
myself to other artists and styles I speak of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, D’angelo, Prince . My style is Soul, Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop.

Moody’s Mood for Love – HYLEEN GIL (Live Radio Show)

What do you enjoy the most about the whole process of recording and writing music? Is there something that you absolutely love and is there anything that maybe you don’t like doing as much?

I like to be alone and free-spirited to writing music, I like to search melodies and chords and I like too work with my friends to search new Idea. Recording is a really interesting moment because you have
to fix an idea and you can take a step back. Like everyone else I like to compose but sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration.

Hyleen Gil & GottaeditWhat have been the highlights of your career so far?

The highlights of my career will be my concerts in New York

Let’s talk about your latest project, its sounding really tight. who dealt with the production and how? long did it take to make?

We released an EP called “Welcome ” to welcome people in our universes. There are 3 tracks on this EP, 2 compositions and one cover of a mix between Barry White and the song “You’re the first, the last, my everything ” and Lenny Krawitz and ” Till It’s Over “. It took us 2 months to record the various instruments, for the mix and the mastering. We worked with David Finger Haynes for the drum and Q million for the mix.

My latest project was the cover of “Deja Vu” of Beyonce, it was really interesting and funny to re-look this song. I have worked with my pianist and producer who has lot of Ideas, and it was a real
duo. I think this cover show our universe. We have worked on a simple production just with Maschine, piano and voice… It took us an afternoon to recording the voice and make the video clip.

Deja Vu Re-Play Hyleen & Gotta Beyonce Cover

How are you getting your project out there? Do you have a distributor involved or maybe some shops/websites stocking & supporting your music?

The EP is Release on Gotta Records and is only available on Bandcamp website. We have a few cd copies, but we use it mainly for promotion .We are already got some licencing deal propositions for the upcoming Album.  Me & My label havent made any decisions for the moment . We are concentrating on the music only at this moment, we will see in time.

bwWhat feedback from the media have you had?

We have a great review from Soulbounce ! That means a lot for us. We are on two french radio, one American Radio called New Soul Sunday with Nick Austin,Just A Smile “one of the three tracks of the EP is on the best of 2012 selection. For the new year we have recorded an interview on a french Radio, it was a special week with Hyleen Gil.

Do you enjoy playing live? Have you done many gigs and what kind of artists have you supported or played alongside?

I love playing live ! I’ve done few gigs with my project so it’s new for me but I look foward to play more !

Just a Smile – Hyleen Gil (Live Radio Show)

Lets talk image and branding for a minute. Some artists spend lots of money on artwork and other acts arent that interested. How important is image, artwork and branding to you?

I think the scene is not like everyday life so I have to get dressed differently. Be musician is like a dream for me so I have to fire people imagination too. So Yes it’s important for me . We work hard & seriously on each pictures & artwork we use. We wants people see something beautiful & true .

Hyleen1What was the last album you brought and apart from Soul/r&b what other genres of music do you listen too?

The last album I’ve bought is  “Black Radio”  by Robert Glasper it was an amazing discovery : the sound, the groove, the melody, the harmony. And now I’m waiting for the José James‘s album.I listen lot of genres of music, I listen Foofighter, Sting, Coldplay, brasilian music etc.

Have you got any videos on You Tube and have any ever got played on TV Stations?

I have played on TV stations : an interview of me and Gotta about a new concept in France, play music on a hairdressing salon. I have videos on Youtube of my new song “Just A Smile “, we have some videos of live in Paris or south of France and we have a new video, it’s a cover of  “Deja Vu”  by Beyonce a duo with Gotta.

Where can we find you on the Internet?

You can find me on Facebook, Tweeter, Bandcamp and Youtube !

What plans have you got for the future?

I will play in Paris for 2 gigs, then to the US for gigs in NY and Brooklyn and I’ll be on the NAMN show this year, and my main plan is to work hard on the Album.


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Hyleen Gil // Teaser // Work Session

Twitter :

Philippe Arcostanzo aka Gotta

Onita Boone

bannerOnita Boone is a seasoned stage performer, who learned her craft in church.

She is widely known in America, especially the New York Metropolitan area where she was featured in a number of Broadway, and Off Broadway productions, including “Arms too Short to Box With God”, The Rapture”, “Mamma I Want to Sing” and “The Blacker The Berry The Sweeter the Juice.

Onita Boone – live in concert with Mothersoul

onita1Onita moved to Germany in 1997 and has amasssed a consistant and extensive following. Oni, as she is affectionately known was born and reared in the upstate community of Newburgh, New York.

She attended The Newburgh Free Academy H.S. and was recognized not only her academic and sport achievements, but for her vocal ability as well.

Onita sang her first solo at the age of 3 wrote her first song at the age of 8 and recorded her first song at the age of 9.

Onita Boone singing Natural Woman

She has shared the stage with a number of artists, including Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, George Michael, Jennifer Holliday, Stephanie Mills, Teddy Pendergrass, The Clark Sisters, Bill Cosby, Take Six, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Udo J¸rgens, Nils Landgren, Faith No More, Jonathan Butler and a multitude of others.

onita2Onita’s songwriting ability is so well received that she has collaborated with very well known producers both in America and abroad.

She has written songs for a number of firms and artists among them, BMW, DaimlerChrysler (for whom she wrote the theme song for their global concert and introduction of the new Mercedes C class), The United States Air Force, Citroen (for the introduction of their new car, Xsara) and many others.

The artists for whom she has written include Newburgh Free Academy Gospel recording alumni choir, Dennis Brown (the late jamaican star), Gregory Isaccs, Brownstone, Mary J. Blige, En Vogue and a host of others.

Sax In The City & Onita Boone – Songbird @ Harmonie Bonn

onita3Onita aspires to be a performer of great magnitude and realizes that the only way to make this a reality, is to keep her feet firmly on the ground and to continue reaching for the stars.

This young lady is currently heating up the European music scene with her explosive 5 octave range. Onita lives up to her name, which means strong wind.

She can sing as quiet as a cool summer breeze or she can power it up with a stormy explosion of range and control.

This lady is a voice to be reckoned with.

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