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Marguerite “Turnin Toxic” Review


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Do you like classic uplifting positive Soul Music with a Message? If so this album is for you, 17 great songs about life, love and learning from a woman who has seen a lot of life’s difficulties due to a long list of medical problems. None of her difficulties seem to have dented her spirit but made her stronger and this shines out through the lyrics in her songs.

As Marguerite says “If music doesn’t have a message then it has no meaning”,this is the work of a woman with talent, spirit and attitude but most of all great love which “Spread Love” highlights with its message of giving love to people as we walk through life .

The quality and variety of song ensures that all real soul music lovers will find their tastes catered for.

Another favourite of mine is “At The End Of The Day” with a message that speaks to me its ok being you so love yourself too. The title track is a social commentary about where the world is going wrong in 2014, a message that needs to be heard alongside the positive tunes.

Marguerite can sing upbeat and down-tempo tunes equally well and “Together “is a great example of how she handles the slower song. The song “Keep It Movin “ captures the spirit of Marguerite perfectly as she sings “ keep it real or keep it movin “ Marguerite is a lady whose voice needs to be heard in 2014

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About Marguerite

1273309_10202232143270578_648232084_oMy name is Marguerite. My Mother nicknamed me Tina as a young girl after Tina Turner because of my voice and the way I danced.

I am a native of Washington, D.C. My birthday falls on the 5th day of November. Despite any pseudonyms for being creatively me – Tina, Miracle, Margo and then back to Marguerite!

When you say my name, say it loud and sweet, let it roll off your lips and say “Marguerite”!

I am an Independent Artist living with disabilities. It is my hopes to encourage and inspire others in all walks to never give up on their dreams and know that “through positive thought all things are possible”.


I am a survivor of six brain surgeries, both knees replaced twice, both hips replaced, lost of right eye, right jaw replaced, multiple heart attacks, multiple strokes, seizures, and more due to prolonged steroid treatment for a tumor “I never had”. Music is my salvation; it helped me through a long healing process.

615267_10202232143310579_72387835_oI began creatively writing as soon as I could spell and write. When I was 8 years old I wrote a commercial jingle for the Kellogg’s stick up for breakfast contest in which I won first prize.

I wrote small plays for my siblings and myself to perform for our parents and sometimes other friends and family members. I draw, paint landscapes and abstracts. Graphic arts and electronic publishing have become a few of my self-taught accomplishments.

The Back Alley Theater and the D.C. Black Repertory in the District of Columbia is where I trained to be an actress. I went from being a student to being on stage with a natural grace. My friends and family encouraged me to become a singer after they saw my performances in musical plays.

Loving You Like A LoveSong

I took everybody’s advice to pursue a career as a singer and life has been a song ever since.I have worked with groups/bands in D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Miami doing live and recorded performances. People liken me to the late Phyllis Hyman and to Chaka Khan, who happen to be my mentors.

1294592_10202232143350580_80544563_oMedical trauma interrupted my growth as an Artist/Singer; however, my triumph over many adversities has made me stronger, more loving, and caring.

My enhanced spiritual and emotional growth reflects in my writing and in my delivery of the songs I write.

A friend, who is a big fan said, “I have a soul stirring voice with powerful words that will “make” a person want to listen.”



BIG THANKS to Michael Gedown Brown for the info