Kenya and Nemor

A smooth and sensuous sound of their own influenced by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind & Fire, Atlantic Starr, Sade Jill Scott and Maxwell just to name a few and you have Kenya and Nemor.

If the midnight sun had a voice, it would touch that inner chord that transforms simple tones into something so much greater. That is the vocal caliber of Icelandic-American Kenya Emil, lead singer of the duet Kenya and Nemor, who are gearing up to bring their music to audiences all over the world.

Kenya & Nemor speak…

It is Jay Nemor, a Texan songwriter deeply connected to the very roots of soul music. When they perform, the audience asks itself: “Why don’t they make music like that anymore?” Well, they do and it manifests itself in this duo.

Kenya and Nemor began in mid-August 2006 when they gave their first full band performance at the University of Iceland student bar. From that, they went directly to center stage on Reykjavik Culture Night where they enthralled Icelanders with their magic.

Finding the audience very receptive to their sound and music, they continued to perform at Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik, Crash Mansion, New York City, Sildajazz, Haugesund, Jamfestivalen Norevikane, Sognefjord, Reisefestivalen in Oslo.

They were asked to make an appearance at the Christian Radich suite Grand Hotel Oslo at the 25th Anniversary of the American Coordinating Council of Norway‘s annual 4th of July Weekend Celebration. Today, they are stepping up their act with high caliber musicians from all corners of the world and ready to take their act to the finish line.

You Take Me Places

Singer, songwriter Kenya Emil’s musical journey began at the age of 8 by playing the flute. At the age of 15, she performed in the Icelandic high school singing competition. Her amazing voice wasn’t enough to keep her singing, and after the competition, Kenya stayed silent until her twenties.

At twenty-two, Kenya was encouraged by those close to her to attend try-outs for ‘The Soul of Motown‘. She won over the judges during her try-out, and the experience awoke her desire to sing and perform. In her own words: “Music became my main fuse”.

This Is Real

“I can’t really say that I have much of a musical background because growing up in Iceland, there wasn’t a lot of music played in my home. Then one day my mom bought me a CD by Earth Wind and Fire that I played until it broke.

After that, I got a Bob Marley CD and from that point on, I was totally hooked on music.” Kenya has always been quite the poet. At first, the thought of songwriting seemed a huge task.

But then, she stumbled upon the realization that writing songs and poetry was near synonymous. She strives for her music to have no age, gender or cultural boundaries.

Kenya & Nemor pre- Cafe Kaos practice

kenya_2When asked what made her choose to pursue a career as a singer, she replies: “I can’t not sing.” Coincidentally, her audience can’t not listen to her. During the 2003 Motown revue, Kenya met Jason Nemor, current singing and songwriting partner.

Approximately one year later, they formed the duet Kenya and Nemor. From that point forward she, has been unstoppable when it comes to creating music.

Kenya continues to develop her singing and songwriting skills, and has had the opportunity and privilege to work with a few of the music industry’s experienced producers:

Aaron Whitby, Thaddeus Smith aka Pismo, Rohan Dyer and Roland Richards. Kenya has taken the knowledge she gained from each experience and merged it with her own unique talents.

Like Your Spirit (Disco Jazz Funk Jam)

Jay_01_1295369094Singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Jay Nemor (Jason Nemor Harden) began his musical at the age of 9 on the electric bass in his hometown of Houston, TX.

At age 11 he decided to play the alto saxophone and played until the age of 14 in various stage- and concert bands as well as solo performances.

His earliest and most impressive event with music as a child was at the age of five when he attended his fist live concert performance to see ‘Earth, Wind & Fire‘. As Jay recalls:

“The thing I remember most is seeing Verdine White suspended sideways in midair playing the bass and I remember saying to my mother: ‘I want to do that’.”

Some of his greatest influences include Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, Earth Wind & Fire, Isaac Hayes and Gil Scott Heron.

A career in basketball led Jay to Iceland. Due to the amount of spare time one has during the day as a professional basketball player in Europe, he found the desire to reconnect with the saxophone after a 15-year absence.

In the summer of 1999 he bought a stack of books and took the time to re-teach himself to play the horn. In 2003, a friend invited him to try-out for a Motown-tribute not as a saxophone player but as a vocalist.

Wanna Let U Know

During the revue Jay rediscovered his passion for music. He remembers sitting in a club in downtown Reykjavik, and while listening to old soul and RnB music, one friend and revue colleague asked: “Why don’t they make music like this anymore?”

At the mention of this, the wheels in Jay s mind began to turn and he decided he wanted to rediscover the essence of the old school sound but with a modern flavor.

He borrowed a Casio keyboard from current songwriting partner, Kenya Emil, and began learning chords and how to arrange them into a song.

Eventually, he came up with a few tunes and shortly thereafter, in the fall of 2004, he and Kenya Emil teamed up to form Kenya & Nemor. Jay has worked on various projects as a session musician (vocals, keyboards, saxophone),

Also worked as an producer and / or songwriter with a variety of artists ranging from hip hop, RnB, soul, house, electronic, rock, pop, alternative and world music. Jay currently resides in Oslo, Norway.

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Luca Dimoon

This poem reflects the philosophy of a multi-talented singer, songwriter, composer and producer.

The night comes to consciousness with rumours of moon
Lunar incantations revealing my soul’s nature
Illuminating the mood’s geometry,  
oriented towards indigo subjects.
Expression becomes a necessity,
quest of synthesis to interpret those conflicts,  
creation begins… “

Luca Dimoon | EPK


Born in Milan, Italy in 1982, the first son of a Sicilian painter (ex-Jazz musician), L. started his relationship with music breathing in his father’s collection of Motown and Blue Note records and at the age of 8 he joined the local church choir.

Though his musical sensitivity was already proven, the interest for visual arts was more recognized, so he studied fine arts to develop his impressive skills as a young painter and sculptor.

“Music was more like a private passion. Singing was a pure device to express my instinctive feelings. Fine arts was my natural way to share concepts of the philosophies that I was beginning to explore”.

Luca Dimoon | Connection

It was after moving to London at the age of 18 that music took his spirit completely and became the absolute priority. Luca’s decision was to concentrate all of his artistic energy on improving his gifts by learning to play Piano, Guitar, Bass and Trumpet.

His initial recordings attracted offers from major record labels, with the intention to make him a Pop/R&B Act. Inevitably  his profound artistic integrity made him refuse those offers.

Later he signed a short deal with an Independent Label who got him involved in a successful compilation that peeked at number one on the charts and sold over 700,000 copies.

Luca Dimoon | Hostage

An intense musical research extended his performances to New York City where he began to create his first album “On Different Moods”, which was composed, written, produced and performed by himself.

It was released by Groove Erotic, an independent label based in the UK in 2009. After joining several groups like the “Harlem Gospel Choir” (Harlem Messengers), the “Conjectures Jazz Quartet”, “The Thrust”, and “Funky Mutiny“, he performed at various musical festivals.

Currently,  Luca has been gravitating between Milan, London and New York, performing live, working on his studio projects and writing and producing tracks for other artists.

Luca Dimoon | Live in Piazza Duomo, Milan

If you listen intimately to the songs, especially on his second album, Telescope, their messages flow with the emotions provoked, he explains “I paint lyrics with sounds to amplify the meaning”. “

With his poetic music, Luca manifests a soulful expression of words and sounds. Influenced by the Soul, Funk, and Jazz masters, he shapes his own style using Electro elements resulting in a fusion of Cosmic Soul, Cyber Funk and Dirty Jazz.

Luca Dimoon | How Does It Feel | Live

Currently working on his second album “Telescope” (coming soon), of which Luca has released two singles: “Twilight” and his rendition of  the classic “People make The World Go Round”, yielding thousands of downloads within the first day.

His artistry has also led him to travel around the world as a featured performer to cities including Paris, Moscow, Marrakech, Buenos Aires and Bangkok.

Luca Dimoon | Twilight

Luca Dimoon | People Make The World Go Round

Luca Dimoon Live | “Telescope” Medley

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You Tube:

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FLOetic Lara

*She Just Keeps FLO-ing *

Want a passionate poet and soulful singer to perform for you? Let the powerful talent of FLOetic Lara flow over you.

FLOetic Lara (aka FLO) is a dynamic artiste, combining sensational singing with passionate poetry. She is in her element performing live, where she delivers with an energy that is both raw and yet refined.

Interacting and vibe-ing with the band and audience, FLO’s specialty is improvisation, which is produced organically with ease, creating captivating, and breathtaking performances.

Star Like Aura

A queen of spoken word and the live music scene, FLO is truly original, and her vocal capabilities range from beautiful dulcet tones to rich, powerful explosions as she expresses herself without limitation. Her core source is evidently jazz, yet she transcends categorization as she effortlessly creates a fusion with soul, funk, hip hop and more.

Her Journey

Hailing from the mean streets of BrixtonLondon, this unique songstress comes equipped with a vast and versatile vocal ability.

FLO has blessed the biggest live bands to the most hardcore hip hop beats, gospel choirs to poetry ciphers on the streets. Her voice has been described as that of a songbird with a jazz undertone.

With a heritage as diverse as Jamaican, Chinese, Irish and Australian, FLO touches all and relates too many: from young to old, black to white, hard headed to the heartfelt.

Ask about FLO and people know. With her range and variety, FLOetic Lara writes and performs pieces which entertain as well as educate and challenge her audiences. “Passionate Poets” and “My Story” are just two poetry pieces from her catalogue sure to inspire listeners.

Mellow Yellow

Expelled from school at the age of 13 and having left home at age 12, FLO spent her teenage years in care homes. She was often told she would amount to nothing. FLOetic Lara now uses her own rich life experiences to influence her songs and poetry. FLO’s expedition started back in 2002 at ‘Brixtongue’.

Since then she has performed at The Jazz Café, Ronnie Scotts, Brixton Academy and The Royal Festival Hall to name but a few.

At only 17 years of age FLOetic Lara was nominated and awarded the position of UK Youth Ambassador 2003 and was flown to Washington DC where she spent time shadowing the Secretary of State Collin Powell.

Still Here

FLOetic Lara was also a guest performer for disadvantaged young people at the J.F. Kennedy Centrefor Performing Arts.

Making an impact within the realms of royalty, FLO was invited for lunch at St. James Palace to perform and present Prince Philip with a commissioned piece of poetry.

Her 2006 schedule culminated in flying the flag for the UK by opening up for US Neo-Soul stars Dwele & Jaguar Wright at their UK concerts (accompanied by her full band).

FLO has also performed for Erykah Badu and released her first CD ‘Jus Let It FLO…’ project N#1 which includes production from UK Legend Omar, Don E and Scratch Professer.

Sunday Afternoon

This was followed by a six-week tour of UK, Norway (AHW International Festival’in the company of dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson) and South east Asia in the summer of 2009, FLO had concerts at Bangkok‘s top Jazz Venues and performed in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Live @ Lyrix Organix

Phase two of FLO’s recording projects was recently completed, when FLO took up the opportunity to record ‘For Lovers Of…’ with full live band, at Bob Marley’s Legendary ‘Tuff Gong’ Studios in Kingston-Jamaica.

The first single entitled ‘Night Skies’ is a mesmerizing Caribbean flavored Ska/Pop song written by ‘WinsomeLyrical HealerDuncan guaranteed to get your foot tapping!

Vicious Cycles FLO Live @Jazz Cafe

Whilst in Jamaica FLO went down a storm performing at the 10th anniversary of ‘Calabash International Literature Festival’ and The Ocho Rios International Jazz Festival.

Orchestrating workshops is another spoke to the revolving wheel that is FLOetic Lara. Working closely with youth (specifically those in care) to empower and engage through the Arts is essential to FLO.

U Turn Project Intro

She done the intro to the forthcoming album U – TurnShe also a part of the  family which is represents artists from the UK/US/Canada

Who are creatively willing to go back to the sounds and messages that made history & soul, hiphop, jazz, gospel and r&b a popular demand.

FLOetic Lara @ Urban Green Fair

She maintains a close relationship with her community and shares her experiences including those of living in care & being expelled from school at age 13.

Her freedom on stage and love of music, interwoven with powerful lyrics sung and spoken, reverberates with all who experience her touching gift.

This is a woman who is going to take the music industry by storm. Remember where you heard her name first! FLO has been described as inspirational, empowering and a role model for young people.

Mellow Monday’s at INSPIRE

I.N.S.P.I.R.E means:

Inspiring New Seasons Promoting Internal Revolutionary Existence.

The harmonic duo, LyricalFLO are your host’s for the evening, consisting of the phenomenal FLOetic Lara and dynamic Lyrical Healer.

FLOetic Lara PROMO video:

Night Skies – recorded at Bob Marley’s legendary ‘Tuff Gong Studio’


FLOetic Lara Album Tracks Sample





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Vocalist, Writer, and Producer (Neo-Soul/House)


UniverSoul sensation TaNeal emerges as an independent artist through her gifted vocals, writing, production, and grabs the world with a progressive force.

Her Jazzy style of Anita Baker and Soul of Mary J. Blige only brings more to this industry when she warms every crowd with each performance and leaves a comfort that music can still inspire and touch people!


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, TaNeal has always known that she wanted to sing. She also discovered how it felt to want to express oneself in a city not very well-known in the music world.

What set this flower above the rest was her ability to feed off all types of energy. TaNeal also has a vivacious attitude keeps her motivated and full of life. The ”Learning 2 Love” album is a testament to her ability to grow in any environment.

Music and Why I do it


The flourishing artist TaNeal has been singing since childhood. From church in the kids choir to a member of the Show Choir throughout middle and high school.

Also performed in concert choirs competing in such events at well known places such as Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA in front of more than 10,000 people.

She realized her talent could touch people when she first witnessed someone reacting emotionally to her singing.

TaNeal use to describe herself as a wilted flower without enough sunlight; but now she lives…replenished in a soil (music) that nourishes every part of her Soul!


TaNeal has attended auditions for several shows including Star Search, American Idol, and the Columbus Gimme the Mic and got the same response, “We love your voice and personality, but we just don’t think you are ready for our show.” These comments have only motivated her to strive harder to continue with her dream.

New Network

She has taken her frustrations and let downs and turned them into positive results…becoming Columbus Ohio’s 97.9 FM WNC Idol winner of 2006.

With the added boost of confidence, TaNeal entertained her hometown by singing the National Anthem for the Columbus Crew.

She is now recognized as one of Ohio’s most valuable treasures; putting her raw talent, charisma, and emotion into every performance.

Just the way music was meant to be performed. She carried on winning second place in the Virginia Afr’am Festival Idol of Spring 2008.

She was then called back to open for National recording artist Mario in June of 2008. Since then, she has opened for Warren Hill, Day26, Shirley Murdock, D&G, Men at Large, Rude Boys and Levert II. The demand is growing with her exposure. Along with her career, she joined Virtual Gigs, a music band campaigning out of Spain.


TaNeal has an uncanny gift for molding her lyrics to a wide range of musical styles and genres. Not one to be pigeonholed into one category with her writing ability.

She knows that musical versatility is key in this industry. She proves that with her 2007 cd release “Learning 2 Love.”


TaNeal released her first cd “Learning 2 Love” under her independent label TaChi Music in the fall of 2007. Ohio Clout was an online social network she created on myspace catered to the entertainment and business arena in Ohio as a part of the Midwest Movement based out of Chicago.

Say Yes Jam Session

With motivation of keeping her local sector entertained, TaNeal successfully held her own release party with featured performances and as many as 300 attendees.

Fall of 2008, she collated her label and social network to entertain about 200 guests at an event called “TaChi Music Presents: Ohio Clout Talent Showcase” where she along with eight other acts of various genres performed.

All this done without a promoter or sponsor, but she was able to hold her own and accomplish the unthinkable. As she awaits her national break, TaNeal stops to wait for no one to get the job done!


Once the release of “Learning 2 Love” was out TaNeal was working hard performing and promoting.  Then reality struck.

TaNeal was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the lungs, it was time for her to not only to continue to push her talent now she faces a challenge with an chosen fate.

TaNeal – EPK

With the determination to leave her air with the musical world and contribute to the research, TaNeal is releasing her sophomore CD “A New Discovery” with a percentage of proceeds going toward it. Look out for her new single “Spread Love: Give it 2 U

Her spirit will touch souls regardless of whom or where they are, and she invites her fans to continue to follow her in her Quest to Discovery!


Click photos to buy Album/Single

new single “Spread Love: Give it 2 U


David P Stevens


David P Stevens Review “Epiphany”

DJ Johnny “F” – 6Towns Soul & Funk Show Thursday 7-9pm UK Time


Click Photo To Buy

This 11 track album from Philly based artist/ producer David P Stevens covers his range of musical influences from Neo Soul to Smooth Jazz.

From this project it’s clear that Stevens has been heavily influenced by many of the great Soul and Jazz musicians from days gone by. The album is enhanced by a number of high quality guest musicians.

The opening track “Shy Guy” sets the tone for an album that will appeal to the lover of the smoother side of soul, jazz and funk. Carol Riddick shines on the beautiful “Your Embrace”.

Frank McComb & Northende on the Stevie influenced duet “Good Morning WorldGerald Albright plays on the jazz funk instrumental “Just like that” and Tesa Williams is guest vocalist on “Play For Me” which is a joyful funky soul tune.

David P. Stevens – Play It For Me (f. Tesa Williams – Live)

The One” is a fine tune which showcases some fine guitar work and Gerald Veasley contributes to the George Benson influenced “Walking”. This is the type of set that those who attend the luxury soul and Jazz weekenders should have in their collection and should gather plenty of airplay from radio stations that specialize in smooth grooves.

DPS – Walking

“I’m coming for you”!

Born into a musical family, David Stevens began playing the guitar at age 12 and quickly by the age of 15 began writing, recording, and playing professionally.

After college, David headed to Nashville, Tennessee where he was the guitarist in the house band for the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

While in Nashville, he did some touring, writing and performing. From Nashville, David relocated several times to pursue diverse musical ventures.

In 2005, David recorded his first jazz album entitled Timeless. This album featured several renowned Philadelphia musicians and employed the services of longtime musical friend, Lisa McClendon. Timeless set the stage for what was to come.

After the success of Timeless, David began producing his current album, which will be released on his newly signed record label, 111 East jazz Records this summer. Accompanying David on this new project, are Steve Cole, Gerald Veasley, Carol Riddick, Alex Al, Donnell Spencer Jr., Carl Cox, Shamika Phoenix, Dionne, Donald Robinson (co-producer of the album), and several other musicians from all over.

Make Me Say It Again Girl (Part I & II – Live)

The fusion of these incredible musicians is nothing short of amazing!  If the single “Uptown” Which has been charted as #1 new smooth jazz single, in USA and The UK, is any example of things to come, the future is definitely bright for this budding jazz artist!

When asked about his vision for the forthcoming project, David had this to say:  “I wanted to create an album that encapsulated the tradition of the Philadelphia jam session.

David P. Stevens – Uptown

In this album, I focused mainly on live musicians and letting them have the freedom to jam. There are some great love songs for married folks on here as well, but the majority of the album was geared towards bringing back the lost art of live studio recording!”

Currently, Stevens writes, produces and engineers at his recording facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While in the studio, David is hard at work producing other artists and gearing up for a possible tour!  This new album will quickly separate him from the pack.

David Stevens trading 8’s with Lou Taylor

David has also garnered endorsements from ESP guitars, Fred Rock Guitars, and Zion Guitars. A few of David’s musical influences are his mentor, Darryl Johnson (of D-For), Fred Cooper (Boyz 2 Men), George Benson, Earl Klugh, Dwight Sills, Larry Carlton, and Norman Brown. Stevens, who earned a B.A. in Philosophy and African American Studies from University of Massachusetts, sincerely states,

“If I could change anything about music, it would be to bring back real musicians and change the tide from instant microwave hits to actual thoughtful individual expression.”

David Stevens is a “must see” performer.  His season as a musician coupled with his electrifying stage presence will please any contemporary jazz loving audience for any event.  The new album is due out in mid summer.  In addition, the single “Uptown” is available currently on iTunes, Amazon, etc.


It’s been charting in Amazon UK, as #1 new release and about #4 Best seller in both neo soul and jazz, for the last 2 weeks.

If you’re looking for a headliner or even an opener for your next event, contact the management team,  at 215-313-0682 or

***New Single Releases***

The first release will be dual~singles from “Epiphany”, the soon to be classic “Just Like That” feat. Gerald Albright  & the jazzy 2-step/club-ready ​“Play It For Me” feat. Tesa Williams will be available at radio, internet, and retail outlets 11/16/2012. ​

“Epiphany” Album Release Date: Spring 2013

David is currently in the studio working on his 4th independent studio CD entitled “Epiphany13 tracks of great contemporary jazz, neo~fusion, R&B, & nu~soul featuring Gerald Albright, Tesa Williams, Frank McComb, & many more scheduled for release globally in the Spring of 2013.

David Stevens is a solo artist signed to 111 East Jazz Records

Major Production/guitar credits:

Antonio Neal
Production/ guitar, bass, engineer, mixing, piano
Marvin  Winans Jr.
“Image of a Man” Engineer/ Guitar/ Bass/ keys
Lisa McClendon
“Live At the House Of Blues” Writer
“Reality” Writer/ Producer/ Guitar/ Bass/keys
“Christmas With You” EP 2010 writer/producer/engineer/guitar/bass/keys/ background vocals
Herb Middleton:
Guitar session work
Teddy Pendergrass
Guitar on “I Am Who I am”
Gerald Veasley
forthcoming project, Guest performer
Steve Cole
forthcoming project Guest Performer
Carol Riddick
forthcoming project Guest Performer
Marvin Sapp
NIYC  Convention, Guitar
Ben Tankard
NIYC  Convention, Guitar
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Guitarist for 1 year
Dotty Rambo
Alvin Slaughter
Gail Jhonson (Nu Groove Records)
“Nu Groove Christmas Sampler” Producer/Guitar/Keys/ Engineer
Kim Sledge
“peaceful”  Guitar
Tim Reaves
“Something Special”  Guitar/ Writer/ Producer
Divine Praise
His Own

Solo Albums:

Uptown (single) current
The Shedd  (exclusive)
“David Paul Stevens and Friends, From Thoughts To Actions” 1999

Independent Albums Produced by David
(all available @

Red Baron “Shades Of Grace”
Shamika Phoenix “On The Rise”
Domonique Wilson “Follow You” EP
Cicely Floyd  “You that I Choose” (single)

NNeka Best “Better Than Life”
Nneka Best “Higher Than I”
Thomas Sligh “Treasures Of the Heart”
Cassey Brabbs “Turn”
Stan Jones “the Experience”
Mastery Charter High school Project
Children Of God Movement “Age Of Innocents”
Aisha Morrell, “Aisha Morrell”
Timothy Spadey (Indie Gospel writer)
Nicole Danielle “I worship You”

Currently producing:

Chris Thomas (Indie Gospel artist)
Deveron Patterson (Indie soul singer)

Several more…….

Current Info:

David is the owner of production facility, “sanctifly Music Group
David is the MD for Shamika Phoenix
David is a touring solo jazz artist
David is the guitar player, for ROTFD (return Of the funky drums) Philadelphia
David is the MD for Christ Center Church Of God
David is a member of the Philadelphia Recording Community (PRC), run by Mike Tarsia.

Monique Thomas

Monique is a singer, songwriter and the CEO of new independent record label ‘Carte Blanche Records’.

This young lady has a real passion for people, especially women. Her debut album ‘Unbroken’ a collection of powerful messages and heartfelt expressions.

The chief single ‘Colourful’, one of the later songs to be written, introduces the album with an airy guitar riff backed by a skipping 4×4 beat which defies the listener to keep still.

Colourful (UK Gospel)

Many of her songs reflect her passion for strengthening women and restoring their self confidence. ‘Precious’ is a smouldering slow jam that speaks of a woman’s worth and ‘What a Woman Needs,’ is a melodic piano led anthem for the females and a message to the guys.

The album sees her use her music to speak on behalf of her female connections, give her own honest reflections, heartfelt cries and celebrate the joys of embracing true love.

“This album for me is about making music that sets people free, and it is freeing me in the process of its creation.” Although Monique did not come from a musical family, she grew up to become a music lover and continued to enjoy talent shows and the songwriting process.

Debut Album Unbroken Promoted by Dwele

Her older brother Errol Lawson supported in a management role which helped her to raise her profile through further performance opportunities whilst she grafted behind the scenes to develop her talent.

Supporting artists such as Lynden David Hall at the Hard Rock Café and American rapper Eric Sermon, her confidence grew and so did her love for music.

Unexpectedly in 2003 Monique was exposed to the UK Christian music scene and her music was transformed by the sound as well as the message. From this point on, she slowly moved forward with a new focus and direction.

The promises of hope, love, and forgiveness that she received were now her primary inspiration and motivation in life and subsequently in music. In 2008, Monique approached 5am’s Tony Bean (Lemar, Nu Life, Usher, Kelly Rowland) on a mentoring basis to seek advice about the creation of her debut album.

‘Forever Yours’ for UKCMC

She was ready to make the step but knew she needed support to make it happen. The two later became a dynamic duo as Tony decided to help the determined Monique to bring the ideas, fragmented work, and creativity together to make a complete project.

“Tony used to call me “Hip Hop” because of the way I would patch ideas together in my home recording set up!”

Live drums, bass, guitar, sax and flute are scattered throughout the album to enhance the authenticity of the lyrics in collaboration with intricate vocal arrangements. “To work with someone like Tony Bean is an incredible experience.

The album also features musical arrangements from the contemporary sounds of K Muzik and Mark Pearce which allows it to showcase a variety of approaches.

The album is a “colourful” collection of music that is stylistically difficult to define. With some of the more contemporary production giving it a pop/R’n’B feel, that genre certainly doesn’t define all that you can expect to hear.

Songs such as the edgy ‘Lose Myself’ composed by K Musik and the flowing acoustic ‘No More time’ composed by Tony Bean, completely break the mould.

Having such a variety of passionate songs, thoughtful arrangements, and classy production, it is the raw, soulful, rich tone of Monique’s vocal which forms the glue of continuity throughout the album.

At a time when music has been accused of being soulless, meaningless and contrived, this stunning debut album will entice music lovers to stop, listen, and be moved!

Just finished performing with Dwele in April @ HMV Institute and Avery Sunshine, Heston in May @ The Drum.

The song  “Daughter Shine” getting huge play by Paul Goldsmith The Select Soul Show/Colin Curtis Soul Connection Show on Starpoint Radio also Roger Williams on Soulsorts on Solar Radio plus many other djs on various stations

Monique Thomas ‘Daughter Shine’

Daughter Shine’ has had a huge impact on the UK soul scene and has featured on a number of radio playlists up and down the country. (Smooth Radio, Solar Radio, Starpoint) Produced by 5am Record‘s Tony Bean (Lemar, Nu Life, Usher, Kelly Rowland), this song has a contemporary old school feel which is uplifting and inspirational.

Soul sensation MONIQUE has announced dates for her UK summer tour. The tour kicks off in her hometown Birmingham, 22nd June, at THE INSTITUTE as part of Punch Record’s BASS Festival. Ticket links are available from

monique tour flyer 1 rgb version



Bookings & Enquiries  – Contact Mark Pearce 07966141753
Email –

Syrona Ma’rie

Have you had this feeling when something amazing is about to happen!! First come the butterflies in your stomach, then the goose bumps, the lights go out then from nowhere……

UK ‘s female heir to the throne of Brit R&B appears as the crowd turn into a frenzy. Syrona Ma’rie is one of UK ‘s hottest new talents to emerge onto the scene! If you ain’t ready…then I suggest you get ready, for her time has arrived to shine with the best of them!!!!!

My songs are my way of communicating, I suppose it has to be said that my experiences have very much influenced my songs that I hope will take people on this emotional journey“, says Syrona.


Syrona Ma’rie born an Essex girl, has always been in the presence of music, being part of a very musical family. Knowing that her father had been a part of the band “Third World“, in their earlier years, was enough to allow her the belief in herself and to push on…

At the age of one, Syrona & and her family moved to the USA to join other relatives for a different life. Growing up in Houston Texas and always around a musical family,  Syrona aged just 6, was given the chance to sing her heart out on a number of gospel selections in church.

It was at this point that Syrona developed a true passion and admiration for music. On moving back to England Syrona Ma’rie brought back with her, a subtle American flavour that wooed the hearts of many through her smooth and harmonious vocals.


Syrona was quickly making a name for herself  after performing as a solo artist in road shows like Kick FM, BBC Music Live, Wolverhampton City Festival and also in supporting both national/ international artists such as Joe and Ginuwine in concert.

Some of the more resent performances she has done are at the annual Hip-hop festival in Sweden which was a two day event, a great performance at The Quadrant Lounge in the West Midlands and the Black Business Awards (hosted by Richard Blackwood).

She has also recently performed on Jamaica Live, a live online TV streaming channel, with a fantastic response from the viewers.

With all this excitement in her surroundings, Syrona Ma’rie recorded her album; ’This Is Reality’ in Jamaica, January 2009, which she has worked on with ‘Bunda Beat Productions’ (Bunny and Daz), ‘Tru-Fam Records‘, producer/rapper, writer (Dezert Rhino) and Bongo Herman (Jamaican born reggae artist).

Up To You

There was so much of a buzz over the Album in Jamaica that a music video was filmed (by Director Rymund from RJR Net.) and launch was planned taking place successfully in Kingston, with a great turn out and TV coverage to boot!

Syrona’s excellent track; “Up To You” is also receiving constant radio airplay on Irie F.M, Hot 107, R.J.R and many other stations. Due to further interest in the Album ’This Is Reality’, Syrona Ma’rie toured with live band; ‘Tru-Fam Live’ through-out the summer.

Presently, Syrona Ma’rie is working on her new 2011 album(featuring Tru-Fam Records own ‘blood producers’ Dezert Rhino and Rico Levant) and promoting her soon to be released; ‘Runnin Away’, single and music video (Last Phoenix Films)!

Runnin Away

All this in mind, Syrona Ma’rie couldn’t be more than pleased as she has recently been given further gripping news; this rising talent is celebrating as her song ’It’s Love’ (Produced by Andrew Griffiths/ project co-ordinator Bally Sagoo)

It’s A Wonderful After Life

Its was a feature on this years Blockbuster film/ Sound Track (released on Sony/ published on ‘Bend It Music‘); ‘It’s A Wonderful Afterlife’2010 (Producer Gurinder Chadha, i.e. ‘Bend It Like Beckham‘), also writing for Mica Paris!

All exciting info! Big thanks to sponsors/ fans support. Watch out for further performance dates and exciting news on Syrona Marie in 2011…

Click Photo To Buy Single

Contact , , , , ,

Crystal Johnson

Atlanta – When Crystal Johnson sings, we can feel her soul stirring ours in every note she hits. Her voice is laced with the nuances of a woman who has been there and done that. Grown, sexy, seductive and serious, Crystal Johnson is no newcomer to the game.

And we get that. We feel that. We can hear it! With her debut CD “The Day Before Heaven” Crystal is releasing her testimony about life, about nurturing, about giving and getting.

Fierce, yet feminine, it is music that fills you, served straight up, no chaser! “The Day Before Heaven” on Egyptian Fusion Music is a momentous accomplishment for a woman whose life journey has been one long continuous song.

LIVE on SUGATREATS, with DJ OhsoKool. (click 2 play)

Having first recorded at the age of seven with Pink Floyd and the award winning Institutional Children’s Choir, this debut release has been a long time coming and is indeed a celebration.

Crystal’s incomparable vocals have complimented numerous projects over the years. In fact, her entire life can be viewed as a movement toward this day. At age 11, she landed the original lead role of “Doris Winter” in the smash hit and gospel classic, “Mama I Want To Sing.”

Soon after she performed in the widely acclaimed opera, “Porgy and Bess”, a Shakespeare In The Park Production with the Lincoln Philharmonic Orchestra, starring Theresa Merritt. Crystal then made her debut on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in the original production of “Gospel at Colonus” starring Morgan Freeman.

Lovin You (Jazz Mix) (oldie but goodie)

A warrior of personal achievement, Crystal’s musical career as a singer, songwriter, producer, vocal coach and entrepreneur has consistently propelled her. She has musically collaborated with Usher Raymond, Angie Stone and Anthony Hamilton.

She also appeared on the soundtrack for “Who’s The Man” performing the self written/produced song, “Lovin You”. Other collaborations include Mobb Deep’s classic, “Temperature’s Rising,” Heavy D’s “Got Me Waiting” and also Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “I’ll Take You There”.

Crystal can also boast working with Dr. Dre on his multi-platinum “Chronic 2001? co-writing “The Message,” which featured Mary J. Blige and Rell.

With “The Day Before Heaven” the New York transplant, now living in Atlanta, brings the journey to fruition. Fourteen tracks sway with the fire of a woman who has come full circle and stands rooted in her vocal ability and power.

Don’t Stay Gone Too Long prod by Dinky Bingham

Blending R&B, jazz and hip hop with elements of house and world music, “The Day Before Heaven” rocks to the core. Her “Summer Nights” is a jazzy escapade into the mind of a woman who has traded romance for marital security. Her voice rides a breezy, uptempo cadence in “Feeling Out” and with “Who Am I” she magically whirls us with a breezy spin of melodious rhythms.

Summer Nights prod by Mike City

Crystal slows the pace with the melodious revelation “Butterfly,” while the self-produced title track “The Day Before Heaven” sways as a mantra of serenity and affirmation. “I am the first generation of hip hop, now evolved. My music is from my soul…a story of my triumphs and pains.

Butterfly prod by Herb Middleton (

A song has the ability to take you places within your spirit and with “The Day Before Heaven” it is my wish that we can travel together within those spaces.

The women will know what I’m talking about when they hear the music and the men will feel it and be happy they were invited along for the ride!” reveals Crystal.

Journey with Crystal Johnson and preview what “A Day Before Heaven” feels like at

Simple Things prod by Dinky Bingham

Sorry Remix prod by Dinky Bingham

LIVE “Summer Nights” Mingles Atlanta



Crystal Johnson “Come Home” Remix Featuring Phife

Crystal Johnson Live On Colourful Radio (UK) with DJ Stretch





Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Prince Georges County, MD, songwriter, producer and bassist Rick White was exposed to and influenced by “Quiet Storm” music (a late night radio format, featuring soulful slow jams, pioneered in the mid-1970s by the late Melvin Lindsey at WHUR-FM, in Washington, D.C.) at a very early age.

It was during this time that his love for songwriting emerged. His desire to write, arrange, and produce the types of songs he grew up listening to led to the creation of his production company, “Ricreations” and the project known as guiltypleasures.

“Stop On By”

Sultry and soulful vocalist Mycah Chevalier has shared the stage with several legendary artists such as The Whispers, Patti Labelle, Luther Vandross, and Arturo Sandoval. Mycah is also a solo artist whose debut CD, “Roux’s Fantasy” is receiving airplay in both the U.S.and abroad.

Vocalist Kal El has lent his dynamic vocal talents to notable artists such as Jennifer Holiday, Anthony David, Roberta Flack, R. Kelly, Eric Roberson, Ledisi, Maysa, Rahsaan Patterson and Raheem DeVaughn.

Drummer Vinton Jones has most recently performed with The Temptations. He has also handled drum duties for Marcus Johnson, Jean Carne, Michael Henderson, Bobbi Humphrey, gospel great Walter Hawkins, and former American Idol contestant Latoya London and others.

“The Urge”

Deep, laid-back grooves with mature lyrics are evident in the guiltypleasures debut CD entitled, “Lovestories”. “lovestories” is a 10-track collection written, arranged, and produced by Rick White and it features Mycah Chevalier, Sol Edler, and Jerrica White on vocals.

guiltypleasures’ latest single entitled, “Anticipation (The Remix)”, featuring Mycah Chevalier and Kal El on vocals, has been a listener favorite on WHUR (96.3 FM – Washington, DC) for several months.

guiltypleasures – “Anticipation (The Remix)”

Anticipation (The Remix)”, captures the essence of guiltypleasures with a performance that is sure to leave listeners wanting more. So, sit back relax and enjoy the ride…

“Anticipation (The Remix)” LIVE!


(click photos to buy CD/Single)

Rick White (301)467-5884
Facebook Fan Page:

Chantal Ambroise

Singer/songwriter Chantal Ambroise considers her home the small town of Swansea, MA and at an early age it was obvious she had a passion and talent for music.

By the time she was in high school she began singing in jazz bands and continued throughout college. While attending Massachusetts College of Art, she was exposed to new ideas of production, writing, and performance.

After graduation, Chantal began singing lead in her own funk/soul band ” Alto Reform School” which featured some of the most talented and respected musicians in Boston.

Keyshia Cole “Take Me Away” cover/ a capella

She was then invited to join the “URO” As lead female vocalist renowned rock group, her performances received rave reviews and she was compared to the in-comparable Tina Turner.

Chantal moved to Seattle, WA in 2006. While there Chantal went back to her early beginnings, singing with the all female jazz big band “The Mood Swings” and opened a show for R&B star Montell Jordan while singing with the band “Triple Treat”.

During this time Chantal also traveled to Oakland, CA to collaborate with progressive hip-hop group “Triple Ave”. She performed with them in L.A. and Seattle is featured on their album ” True Working Class Heroes.”

Alicia Keyes Unthinkable Cover

Currently the songstress lives in Providence, RI and 2009 released her debut album “Incredibly Human”.

Chantal wrote and produced all the songs on the album, which has been very well received and placed on the Grammy ballot in 8 of the most competitive categories in 2010.

She was again placed on the ballot in 5 catagories in 2011. She is now writing songs for her next album with amazing musicians from the Boston area through Naya records and recording at Chillhouse studios in Charlestown, MA.

Rolling in the Deep LIVE Cover

Always looking for opportunities to perform and strengthen her skills, she is the front woman for the long established, 8-piece R&B/funk/soul band “The Rockin’ Soul Horns “. She is a regular performer at Artist Live Boston held at Ryles in Cambridge on Monday nights.

CLICK PHOTO to buy CD then go to Chantal’s website ( for performance dates, links to her myspace, itunes and cdaby.



Contact / Bookings: Chantal Ambroise

Shamika Phoenix

Shamika Phoenix is an American soul star who has graced the stages of concert halls, ampitheatres and auditoriums in Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and France.

On this side of the globe, she has performed in the intimate setting of Philly’s own Warmdaddy’s, Relish and the legendary Clef Club to rave reviews and was interviewed on Philly’s own Praise 103.9 FM and GTown Radio.

Not only is Shamika Phoenix an accomplished singer and songwriter, she has acted on the three hundred foot mega stage of Sight & Sound’s Millenium Theatre in Strasburg, PA, and garnered her first leading role as “Yvonne” in the Drama Group of Philadelphia’s production of “The Story” by Tracy Scott Wilson.

Natural Woman feat. Shamika Phoenix, LiVE in studio rehearsal

Shamika Phoenix opened for the 2010 “WaWa Welcome America” series in Philadelphia.  She released her first solo album entitled “On the Rise” on October 3, 2010 and has been carving out her own path ever since.

You can expect Shamika Phoenix to deliver a fusion of jazz, blues and her own life experiences from her pen to your ears as she calms and encourages your soul with her melodies.

Shamika Phoenix – Promises

Can’t Wait Live (2011)

Dear Mr Brown Live (2011)

The album include an exquisite fusion of blues, jazz, soul and R&B that share her unique story with her listeners. Shamika Phoenix is the sort of rare performer who is destined to move generations both now and those to come with her remarkable gift.

The ashes tell her story, and it is one you will love to hear. You can find Shamika Phoenix on, Reverbnation,  and YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

MUSIC TO BUY (Click Photo)

Contacts To book Shamika, email Isabelle Baker @

Mycah Chevalier

Songstress, Mycah Chevalier, is the new sultry and soulful vocalist who stirs a hypnotic blend of jazz, soul, and blues, spiced with hints of her Creole roots from her upbringing in her music.

Born in the Nation’s Capital, Mycah embarked upon her professional music and performing arts journey at age 5.

During her childhood years, Mycah also performed in a host of musical productions through Howard University Children’s Theater, The LaVerne Reed Dancers, Kennedy Center’s Children’s Theater and Washington Choral Arts Society. Realizing how drawn she was to the music of such greats as Phyllis Hyman and Sarah Vaughn, Mycah decided to hone her vocal studies under the tutelage of Mr.Ricky Payton Sr., Founder and Director of BET’s Urban Nation HIP-HOP Choir and HBO’s City at Peace.

Mycah Chevalier Promo Video

Always striving to be the best at which she put her mind, the young prodigy graduated early from high school, majored in Music and Communications during her Howard University years, and earned music and academic scholarships from Mt. Vernon College, where she furthered her vocal studies under the tutelage of Washington Opera’s mezzo-sopranos Linda Allison.

Club 347 Video & Interview

Blessed with an irresistible and soulful voice, Mycah’s music is in a class of her own. She has shared the stage with several legends and notable artists such as The Whispers, Patti Labelle, Luther Vandross, and Arturo Sandoval.

Working with Vandross was an amazing experience, “He was every bit of the artist that he portrayed…he made me feel every note and he reinforced my desire to do the same for my listeners.”

Mycah’s tremendous vocal and performing talents led to her casting by the playwright and choreographer Debbie Allen in the theatric production of Soul Possessed, starring worldrenowned recording artists, Patti Labelle, and trumpet player, Arturo Sandoval.

Shadow of Your Smile

As Mycah graciously reminisces, “I was so honored when Ms. Labelle took my hand to tell me I have a beautiful gift, and confirmed that I should never let anyone stop me from my dream. Her comments led me to seize an opportunity to sing across the world.”

At the end of a 4-year US touring stint, Mycah spent 3 months in Ethiopia and Sweden, where she was the opening act for recording artist Ja Rule during the Ethiopian New Year Celebration.

In addition, Mycah’s studies in music, led her to create musical and vocal arrangements along side partners “The Schoobies”. You may hear their handiwork on Mycah’s debut project, as well as a host of other independent artists from gospel to alternative rock! The newest chapter of Mycah’s journey begins with the release of her debut CD Roux’s Fantasy.

Back N Forth

It features 11 original songs, has already taken the U.S. and U. K. by storm “Forgiveness” and “Back N Forth” are getting countless spins in New York, Philly, California, overseas and on both The New Capital Jazz Lounge, and Joe Gorham’s show Legato Lycx on WHUR World.

Anticipation (The Remix Featuring Mycah and KalEl)

Anticipation (The Remix)” ( Featuring Mycah and KalEl) from Bass Player, Rick White’s debut album Guilty Pleasures, “Lovestories”) has remained in regular rotation on D.C.’s Own WHUR 96.3FM since April 2010!

Currently, Mycah frequents area jazz & soul hot spots, Bliss Coffee and Wine Bar, Ben’s Next Door, & Blues Alley in DC, and has performed at both Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar and SIP Lounge in New York.

guiltypleasures – The Urge


Click photos

Debut Solo Album Roux’s Fantasy
Executive Producers: Mycah Chevalier and Dawoud Said
Featuring International Hit Single “Back N Forth”
Available on CD Baby, I-Tunes & More!

Single from guiltypleasures Anticipation (The Remix)
Written by Rick White
Production by Rick White & Dawoud Said
Featuring Mycah Chevalier & Kal El
Available on CD Baby, I-Tunes & More!

guiltypleasures Lovestories
Written and produced by Rick White
Featuring Mycah Chevalier
Available on CD Baby, I-Tunes & More!

Godfrey Fletcher & DJ Niceness
Present ACROSS THE PONDMixbag Of Music’ OUT NOW!
04–The Urge guiltypleasures feat Mycah Chevalier
Life and Soul Mixtape 2
by DJ Mike Ashley, United Kingdom
Back N Forth (The Remix) – Mycah Chevalier


For Booking & Press:
Phone: (301) 379-3369 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (301) 379-3369      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Website – click picture


Winston Warrior

Everyone gets burned.

Sometimes so badly that it cripples you; leaves you unable to move past the pain and incapable of seeing beyond the fog. The sting that always lingers can leave you in limbo, lacking vision and wondering where to go next.

It can make you forgetful, losing sight of what it was you were trying to accomplish in the first place. Or it can inspire you and provide the exact motivation needed to push you into overdrive.

Intro to My Journey

It can propel you forward to that place where you begin to pursue your goal with reckless abandon. This is precisely Winston Warrior’s story.

Atlanta born and truly Southern raised, Winston Warrior painfully lost his virginity to the music industry in the ‘90s.

As an original member of the break-out R&B group, Lo’ Profile, Winston’s budding music career was promising and longevity was the plan.

They already had two hit singles, “Missing You” and “Play Melody” on radio rotation and garnered much local industry acclaim as one of the hottest male groups in Miami and South Beach.

Winston, along with his group-mates, were frequently booked as opening acts for major artists such as Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Dru Hill, Soul 4 Real, and Bone Thugs N Harmony.


With packed venues, a growing fanbase, and a successful audition with an influential player in the game, all of the group’s hurdles had been cleared with grace. Success, however, never comes easily and it soon became apparent how crucial a role ulterior motives had played in their achievements.

The group split up as the harsh realities of the world were too great for their dream to survive. While the collaborative dream did not make it to fruition, the ever present longing for Winston to create and fulfill his artistic goals never dissipated.

He was now armed with a business degree from the University of Miami and had plenty of production and performance experience under his belt to pursue a path in marketing.

Singer Winston Warrior (When We Speak TV)

Although not in the spotlight as before, success in Winston’s corporate endeavors soon followed and he was able to make new as well as retain the strong industry connections he had from his showman days.

Hesitant, however, to reemerge as a musician because he had been away from the game for so long, Winston’s insecurities overshadowed his desire to sing.

Fortunately, Winston’s support system was instrumental in encouraging him to reconnect with his music.

What began a year ago as Winston’s rebirth has now brought him full circle as he is once again an emerging artist.

This time, however, he is wiser and in complete control of his artistic vision. No longer a teenage singer, Winston is more. The sound of his music harkens back to the sounds of one-name legends like Luther, Freddie, Teddy, Barry, and Donny. Winston’s music is a fusion of smooth hip hop beats and harmonic R&B themes, coined by him as “Vintage R&B”.


For Lifeology 101, Winston Warrior fashions a relatable storyboard of experiences common to all. While most of the songs’ thematic content revolves around the phases of love, the overarching message of the album is one of progression; maintaining the pursuit of your goals in spite of life’s obstacles. With the creative genius of collaborators and producers.

The likes of Don Vito and Sean McMillion from Don Vito Productions, SelasiThe African Kid”, Lenny Hamilton Jr, and TreyDJ GmanThomas, as well as international special guest, SeizVres Palace.

Winston Warrior reminisces on his heartbreaks, failures, achievements, and how he found closure and knowledge in every experience to become the man and artist he is today.

An avid fan of soul and R&B, Winston Warrior creates music that embraces the original sounds while honoring the contributions of the genres’ legendary figures.

Bad 4 U”, the album’s debut single epitomizes Winston’s signature style and has already garnered significant internet and satellite radio play.


Pairing warm vocal tones with picturesque narration and vintage synths, Winston Warrior has created a 12 track album that showcases both his strong writing and vocal abilities.

Additionally, in similar fashion to today’s most prominent indie artists and learning from lessons passed, Winston Warrior, maintains his artistic vision and takes control of the music, manufacturing, promotion, and art direction of Lifeology 101.


Fans longing for artists who can combine the modern R&B sound with more mature and reflective vocals will appreciate [Winston’s] efforts. – SoulTracks

Winston Warrior is an amazingly driven and talented singer. His music is a creative blend of vintage R&B with modern music sensibilities. – Vince Phillips

Entertainment Attorney Winston has put together a great album; a timeless effort that will excite true rhythm and blues fans! – Shanti Das


Winston Warrior – “Elevator” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]



“Lifeology 101… Back 2 School”


Lifeology 101 

01. Keep Movin’
02. Winner
03. Walk With U
04. Elevator
05. Willin’ 2 Work 4 It (One of the Best)
06. Crossroads
07. Tuck U In
08. Ready 2 Love
09. Fragile
10. Get On
11. Bad 4 U
12. Bad 4 U – The SeizVres Palace Remix


Winston Warrior Official Website

Winston Warrior MySpace

Winston Warrior Twitter

Winston Warrior Facebook

Winston Warrior YouTube

Contact if interested in talking with Winston Warrior.

I Like to thank  Selima  (Iwilla Entertainment) check out

Since 2000,  Madkonnects and it’s subsequent joint venture imprint Mapp Records has been played an integral part in developing, promoting and sourcing many products from independent American talent that may never be unearthed or heard by a new generation of global listeners.

These include most notably, Chanel Perry, Jai Black, Metropolis, Derrick Dixon, Jarrad Anthony, Duane Fowlkes, Fertile Ground, Kornastone, Slick, Jaya and Keisha Miles.

Madkonnects have recognized the importance of showcasing new artists. The concept for Mworldnites series continues the successful trend of previous promotional and compilations put together.

Mworldnites  ‘Six for Six spins’ promotional series carries on the ground breaking work initially  sourcing and jointly compiling the Urban Street Anthem project.

It was released on UK stalwart, Morgan Khan MWA label and developed further on Mapp RecordsSix For Spins  and Hot on the Heels’ dj exclusive  vinyl promotion series.

The above series, set a new benchmark by bucking the trend of utilizing major labels to gain access to mainstream club and radio and were  acclaimed globally for the quality of the material.

There were widely supported and championed by taste-making music magazines, stores, club and radio dj’s that’s culminated in distribution and licensing deals across the territories of Europe, South East Asia USA and Australia as shown by the national chart success of Chanel PerryMy Life, Dance and If You Love Me’ licensed to top Uk dance label Hed Kandi.

Mworld Ft Chanel-One More Drink (Neil Thompson ReGroove Mix)

The good news is that this promotional concept is set to continue.  There is ‘six cuts for the clubs and six cuts ‘plus one bonus track for radio. The tracks on Mworldnites  ‘Six For Six  Spins’  Volume 1 carry the Madkonnects hallmark of great songs, soulful vocals and outstanding production showcasing unsigned acts  straight out of some of the hottest studios in America.

Chanel Perry

As rich as the legendary name Coco CHANEL implies, this talented female vocalist, CHANEL, has slowly and delicately designed a fortune in her voice. After many years of investment in her talent, this songwriter, performer and vocal arranger has quite an impressive history for one not to be signed to a major label.

CHANEL attended Dillard School of the Performing Arts, and she went on to receive a B.A. Degree in Mass Communications from Bethune-Cookman College where she performed in the Concert Choir, Vesper Chorus and the Gospel Choir.

The result is the luxurious, soothing tone which is instantly recognizable and has made Chanel a firm favourite with the overseas taste-making urban soul and dance DJ’s and media.

Chanel –  My Life Hed Kandi release

Since independent label MaPP Records CEO Dee Majek, released exclusive white labels of “My Life” on to the streets of the UK in 2003, Philadelphia native, Chanel Perry’s career has been in full flight. In 2005, “My Life”, was licensed to Jazz FM London and released on its dance label, Hed Kandi.  From there, it exploded out of the UK urban soul underground like a bush fire

It went onto national radio, receiving solid club rotation, heavy radio and video airplay to become a mainstay club classic spawning Top 40 national chart hits in the UK, France, and Scandinavia and being licensed worldwide on over 60 compilations.

Chanel – My Life

This followed in 2008 with her follow –up single ‘Dance’ which was number1 in both Music Week pop and dance charts as well as going on to be licensed on a worldwide basis as a single and on numerous compilations.

Not forgetting her urban roots the stand out track ‘Lovely Day’ on the Lolawaxx, Independent Divas compilation in that year 2009 saw the third single release by Hed kandi of he excellent cover of the Brownstone classic ‘If you Love me.’

With overseas acclaim, and an ever-growing street, radio and Internet fan base the name ‘Chanel’ has become a buzzword throughout the music industry. Now after a 2-year hiatus Chanel returns back to her RNB/Soul roots to raise temperatures in the clubs and across radio airwaves and storm the charts.

Jai Black

As As a new tenant on the ever-growing Atlanta music scene, Jai Black is on a mission. To refashion, revive and renew R&B to a place of creative and spiritual integrity that arouses listeners to a higher state of mind and energy.

Jai states, “I want to produce a music foundation to inspire, motivate and uplift people with that once in a life time moment of memories cherished and destinations fulfilled”.

For Jai this is no one solo trip, it seems that his tenure is here to stay. After fronting independent R&B group Metropolis,  for their album ‘The Voyage’ and  were voted ‘Best Independent Act of 2005’ by Europe’s leading urban magazine Blues & Soul.

Jai Black – Somebody Loves You [RADIO]

After a short hiatus, Jai now returns as a solo artist, signed to multi platinum super producer Ric Atari’s, Blacktree Music label.

Jai’s focus is now on carving his own pathway to create his own musical legacy first with his recent songbook classic covers “Love Is”


Now further stamping his brand and own identity with his forth coming EP – “Keys to the City“.

It is causing a storm across UK dance floors and radio packed with crisp beats, warm bass lines and soulful support vocals from Metropolis.





Metropolis “City Limits” Album – June 28th
Future Of Faith Records “The Future Is Now” Album – July 12th
Tony Aero “Super Hero – The Remixes” EP – July 26th
Ric Atari “AtariMania” Double Mixtape – August 8th
Jai Black “Keys To The City II” Album – August 16th
Various Artists “The Contender” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – August 23rd
Blacktree Music Presents: “Soul Seeds” Compilation – August 30th
Tony Aero “Tony Aero” Album – September 20th


Dj’s and reviewers
Madkonnect – join the Mworld & Blacktree music revolution
Dee Majek aka Mworld Email:
For bookings for Jai Black & Metropolis

Forthcoming Projects this quarter:

Mworld Feat Chanel – One More Drink Maxi CD Single (Mworld)
Tony Aero – Super Hero Maxi Cd (Blacktree Music)

Nik West


Bassist, vocalist, & model, a force of nature, known for her versatility, cool & calm, confidence & passion for life has been perfecting her gifts all of her life! Challenging and changing the industry around her and all those who come in contact with are left astonished and amazed as she captivates audiences everywhere!

Nik West Live-Written All Over Me

Words she lives by,“Talent does what it can, Genius does what it must!” and these words have taken her all over the world, and all before her 24th birthday.

Phoenix, Arizona, her hometown was her first hand introduction to music & her love for the arts! At an early age was where it all began.

 “Just In the NIk of Time”

T. West, an accomplished guitarist, also her father, was inspirational in her love for playing the bass! He taught her a few runs on the guitar and she learned it quickly.

He also noticed she had great dexterity with her fingers, even being left handed, playing a right-handed guitar. It didn’t stop there, this love ignited in her a passion to vocalize & verbalize what she felt as her hands began to quickly adapt to the strings.

From this union a singer was born!

Growing up in a household filled with music and creativity really cultivated and shaped her into the young woman she has become today. Music has been a blessing in disguise as it has carried her through humble beginnings in her family, which includes her sisters (keys, drums, violin, guitar) who were her first band and singing act, and an older brother! However, without her very supportive mother, she would only be 1/2 of the package she is today.

Me, My Guitar and SWR Headlite Amp

Fender took a liking to Nik’s eclectic voice and soulful bass playing and gave her an artist endorsement. She was one of the first to get her hands on Fender’s first 6 string bass.

She is also the face of SWR’s Black Beauty Amplifiers. Bass legend, Marcus Miller hand-picked the photo for the SWR ad that runs in Bass Player Magazine.

While working on her first album, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics called Nik and asked her to play bass for him and work on a project that he was putting together with Glen Ballard and other great musicians.

Nik’s resume includes appearances in Coca Cola, Ipod, and MTV commercials just to name a few. The release of her highly anticipated album, “Just in The Nik Of Time”, has already had rave reviews… “She has accompanied a few well-known artists, but on Just in the Nik of Time, West is the one in the driver’s seat.”

Nik West Interview

Although Nik plays her electric bass on this album, which she co-produced with Justin James, she isn’t strictly a bassist. She is also a highly expressive singer.

Her vocals, in fact, are the primary ingredient on Just in the Nik of Time, which favors a jazz-tinged neo-soul approach along the lines of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and India.Arie.

Stay tuned for much more from Nik West.

“This album is an example of the TRUE musicianship that the industry has been searching for” Funky bass lines, catchy hooks, and wonderfully written lyrics all combine to form this highly anticipated project. Nik West is what the music world has been waiting for and she comes “just in the nik of time”.

“Nik West is one 21st Century R&B artist who isn’t lacking in the chops department.  She is a young electric bassist who clearly knows her way around her instrument and plays like she has been inspired by the funky likes of Graham, Louis Johnson (of Brothers Johnson fame) and Marcus Miller.”-Alex Henderson

Nik West has played with the following artists

The Jimi Hendrix Experience Tribute, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) , Glen Ballard (Alanis Morrisett), Esperanza Spalding, Ringo Starr, Malina Moye, Gardner Cole (Madonna), Lena Burke, Ann Marie Calhoun, and more!

To Buy “Just in The Nik Of Time” (click photo)



Management – Aundrea Thomas–

Ozara Odé

Ozara Odé has been compared to some of the most profound singers of all time.  Imagine Nina Simone meets Sade; and you will have a better understanding of her vocal style. Her sultry sounds have moved audiences from her hometown in Milwaukee, to DC & Atlanta,  & from the JazzCafe in London, to the BizzArt in Paris, France.

Ozara Ode’ Tremplin Sankofa Soul Contest au Bizz’art à Paris

At present, Odé is in preparation for the anticipated tribute, which will take place in Milwaukee November 19, 2011.  Ms. Odé has written and will play the lead role in “Diva: A Tribute to Nina Simone”.

Diva: A Tribute to Nina Simone-An Ozara Ode’ Experience

“My journey has been a testament to why I believe if you focus on your purpose and not your distractions, your dreams will come true.” Lady Odé released her first album, “I Dream” in 08’.

Ozara Ode'”I Just Wanna Be With You”

Who is Ozara Ode?

Ozara Ode UK Tour

Ozara Ode’ on JJ on Atlanta

Her latest album is set for release in 2011.  “I am honored to work with Grammy Award winning producer, Kevin Deane and Multi-Grammy nominated producer Herb Middleton on the new project.” Look out for a track on this New UK  Compilation Album called “U TURN

“My mother gave me Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, & Earth, Wind, & Fire. I would like to give you Ozara Odé.”


All About Jazz


click photo to buy “I Dream” CD

Julie Dexter

Introducing Julie Dexter

Meet the world renowned, award winning, British vocalist considered by many to be one of the most influential female vocalists of our generation. Having shared the spotlight with a host of cutting-edge artists, including Mint Condition, Jill Scott, Bilal, Omar, Loose Ends, Rachelle Ferrell, Ledisi, Eric Roberson and Raheem DeVaughn to name a few, Julie not only holds up her own with them but has been praised and respected by them too.

Where Is Julie From (click video)

Born and raised in Birmingham, England, this classically trained artist composes and arranges her own music. Influenced by legends such as Nancy Wilson, Abbey Lincoln, and Bob Marley, as well as popular icons Omar and Sade, Julie takes classic soul to the heart of Artistry.

Fans and critics across the globe have followed her journey through the circles of Jazz, Broken-Beat, Bossa-Nova, Reggae, Afro-Beat and Soul.

Her dynamic voice was first heard in 1994 on “The Jamaican BeatVol 1 with Jazz Jamaica then later in 1997 on Dune Records’ release of J-Life, a European Jazz quintet formed by Gary Crosby and led by Jason Yarde. She later toured several continents with Jazz legend Courtney Pine as the lead vocalist for his ensemble. It was in 1999 that Julie took a leap of faith and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she now resides.

She launched her own label, Ketch A Vibe Records and in 2000 released the critically acclaimed EP Peace of Mind, followed by Dexterity (2002) , and Conscious (2005).

Moon Bossa, a collaboration with Khari Simmons was released in 2007 and her single “Ketch A Vibe” was featured in national radio ads for Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama

From Jazz to World Music, Soul and beyond, Julie Dexter is one of an elite few whose talent can transcend genres. She makes it all work on her own terms, as an audaciously independent artist with an undeniable connection to her audience.

Julie Dexter Scatting live at Jazz re:freshed 2010

Julie Dexter live in London


Flair TV 09

Superior TV 09

Listen to snippets from new album NEW AGAIN

Her latest anticipated project with Chicago’s own Producer/DJ Steve “Miggedy” Maestro entitled ‘New Again” is OUT NOW. Don’t miss the experience of Julie Dexter. Be a part of a tradition of great music. In the words of her smash single ‘Ketch A Vibe’, ‘Don’t let it pass you by.

To Buy Click Photo


UK TOUR 2012


Facebook fan page





Hasan Brown
Puzzle Marketing & Media


Raised on Detroit’s West Side, soul singer Lando (born Orlando R. Joiner) started singing at the age of five. He graduated from Frank Cody Senior High School where he performed in statewide classical vocal competitions as a member of one of Cody’s prestigious performance choirs. Cody also spawned the talents of fellow industry classmates Nicci Gilbert of Brownstone, Dwele and Slum Village to name a few.

Lando | Vocalist/Songwriter

By the time he made it to Atlanta to begin his studies at Morris Brown College he had already begun writing and performing with other artists and musicians on the fertile Detroit music scene. He cut his vocal teeth singing background and demoing songs for artists like Kenny Lattimore, Keith Washington, Chante Moore, Joe, Horace Brown, Raphael Saadiq, Tamar Braxton and Usher. That experience led Lando to being signed to a now-defunct imprint on Atlantic Records though he was eventually dropped.

A multi-talented vocalist, songwriter, actor and producer Lando credits his eclectic taste in music to his parent’s vast array of musical interests.

As a vocalist, Lando’s delivery is distinctive and captivating as he effortlessly stretches his elastic tenor beyond the limits of many of his contemporaries. Lando has participated in Atlanta’s open-mic scene and is currently working on his debut effort entitled “…In This Space”. He’s released the lead single from that effort entitled “Space” in April 2009.

Garnering recognition and aplomb for his vocal prowess, insightful lyrics and impassioned performances Lando is becoming an anticipated audible decadency.

The Bleu Kiss Entertainment Group Presents “In This Space”CD

Soul Artist, Lando, announces the release of his debut CD, “In This Space“, an eclectic and groovy blend of soul, jazz, r&b and pop.  With every song on this project navigating the unpredictable waters of life and love; Lando, earnestly and passionately sings the songs of both the broken-hearted and the amorous.

 Space (live)

On the single, “Space”, released earlier this year to high acclaim Lando, an obvious advocate for love; croons about not wanting to give his lady the space that she desires for fear that in the end she may decide that he’s not the one she needs.

Regarding his project, Lando states, “I’m proud of the work that came out of this effort, it feels more like me than any other project I’ve worked on and at the end of the day this was really all that I hoped for.

You can’t be all things to all people so I just tried to be the best me that I could be for me, the rest is in God’s hands. I do however, hope that those who have anticipated the release of “In This Space…” will enjoy it for years to come.

I Who Have Nothing (Acoustic)

” Including “Let It Go” featuring Salakida, “Leavin'” and the Shamora Crawford produced “Be Near Me”, “In This Space…” will take listeners on a melodic journey of love’s splendor and dismal dissolve. Drawing from jazz, pop and urban music influences, Lando shines a light on the highs and lows of love as he sees them.

Lando – Touch U (Back In Dayz 07)

Being a writer, producer and composer all lyrics were written by Lando but there are a few notable collaborations with fellow artists and producers like Salakida (singer, songwriter and producer), Shamora (singer, songwriter and producer) – the producer behind hits by Jennifer Lopez, Monica, Angie Stone and Cherri DennisBrandon A. Thomas (guitarist, producer, songwriter and musical director) and Soultron (currently touring with Angie Stone) and nu-soul sensation DeniseAvery SunshineWhite (pianist, singer, songwriter, composer, producer and actress).

Click Photo “In This Space” is currently available for purchase via

CD Baby


Tarrey Torae

Chicago bred but Southern at Heart, Tarrey Torae’s melodic presence springs from the crossroads of southern geniality, essential womanhood, & passionate soul.

No amateur to music, Tarrey is a 4x Apollo Winner, a recipient of 2 Grammys from her work with Kanye West’s, & John Legend. Her voice soars to heights unvisited by the average singer reassuring you that this is classical music in the making.

Though Tarrey Torae traces her earliest singing memories to childhood family pastimes, she had no plans of becoming a full time performing artist. With a passion that far supercedes music, and going to Mississippi Valley State University Tarrey had dreams of becoming Chicago’s first African-American woman mayor.

Showtime @ The Apollo Winner

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and began the Masters program for Urban Planning & Policy. Her tenure in activism at MVSU Tarrey started as the Public Service Chairman for Delta Sigma Theta. She was eventually elected as the President of the entire NAACP Youth & College Division for the State of Mississippi. When she came into office there were only 7 NAACP college chapters in the entire state.

In just a 2 Year Term she expanded it into 35 Chapters; Further she Sponsored the HBCU Voter Registration Tour and Campaign to stop the closing of HBCU’s – with the final mark being a March on Governor’s Mansion with over 20,000 people in the streets who traveled Nationwide.

In attendance was, Ben Chavis, Arrested Development, Snyc Movement, Former DC Mayor Marion Barry, The Nation of Islam, Cornel West, Operation Push, Southern Baptist Union, Southern Echo, Ben Jealous, Derrick Johnson and more

Succumbing to her life calling, Tarrey left her Masters Program & began showcasing her vocal talents at Chicago’s infamous Rituals. She soon became the lead singer for the city’s acclaimed band Soul Fed & from this point on, her career continued to grow with great speed & intensity.

Tarrey has gone on to appear at numerous summer festivals & live venues throughout the United States & Beyond. Holding down solo stages, extensively with Coca Cola‘s NAACP Hip-Hop Tour, the Nissan/Essence Magazine Music Mix Tour, & as a background singer for Talib Kweli. Her audacious voice & songwriting skills have also been featured on tracks with Kanye West, John Legend, J. Ivy, Pete Rock, Blitz The Ambassador & The Last Poets.

NYC James Brown Tribute

SOB’s NYC with Blitz the Ambassador

Tarrey recorded 32 songs with Kanye West during the recording of his debut album, so she is all over the College Dropout album singing background vocals… BUT she is only listed on the credits of “Family Business“.

Etta James Celebration @ Apache Cafe: Atlanta, GA

Tarrey’s earned her second Grammy Co-writing and Co-sing “Live it Up” on John Legends Classic debut album. In short, beyond her music projects Tarrey Torae is consistently volunteering and presently working on community development and partnerships to develop The Sweetest Survivor Foundationfor children and a host of community youth service projects.

The New Album “The Sweetest Survivor” (click picture to listen)

The Sweetest Survivor“, set for a June 21st release date. Advance copies are available only on her website. “TSS” is a compilation of Anthems of Struggle & Triumph. No doubt its sultry tunes will help populate a new Generation.

Created as a concept album (Love Side & Life Side), with community driven messages for all the ‘roses-that-grew-from-the-concrete’, The Mission Statement of The Sweetest Survivor is that it tells a story and is written as a musical testimony to the survivors of life’s most ugliest moments and most beautiful lessons.

More than ever people have had to be strong to fight through life’s most challenging situations. They’ve had to choose love over fear and light over darkness in a world of bitter, withdrawn, desensitized individuals. It is truly up to those who refuse to become numb, to shake and re-awaken the mentally and emotionally defeated. Hence THE SWEETEST SURVIVOR… Lyric by lyric and with each softly sung note you’ll be swooned by Tarrey Torae


Friday – May 22nd, 2011 – Chicago, IL Asylum

Sundays! The Tarrey Torae Birthday Celebration Performance Hosted by: M’Reld Location: LeFleurde 301 E. 43rd St. Chicago Time: 8pm Admission: $10 Door







B. Higgins

B. Higgins is a  new R&B singer arriving on the scene, from Clovis, CA.

At a time where fans have expressed that there is a disconnect from real music being released, B. Higgins has stepped in as a pure singer, songwriter and performer with a smooth & soulful style that makes his audience reminisce about meaningful love songs that they yearn to hear on the airwaves again.

B. Higgins armed with the gift of writing songs about real life energized with melodic harmonies, fills the void for fans by bringing respect along with substance back to songs about relationships & love.

B. Higgins influences along the way include Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, New Edition & Ready For The World. One of B. Higgins main goals is to place quality over short term trends by breaking  the mode of filler songs with no feeling that have taken over radio & replacing them with songs that deal with subjects like love, fun and real life experiences.

B. Higgins began to sing at an early age when he was in the church choir. He recorded his first song in a recording studio at age 12. He enjoyed singing so much that in high school he formed a singing group called “LEGIT” which performed in & won numerous talent competitions.

Although B. Higgins was the lead singer of the group LEGIT that was successful, he eventually realized that his true calling was to be a solo artist.  B. Higgins has worked with several producers in addition to being part of a couple compilations to help take his music to another level.

B. Higgins Talks About R U Real

B. Higgins recently released his debut single titled, R U Real, which has received positive feedback from fans in the United States to overseas in Europe & Japan. B. Higgins’ debut EP, R U Real, is now available in stores and features the songs “Ooh What a Feeling”, Ring My Bell”, “R U Real” and more.


To purchase CD: Click Photo

B. Higgins Websites

B. Higgins Contacts

Booking E-mail:

Joni NehRita

Joni NehRita’s music is a breath of fresh air for those who still like their music served with, well Soul. An accomplished singer/songwriter/musician, she manages to blend the time-honoured qualities of classic soul with a modern sensibility that flirts heavily with jazz and pop.

It is this effortless and seamless fusion that gives Joni her distinct sound and makes her feel familiar yet fresh and new. In early 2011 NehRita  released her sophomore album “The Bare Truth“, a new batch of deeply reflective and personal tunes.

From the instantly catchy 80’s pop/funk “Private Party” in which NehRita sings “I’m having my own party; out in the light you’ll find me” to the bona fide soul track ,”The Trouble“, reminiscent of Bill Withers or Donny Hathaway, this collection will find you tapping, snapping and singing along in no time.

She readily offers up her own imperfections, doubts, hopes and dreams. She asserts that change and personal revolution are healthy, necessary even.

The album explores new and darker textures and has a timelessness that makes it evident that Joni is likely to be around for years to come. It floats easily from sparse, open arrangements to densely layered ones, which keeps the listener engaged. In the way the fans expect, she makes Motown, funk, smooth jazz, pop and even a little rock feel at home side by side.

Joni NehRita “Are You Ready” live performance on Canada AM

With “The Bare Truth” we get a peek at how Joni’s sense of humour is infused into even the most introspective songs such as “Fed” whose opening line is “It’s on my list of things to be: A more refined version of me.

True she comes out from time to time, but I’d like my light to always shine.”  Joni manages to inspire one to be the best version of themselves without being preachy. And , always, with infectious melodies at the core of every song, old fans will  be pleased to hear that her knack for writing a good hook hasn’t been diminished by the progression in her writing and producing.

New fans will wonder why they haven’t heard of her before. Joni’s debut release, ‘A Fine Time’ was enthusiastically received by the media and won her many new fans in uncharted territories such as Europe, Japan, & Australia.

It was played on college and mainstream radio including The CBC, CHRY, CKLN, Wave 94.7, and LIFE FM (UK).  Joni has also garnered the attention of Canada AM, Now Magazine, Echo Magazine, The Independent, Guelph Mercury, Life and Soul Magazine (UK), and The Toronto Sun. “About 30 seconds into ”A Fine Time”, I was pretty damned confident that Joni NehRita was the real deal. The selections strike hard and soothe the spirit…” ~Addi Stewart Now Magazine

Joni NehRita, Live at Maxwell’s Music House

Years of being both a band leader and a side musician/background vocalist have seen Joni performing at such venues/events as Massey Hall, The Montreal Jazz Festival, Roy Thompson Hall, The Hamilton Music Awards.

She has toured in Canada, US, GermanyU.K. and most recently, Australia. Joni’s been taking notes while becoming a “road warrior” and has used these experiences to help her create a live show that is a dynamic and emotionally rewarding experience for her listeners.

“I can attest that in live performance her voice and stage presence are stellar and come off as endearingly natural….Joni had me hollering and cheering like I haven’t at a an R&B show in awhile…” ~Raji Sohal, CBC Radio 3

Each Joni NehRita show is a unique experience. As she gives herself over to the music, to emotion, and to her listeners, they give back- they laugh, cry, sigh, & with her.

There is a feeling of connectedness that comes over the room. This is what Joni loves so passionately about music- its ability to unite and to transform.

You needn’t be a soul music enthusiast, just a lover of well-crafted songs sung with heart and played by a band with deep pocket. Joni plans to tour extensively in 2011 to support her new album.

Joni NehRita Live In Session @ The Registry Theatre

“You Left”


“Help Myself”

“How 2 Get Thru”

“Nothing Else Matters”

“On My Way”

“The Letter”

“The Trouble”

Career Highlights

Joni NehRita named Best Female Artist of 2008 by Echo Weekly Readers
Nominated for a KW Arts Award in the Mentor Category (2008)
Joni wins 2nd place in The Guelph & Cambridge Songwriting Competitions (2009)
A Fine Time” receives a glowing review and 4/5 in Now Magazine
On My Way” performed live on CTV‘s “Canada AM
A Fine Time” play on: CBC Radio, LIFE FM (U.K.),The Wave 94.7 ,CIUT , CKLN, CFRU
Joni’s original song “This Way” featured in the U.K. short film “Man Up” by Miles Maker
Joni was a Top 30 Finalist in the first season of Canadian Idol
Toured in Canada, U.S., U.K., Germany, and Australia
As Keyboard Player/Backing Vocalist
Ember Swift’s Lentic
Queen Cee
Ivana Santilli
Chris Rouse
Rufus John
Carlos Morgan


The Bare Truth

Upcoming Events

Wed, Apr 27
The Bookshelf E-Bar
Guelph, CA

Thur, May 12
Trinity Theatre in New Hamburg
New Hamburg, ON, CA

Fri, May 13
AIDA at New Hamburg Arena
Guelph, ON, CA

Sat, May 14
AIDA the musical @ New Hamburg Arena
New Hamburg, ON, CA

Wed, May 18
The Bookshelf E-Bar
Guelph, CA

Thu, May 26
Maxwell’s Music House
Waterloo, ON,



Toni Redd

Powerhouse Performer and Entertainer

Songstress Toni Redd is though regarded as a smooth R&B singer, Redd is an intense vocalist whose style is infused with R&B, contemporary smooth jazz, and classical soul; these elements combined create her unique and distinct powerful ambience. Her vocal capabilities are so rich that a reviewer with the Atlanta Journal Constitution concluded that, “When Toni Redd performs it is always a musical treat.”


Additional  reviews state that, “Her vocals are sultry and emotional, from the heart is exactly where her vocals come from…A strong personality and interesting life experiences she shares these through her lyrics on a real  level” – Just Soul.

Live on Voice of America – Hip Hop Connection w/Rod Murray

Toni Redd “Holding on to Your Love”

Growing up in her native Atlanta, Georgia, Toni discovered a love for music.  As a child, Toni studied the guitar and developed an interest in singing.  She parlayed this interest into a dream that has afforded her the ability to perform and record internationally.

Toni Redd “Can’t Stop Thinking About You

In her illustrious career, she has had the honor of performing and sharing concert billing with Najee, Gerald Albright, Jonathan Butler, The Rippingtons, Pieces Of A Dream, Alex Bugnon, Angela Bofill, Rick Braun, Everette Harp, The Yellowjackets, Gerald Austin, Stanley Jordan, Brian Bromberg, Steve Cole, Fattburger, Chico Debarge, Pamela Williams, The Temptations, Warren Hill, Oleta Adams, The Stylistics, Walter Beasley, Steve Laury, Joe McBride, Marion Meadows, and Kim Waters.

Toni Redd “Sailing”

Toni is also a featured vocalist on

Fattburger “”

Bob Baldwin”New Urban”

CLICK TO BUY “N” the Key of Redd

Toni is a routinely featured artist at various jazz festivals including the Maui Music Festival, and the Atlanta Jazz Festival, just to name a few.

Toni is also a gifted songwriter whose recording credits include her international debut CD  “Straight From the Heart“, and her  newly-released sophomore project entitled, “N the Key of Redd”, both of which continue to receive rave reviews.

CLICK TO BUY “Straight From the Heart

MORE INFO!/RealToniRedd

Thanks Darla Tobin-Blakes (Management)

For booking or more info  contact

Charli Madison

“I wake up every day with a new melody in my heart, I LOVE MUSIC”

Charli Madison a humble woman lover of music, singer to the heart, wears many hats & learning all things learn able. The story begins in Brooklyn, NY when Veronica & Ronald gave life 2 a baby girl who “came into the world singing”.

At age, 11 it was evident that Charli was destine for the stage. Charli found her start singing in church at Blessed Hope C.O.G.I.C. She went on to attend Talented Unlimited H.S. and continued on to North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston Salem, NC studying classical music.

Charli Madison singing get it together by India Arie

Charli Madison is well on her way to being a renaissance woman of our time. In combination with a voice that is luring and an appeal that is irresistible she is a songwriter, musician, producer, audio engineer, dancer and an entrepreneur.

Charli Madison Performing Sweetest Taboo

A style all her own, her tenacity has allowed her to become a rising star. She is the next generation of artist setting the tone for a new beginning in the music industry.”

Apart of the new blue print” Her impressive voice has earned her honorable invitations to perform on stages across the country such as former President Bill Clinton and Israel’s Anthem for the US Israel Ambassador.

In addition to performing at Madison Square Garden, The Apollo Theater, BB Kings Blues Club Opening for Public Enemy, and Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar just to name a few.

Charli Madison – If Only You Knew

“Every time I sing, I aim to share my heart in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.” with her contagious first single release “Just Another Thug” Produced by SheldonSo GoodeGoode (known for his work with Donell Jones & Eddie F, Elton John and Pattie Labelle).

Off her debut full length album “More Than a Voice. A progressive R&B/Soul LP capable of wooing pop, hip hop, rock and Jazz fans of all demographics alike.

When you listen to Charli Madison’s music, it will be like listening to music gumbo: equal parts training, equal parts pure talent, equal parts musical influences.

But most of all when you listen to Charli Madison you will hear nothing but love, pure love. Keep your ears, eyes, and hearts open for The Young Phenomenon Charli Madison”.

Live In Session

Charli Madison Performing Rock Wit Me Live



click video to listen

Look out for her new single “7 DAYS”

Saluting all my ladies stay holding it down 7 days a week!!

Charli Madison’s New Album “More Than A Voice”Coming 2013

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Tour Guide

Fri Dec 7
Ham’s High point
High Point, NC, US

Sat Dec 8
Southern Roots
Jamestown, NC, US

Thu Dec 27
Back To Bogie’s
Danville, VA, US

Sat Dec 29
Jackie’s Place
High Point, NC, US

Mon Dec 31
Greensboro Clarion Hotel
Greensboro, NC, US


Charli Madison Info.


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Terri J Stott

Terri J Stott is a multiple award winning Songwriter/Producer from Virginia. She inked a publishing deal with Phantom 4 Music for 9 songs last year which was one of her goals when she started out.

Always a music lover, but she never thought about being a songwriter. “I actually got into music by sort of divine intervention” Terri said. “I am a songwriter/producer and not a performer.

I had always loved music and have been a singer in the past. Life took over for a little while and then for some reason, one day, I felt compelled to write down a tune I had in my head.

I then had to put it to music and looked for a studio. My career just went from there. I was back to creating music again but this time I was behind the scenes which worked for me because I was shy.

TERRI J STOTT at RAW:Washington DC Ensemble

terri_j_stott-in_redI loved it because I was able to tell stories about different experiences.” Some of the most enjoyable times were listening while her parents played some of the best soul jams back in the day.

The first time she heard a hip hop song is a day she will never forget. Being influenced by all kinds of music, the songwriter’s soulful, intelligent, cutting edge lyrics & melodies have an emotional style.

She  have won numerous awards with Billboard, Song of the Year, UK Songwriting Contest, Indietunes, to name a few. Her style has been compared by others to the likes of Diane Warren, Jill Scott, R. Kelly and the songs sung by Whitney.

Terri’s own creative vision and her desire to tell a complete story gives her songs their unique style. While it can be a challenge to find opportunities as a Songwriter/Producer, Terri has been able to put some serious accomplishments under her belt.

Award Winning Non-Performing R&B/Pop Songwriter/Producer TERRI J STOTT at RAW:Washington DC Ensemble

Recently her song “I’ll Come Running was selected for the Soul Discovery Top Tracks of 2010, Mark Merry Soul Sermon Mixup Top Tracks for 2010 and Listener’s Top 10 of 2010 on Soul Discovery.

Terri J. Stott Press and Promotional Features

W.IN.E Women in Entertainment Publication
Journal Newspaper
Who’s NEXT E-zine
Music Plug Magazine
The Urban Music Scene
Skope Magazine Artist 2 Watch
Soul Discovery Website
Broadjam Inc. Featured Artist and Newsletter Feature
Featured Writer on PMP Writer’s Block
AMG A&R Publisher and Tip Sheet
Sonicbids Spotlight Artist
Shatter Records A&R Compilation Volume3

Radio Air Play and Websites Etc. (Worldwide in over 15 countries)

The Soul Lounge on Starpoint Radio-DJ Steve Jackson
BBC Radio’s Soul Show – Paul Miller
Soul Unsigned Radio Show – DJ Phil Driver
Soul and – Brian Hurst
Soul Discovery Show on Solar Radio – DJ Mick O’Donnell
Soul Interviews Show on Solar Radio/Sky Digital Network- DJ Soulswede/Nate Johnson
Centric TV Fave Show on Solar Radio/Sky Digital Network – DJ Dave Brown
Wind Down Zone on Starpoint Radio – DJ Dave Whidborne
Basement Soul Radio – DJ X-treme
Soul Podcast – DJ Melismo
Soul Sermon MixUp Podcast – Mark Merry
Soul Survivor Show on KCLAFM Radio – Arthur Smith
Souldonuts Radio Show on Soul Power Radio – DJ Andy Beggs
Modern Soul Mixes Feature – Andy B
Soul City Radio – DeWayne Alston
Underground Cafe Interview Blog Talk Radio Ft Me Artist for February.- Jim Black and Friends
Z104 – Selected for the Local Music Challenge – DJ Mathew Blades
Modest Music Radio on Live 365 radio – Open Air Creative
Tonos Radio and Radio Indy Gold Artist Award
Infinity Club Industry Showcase  ( LTM
Featured Music on Home page and Writer’s Block – (Production Marketplace ) PMP


Equipped with an uncanny ability to create some of the most powerful singles in the independent R&B scene, Terri Stott’s music is destined for the big stage…Who’s NEXT?
Marianne Brooks

Major acknowledgments all over the globe and a vision for soul music, Terri continues to sparkle…”
The Urban Music Scene

“She is a very gifted soon to be heard about songwriter!…”
W.IN.E Women in Entertainment – Shelia Henley

“We guarantee it…you will be blown away by this song-writer…”
Independent A&R – Alpha Music Group

“Moody and passionate…dynamic delivery…We see great things in the future…” A&R Compilation – Shatter Records

“Lonely was pretty awesome!  The lyrics open up the world and the beat is wonderful…”
Fall Out Boy
Andy and Joe

Terri J. Stott Links







Contact Information

For inquiries contact:

**Watch out for Terri J.’s upcoming commercial release**
Andy and Joe

This is a “Family Affair”

Michael Jeffries was born in Memphis on August 16th 1954. The family moved to Oakland, California in 1962. Michael began his love for music at a young age teaming up with elementary school classmates to form a group that later would become “The Two Things In One

The group had major local success with two singles featuring Michael as lead vocalist “Silly Song” 1971 And “ Together Forever “ 1973. During the early 70’s as front man for the group Michael opened for Earth Wind & Fire, War, Bill Crosby, Funkadelic and a host of other acts.

In 1977 Michael was recruited by The Bay areas own Tower Of Power as their lead singer and recorded 4 albums with the band ‘’ We Came To Play CBS 1978, “ Back On The Street “ 1979, Sheffield Labs Direct to disk live 1981 and Dinosaur Tracks in 2003.

In 1986 Michael co wrote the billboard top 10 single “ Never Say Never “ for songstress Denise Williams and appeared on the Wildcat’s soundtrack singing the song “ Razzle Dazzle”.

In 1987 Michael appeared along with Karyn White as a featured vocalist on Jeff Lorbers “ Private Passion CD. Michael released his first solo CD in 1989 on Warner Bros with tracks produced by Jellybean Johnson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Michael has returned to music scene with his family at his side.

Michael Jeffries, Daughter & Son “Dont Forget 2 Say I Love U”

Family Affair CD Release Ad, Michael Jeffries, Daughter & Son



TO BUY  Michael Jeffries, Daughter & Son CD CLICK PICTURE

Easy Evans

Easy Evans who was born in Peoria, Illinois but planted his roots in Washington DC over 6 years ago.  Easy Evans has undoubtedly inherited the soul, and prowess of his musical influences ranging from James Ingram to Al Green.

Give Me 5 Minutes Of Your Time

“I was 4 years old listening to Al Green’s music singing along to “Love and Happiness.”   Evans’ story starts many years ago just like many soul singers that preceded him, in the church. “My grandmother used to sing gospel music around town with her band. I played the tambourine.”

Evans’ musical gifts do not start and end with just his melodic soothing vocal ability, but his talent at playing the drums as well as the piano by ear makes him a soulful threat. “My range, the instrumentation in my music and [the fact that] I write my own songs makes me different from anyone out right now.”

Evans allowed his love of music to take a back seat for a while as he focused on education.  After attending several different colleges in the Illinois area, Evans graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Information Technology.

Now ready to see his dream come to fruition, Evans has taken the initial steps to make it all happen.  Although some artists see the bright lights of major labels, Evans envisions an early career of independence. As an up and coming artist, Easy Evans has dedicated his time, money and energy into personally building his name within the music industry.

“At Ease” Sneak Peak

Competing in talent shows across the DC and Baltimore area for the past few years, Evans has been working hard honing his vocal skills and stage presence. His debut EP aptly called At Ease is scheduled for a tentative release of June 2010.”

People gain more when things are positive experiences, I drew my concept for the title around that.” And with a moniker like Easy Evans you can already get a sense of what’s to come musically, an old school sound with a modern feel that’s meant to leave the listener in a state of relaxation.

“A close friend of mine came up with that nickname for me. He would always say I’m so easy going. A lot of people would tell me that growing up so it sort of stuck.” Artist have come and gone in what can be accurately described as a fickle music industry. But soul music is one genre that has a lasting affect on all it touches.  And with the rebirth of “real” music slowly reemerging, Easy Evans is geared up to save the day.



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Judith Franklin

Judith’s interest in the arts was sparked as a young girl while singing in her home. She later went on to graduate from the Grammy award winning, Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, as a vocal/dance major.

She received a music scholarship to Clark Atlanta University, graduating with a BA in Theatre Arts under the guidance of the late, great Carol Mitchell Leon, veteran Atlanta stage actress, well respected theatre professor and tv/ film actress (Diary of A Mad Black Woman, Idlewild, Fried GreenTomatoes and House of Payne).

Under Carol Mitchell Leon’s guidance Judith booked her first professional stage play at Actor’s Express (Company), her first musical tour with the The Alliance Theatre and Project M.A.G.I.C (Let’s Talk About Aids) as well as her first voice over for Macy’s.

While in Atlanta, she has also had the privilege of working with a host of musicians which has allowed her to hoan her craft throughout the USA, Europe and Africa first hand as a lead and background vocalist/songwriter.

As result, she has performed at legendary venues such as The Tabernacle, The Georgia World Congress Center, Cafe 290, Sambuca’s, Millenium Hall (10,000+) and The Mega Fest and Philips Arena (with an audience of 17,000 and more while singing the national anthem at both the Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Braves game). Judith opened for R. Kelly in concert for New Year’s Eve, January 31, 2010 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Judith Franklin Sings “If I Ain’t Got You” Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Forgotten – Tribute to Haiti by Judith Franklin

Judith Franklin Sings in Ethiopia

As an actress, Judith booked her first commercial for the Georgia Lottery as well as her second commercial for Turner Studios as a student at Creative Studios of Atlanta under the instruction of Ken Feinberg.

Judith also landed her first role in the Tyler Perry Film, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” as a background vocalist on several of the songs featured in the movie and as a background singer in the jazz club scene (opening scene of the film).

“Melodies In My Head” ( Available for Free Download)

Judith Franklin calls her music Life Music where she combines Pop/Soul/Jazz into one.  If you can’t imagine it, take a listen for yourself. This songbird’s debut EP “Melodies In My Head” is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Yep, that’s right FREE DOWNLOAD CLICK PICTURE.

Judith says, “At first I was a little hesitant to do a mixtape, because I was accustomed to associating the word with rappers and I’m not a rapper. But now, so many non-rappers have mixtapes.



Judith Says…..

I realized that it was a great way to get something out there with my voice on it so people could hear me over and over again for free. I still don’t call it a mixtape. I prefer the term, Promotional Project.”  She chuckles, “This is sort of like a gift to my fans before I actually start charging all of y’all.”


“Jeniqua is a phenomenal singer & songwriter that is not afraid 2 be herself. The out-pouring of her lyrics are truly positive & captivating. I recommend her music, not just to music lovers, but also for those who are seeking comfort & trying to find some release.” Norma Carby, Lifestyle Mentor & Coach.

“Jeniqua’s voice, stage presence, raw talent and work ethic will have a huge impact on the industry” says long time artist manager and promoter Ron Simmons.

The Australian born singer/songwriter is equally comfortable with R&B, Soul, and Gospel. Her voice blends elements of these genres naturally to create a unique sound where every note exceeds expectations.

Jeniqua‘s song, “Making Love” was featured on a Soul Compilation Album, released out of Europe in April 2010, with some other incredible Artist.

Jeniqua has always known she had a God given talent for singing, as a young girl she decided to take it further…..She went on to teach herself piano adding melodies and chords to poetry verses and eventually writing lyrics to her own songs as her creativity continued to blossom.

JENIQUA – EPK (Electronic Press Kit – MUSIC PROMO JAN 2012)

Fronting for cover bands, writing and arranging vocals while singing lead on two Gospel Albums she continued to evolve.

She has traveled to New Zealand, Canada and the USA singing at major venues highlighted by her acclaimed performance at the Bethany Baptist Church in New Jersey.

She has sung arias in Italian, German and English while placing third in an Eisteddfod performing a moving rendition of a Negro Spiritual.

In 2001 and 2002 Jeniqua entered an Australian/New Zealand Independent Music Award Competition (Musicoz) winning the Gospel Categories both years, while being a finalist in the R&B Category.


The Soul Compilation Album Jeniqua featured on with her hit single ‘MAKING LOVE’, has won two Soul The Soul Compilation Album Jeniqua featured on with her hit single ‘MAKING LOVE’, has won two Soul Survivors Awards for Best New Soul Album and Best Global Group/Artists.

“Making Love” has received wonderful reviews and lots of airplay in many major markets including popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Myspace. It was chosen as the 3rd single, and released in April 2010.

Since then, has continued doing amazingly well… eg: As at 23rd Oct 2011 – my song “Making Love‘ *(Urbanized Mix) has been at NO.1 spot for the past 12 weeks, and previously was 4 times in the Top 20, with 4 different remixes of it. (of the Top 100 Downloads, for R&B/Hip Hop Category) as at 17th May 2011.

MAKING LOVE (Sed II Soul Mix) Written by Jeniqua

Including NO.1 spot a few times.  Around this time, ‘Making Love’, also debuted at No.11 on the UK SOUL CHART (Independent chart) –  jumping 8 spots up, to NO.3 SPOT, and remained there for a few weeks.

As at the end of 2011 – Making Love (Urbanized mix) was still sitting at NO.1 spot on (R&B/Hip Hop Top 100 Downloads), 1.5 years on, since it’s first release.

Voted also, most played song of 2010, and many times selected as favourite song of 2011 on various playlists across the seas.

JENIQUA – ‘MAKING LOVE’ – Sunflower Live Lounge Version

In September 2011, In Australia, 3 of Jeniqua’s songs debuted on the Dance Chart (Triple J Unearthed) sitting at NO.1 (Making Love), NO.2 (Runn’n) & NO.3 (Livin It Up). As at 12th June 2012, Making Love  (Urbanized mix) sits at NO.1 on the Traxsource Chart for Top 100 Most Downloaded song (R&B/Hip Hop Category & NO. 2 Lounge/Chill Out Category), and has remained high up in this chart for over 2 years (eg: No.1, 2 & 3).



‘The Weekly R&B with Jimuphy Masters – ‘Gospel House Series’

Jeniqua has written and recorded her Debut album, towards the end of 2010, is excited to share it with you in the near future . Jeniqua has also released 4 singles from her Gospel Project 1, all of which have received amazing reviews and airplay both in Australia and overseas, Europe, UK, America etc. Alongside that project, Jeniqua has released 3 singles from her forthcoming 5 Song EP, due out August 2012.

Besides that project, Jeniqua has an Gospel Project consisting of 8 songs which is scheduled for later on in 2012…

There have been 3 releases so far, 1.Awaken My Soul’, 2. Get Ready Feat Shanice  & 3. Runn’n…. all of which have received amazing reviews and airplay both in Australia and overseas, Europe, UK, America etc. Currently taken on a few more projects, with releases due very soon.

Jeniqua’s huge voice and talent has been compared to many established recording artist that influenced her development.


Make no mistake as a vocalist her voice is an unmistakably unique and a divine gift. Her combined talents and style make her the complete package entertainer. Always writing and inspired by much, Jeniqua has lots more of her music to share with you.

‘GET READY’ Feat. My Daughter, SHANICE & Song Inspiration


JENIQUA (Live) OPERA BAR Sydney (25th May 2011)

JENIQUA Live & Unplugged (SYDNEY GIGS – June/July 2011)


Radio airplay / KDME – Renegade Radio: / 24/7 Radio airplay / On Tha Move Radio: / DJ Big Poppa BL Radio airplay / Solar Radio: / Roger Williams Radio airplay / Windy City Underground: http: Radio airplay / Soul & Jazz: / Brian Hurst Radio airplay / Banbury Radio: / Jamie Taylor Radio airplay / Radioio: / Bob Davis Radio airplay / Auburn University Radio: Radio airplay / Star Point Radio: / Paul Goldsmith Radio airplay / Banbury Radio, SoulconXtion: Mark Blee


Click photo to listen to snippets of songs from her NEW forthcoming EP


Buy Making Love’ written by Jeniqua (with all vocals as well). on MP3 and WAV @ Juno Download (plus other sites eg: itunes/ etc)

Jeniqua Gospel project: which includes one of her songs ‘Awaken My Soul’.

Available on cdbaby click photo


Click HERE, to hear her speak on the inspiration behind writing this song  also a snippet of the song “CHANGE ME“.


Jeniqua SAY GOODBYE Promo Intro & Song Snippet

Copyright (Label: JENIQUA PTY LIMITED)
Artist – Jeniqua
(All Backing vocals/vocal arrangements – Jeniqua)
Co-writers – Jeniqua (Jenn Titus),  Christian Di Carlo & Max Centorame
Producer/Pianist – Vahagn Stepanyan







Romiah Armstrong

Get very familiar with  songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist, Romiah Armstrong

He has garnered the attention of the music industry and soul enthusiast worldwide. Romiah’s fan base consists of music lovers from Atlanta, Georgia to Sao Paul, Brazil, to Venice, Italy. His talent has been internationally recognized and respected.

Romiah Armstrong’s sound infuses Neo-Soul, R&B and Rock influences. To nurture his talent, Romiah has carefully crafted his stage presence at some of Atlanta’s most well known venues and events, including the very popular  Kat’s Cafe’ open mic. Possessing the vocals of a modern day Smokey Robinson, the rhythmic styling of The Stylistics and the lyrical skills of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Romiah Armstrong is working hard to carve his place amongst the industry elite.

His songwriting ability has earned the respect of many veterans in the industry, including singer/songwriter Montell Jordan and 2x Grammy Award Winner Eshe of the ground-breaking group Arrested Development.

Never the type to wait for things to happen, Romiah has been proactive by spending countless hours in the studio preparing his debut album entitled, “Upright Soul”. Upright Soul pays homage to the values Romiah has built his life upon. Amongst his uniquely crafted repertoire is the song “Rights of Passage” which is a brilliant example of his extensive vocal range, songwriting ability and instrumental skills.

Most recently Romiah recorded “Vintage Love”, along with songstress Eshe of Arrested development. Romiah wrote, arranged and recorded the infectious “Vintage Love,” set to be released on his upcoming album. “Vintage Love” is the epitome of what soul music has been missing.

With all of the work and effort this independent artist has placed in his craft, there is nowhere to go but up for Romiah Armstrong. He is a true talent and exactly what the industry needs, Real life music.

Studio sneak peak of his single “Vintage Love” (feat. Eshe)

Many artists wait for a record deal in hopes of allowing the world to hear their music. Atlanta based songwriter-singer and musician, Romiah Armstrong will forgo the waiting game and proceed to bless the world with his debut album Upright Soul. The soul singer is excited to introduce the world to a new sound fused with melodious vocals and big beats.

The first single from the album is entitled “Rights of Passage.” Romiah wrote “Rights of Passage” as an homage to what he places above all else; life and love.

Romiah reveals that his inspiration for “Rights of Passage”:

“My inspiration for this song came from me contemplating the valuable and precious things in life without the components of love. I wanted to reassure women and remind men that your heart (life), day (time), smile (happiness), or dream (goals), means absolutely nothing without the presence of that rare unconditional Love that you can have for the opposite sex.”

Romiah Armstrong Album Release Party

Romiah Armstrong pours his heart and soul into each song on his album. Romiah’s fan base, which stretches from nightclubs of Atlanta to the streets of Brazil, will be drawn into what promises to be a soulful album. Not one to deprive the people of the best of his musical abilities, Romiah introduces his listeners to “Vintage Love”. Vintage Love, which features Grammy Award winning artist ESHE of Arrested Development, has been certified as a classic by industry insiders.

Romiah explains, “I pictured soulful old school voices so who better to assist me on this record than 2x Grammy Award winner, Eshe of Arrested Development. She blessed the record with her beautiful raspy voice and the rest was history.”

Keeping this track in sync with the theme of Love, Life and enriching the Soul, Romiah confesses that he truly looked for an old school sound to emphasize the old school love theme. The inclusion of Eshe on the record helped lend credibility to Romiah as a songwriter that could bring the best out of even the most talented songstress.

Even though the lyrical content and vocals were strong, Romiah drew inspiration from others to solidify the “old school love” vibe he writes about in Vintage Love: “The feeling of this song is completely the 1950’s era, Mr. Count Basie himself, mixed with a newer flow.

Romiah Armstrong “Rights of Passage”

I heard this song and the arrangement in my head like I’ve never heard a song before. It was so different and filled with horns. After describing to my friend how I wanted the song produced, he responded “Oh, you mean some Count Basie type stuff?” That’s when I researched that era and got familiar with the “Big Band” movement. Because of the era it resembled, I instantly wanted the concept to be about how great “Old School Love” was and how that’s where we need to get back to.”

The city of Atlanta has already been buzzing about this soul singer’s release which is set for February 9, 2011, now it’s time for the rest of the world to follow suit.

Romiah – Smokey Robinson : Cruisin

Music & Info

Click picture to buy CD



Romiah Armstrong’s debut Album can be found at CDBaby, Digstation and ITunes.

For more information onRomiah Armstrong Go to links below.



E-Specific is not new to the music scene. He released his 1st Rap album in 1989 under the name (Dr.Ease). The album was titled (Put your mind & body at Ease). The label was Bulls-Eye Records with distribution from Ichiban Records. His real name is Darryl T. Easley hails out of Dayton, Ohio that’s best known for being the funk Capital of the world in the 70’s for creating funk music.

With groups like Slave, Phaze-O, Lakeside, Heatwave, Roger Troutman & the Ohio Players inspired him to create his own niche in the music Industry. He was the 1st rapper from Dayton, Ohio to release a Hip-Hop album, his 2nd CD was titled (Ease-Droppin proper & rugged) in 1993 under Startrak Records.

Where Did I Go Wrong

He has been in Magazines such as The Source, Rap Masters, Right On & Billboard just to name a few. He’s opened shows for MC Hammer, Ice-T, N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, Heavy-D, LLCoolJ & The Notorious Big. After exiting the hip-hop game, he wrote & published his first book about his trials and tribulations called (Almost There.

He calls it an inspirational book for up & coming Artist. He started doing Spoken Word in 2009 and created his own form called Spoke-a-nition. It’s like Spoken Word but using definitions to tell the story.

He then created the name E-Specific because he was being very specific about what he conveys by using definitions. E-Specific wants to push his new form of sound because it’s fresh & new. Be on the look out for his CD titled (Specification)

Do Some Math

Contact or phone 937-718-0441


Popular Soul/R&B Singer – “Emmanuel” was primarily raised in Baltimore, Maryland and Queens, New York on the east coast of the United States he began taking an interest in all things musical early in his life.

Moving around a lot in his early years made it difficult to sustain friendships. However, music provided a sense of comfort, peace and stability that never left. Music quickly became Emmanuel’s first love and remained so throughout his teenage and even through his college years.

Manny (I’ll wait for you…) @ Bijon the salon (RED) Event

While, receiving his B.S. from Morgan State University,  he began singing backup vocals for Marcell Russell & the Truth, and Raheem DeVaughn. His love of music however slowly faded into the background and Emmanuel threw himself into a technological career path completing an M.S. at Carnegie Mellon University.

Emmanuel Lewis Withers(Manny) Keystone Productions

Naturally, as fate would have it, it was not long before his first love came knocking with Emmanuel performing with James Fortune at Stone Soul Picnic in Washington, DC.

With his professional goals accomplished, Manny is finally committing to his first Love. Inspired by artist like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Sarah Vaughn, and Donny Hathaway, his soulful sound coupled with his new age vibe is sure to make Emmanuel a household name. Currenty I’m working on my upcoming project with US super multi-platinum producer Herb Middleton (Al Green, Mary J. Blige & Usher) which will be due summer 2013

Lonely Testament – Emmanuel Withers



Reggae, Latin, jazz, soul

The eclectic sound of multi-talented musician and singer/songwriter Carvalho evokes them all with his captivating melodies.

He started performing as a teenager, composing poems and tunes which later became reflective songs about love, society, passion and pride. His musical influences are equally diverse – think Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and Meshell Ndegeocello to name just a few.

The Birmingham-born artist taught himself to play guitar at the age of 14, when he bought his first bass. Over the years, he has added the flute, keyboards, rhythm guitar and percussion to his impressive repertoire.In 2005 Carvalho formed his band, The Xtended Family, which gigs across the UK and often appears on popular Midlands station BBC Radio WM. He has also jammed with many other musicians including David Bowie’s bass player, Gail Ann Dorsey.

Carvalho says: “For me, music is all about self-expression, tapping into the inner senses and reshaping them in a way that engages the listener.”


He performed bass duties for R and B band Original Son on the title track of their debut album called “Naturalistic” at EMI and Rollover studios in London. Steve White lead guitarist of Ocean Colour Scene was impressed by my talent after seeing him perform for Rachel’s Basement and requested his bass skills for some recording services for up and coming artists.

Support act for Independent Soul Artist vocalist Ola Olunade at the Drum in Birmingham England. Playing keyboards in reggae band Unit 213 supporting Dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham England. Played bass in Jazz band The Soothsayers alongside trumpet player Graham Hamilton (Son of Tenor sax player Andy Hamilton and ex trumpet player for Fine Young Cannibals)


Toured Norway and Sweden with Phil Henry (ex Steel Pulse) as a vocalist and bass player performing covers and original material. Supported The Jones Girls on their comeback tour performing with D Swing as a part of the brass section playing the flute.

Performing Bass guitar on an untitled track for DJ Triksta (world record holder for having 6 turntables going during a mix.) Remix for vocalist Yaz Alexander on her album Life Begins called Still burning

Featured vocals on Change the times by 2Nice. Backing vocals on Rebel by 2Nice. On Bullet-proof by Sykes. She’s so fine by Mikey

Future Projects

Carvalho is now working on tracks for his debut album tentatively entitled “All things you know to be true”…. to be released by Versify Music. Expect thoughtful lyrics that will stay in your mind! Melodies that will embrace you like a long lost love; accompanied on a musical bed of uncompromised funky and soulful textures.

Click picture below to listen single “Loving You”

New music for you to vibe with courtesy this Emerging Birmingham-born Singer/Songwriter Rob Carvalho and I’m feeling this one. It’s got a Reggae (slash) Grown-up feel to it and I ain’t mad at that at all. I generally just like the vibe on this record. Hope you like it too



Jeharna South

Born March 21, 1994 in Wolverhampton, England. Vocalist, Jeharna South was drawn to music as a young child. She recalls amusingly that her first request to sing was at age 3, in her local church, where she sang with great gusto “I Met Jesus at the Crossroads”. The church is known for vibrant singing and thus providing Jeharna with a varied and inspirational outlook on music and making a marked impression on her ministry.

At the age of 9 she began travelling extensively around the United Kingdom sharing her music and love for Jesus. By age 11 she auditioned for and was awarded a scholarship at Birmingham University Junior Conservatoire, where she is currently studying classical singing, music theory and piano.

Jeharna South-amazing 11 year old singer! when you believe

In 2005 she entered and won a singing competition sponsored by the Children’s Royal Variety Club of Great Britain, winning her family a trip to Paris. Also in the same year, Jeharna was invited to sing at the GEM (Gospel Entertainment Music) Awards.

In addition to this she had also been invited to sing for the ‘Nelson Mandela Tribute‘ held at The House of Commons, they were so impressed by this young gospel vocalist that they invited her back. This gave her the opportunity to meet Dame Betty Boothroyd, and other renowned politicians.

Her music ministry inspires Jeharna.

She loves sharing with people and in May 2009 she was invited to 3ABN ( 3 Angels Broadcasting Network) an International Christian TV Station in the USA, to record for their ‘Kids Time’ program.

Jeharna and others recently accompanied International singer Neville Peters at the Seventh-day Adventist UK camp meeting, which was also attended by International speakers Pastors Jeff Youlden, Randy Skeet and David Assherick, to name but a few. In 2009 Jeharna auditioned for the prestigious  National Youth Choir of Great Britain.

16 yr old Jeharna South, singing original song, Promise

They were so impressed with her vocals and musicianship, that she was selected to join the main choir, despite being below the minimum age for joining (16). She is also a member of CBSYC (City of Birmingham Symphony Youth Chorus) and Ex-cathedra two other renowned choirs in Great Britain. These choirs have led to Jeharna participating in recordings for Karl Jenkins (which reached #2 in the Classical charts) and BBC Radio 3. She has also performed some of Howard Goodall‘s recent works at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.


Also in 2009, Jeharna she was invited to support the excellent R & B singer Beverly Knight.  She was also asked to support the renewed USA evangelist Pastor Doug Bachelor, when he came to in December 2009. This was also recorded live by 3ABN.

Jeharna has also worked for the BBC and ITV two of the main broadcasting stations in the United Kingdom. She has also supported Aled Jones and Alfie Bow to name but a few, through her choirs.

She was also praised for her talent, by David & Cary Grant (Fame Academy and  ‘Pop Shop‘), which led to David saying that ‘she was a 21 year old midget’ as her voice and performance were beyond her years, she was 11 at the time. ( YouTube Jeharna for the recorded version).

June/July 2010 was a very exciting time for Jeharna.  She was invited specially to sing at the GWCC (Georgia World Congress Centre)  and Dome in Atlanta USA. This all expenses paid invitation was extended in 2008. As the preparations were two years in the planning.

This led to another International Christian broadcasting Station ‘The Hope Channel‘, asking her to sing live on their ‘Special Music’ programme. She was loved by all who heard her, music along with her studies (she is Home-schooled) is keeping Jeharna busy.

She has built up a large following of all age ranges (especially of young Christians) who thoroughly enjoy her music and support her at home and when she travels internationally. she has currently completed her debut  EP and has a DVD recorded at 3ABN.

This was an exciting venture for her. She is now in the process of recording her Debut Album, and hopes that through her recordings, many more people will be blessed and brought close to Jesus her Saviour the Prince of Peace.

Jeharna in her spare time enjoys cooking, reading, cross-stitching, netball, playing with her siblings and learning to play the piano, violin and guitar. She is also the Praise Team Leader in her local church. In addition to these activities, she helps her elderly neighbours with various tasks and is also an enthusiastic member of her local church Pathfinder club.

Her music has been described as:

Such, sweet and inspirational music that pulls at the heartstrings of your soul”, how refreshing.
GEM Awards (Oct 1st 2010)

“The new wave in Gospel music, new, innovative and pure genius”.
Brian Allen (Record Producer)

“At a tender age of 16 she is creatively and spiritually willing to go back to the sounds and messages that made history & gospel music a popular demand”.
Godfrey Fletcher (Neo2soul/U Turn Project)

click to buy/listen EP

She is a unique singer/songwriter



Gospel/ Classical Singer
Available for Weddings, Concerts, Church Services, Dedications, Charity Events, etc

Tel: 44 (0)7846972313 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            44 (0)7846972313      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Christopher Demontague

Hailing from Jamaica and Great Britain, 21-year old Chris Demontague

His unique sound, originality, gospel roots combined with the amazing ability to write great songs (beyond his years of experience), makes Chris one of the hottest new talents to emerge in recent years. Chris also has a natural vocal ability; range, and control – that has a quality that’s usually not heard of from a Jamaican artist…at least not in a very long time, he making some impressive noise in musical circles all over the Globe.

Chris has been penned by many as a modern-day version of Sam Cooke, fueled by influences of Ray Charles, Otis Redding, and R. Kelly. The music being produced is a powerful, memorable and interesting fusion of Pop, Reggae, and Soul. Quoting Cirocco, music producer and author of the best selling music industry bible ‘Music Powers’ — “Demontague’s voice is distinctive to the point that it matters”.

Chris has impressed some of radio’s noteworthy tastemakers. Miami’s WEDR — Lorenzo “ Ice Tea” Thomas asked Chris to perform at the Jamaican Jumpoff, and Ice co-signed for Chris Demontague as being one of the real up-and-coming future stars.

Also discovering Chris are the nationally syndicated radio hosts The Baka Boyz, who will soon be debuting one of his tracks on radio all across America.

Chris recently performed at the International Soul Music Summit in Atlanta, and the Executive Director and Founder of the event Terry Bello, says, “I had over 150 artists, and 2500 people from all over the globe attending my event – and it was Chris Demontague that had the whole convention buzzing.” Terry continues, “People from London, Japan, and here in the USA ran up to me asking who is that young guy from Jamaica that sounded a little like Sam Cooke…but even better and hipper”.

Demontague also recently performed at X-Fest in West Palm Beach for Hip Hop station X102.3 in front of over 5,000 people, and quoting Program Director Mark McCray, “…Demontague tore it up!”

Chris Demontague Missing You

Chris Demontague Can We Talk





D. Cody

Creating positive and passionate music has not only become a mission but more so a movement for Orlando, Florida based musician D. Cody. His style is a stirring blend of R&B, Jazz, & Gospel with a touch of Soul.

Born Dorian Cody in the small town of Yalaha, Florida; the artist now known as D. Cody knew music was his destiny at the age of six when he began singing in the church choir.

The passion for pursuing music grew stronger for D. Cody when he began writing songs at the age of 10 & formed a singing group a short time after that.

The group known as “Something Special” began performing at local venues and electrified the crowds while gaining more fans along the way.

D. Cody Live with Ty Hickson & The 35 MMs at 57 West

The thrill of performing live guided D. Cody to turn the young group he was with in to a popular urban band called Voice of Soul yet the desire to be a solo artist always loomed in the back of his mind.

At age 18 D. Cody intensely followed his destiny to sing & became a solo artist who quickly began to impress listeners with his amazing ability to arrange, produce, write, and sing songs that would leave his audience captivated by what they heard.

D. Cody | You Belong To Me — Interview

D. Cody sites some of his main influences as Anita Baker, 112, Joe, Brian McKnight, Raphael Saadiq, Commissioned, Mint Condition, Dave Hollister, & Kenny Latimore. While putting the finishing touches on his solo album titled “Us against the world”, D. Cody is currently the front man for a local band called “Jam Session”.

Official Video|D. Cody | You Belong To Me

D. Cody lends lead vocals backed by his bass player J. Stevens, drummer Dominic Thomas, and keyboard players Glenn Thomas, & Ed Wiggins. Jam Session has played at various local venues and charity events including breast cancer foundations and the VH1 Save The Music Foundation.

D.Cody- Left Right (Remix by Herb Middleton)

D. Cody’s debut album “Us Against The World” is now available on CD Baby and various other online venues.


Click picture to buy


Stand Alone Website:

Thanks to
Durell L. Peart
Bros. 4 Life Music Group, LLC

Rodney Talley

Singer, Dancer, Lyricist, Mentor, Choreographer, Minister,

Rodney Talley’s life and ministry reflects excellence in every domain. He is driven by his personal motto, “I don’t serve a raggedy God, and I won’t give him raggedy worship.” Whether worshipping through song, dance, or preaching, he does all to the glory of God with striking execution and technical skill.

Not only is Minister Talley a first-class vocalist, he is also founder and executive director of Renewing the Ministries. He previously served as the International Dance Director for the United Covenant Churches of Christ under Bishop Larry D. Trotter.

During his tenure in this position, he built and provided training for over 300 worship arts ministries. He continues to travel throughout the country mentoring, teaching, and choreographing for ministries nationwide.

Minister Talley recently opened The Art of Worship Academy, a 501c3 non-profit local performing arts school with a global vision, and he presently serves as Dance Director at the Baptist Worship Center under pastor Bishop Millicent Hunter.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Minister Talley began singing at the age of eleven. He is the youngest of four siblings, the proud son of two God-fearing parents, and a university graduate with degrees in both business administration and Bible.

Minister Rodney Talley “I’ve been rejected for a greater purpose!”

Minister Talley’s hope and prayer is that recipients of his ministry look beyond his talent and be led to heartfelt worship. With his soulful sound and inspiring lyrics, Rodney Talley is soon to be a force to be reckoned with in today’s gospel music industry. Those who know him best describe him as “anointed,” “gifted,” “passionate,” “sincere.”

Opening for Karen Clark Sheard and sharing the stage with gospel artists Smokie Norful, Donald Lawrence, and Darryl Coley, Minister Rodney Talley’s smooth vocals are reminiscent of John Legend, and his melodic vibe is comparable to Music Soul Child and Stevie Wonder. His talent has been featured on the Bobby Jones Gospel show produced by BET.

Rodney Music

Minister Talley’s debut single “Son Shine” by Herb Middleton (Faith Evans, Mary J Blige and many more..)  from his forthcoming debut album “Revelation” reflects a soulful yearning for God. Rodney reminds us through his original lyrics that stepping out of God’s will is not an option; we must wait for God’s Word to come to fruition.

Rodney Talley “Son Shine”(Produced by Herb Middleton)


A clever blend of modern soul sounds, saturated with memorable hooks and irrepressible vocal harmonies.  This is the core of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s emerging artist Rodney Talley and his debut full length album “Revelation”.

A progressive, R&B-Gospel LP capable of wooing  r&b, pop, and gospel fans alike in multiple demographics, “Revelation” is as pure, uplifting, and emotional as it gets. The new Rodney Talley full length album is in the “Sounds Like” category of John Legend, Stevie Wonder, and Anthony Hamilton.

Sonically superior in every way, this record is tightly arranged and produced by renowned producer Herb Middleton (Faith Evans, Mary J Blige).  With three tracks (Revelation, I Don’t Understand, and Rejoice) produced and arranged by newcomers, P3 Music  and two tracks (We’ll See You Again and Staying Right Here)  produced and arranged by newcomer, David Downing.

Rodney Talley singing “Son Shine”

Rodney’s vocal capacity to belt out a heavy dose of authority and then take it down a few notches to offer some class and sensitivity to his approach and style gives the album a broad paintbrush musically.

Here is an LP that moves the soul and uplifts the spirit within the listener.  This is the LP that is totally contagious, and the one you always crave after the first listen.  This is the genius of Philadelphia’s Rodney Talley.

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01.   Revelation
02.  I Don’t Understand
03.  Just One Word
04.  Just One Word (Reprise)
05.  Be With You
06.  Don’t You Worry
07.  We’ll See You Again(Mom)
08.  Son Shine
09.  Staying Right Here
10.  Rejoice
11.  Stuff Back
12.  Outro (Revelation)




                                                    Entry £20 on the door. Tickets also available from Alchemy


Live music at the Alchemy Croydon
An intimate LIVE performance from

With Full Band and Friends.

It’s a power up thing… close out the old year and make way for the new with some positive VIBRATIONS.”

Raised in south London, the Floacist returns home to the heart of Croydon, South London for a one off performance of a lifetime. Performing songs from her expansive back catalogue of hits including her solo albums, ‘Floetic Soul‘, ‘Floetry: Re Birth‘ ‘Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid’.

The night is set to be a special and intimate one.

After the show the party begins with the finest selection of music played by a line-up of some of the UKs most prestigious connoisseurs of good vibes.

Carry the good VIBRATIONS into 2015 with The Floacist and Friends – live music, full band, talented artists and DJ’s.

Doors: 7pm
Showtime: 9pm
After Party: 10.30pm – 3am
Entry: £20 on the door on in advance from the Alchemy
Location: Alchemy 28 – 30 St Georges Walk, Croydon, CR0 1YJ.

FB event page:
Hashtags: #VIBRATIONS #FloacistVibrations #VIBRATIONSALCHEMY

For press interviews or more information contact


              Click Flyer to buy your tickets HERE. Price: From £22

Formerly known as Bobby Valentino the American singer first came onto the global sphere with his brilliant track Slow Down. After a short break out of the scene he has come back with renewed vigour working with names like Nicki Minaj.

On the 28th of December, Bobby V drops by our shores, to celebrate ten years in the business at the Jazz Cafe where he will showcase some of his new and old material for 2014 into 2015.

Event Details
Date: Sunday 28th December 2014
Venue: Jazz Cafe Camden
Time: Doors Open 7pm


Calling all unsigned and independent artists if you got your album/eps coming out in 2014!!!!!

Forthcoming EP/LP Attractions


Every so often a light shines into the darkness of musical mediocrity and from the shadows emerges a fresh new artist with a gift that brings illumination and perspective to their listeners.

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Colette Williams (affectionately known to her friends as Colie) took the stage after her junior high school teacher recognized her vocal talent. She encouraged Colie to attend Music & Arts High School in Harlem where she majored in vocal studies. After graduation, Colie continued her studies at Syracuse University where she participated in their musical theatre program. Although an education major, performing piqued Williams’ inherent love for music and provided her with a restorative experience that she would be unable to deny.

Colie Williams in Concert 2011 – Passing Day

Colie Williams at Bus Boys and Poets Live!!!!

Watch Colie Williams Prt 2

Miss Williams Goes to Washington

Colie’s devotion to music and theatre led her to Washington, D.C. There she began touring and performing with various professional theatre productions, most notably, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. After concluding her theatre work, Colie turned her focus to developing her own distinctive sound. “I’ve always felt a strong connection to legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack and Sade.” Spirited by the influence of these legendary greats, Colie began honing a melodious style all her own.

Holistic Soul

With an established vision for her sound and a new band, Colie Williams featuring Soul For A New Day, naturally complement each other with seamless precision during their performances of timeless covers and enticing originals.

Though often compared to songstresses like Jill Scott and Teena Marie, Colie’s musical style uniquely blends sounds of sultry jazz and classic R&B with therapeutic elements that speak to the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of her listeners.

This singer/songwriter creates music to lift, inspire and share her truth. Colie’s performances intentionally set out to create intimate landscapes where she connects and shares her vision with the audience.

Since arriving to the District, Colie continues to gain popularity by frequently appearing in famous U Street corridor venues that include, Bus Boys and Poets, The Islander, and Jo-Jo’s. Colie’s audiences frequently request her original material during her performances. Melodic originals such as “Angel” and “All You Need” embody a balance of spirit, melody and rhythms.

Co-written with producers The Crank Bros., her style fuses Go-Go, Latin, Classic R&B and Jazz to create a breath of fresh air to the urban adult contemporary music scene. As Williams reaches back to call upon the classic styles of Ella, Sarah and Billy to inspire her music, her message reaches forward towards today’s audiences.

Colie Williams – UK Visit

In June 2011 Colie  took her music international by visiting the UK to promote it. Needless to say, the trip was well worth the time because of the response she received. She preformed at the Bristol Indie Soul Mixer , also did various interviews – including BBC, Solar Radio, and Ujima 98 FM.

Reggae Love Song featuring Jah Pickney

**NEW** Everywhere I Go (Official Video)

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“Light Up the Darkness” Sampler





Contact or Colie Williams, c/o FanBridge

Jimi James

JIMI JAMES  – Welcome to change. Let go of the old. Grab hold of the new.

Let’s move to the future…

If pop music is perfectly commercial, completely airbrushed, color corrected, and neatly packaged, with not one hair out of place— JimiJames is “Grittipop.” The visionary singer-songwriter’s authentically named brand of music is raw, uninhibited, and all inclusive.

JimiJames has been challenging music industry standards since her debut album The Truth was released in 2006. The self-proclaimed “Rah Rah Girl” deliberately draws outside the lines and jumps off the page with her electrifying voice and empowering honesty.

JimiJames Get Undressed

KCRW 89.9 FM Radio DJ Garth Trinidad tagged JimiJames as one of the top artists to look out for in 2008.  Trinidad originally premiered JimiJames The Truth on his highly respected syndicated radio show Chocolate City in Southern California. By the end of 2007, the album had been featured on Sirius Satellite radio’s #1 rated Hip-Hop Nation music segment (DJ Jamad’s Afromentals), and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) had requested that JimiJames submit The Truth for GRAMMY consideration.

The L.A. native’s eclectic style is one part hip-hop swagger and two parts R&B soul singer— with pop star sex appeal and a dash of punk rebellion. Her early influences include Prince, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper.  The Rah Rah Girl later listened to Brandy, Missy Elliott, and SWV. JimiJames tells real stories and paints vivid pictures that expose what lies beneath the surface.  Her music is playful, occasionally mischievous, often vulnerable, daring and sexy, yet soulful with substance.

JimiJames Get Undressed remix

Jimi has collaborated with several established producers, including Soulshock and Karlin (Mary J. Blige, Monica, Usher, Fantasia), Derek “Big Tank” Thorton (Aaliyah, Timberland), Karriem Riggins (Common, Erykah Badu, Slum Village), Anthony “Stereo” Waldrip (Mya, Christina Milian), Sauce (Brandy, Will Smith, Eric Benet) and more.

At the top of 2008, JimiJames performed live at The Roots Annual Pre-Grammy Jam Session along with Grammy Award-winning music veterans The Roots, Seal, Corrine Bailey Rae, Doug E. Fresh, MC Lyte and others.  Since then, she was invited to perform at the Urban Network Conference, the I Got Soul Conference, and the Dallas City Arts Festival.

Jimi continues to rock crowds from L.A. all the way to New York, making her way through the Midwest down to the “Dirty South”.  Her unforgettable stage performances and ever-growing online presence has lead her to do a host of interviews and special guest segments on national and international music shows, including DJ Barry King’s Starpoint Radio in London.

JimiJames Bang Bang

JimiJames highly anticipated sophomore album So Janky is scheduled for release at the top of 2009. Those who have heard a sneak peek of the project say that So Janky promises to be JimiJames’ hottest album yet, and will definitely take her to the next level, garnering the recognition she deserves as a music artist. For fans that just can’t wait for So Janky, the word on the street is that The JimiJeezee Mixtape is available for free download and contains previously unreleased tracks.

Jimi has recently won lots of attention by creating The WILDCARD Sunday Series at the Purple Lounge inside the famous Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, CA. The WILDCARD is a platform for independent artists and the perfect brand for JimiJames who definitely has proven herself a “Wildcard” among music artists. This Wildcard plays with no boundaries. She moves freely in various directions without leaving her audience behind.


The Truth

So Janky

More info

Stevie’s Soul LLC
Bringing You Substance Not Standard


WHO IS TwinSpirit?

Neo2soul welcome to the stage Atlanta vocalist TwinSpirit. Her  eclectic flavor is a tasty blend of jazz, hip-hop, and soul, sprinkled with a dash of rock and served up with a side of funk. It’s smothered in sexiness and served piping hot. All of which is blended to bring you her own uniquely flavored brew of “Hypnotic Jazzy Soul with a Kick Ass Punch”.

Since being able to walk TwinSpirits unique crowd capturing performance style and vocal ability was apparent. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas this singer/songwriter has been afforded the opportunity to showcase her unique talent at a multitude of notable venues and events all across the US.

TwinSpirit – Loving

As a member of the Female R&B Trio “Authentik Soul” from 1995 -1999 TwinSpirit greatly developed her professional performance style. The group performed at events & festivals all across the US & shared the stage with great artist such as the O’Jays, Tamia, Ray J, Benito & H-Town.

After four artistically enriching years with “Authentik Soul” the members collectively agreed to pursue different creative endeavors. Confident with her decision to strike out in a new direction TwinSpirit soon found her niche, as the lead singer for one of the hottest regional bands “Afrodesia”. This act took the region by storm with their hot blend of soulful jazz inspired world music and reggae.

TwinSpirit  was voted UK based SaveOurSoul Artist of the Year. She was also selected as a finalist in the Indie Music Awards 2006 & 2007 and most recently placed as a finalist in the Sankofa Soul Contest in Paris, France.

TwinSpirit Live from Paris: Cover “He Loves Me”

Twinspirit @ Bizz’Art (Paris,France)  ” Feeling You “

Due in 2011

Twin Spirit 3rd Independent CD Project entitled “My Beautiful Ugly” will drop this Spring as well as launching the GET NAKKED ONLINE: Self Love Movement. ( )

Her “My Beautiful Ugly” started years ago before she even joined any bands, or even began collaborating as a songwriter, it arose from her journey through life. The journey we all take that brings us pain, joy, adventure and love.

These emotions needed a form of expression and she found her vessel through music, lyric, and poetry. Twin recalls; for a long time these reflections have been hidden in tattered notebooks or jotted on any piece of paper I could find at the moment of inspiration. The day to share these songs with the world has arrived.

NEW SINGLE TwinSpirit – Rules & Regulations

2nd Single TwinSpirit- Get Myself Together

**ENJOY A SNEAK PEEK LISTEN to some of the music from TwinSpirit’s: “My Beautiful Ugly” Project. The Album is dropping SOON..goes on Pre-Sale in a few days: Check It Out & by all means let Us Know What You Think. THANKS IN ADVANCE for YOUR SUPPORT!!!***

TwinSpirit-My Beautiful Ugly – Album Sampler

TwinSpirit-My Beautiful Ugly

NOW OUT click photo to buy

More info

Official Website:




SofA Series:

BOOKING: Contact: T Roz (501) 541-7632



Meagan McNeal

You have seen the footage countless times. They usually all unfold in a similar fashion. You know, the young child, whom the audience thinks is going to sing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” or “I’m a Little Tea Pot”, suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere belts out a song that nobody possibly their age could sing.

The first preview of a young superstar destined to be in the spotlight. Add Meagan McNeal to that list. Performing at her aunt’s wedding at the age of 9, Meagan sang Steve Wonder’s “You and I” (We Can Conquer the World) a performance that will not be forgotten. “That little one is going to be somebody someday”

Flashing forward to the present, the 24 year- old vocalist and Chicago native has surprised crowds in a similar fashion as she did when she was a child. Launching her solo career in 2007, she has opened for the likes of Jon B, Sam Jenkins, The Velvelettes of the legendary Motown Records, and also done background vocals for artists; from Eminem to the O’Jays.

In between bringing her angelic and commanding voice to countless stages in the Chicago and Michigan area during her years as a student at Western Michigan, Meagan spent her last two summers in Los Angeles, California.


MEAGAN McNEAL Live in Hollywood with Tank

MEAGAN McNEAL Covers “Summertime”

There to be working as an intern for Hidden Beach Recordings, a label which include such greats as Jill Scott, Al B Sure, and Kindred, she also found time to record music and perform in some of LA’s premier music venues to standing ovations.

You can call it time well spent as Meagan will be calling Los Angeles home to continue pursuing her music career. Currently, Meagan just returned home from  an overseas tour and currently released her debut project titled “Mindset”. According to McNeal, the project portrays life in all its splendor, from its roadblocks to its successes.

This will be a must listen for fans that enjoy an eclectic mix of Neo Soul, Jazz, and R&B. From songs of love, peace and self discovery, she is well on her way into evolving into the star she is destined to be.

Sing Meagan!







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Nicole Mitchell

Born and raised in Michigan she started out performing in stage productions ranging from Beehive, Once on This Island, Dreamgirls, Wine in the Wilderness,and countless others even being cast as a replacement for Shenzi in Disney’s “The Lion King”. Once she moved to Chicago in 1998 she joined a few bands which led me to bassist and friend Lamar Jones (who was instrumental in the introduction to alot of the cats i now play and cowrite with) and began performing around the city.

With the knack for writing so finally was fortunate to meet up with Keith Henderson who co-wrote and guided her thru the first cd “The Many Moods of Me”.(check him out at Cd it has had extremely successful sales worldwide and with the help of many supportive friends and fans she been able to put on her own concerts, selling out the HotHouse and packing the PARKWEST to cap.


She now burning the midnight oil writing and working on new music and promoting her newly released cd entitled “A Sound of my Own” with the help of producers such as Keith Henderson, Khari Parker (yes yes yawl,drummer from Destiny’s Child, Raphael Saadiq, Boz Skaggs and Joss Stone can push the faders for real!) SHARAY REED (straight funky) G WIZ and a few other hot cats. Her influences range from Ella, Sade, Maysa and Lisa Stansfield to Stevie, Bob Marley, Annie Lennox, Mary J. Blige, Bonnie Raitt and Jill Scott.

She been compared to Toni Braxton, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Lisa Stansfield and Randy Crawford. The 3 things that set her apart from other artist are

1. My high energy and comedic spirit,
2. my sound is my own,
3. My look is my own.

She was vocally coached by Bertha McNeal of Motowns “Velvelettes” ,she then took to the stage performing in productions such as Dreamgirls, Beehive and Once Upon This Island to name a few. Was casted as a replacement in Disneys “Lion King”. Sang with a Chicago band which led to Saturdays at the House Of Blues.

Started writing and through the connections she made with Keith Henderson, Lamar Jones (slammin bassist for Brian Culbertson) she released her first cd “The Many Moods of Me”  from there she was enlisted to open for Wayman Tisdale, Paul Taylor, Michelle Branch, Avant, Cherrelle, Angela Winbush and Monique from “The Parkers” to name a few.

“He Loves Me”

She headlined houses at HotHouse, ParkWest and other venues which was sould out, in which tickets were sold hand to hand as she gained a fanbase one listener at a time. It was hard but worth it which led her to complete “A Sound of My Own” which released 5/31/08.

Currently recording her 3rd and 4th cd’s “The Bi-Polar Music Project” which will be released in January 2011. The first single “Forever United” featuring Phil Perry is receiving strong accolades which was written by Nicole, Phil Perry and Preston Glass (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Jermaine Stewart, Maurice White, Kenny G and others).

While recording Volume 1 of “The Bi-Polar Music Project”, Nicole was tapped to record soul/house music in London, England and has been releasing songs Since May 5, 2010 which has landed her in the top 100 on the house music charts 4 times and she shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Go to Nicole Mitchell EPK buy her music, she has launch an awareness campaign using her music to raise awareness in hopes of preventing suicide with her new single..”No Suicide” 50% of all downloads go to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline for more info go to



Forever United….Feat Phil Perry

Need To Know


Need To Know Live

Artist Information

Current release “Forever United” featuring Phil Perry is gaining accolades worldwide and featured on Cable T.V’s Music Choice R&B Channel

Nicole has released 7 singles in London, England since May 2010 and has landed in the top 100 several times on the soul/house music charts with “Call On Me, Summer Dreams, I Dont Need You”, “Satisfied”, “Need To Know”, “No Suicide” and “So Lonely”. March 2011 she will be kicking off a South African tour with Sophisticado Recordings, Vick Lavender, Promoting her first Sophisticado Africa release “Dangerous Love”.

2nd Release “A Sound Of My Own” just licensed to Spafax which will feature my music on most major Airlines Worldwide!!! Current project…The Bi-Polar Music Project…Vol 1 Licensed to set to be released NOW!!!!! with singles “Need To Know, Flow and Forever United” currently receiving airplay.

Trust Is Broken

Currently working on The Bi-Polar Music Project…Vol 2:Licensed To Thrill due out later on in the year 2012. Below  is a snippet of  the 1st release “Glass Houses” from her new cd which will be released in 3 weeks available at Itunes, amazon and cdbaby.

Glass Houses..1st release (snippet)

Nicole Mitchell Keep Moving Manoo’s Classic Mix

Nicole Mitchell Keep Moving (The Sophisticado Ext Vocal Mix)


(click picture to buy)

NEW SINGLE  Glass House

(click picture to buy)

The Bi-Polar Music Project 2011

No Suicide – Be Aware, Show You Care Project 2010

A Sound Of My Own 2008

The Many Moods of Me 2004




My Music

No Suicide…Live! Be Aware, Show you Care!

Kyra Climbingbear

Who is Kyra Climbingbear?

Kyra Climbingbear was born May 14, 1983 to a “Black” mother and a “Native American” father. At an early age Kyra embraced her mixed heritage and decided, through music, she would educate ignorant minds. She spent many years between New Jersey and Cherokee, North Carolina (Qualla Boundry, Cherokee reservation) where her father later resided with her two brothers and step-mother.

During her visits she was introduced to Cherokee traditional dancing as well as traditional Cherokee songs which she took to naturally. Nowadays, her goal is to address world issues and become what Marvin Gaye was in his era: a motivator. Her musical influences can be attributed to her mother’s vast collection of music.

One of Kyra’s earliest memories are of her mother humming “Easy On Down the Road” from the soundtrack to The Wiz, and the lyrics have remained with Kyra as a constant reminder to never carry anything that might be a load.

Kyra’s voice has often been described as a blend between Lauryn Hill and Kelis. However, she has yet to define her genre and is against the idea of “musical limitation”. With the constant love and support of her family, friends, and of course GOD, there is no doubt that Kyra will succeed


Kyra Climbingbear is an “American” singer/songwriter. Her definition of American meaning the TRUE foundation of America being of both African and Native descent. At the tender of age of 9, Kyra Climbingbear first took notice of her writing ability and talent with words and has been writing ever since.

Although, she sang in chorus and honor’s choir all throughout Grammar, Middle, and High Schools, it was not until she was in her late teens that she realized she wanted to be a singer/songwriter; to be exact the “frontman”, the leader.


After the birth of her first child Kenai, it was her mother and partner that pushed Kyra Climbingbear to get over the “hump” and pursue singing professionally. Weeks later she was in Lethal Nation of the Grunts as Karen Rowe. The band L.N.T.G. played at the famous CBGB before it’s finally closing.

Though the group did not last, Kyra continued to pursue music. Needless, to say it has been a rough road and five years later she is still going strong. Her hard work and dedication has paid off with her recent success.

In the summer of 2009, not only did she graduate from the Institute of Audio Research with a GPA of 3.84, she also opened for Stax recording artist N’dambi. N’dambi, who was once the background singer of Erykah Badu,who by the way is one of Kyra’s favorite singers.

It’s no wonder that people have often compared Kyra’s voice to N’dambi’s, with N’dambi being one Kyra’s main influences. Three weeks after the birth of her second child YaRa, Kyra Climbingbear with children in tow, opened for American Idol Bo Bice, at the 97th Annual Cherokee Indian Fair.

This was an enormous opportunity for Ms. Climbingbear whose family still resides on the Qualla Boundary Reservation. She was able to bring new music to her tribe and perform in front of her peers and family.

As an enrolled member of the Eastern Band Cherokee Indian, Kyra Climbingbear is now working on a new project to fuse both of her worlds. She is ready for the world to hear a new sound. Many others have claimed to be an ” Urban Indian” however,  Kyra has not only lived in the Tristate area most of her life but has spent months back and forth on her own rez.

In the next year, she will be immersing herself head first into Cherokee traditional music, language, and culture as a way to fuse them with Hip Hop, Soul, and Rock music. All of these being a part of who she is, has been, and will become. During this “hibernation” she hopes to emerge with a new voice/sound that reflects her true inner voice.


This is just one of the many projects Ms. Climbingbear is working on. With projects in the works of a children’s album, Management/ Production company, Artist Development for Native and Urban youth. One should expect big things from such a small person within the next few years.








Girl On Air

Also read some of her poetry on a Native American Artist Roster

May this new year be a prosperous one. Nv Wado Hiya Dv.

For Booking: Please contact Management

LeNora Jaye

“Play… a song for the good times, for the bad times…When you wanna lay your problems down and just be…It’s the music that moves you”– “Play”

Words by LeNora Jaye

In a musical wasteland crowded with posers, gimmick peddlers and rump-shaking pop tarts, singer, songwriter and vocal arranger LeNora Jaye stands out like a luxuriant diamond amongst the ashes.

Possessing a soul-sweetened voice that evokes the magic of the 1970s, LeNora’s original songs reconcile old skool R&B, street-wise funk and velvety Adult Contemporary pop.

While her deep felt lyrics capture the essence of modern femininity in all its wondrous complexity  independent yet nurturing, strong yet alluringly vulnerable, cautious, yet capable of wild-eyed impulsiveness.

Formerly the lead female vocalist for the Black Rock Coalition band Rhythm Republik, LeNora has opened shows for the esteemed likes of Teena Marie, The Meters, Roger Troutman & Zapp and Roy Ayers, while her solo career has found her sharing stages with some of the classiest names in hip hop, pop and soul, including The Roots, Floetry, India.Arie, Amel Larrieux and others.

Introducing: LeNora Jaye

Now, with the release of her independently produced solo debut album, the talented Ms. Jaye officially steps onto the world stage, with magnificent results.

Featuring 14 original compositions and interludes, The Story is an answered prayer for the legions of doubters who thought they couldn’t write and sing ‘em like they used to.

Assisted by a bevy of skilled co-producers like  Steve Wallace, Thierry DeJean, Armand Tulumello (Astral22), Supa, indie-soul star Angela Johnson and Jonathan Lloyd & Douglas Glover (NewBlackMusic.Net), The Story heralds the arrival of a truly unique singer songwriter.

Asked if there is a theme to the album, LeNora contemplates for a moment, then replies matter-of-factly. “It’s a woman’s experience… an urban black woman’s experience.” While The Story may chronicle the experience of a black American woman, there’s no denying the album’s universal appeal.

A Silent Prayer {Astral22 Rework}

Discerning music lovers will relate to LeNora’s singular perspectives on life, love and sexual politics, not to mention her enviable ability to convey dignity without ever crossing over into finger-wagging preachiness.

As its literary title suggests, The Story is an assemblage of revealing musical chapters authored by a truth-seeking artist. “I’m a pocket therapist,” LeNora says with a laugh. “I always want to get to the root cause, and I think that comes through in my songs.”

Indeed, LeNora’s straight-shooting approach to life is evident throughout The Story. On tracks like “So Right” and “Giving It Up,” she celebrates finding the trusting kind of love that restores her faith in romance.

The sensuous “Taking Over” finds the singer bedevilled by passionate thoughts after encountering an old flame, while “Will You Love Me The Same” ponders the durability of a new relationship. The powerful title track, LeNora deals sensitively with the issue of single moms, deadbeat dads and the unintended heartbreak often left in their wakes.


Its insightful lyricism aside, The Story is equally notable for its lush, organic sound; a righteous vibe LeNora and her accompanists achieved by keeping digitization to a minimum, while emphasizing meaningful songs and real-time vocal and instrumental performances.

“Anyone who can work a sampler nowadays can consider themselves a producer, but that’s not me,” LeNora says. “I wanted live instruments on this CD, so I sought out co-producers who were musicians and instrumentalists.

Every single producer on this album plays one or more instruments.” Born and raised in the legendary Brooklyn neighbourhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, LeNora Jaye grew up in a household where she was exposed to everything from gospel, bebop and Motown, to opera, cabaret and even Broadway show tunes.

As a featured vocalist for the funk-rock band Rhythm Republik, she performed at a host of venerable NYC venues including B.B. King’s, House of Blues, The Blue Note, S.O.B’s, Tramps, The Wetlands, CBGB’s, Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar and many others.

A series of session jobs followed, including performances at the St. Lucia Jazzfest as a vocalist for saxophonist Robert Zi Taylor, as well as live performance vocals for Purpose Records artists Angela Johnson, flautist Monet and Anonka recording artist Lisala.

Launching her solo career at the turn of the millennium, LeNora became a favourite at clubs around her native New York environs. “I like my live show to feel like a party,” she says.

“I like people to feel like they’re a part of the live performance, like they’re engaged to the point that they want to get up, grab the mic and sing off-key.” With the long-awaited arrival of her solo debut album, fans can finally experience the performing magic of LeNora Jaye in their everyday lives.

Lenora Jaye The Story megamix

by DJ Niceness

But for LeNora herself, the album symbolizes the realization of a lifelong dream. With its soul-stirring original songs and peerless vocals and performances, The Story marks the auspicious beginning of a recording career that promises to influence the shape of R&B to come.

“From the start, I always wanted to make sure that whatever I did was real and true to who I was,” LeNora says, earnestly. “That certainly applies to this record. I love these songs 100 percent, because I feel them 100 percent.”


She is part of a project called “U TURN” in the UK , The U Turn Project clearly represents quality music, a wide range of creativity that showcases various genres and “Unity”.

The project represents our stand on producing great soulful music It’s a U Turn. We’re going back to the days when such a demand was created for music.

Do It For Love (snippet from U TURN LP)

Lenora song will be  produced by multi-platinum producer Herb Middleton ( Nas, Mary J. Blige, SWV, Al Green) for Big Herb’s Music/NuVybe Records



The Story (Import) – Tracklisting

01. Shoo Fly Pie (introducing…The Story)

02. Don’t You Stop (intro)

03. Giving It Up

04. So Right

05. The Rain

06. Taking Over

07. Do You Wanna

08. You’re Not The One

09. It’s On Tonight

10. Always Get Away

11. Remember When (Old Skool Luv)

12. Will You Love Me The Same

13. The Story

14. Times Are Hard

15. Living For Today

16. Introducing (outro…featuring c-t-c)


Giving It Up (Street Sounds Remix)

Always Get Away (Ahmed Sirour Rework)

LeNora Jaye “Always Get Away” (Astral22 Extended Mix)





The debut album from LeNora Jaye has been one of the most anticipated in the past year or so. It’s been worth the wait LeNora is a great new soul singer with a fantastic soulful voice and great vocal range.

The songs are good as well, ‘It’s On Tonight’ is a modern soul dancer, ‘Always Get Away’ is another dancer, and the bright and breezy good time dancer ‘Living For Today ‘ is outstanding. The mid tempo shuffler ‘The Rain’ and the quality mid tempo ‘Giving It up’ ‘So Right’ and ‘Taking Over’ are also great, but this album is consistently good of the best of the year.


* The original cut appears on LeNora Jaye’s debut CD “The Story”, in addition to a beautiful Neil Tomo “regroove” which are both available from Fourth Child Records on iTunes worldwide.


LeNora Jaye is currently in the studio with producer Armand Tulumello (Astral22) recording her sophomore CD titled “Quantum Heart”.

This new global sound will infuse soul, jazz, funk, soulful house, Brazilian & lounge influences, and is set for release on Trans Phatt Records in Autumn of 2012.

All tracks from the forthcoming CD “Quantum Heart” will be available as digital downloads and in hardcopy.

Download iTunes UK
Download iTunes US
Download CD Baby



Listed below are the UK outlets selling


(list in alphabetical order):






High street. Walthamstow, London E17



Reliance Arcade

455 Brixton Road, Brixton

London, SW9 8JZ









Clapham Junction





161 Rye Lane, Peckham

London, SE15 4TL

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92 Acre Lane

London, SW2 5QN

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180 George Lane

London, E18 1AY

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Simply Soul Mail Order, PO Box 5255, Mountsorrel, Loughborough,

LE12 7ZB, England.

Tel / Fax – + 44 (0)116 2375461 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            + 44 (0)116 2375461      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Email –



1 Keswick Road, East Putney, London, SW15 2HL.

Tel 020 8875 1018 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            020 8875 1018      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email us –



236 Portobello Road, Notting Hill

London, W11 1LJ .



Bank Buildings

High Street, Harlesden

London, NW10 4LT .



Unit 3-4 Wood Green, London N22 6YA

020 8889 1832 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            020 8889 1832      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


The Stratford Centre,


The Mall, London E15 1XQ





Me, My Life, My Music!

Meltdown Show | Mr Crates

Live on FM and worldwide


The Home of Music Musing

Neo2Soul Promotions

Supporting Independent Worldwide Urban Artists

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