Tasha Taylor

Pedigree will tell. In rhythm and soul, it’s bred in the bone.

Tasha Taylor, the youngest daughter of pioneering R&B artist, Johnnie Taylor is having a breakout year with the release of her first solo CD, TAYLORMADE.

And the magic will continue, when Tasha makes her Broadway debut, creating the role of Margie Hendrix in “Unchain My Heart,” the upcoming new musical based on the life and music of Ray Charles.

An entertainment triple threat, Tasha is a multi-talented musician, actor and performer. As a musician she is the complete package, an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician and now, producer of TAYLORMADE.

Tasha performs Ray Charles & sings with Clarence Clemons

Early R&B artists like Johnnie persevered, though often confronted with financial inequalities and social indignities but the rich heritage of their music continues to dominate popular music today. One of Stax Records’ major artists, Johnnie Taylor, remained on the road for four decades, providing for his family, and keeping his music alive.

Tasha began traveling with her family on tour as a child and was constantly surrounded by music legends. Johnnie, by example, instilled his concept of dedication and hard work in pursuit of his music career.

“I just remember being on the side of the stage. A LOT!” remembers Tasha. “Watching dad work shows with great artists.The Jackson 5, Natalie Cole, Sister Sledge, Johnnie Guitar Watson…and so many others over the years. ”

He never pushed his children to follow an artistic career…but that decision was taken out of his hands when early on Tasha decided to carry on his musical legacy.

Tasha Taylor / “Somebody”

Johnnie chose Dallas, Texas, Tasha’s childhood home, as home base because it was smack dab in the path of his winter and summer tours. And Dallas provided the opportunity to spend some time at home with his family, parking the tour bus in the back driveway.

Dallas gave up everything it had to offer to an up and coming soulstress, and subsequently Tasha moved to the northeast, enrolling in the Theater Department at Boston University.

After semesters of polish and Shakespearean training, Tasha recommitted herself to follow her father’s muse. Was Hollywood or New York going to be her new home? A flip of a coin sent her west.

Within a relatively brief time, she acquired on the job training, and the tools of an entertainment career, coaches, agents, managers, producers, the gamut of services available to those who come to town with Talent.

Tasha adds, “My dad always told me that it was called show business for a reason. It’s 90% business and 10% show. If you don’t know your business…you’re in trouble!”

Tasha Taylor sings Who’s Making Love

As a composer, her original music has been featured on “Men In Trees” and “Lipstick Jungle.” Tasha also performs live in concert, showcasing her fabulous voice in venues as diverse as the Detroit Blues Festival, New Orleans’ Jazzfest and for Friends of New Orleans at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

She has shared the bill with rhythm, blues and soul icons such as Aretha Franklin, Allen Toussaint, Taj Mahal, Carla Thomas, Susan Tedeschi and Buckwheat Zydeco, and Voice of the WetlandsTab Benoit and Donald Harrison.

She also performs regularly with Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in their Blues Brothers engagements and on the road with Jack Mack and The Heart Attack.

An Accomplishes Actress Tasha has been as a featured guest on acclaimed networks/sitcoms “House”, and “Ugly Betty”. Tasha has also been in indie films such as  “Dimples” and  “Heaven Ain’t Hard to Find.

Last year Tasha hooked up with producers Stuart Benjamin (“Ray”), and Noisy NeighborsRob Arbittier and Gary Adante (Songs In The Key of Life), and headed for the recording studio to cut a soul album in loving memory of her dad who passed away in 2000.

Employing some of the hippest, heavy-duty cats she could wrangle, with award-winning bassist Nate Watts as musical director, the result, TAYLORMADE, is thirteen, funky, unforgettable tracks, written, produced, arranged and performed by Tasha Taylor featuring her indelible first single, “Queen.” There is only one cover song on Tasha’s TAYLORMADE.


On it, she performs with her father Johnnie “The Wailer,” in a throwback to his first million-selling hit on Stax, “Who’s Making Love.” A very “vintage” papa Taylor even accompanies her on the video! You can’t stop the rhythm of the music if the beat is in your soul…the lineage remains intact and Daddy would be proud. So, if you haven’t heard of Tasha Taylor yet, you should have. After TAYLORMADE and her Broadway debut…you will!

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DemetressNuwambaCook isn’t your average neo-soul artist.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, the singer/songwriter is fully aware of what the industry’s expectations are- he’s just totally unaffected by them. Nuwamba has been following his own rules since the second grade when he started singing in his grade school’s glee club.

Growing up in one of the largest cities in Texas, his personality is a mix of pragmatism, sensibility, and down home comfort. The latter especially, is reflected in his music. His vocal presence is weighty over instrumentals, weaving itself throughout soft lyrics about love and relationships.

For Nuwamba to never have been classically trained, he succeeds in holding listeners captive with a single note.In his younger days, Nuwamba took note of his parents’ love for music.

Nuwamba – All Mine

At home, music had always been a major part of life, but it wasn’t until he decided to join the chorus at school, when he saw and felt a true personal connection to it. It was his participation in glee clubs and church choirs where Nuwamba gained the confidence to claim singing as his destiny.

By his senior year of high school, he was writing songs as well, but it wouldn’t be until his meeting with Atlanta-based entrepreneur William Griggs when Nuwamba began realizing the necessary development in becoming the best artist he could be.

Nuwamba had begun traveling back and forth between Atlanta, Dallas and abroad, taking his career to the next level. It was at the top of the millennium that he’d started working closely with Griggs, who had been building his own connections within the industry as a special project manager for Warner Brothers Records.

Griggs had been promoting an event series called Chocolate Soul that was immediately beloved by the bohemian set in Atlanta. Nuwamba took advantage of the opportunity to perform every chance he could.

Once the buzz for Chocolate Soul grew, Griggs started producing compilation albums by the same name, showcasing the artists who were crowd favorites (Raheem Devaghn, Eric Roberson, Cee Lo, Kindred the Family Soul) at the weekly festival. Nuwamba was featured on the Chocolate Soul’s Deluxe CD compilation.

Nuwamba – Forever

His “Take Me Away” is an ethereal ode to taking a moment away from the hustle and bustle of this fast-paced world and finding peace. His song “Forever” was a part of the This Is Soul 2006 compilation released by SoulBrother Records in London. Nuwamba’s music was also on the Soul Lounge compilation released by Lightyear/Warner.

His work appeared alongside talented major artists such as Common, Mint Condition, Omar, and Conya Doss on the Luire Presents RELAxY Pocket compilation (Japanese release).

By then, Nuwamba had become Griggs’ primary artist on his fledging Chocolate Soul imprint, and while he worked on the label compilations, he was constructing his own debut album Above the Water (2006).

Above the Water was a joint venture release between Griggs’ Chocolate Soul as well as Nuwamba’s imprint, BornSoulful Entertainment. Nuwamba’s talents were well-received by the public after the album’s official release.

Nuwamba/Take Me Away

His singles enjoyed radio play on Dallas’s 89.3 FM (WSBJ), 94.5 FM (KSOC), 105.7 FM (WMJI). His music has also been played on the Terry Bello-hosted Soul Lounge- a syndicated show, available in nearly 20 U.S. cities. He’s also been on XM Radio, Delta Airlines radio and various Internet radio websites. As a testament to his devotion to his fans, Nuwamba appeared as a special guest on 91.9 FM (WCLK) in Atlanta.

He was featured in numerous notable publications including Vibe, Upscale, The Dallas Observer, The Urban Network, Billboard, Rolling Out, and he also covered his hometown’s Fort Worth Weekly. At home in Texas, he hit the ground running performing in every major city from Dallas and Fort Worth to Austin, Waco and Houston.

He had a set at ClubOne-15 in downtown Austin as part of the SXSW Music Festival as well. Nuwamba’s passion and drive to move beyond what’s expected has taken him far beyond the Texas border.

He’s been onstage in LA and New York. He’s blessed the microphone from Baltimore and D.C. to Atlanta and has even gone overseas with his talents to Kaiserslautern, Germany.


The venues that he’s performed in include Houston’s Kaveh Kanes Coffee House and the Temple Bar in Los Angeles. He exceeded listeners’ expectations in Dallas at Reciprocity, Sankofas, Phat Kats, Daiquiri Dump, Art Bar, Moon Bar, Hard Rock Café, & the Bali Club.

He’d been performing at the Apache Café (formerly known as Ying Yang Café) in Atlanta since the start of his career with Griggs. Never one to limit himself, Nuwamba moved beyond club performances.

He worked the TCU Football Tailgate Party with his soul-filled vocals and he’s opened shows for George Clinton, Sleepy Brown and Bobby Blue Bland. Nuwamba also participated in a mass choir performance that featured Kelly Price at Dallas’s Morton H. Meyerson Martin Luther King Show.

After his album debut, Nuwamba took some time to re-evaluate his team and his career plan- the draining effects of the music industry warranted a change.

During this hiatus, Nuwamba experimented. He dabbled in house music, even collaborating with some highly regarded house DJs in creating song remixes.


He came back to his music with a clear mind and a fresh perspective on what the follow-up project, Unusual Takeover, will finally sound like- a mix of soul and R&B- appealing to an even broader audience, without completely abandoning the genre that’s brought him thus far.

With his honeyed voice and true-to-life lyrics, Nuwamba is planning on picking up just where he left off- ready and able to write and compose music that will move listeners to the core whether they’re listening over the airwaves or from a seat in front of the stage.



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Ava Lemert

Listening to Ava sing, her voice might remind you of the late Teena Marie Ivory Queen of Soul. What really sets Ms. Lemert apart from the crowded field of female soul singers is that she plays a mean saxophone as well as being a prolific songwriter, talented producer and thoughtful lyricist.

“I just tell people my music is Soul Music simply put. There’s no better word or genre to describe my sound. Everyone and anyone ‘gets’ soul, from country to opera, if you really feel it, you get it.”

Ava Lemert has been performing as a solo singer/songwriter/saxophonist since Spring 2008 out of a personal tragedy. “My mom had lymphoma and I dove into my music to keep from falling apart.” Like many musicians, Ava’s music is driven by life, loss and passion.

Ava Lemert on Good Day Sacramento

Since then, Ava’s released several singles and her debut CD “From My Soul” which has garnered international airplay on smooth jazz stations, several television appearances and many online radio interviews as well as local terrestrial FM radio spins.

“I smoothed my sound out and dropped a few of my vocals to try to fit what people were telling me would get me a look. I have wanted to pull together a collection of my own songs that showcase my love for singing, lyric-writing and R&B music.

With 12welve, it feels like I have found my own voice and the creativity is an easy flow, not a compromise or conformity, this is truly Ava Music.” Ava’s upcoming third full-length release,  12welve is a huge break in a new direction for Ava, as well as a throwback to the “love music” of early 1970‘s soul.

Ava Lemert – “Flow On” – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Ava’s eleven originals on the album run the gamut of human emotion, from the powerful “Ain’t No Turning Back Now“which could easily be the fight song for the 99% to the tender contemporary R&B ballad “A Mother’s Song” which will touch any parent’s soul with words of unconditional love and hope for the future of their child.

“I went into my ‘angry bird’ self to come up with ‘Something to Prove‘ which is about an obtuse egomaniac, disrupting everything around him with his loud cell phone conversations. A show-off, basically that has his priorities out of whack!”

Ava turns on the heat with scathing vocals, reminiscent of Tina Turner while singing thought-provoking lyrics such as ‘Don’t you see that the best things, in life, are free?’  The track is funky and you’ll think it’s some dusty soul gem from 1973 except for the reference to a Bluetooth earpiece.

The glimmer of Ava’s many talents has caught the eye of some impressive names in the music business. “Working on a Groovy Thing” the only cover on 12welve, was produced and arranged by Tower of Power keyboardist, Roger Smith.

Ava Lemert – Ain’t No Turning Back Now

With a fresh arrangement, luscious strings, vocal harmonies, and Ava’s sizzling sax licks the song is reborn with Ava’s unique, signature sound. Currently, Ava is performing in the Sacramento area and is hoping to expand her performance calendar in Spring of 2012 to support the release of 12welve.

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can be sent to: or by calling (916) 606-3384.

Jonathan Winstead

JonathanSuper JWinstead as he was named because of his many roles in the music industry; is an award-winning songwriter, producer, arranger, pianist, and R&B vocalist.

A native of Music City/Nashville, TN, Jonathan brings a pure, authentic, and joyously funky vibe to an industry that, lately, is marked by the merely commercial. Jonathan’s soulful roots run deep and wide.

From his early training in religious music (he’s the scion of two Nashville-based gospel musician) to his work with rock, pop and gospel artist such as Casme’, Dixie Travelers, Damien Horne, Keesha Rainey, Kink Ador and Jackie Wilson.

“Poetry & Music” 2009 Vol. 2 w/ Jonathan Winstead

He has expanded his eclectic repertoire to include fresh and contemporary takes on the age-old themes of love, hurt, passion, and happiness: creating his own style of Classic R&B. His studio work—recording, arranging, and producing—is inspirational, eliciting the best from the artists with whom he engages.

His studio work—recording, arranging, and producing—is inspirational, eliciting the best from the artists with whom he engages. It is his delightful spirit that no artist could deny his request as he decided to produce a compilation, We Will Not Ignore Songs in the Key of Haiti, an EP to benefit Haiti after the devastating earthquakes of 2010.

Jonathan also lends his talents for benefit concerts for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Jonathan has always believed in giving back in any way that he could. He is the owner of his own studio in Nashville, One Staj Music Group.

However, it is on the live-music stage where Jonathan’s exuberance and mastery are best displayed. He has never met a stage that he did not make his home or an audience who did not become family. Jonathan’s well-crafted vocals are reminiscent of Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye.

EXPERIENCE! Jonathan Winstead

His complex vocal riffs & arrangements in both his original compositions, and arrangements for other works, recall the warm surprise of a Steve Winwood & Stevie Wonder. When he sits down at the piano, his performance is a seamless combination of technical skill, honest vulnerability, and sensuality.

In 2009, Jonathan earned Record of the Year Award, from the Gospel Music City Awards for producing “There is a Blessing”, artist The Joy Boys; also in 2011, Jonathan earned Best R&B Performance from the Nashville Independent Music Award’s.

These accolades confirmed what many Nashvillians already knew:  Jonathan Winstead has significantly raised the bar for not only local musical artists but national ones as well.

The rest of the world is taking notice, as Jonathan is becoming a much-in-demand headliner and opening act for major acts, such as Raheem Devaughn and Lalah Hathaway. Jonathan is Nashville’s latest gift to the universe of next-level music.

Jonathan Winstead Lovestry Album Release Party

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Lo Carter

Lo Carter is a southern belle hailing from Atlanta, GA that enjoys writing and singing about love-life experiences with a classic soul twist. A true blend of R&B and Soul, she puts pen to pad and lets the words and melodies come from deep within. After one listen, you can hear heartfelt passion and soul in her music.

Lo Carter

Lo has backed many independent artists  Damien Horne, Kevin Whalum, Wil Hogue and Brit Savage to name a few. She has performed throughout the southeastern and mid-west United States.

She is a hard worker and that hard work is paying off. Lo Carter opened for R&B/Soul sensation Anthony Hamilton in 2008. That same year, her fun loving personality and energy on stage eventually led to performances backing Marvin Sapp at the 2008 Stellar Awards.

Later, while singing with the Joe Johnson Band, she had the privilege of backing great R&B vocalists like Angela Winbush, Glenn Jones, and Howard Hewett to name a few.

Bill Collector

With the release of her first album, Seasons, in 2011, Lo Carter’s star is rising and this is just the beginning. She was nominated for a Nashville Independent Music Award in the category of Best Female R&B Artist in 2010 and 2011, Best Female Performance in 2011, and the best is yet to come.

Lo Carter continues to give back to the community by participating in charitable benefits, previously lending her support to disaster relief efforts for the Nashville Flood Victims, the Haiti Earthquake efforts, Boys and Girls Club events, and more.

“It’s all Soul music. It’s just expressed in different ways…I want people to be moved when they hear my songs…music that motivates a positive response and encourages honest communication in relationships.”  –Lo Carter

She lends her vocal coaching skills to aspiring youth and “young at heart” via community workshops or private lessons; and she consistently works with local community organizations promoting and planning artistic community events. Lo Carter’s music moves people. See for yourself!



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Spencer Thornton

Spencer Thornton “Believe in one thing…. Prayer changes everything”

He was born October 12, 1986 in Portsmouth, Virginia, prayed and asked God to grant him the gift of singing, along with the prayers of his aunt, Denise Howard, that God would give him the gift of music that would reach the hearts of people and make them want to hear from God and feel his presence.

And God answered! Spencer started singing and playing in church at the age of 7. He was influence by “gospel legends” such as the Clark Sisters, J Moss, Kierra Sheard, John P. Kee, Elder McDougal, Whitney Houston, and Vanessa Bell Armstrong.

Gospel Recording Artist Spencer Thornton’s Interview

Spencer always had one goal in life and that was to become an unmovable rock for Jesus Christ to minister to his people the word of God through not only by music and song, but also through his lifestyle.

By doing so, Spencer Thornton is a minister of music at Soul’s Paradise C.O.G.I.C.J. and the assistant minister of music at Providence Baptist Church, and owner of his self-owned music Production Company called Sir Thornton Entertainment.

He is also a founding member of the gospel trio,‘God’s Anointed.” He has shared the stage with Gospel greats, such as, Dorinda Clark Cole, Dottie Peoples, Keith Wonderboy Johnson, J Moss, Earl Bynum and many more.

Currently Spencer has recorded his very first album entitled, “Spencer Thornton,” and subtitled, “ U Take Me Away.” He praises his NEW HIT Single “U Take Me Away.” Based perfectly off his entire life experience.

U Take Me Away Promo!

He explains how he was trapped in a world of sin that he couldn’t break free until he realized that the way for his escape had already been made through the sacrifice of Jesus and through him, he could take him away from all the heavy and unnecessary baggage of sin and give him a brand new life. Being confident in knowing that he has changed him completely as a person. He credits God for everything that has happened to him.

He quotes,  “God did it all just for me, if it hadn’t been for him none of this would’ve been possible!”  God has blessed Spencer’s career to finally take off outside of Virginia

Spencer’s music has been featured on Bro Steve Harris’s national radio show in Hollywood, CA in dedication to the Grammy Award Show.

His song is also being played in other states as well earning him a recent placement on the Gospel Billboard Charts at # 171.

As Spencer’s ministry expands, he was nominated for Contemporary Male Vocalist of the year and Praise and Worship artist of the year for the prestigious, Rhythm Of Gospel Awards.

He also was chosen to be in the running for an artist search entitled “UNTAPPED” for the renowned and prestigious record label known as EMI Gospel.  God has ultimately blessed Spencer’s life to move in the direction that he was destined to be.



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Marlo Moore

The Ministry of Marlo Moore

AWESOME whether setting the smooth atmosphere at a reception, or bringing down the house at a church service. Marlo is known for raising the bar of excellence and expectation in the area of ministry.  The youngest of 10 children, at the age of 5 supported and encouraged by her loving parents, Marlo began to sing publicly in her home town of Kansas City, Missouri.

Marlo Moore at Cafe Grace

Coming full circle in her life, Marlo experienced success as an R&B artist, in the mid 90’s signed under Columbia Records with the group Tik/Tok and in the same year launched her solo career with the release of her single under the name Angel Moore with Atlantic Records.

Never losing sight of God’s purpose for her life, Marlo released her first Gospel solo project titled “Moore to the Story” featuring hits like “Holy“; “He loved all my pain away“, “Hey Now” and “Thank you“.

Marlo has shared the stage with some of the most popular names in gospel music including: Background vocals with William Murphy, Marvin Sapp, Vickie Winans, Lashun Pace, Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling, Kevin Styles, Dottie Peoples, Dorothy Norwood, Beverly Crawford, John P. Kee and recently Smokie Norful

Marlo Moore ATL LIVE 2011 All Of My Help debut

Marlo has performed on the Bobby Hurd Television show, The Bobby Jones Gospel show, the Babbi Mason show, Atlanta LIVE TV, the Don Imus show and has been the featured guest singer on TBN. She sung the National Anthem at Turner Field, performed for the NAACP and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

She performed at Praise In The Park 2010 & 2011 in Atlanta and Griffin Georgia, featured artist at the Atlanta Auburn Music Festival and just recently was a featured extra in Tyler Perry’sBig Happy Family” movie.

Marlo Moore ATL LIVE 2011 The Interview


Currently Marlo is back in the studio working on her new project titled “Simply Marlo Moore” Unrestricted Praise & Worship scheduled to be released in April of 2012.

Energizing, soul stirring, uplifting and convicting are a few words describing the soulful music of artist Marlo Moore.

Marlo’s brand of performance and anointing has one word… “Marloesque”

Hits will be featured such as: “All of My Help“, “Amazing God” and “Praise the Lord“, this cd is guaranteed to bless the nations!  Her current single “All of My Help” is out NOW!!!!! and her forthcoming single is “You’re Always There” (Click video to listen)

Marlo Moore You’re Always There “New Single”

Click Photo 2 Buy Moore to the Story

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Winner of the 2008 YGEA in Atlanta, Ga for Best Female Vocalist of the year.
Nominee for the 2008 Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards for Best Female Vocalist of the Year.
Nominee for the 2007 Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards for three categories:
Best Song of the year: Nations and Holy
Best Female Vocalist of the year

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Chief Executive Officer
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Deanna Ransom

None of us escapes this life unscathed. But some of us are allowed to go through the intense fire of tribulation, ultimately coming out with a song on our lips.

Deanna Ransom not only has come out of the flames singing, but the song she sings is stronger and more powerful than any she could sing before the inferno. The gospel recording artist is not only an incredibly gifted vocalist, but she’s a woman on a mission to spread the love of God through song.

The 2010 Black Essence Award Female Gospel Artist Winner and Black Essence Top 20 Hall of Fame Inductee, fuses popular genres like soul, jazz and R&B with gospel presenting a medley of inspiration with a unique flair that’s all her own.

Her new project, a TOC Records release, I Hear You, is filled with heavenly melodies sung from a woman with a deep passion for God. Ransom knows how to elegantly and intricately weave her beautiful soprano vocals around almost any tune and her CD is clear evidence of her vocal prowess.

Mercy & Kindness – Deanna Ransom

The sophomore release on her new record label is a collection of uplifting and sometimes gut-wrenching gospel tunes. Produced, arranged and written by the artist herself, I Hear You is delivered by an exceptionally talented songstress.

Many will love the jazz stylings of grateful-sounding cuts “He’s Good” and “Awesome” and the R&B feel of the captivating “In Love” and the mellow “Trust in Him”. Those two friends, “Mercy & Kindness” are given a soulful twist on the CD as is the project’s title tune, “I Hear You”.

The CD includes music composed by industry veterans VernellDooderMincey, MontKeyz (Paul Reynolds) and Rick Williams. The creation of the 14-track CD is a miracle in itself and proof of the faithfulness of God, despite life’s circumstances.

Singing “Awesome” clip from DVD recording

Hailing from Glassboro, New Jersey, Deanna’s singing career began at the age of 5 as a member of her family’s gospel group, The Heavenly Children. She had strong female influences in her life – and in ministry – through her mother Evangelist Jean Johnson, her grandmother Pastor Dolcie Alston and Godmother Pastor Essie Robinson.

She practically grew up between the pews and as a member of the group, travelled extensively. It wasn’t long before they were approached with numerous offers to record. The opportunities didn’t pan out for the group, but offers from the R&B world were coming Deanna’s way and the lure of a lucrative lifestyle was enticing.

“It seemed like I got oh so close to something happening on the R&B side,” explains Deanna.

“But things just never worked out, although I did get to meet some great people. For me, it didn’t work and I had to come back home”.

Shortly after her arrival home, Deanna was faced with one of the toughest setbacks of her life. Her mother suffered a brain aneurysm while preaching one Sunday morning. Ultimately, her mother transitioned to glory and it was an unbelievably hard time for Deanna. She found herself becoming angry with God.

Singing “I Owe You” (Deanna’s Worship) – DVD clip

“This woman lived her entire life for God and for ministry,” shares Deanna. “I felt as if God ignored my prayers for her healing”. To Deanna, it didn’t seem fair that God would not heal her mother after her lifetime of service to the Lord.

Barely on her feet from that loss, she was dealt another blow when out of the blue, she wasn’t able to sing; she had lost her voice. A doctor’s visit determined that she had goiters on her vocal chords and the subsequent diagnosis was that she would never sing again.

Through God’s healing – after an acceptance of her calling (and God’s will concerning her mother), Deanna was given her voice back.With a renewed vigor for singing, Deanna was ready for the studio.

Deanna Ransom sings I Hear You on Atlanta Live

But prior to recording her first release, she was “sat down” and instructed to study the Word, develop a strong prayer life and to grasp hold of the purpose of her ministry. She also answered the call to preach and in 2000 was licensed and ordained as an Evangelist.

That same year, Deanna founded Virtuous Women of Destiny, a women’s ministry focused on godly female empowerment. The goal of the ministry is to expand the mind, perception and capabilities of God’s women and to enable them to face life and endure challenges in a positive manner.

The group fosters healthy relationships between women and offers assistance to women’s shelters, churches and other organizations.

She dropped her first album entitled Never Say Never which featured songs such as “What A Friend”, “You Bring Me Joy”, “Hallelujah” and the title cut, “Never Say Never”; the CD garnered her a 2005 Independent Female Artist of the Year Award.

Also on the album was the hit “Rise Sister”, a duet with the incomparable Melba Moore, a tune that became a women’s anthem and theme for a national women’s conference. With the project came much success and Deanna shared the stage with some of urban music’s biggest names.

You Bring Me Joy – Deanna Ransom

Years later, after finishing her Master’s of Business Administration degree, and while recording her new release, I Hear You, she was dealt with three major blows within months of each other: an assault, the loss of a baby and the death of her husband of only 15 months.

“If it hadn’t been for the Lord on my side, I don’t know where I would be,” says Deanna.

“The storms of life is where ‘I Hear You’ was born,” explains the artist. “This project was about recording songs that God had given to me which had come out of my life experiences.”

Although she’s gone through more than most, she continues to have much to sing about. She’s thrilled about the CD and believes it will touch all who listen.

During her impressive career, she’s been blessed with opportunities to share the stage with artists such as Dr. Marvin Sapp, Yolanda Adams, Dorinda Clark Cole, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s and the late Rev. Timothy Wright. From the start of her music career until now, Deanna has grown – as an artist, as a woman and as a Christian.

Make A Way – Deanna Ransom

Even from her first CD to the second, she’s matured. Her singing, her songwriting, is all a reflection of her trials and of the faithfulness of the One who brought her through. As much as she’s hopeful that the songs on I Hear You inspire listeners, for her, the songs were meant to uplift her during a dark time.

Deanna Ransom – “Never Say Never” Valentine’s Day Promo

Get ready for Deanna Ransom’s upcoming release – Never Say Never…Again! Free download of the single Never Say Never produced Herb Middleton, on Valentine’s Day only! From Deanna’s heart to yours you will love again!!!!!! Get the download on February 14th, 2012 at

In spite of what life has thrown her way, Deanna has discovered a valuable lesson. “One thing I have learned is that when we give our lives to God, we get a blueprint,” says Deanna. “No matter what happens in life, it’s so important for us to stick to the blueprint of God.”

Deanna Ransom – Never Say Never


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