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Nia Simmons

Nia SimmonsNia Simmons is a singer/songwriter

IMG_9325changebackgroundNia Simmons is proud to be one of many artists representing the talent-filled Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Nia has been singing since age 3 starting in the church, then gradually moving on to local talent competitions and community events.

Her musical influences include Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, CeCe Winans, Tramaine Hawkins, and The Clark Sisters to name a few. Nia has participated in various groups/ensembles over the years in the R&B, Gospel, Jazz, and Pop genres.

These opportunities have allowed her to share the stage with nationally and internationally acclaimed artists such as Kirk Whalem, The Williams Brothers, 7 Sons of Soul, Jonathan Nelson and Purpose, Vanessa Williams, Placido Domingo, Me’lisa Morgan, Richard Smallwood, Art Sherrod Jr., Howard Hewett, Roger Treece, Bobby McFerrin, Aziza Miller, and Crystal Aikin.

Indie Voice Show interview and performance

10318724_274646016043569_2032830997_n - CopyThough she enjoys assisting her fellow artists by contributing background vocals in the studio and at live performances, Nia is also a sought after solo artist and vocal arranger. She is a Howard University graduate, Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies.

Nia was an original member of the premiere Howard University vocal jazz group, Afro Blue, and was featured with the group on two Howard University Jazz Ensemble recordings (2002 and 2003).

She also recorded with gospel band Anointed Favour on their single, Advance the Kingdom in 2005. In 2011 and 2012, Nia made her return to the theatrical stage in two Liberated Muse musical stage productions, Running: AMOK and In Her Words: Celebrating the Transformative Lives of African-American Women.

Nia Simmons – Cherish The Day (Sade Tribute) @ the Carlyle Club

IMG_93292013 marked Nia’s debut as an independent recording artist with the release of her single, “Living for Today”, in October. The song gained her international recognition and acclaim, including position in the top 15 of the UK Soul Chart.

Her follow up single, “Used to You”, was released in February 2014 to rave reviews worldwide peaking at #11 on the UK Soul Chart and also ranked in the UK Soul Chart’s Top 100 of 2014.

In 2015, Nia was recognized amongst her peers for artistic excellence receiving a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award grant in Non-Classical Music: Solo Performance. Her accomplishments further increased the anticipation for her debut LP titled, “A Songbird’s Journey”, which is now available!

The project features 12 tracks showcasing the style, range, and versatility of an artist whose honest delivery and silky, smooth vocals will catch your ear and move your spirit.

A Love Of Your Own – Nia Simmons


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Used to You – Nia Simmons

albumart_Living for Today_high res

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A Love of Your Own Cover Art

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jsoul bannerJSoul aka The Black Sinatra is a singer, beat maker, writer and producer

JSOUL BLUE MIDNIGHT COLORA native of Baltimore, JSOUL truly defines the meaning of being a singer, beat maker, writer and producer. As a triple threat his sound captures the very essence of soul and hip hop that has been absent in today’s music.

Taking his cues from Soul Masters past and present, has inspired him to create quality music of inspiration, pain, pleasure, life, and love with a style that emanates eclectic, funk-da-fied soul. His albums are a culmination of his last 13 years in this industry as an indie soul artist.

Its with that momentum he steps into the full roll of Producer and draws from the experiences in love gained & lost, triumphs,and failures new and old. Creating a sound that is familiar to true school soul music lovers and real hip hop listeners.

JsouL, Eric Roberson, Substantial – Potential

PROFILE PICHe began writing and creating music at the age of 20 with musicians who served as pillars in the Baltimore music scene and crafting what would be his signature sound. Performing live would serve as the foundation for his musical journey.

In 2008 he signed with Blackout Studios and released his label debut “Love Soldier” followed by the 2010 release of “Black Sinatra” which he fully produced and featured Indie Soul Juggernauts and grammy nominated artists Eric Roberson, Natalie Stewart (Floetry) , W. Ellington Felton,Carol Riddick, Julie Dexter as well as DMV star Substantial.

His latest release “Blue Midnight” was yet another sonically pleasing self produced soul/hip hop album that received great acclaim reaching the #3 spot on the top 40 Soul Charts for its single “Beautiful Nights” and featuring artists Deborah Bond, Philly MC Hezekiah, Cali native Joy Jones, and Dmo Soul.

jsoul tell me feat. Carol Riddick.

JSOUL BLACK SINATRAIn 2013 He released his first Instrumental project “Blue Symphony” as a part of a hip-hop based production series. “Being a visual artist as well i believe that Sound is just color in the sonic form, so every production represents a different vibe and paints a different picture and i named the projects according to the color i saw while making it” – JSouL

In 2014 He signed to a new label called “HiPNOTT Records” Which is now his new home and the base for all future releases.

Currently he’s working on promoting his newest self produced album the “Purple Symphony” which include features from Label mate Substantial, up & coming Baltimore mc’s  GreenSpan, Eze Jackson, Mathematics and Zulu Nation/9th Wonder true school Dj Sean Armstrong.

Boom Bap sprinkled wit Soul & Jazz is what it contains. Head Nod is what to expect! The Future‘s looking bright for the SoulStar from Baltimore.

0000000 front

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JSOUL: Get On Down (feat. Substantial) [Music Video]


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J Soul Blue Midnight (12 videos)

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Elisha La’Verne

el bannerElisha La’Verne an Soul/R&B singer/songwriter

IMG_0300Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from? Hi, My names is Elisha La’Verne a Soul/R&B vocalist/writer from South London.

When did you start making music and realize that you wanted to be a singer? I realized I wanted to be a singer at the age of 13 when rehearsing with my school band. At the time I was involved as a rapper and had a song where I wanted to sing the hook. I realised although I love rap music I preferred to sing and continued in the band as a singer.

When I left school I was blessed to meet up with some talented producers where I really honed my vocal and writing skills. They all had individual production and recording styles which was great because this challenged me to work in different ways. This is the reason I would say that I am so adaptable and flexible when working now.

Was there a person or artist that inspired you to start writing songs and hit the studio? I was inspired by the soulful tones of Aretha and Luther as a young girl. At present I am inspired by so many artiste young and old.

How would you describe the music that you make? I know it’s hard to compare yourself to other artists and styles, but what kind of vibe is your music on? I’d say soulful vibes. I lean onto the 2-step or slow jams but still love to write to and sing along to tracks with a hard hip hop edge and thick bass. But whatever I sing on I keep it soulful.

What do you enjoy the most about the whole process of recording and writing music? Is there something that you absolutely love and is there anything that maybe you don’t like doing as much? It’s a great feeling to work on and see your ideas come to life. I love the moment when I come up with a banging hook then the process after of laying the harmonies and feeling the hook flourish into pretty colours.

Words From Elisha LaVerne on her forthcoming LP

Do you enjoy playing live? Have you done many gigs and what kind of artists have you supported or played alongside? I absolutely love performing live! That instant gratification is like no other. The vibe of hearing a hot band play my recorded material is amazing. Although a band will definitely play your songs like the record the dynamics they bring is completely different.

Which ingredient do you think makes you special and unique as a performing artist? An artiste that loves the art of performing, someone who loves their music, someone who can add that extra something to their performance that does not come across on record. I have heard a particular artiste on record and did not really think much of the song but when I heard her sing it live I was blown away and was hooked on the song.

IMG_0307What do you consider your biggest achievement? Musically I’d say to still be in the business and through all its faults still have a love for the game.

What projects have you released so far and what feedback from the media have you had? My last project was the release of my album 361 Degrees. Since the release I have been promoting the album in Japan where it was greatly received by my fans and media. I have been in the studio creating my new album for quite a few years after the release of 361 Degrees and have recorded a considerable amount of songs for my forthcoming album. All involved are very pleased and looking forward to its release.

Let’s talk about your forthcoming project, Who will be dealing with the production and will you have any features? I have had input as I do, input in regards to giving producers an idea of what I am looking for. I want this album to have a particular sound. Also producers have sent backing tracks to me which they believe would suit my style and I’ve loved them. I have a few features but I cannot disclose right now as although I have recorded a numerous amount of songs, I am still not sure what to place on the album. There are so many songs, it will be a hard task.

Do you think that radio is still important now in the digital age? Most definitely yes! So much people still listen to the radio for various reasons.

Do you think the internet helps or hinders independent artists? I would say helps. If I go to an event and see an amazing artiste perform I can go home afterwards and easily access information on the artist and in turn purchase their material. That is if the artist has utilised social media well.

If you were forced to choose only one, which emotion, more than any other drives you to stay in this tough business. Is it joy, anger, desire, passion or pride and why? Joy – I would say Love of the art. It is a tough fickle business but despite its flaws I still love performing, creating and collaborating with other artists.

Elisha LaVerne We Got This Fade Edit

What do you think is the biggest barrier you have to face and overcome as an indie artist and performer, in your quest to achieve your goals and wider spread success? I wouldn’t say it is a barrier because barriers can be broken. But exposure is key in this business. You can release great material but if you don’t have great exposure, the masses will not hear it.

What is the ONE thing you are NOT willing or prepared to do EVER, in your quest to achieve a successful musical career? Immigrate to another country. I am not prepared to do that at the moment and don’t feel I have to really with our new age social media. I can visit a country and work there for a few months with the comfort in knowing I will return home.

What plans have you got for the future? At present I am at the last stages of my new album and cannot wait to show my fans and the world what great work we have achieved. We are planning the next tour of Japan and will not be leaving out Europe on this venture.


* Management

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Neo2soul sends many big blessing to Elisha La’Verne for the interview

Mimi Zulu

eyes15Mimi Zulu is an singer, lyricist, and poet

Mimi-Zulu-1-3Mimi Zulu is an American singer, lyricist, and poet. In a recording career that has spanned nearly two decades, her repertoire includes: soul, blues, jazz, trip-hop, electronica, spoken word, and psychedelic.

Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and The Eurythmics shaped her young voice. During high school, she began performing her poetry with the guitarist/bass player she would eventually marry.

Together, they delved into experimental and psychedelic realms, along with the underground hip-hop circuit in their hometown of Indianapolis.

Interview with Mimi Zulu

This led to the formation of the band F.U.Z.Z. Over the next few years, Mimi put together some of the most deeply intriguing independent albums, including: Zen Jai Qwa, F.U.Z.Z., Overnight, Peace of Mind, Group Mind, and Tentacle. Mimi is dedicated to the expansive and magical quality of the creative process. “The less I think of me, the more the truth comes out.” With her big bright eyes and disarming  laugh, she is a beaming embodiment of authentic spirit.

mzdh1Passionate about equality and community, Mimi’s lyrics are inspired by the lives of those whose voices often go unheard. Her art is an offering of encouragement, hope, and empowerment; a testimony to the value of a life lived simply, openly, and from the heart.

With the release of her first solo album A Love Parade, Mimi reveals an intimate look into the many tones and textures of the genre she coined “experimental soul” – which is equal parts neo-soul and trip-hop.


For Mimi, music provides the opportunity to feel what’s real in a world gone not-so-comfortably numb. “The goal,” she says, “is to be in a space where I can remind people to just think. To remind them of their insides, of their soul and their feelings. To make them feel their own skin.” Mimi now resides in southern California where she collaborates with a variety of incredible musicians in her underground basement studio.

Mimi Zulu – It Rains Love



Live Performance by Mimi Zulu


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jasbannerJazzMine Garfield is an  singer/spokenword/songwriter

jas2Take your box and avoid throwing Birmingham, AL native JazzMine Garfield in the mix. Save your packaging because the singer/songwriter fusing folk, jazz, soul, alternative and hip hop…does not belong in an over crowded space.

She has been noted to be the generations Lauryn Hill, but truly with her unique style it has been difficult to pin point her sound as nothing else but own!!!! Daring to create on the outskirts, the guitarist has done more than prove she is a unique splash of different.

First words formed notes and melodies for JazzMine Garfield. The spot light seemed to find her wherever she was and at a very early age. Always pushed up front, JazzMine led many talent competitions,plays, solos, production and won many oratorical competitions.


jas1At the age of 14, she began her professional musical journey with a gospel group named “Message”As she entered college majoring in Communication her gift took another turn as she was hired within a month to host her own Jazz radio show “Jazz Oasis” with 90.7 WVAS.

Her smooth voice and bright personality deemed her one of the stations favorites. Captivated by the art of story telling through rhythm, Jazzmine branched off to work with the eclectic Byron the Aquarius.

Painting pictures with sounds of jazz, soul, and hip hop. In 2012 the hipster released an ep of her truth titled “Loves Bullet“. The shots were heard around the world as her ep gained the respect of many in and out of the United States.

Gracing the cover of B Metro magazine as one of birminghams rising artist, she has captivated crowds with her unique tone, poetic lyrics, and massive energy.  JazzMine is currently working on giving her diverse gift to the world. With her next release “Starting Over” her self produced project paints the picture of her growth musically, spiritually, and mentally.

  Breaking the barrier of being thrown in a box you will be able to catch her bouncing around the states as she takes the road this summer. Keep your ears open and remember To keep your packaging, because JazzMine belongs in no box!



Fayth-bannerFayth Hope is an singer/spokenword/songwriter

Fayth-NC-194Who is Fayth Hope? Depends on what time of day it is. But to further break it down, SHE IS: a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a counselor, a wordsmith, a singer/songwriter, and a lover of music.

Hailing from Birmingham, AL, Fayth has been involved in music throughout her entire life. As a woman who is highly introspective in nature, she uses her life journey and worldview to shape her sound and artistic persona.

Her music and vocal style are a combination of soul and spoken word with playful nuances from jazz, hip hop, and alternative genres. As a youth, Fayth studied voice at Birmingham-Southern College Conservatory’s community music program. She went on to attend high school at the Alabama School of Fine Arts as a voice major.

Fayth continued her musical activities at Clark Atlanta University where she was a member of the Philharmonic Society (the university’s concert choir) and Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity, Inc.

Who Is Fayth Hope

Fayth-NC-189Fayth found her voice as a performer while organizing and promoting events in the Augusta, GA arts scene. The events gradually became a platform where she could experiment with her voice and other performance elements.

Although it took a number of years for Fayth to realize the full range of her gifts, she finally decided to take the proverbial leap of faith and launched her singing career in 2009.

In April 2012, she released her debut project, Out of Obscurity, Pt. 1: From the Darkness. The single, “Love Didn’t Mean A Thing” made it to #1 on London’s “Morpheus Soul Show Top 5 Countdown” after a 5-week run alongside artists such as Ledisi, Robert Glasper, and Esperanza Spalding.

Truly Deeply Madly LIVE @ The Wardrobe Leeds

5B4A9312-EditLater that year the EP’s lead single, “Truly Deeply Madly”, was featured on BBC 6 Music’s internationally syndicated show “Gilles Peterson Worldwide”, hosted by world-renown DJ and musical tastemaker Gilles Peterson.

Gilles described Fayth’s music as “a little bit of Marlena Shaw, a little bit of Jill Scott, a little bit of Ursula Rucker, and a lot of originality too.”

Riding this tide of the international attention, Fayth had the opportunity to visit England in May 2013 where she performed dates in London and Leeds. She was even invited by jazz guitarist Femi Temowo (Amy Winehouse, Gregory Porter, Laura Mvula) to perform during his jam session at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

If They Only Knew LIVE @ Apache Cafe Atlanta

IMG_1073 copyIn 2014, Fayth won the category for Best Jazz Artist in the UK-based Love Music Awards, a victory that has helped her to gain momentum not only as progressive soul artist, but also as a jazz artist.

Currently, Fayth is writing and recording material for Out Of Obscurity, Pt. 2: …Into The Light and a number of other projects. She recently unveiled a new track titled “Jasmine Breeze Flower Ecstasy“. Seductive and alluring, this offering promotes her upcoming book, Deliciously Imperfect: Poems, Prose, and Musings.

“Jasmine Breeze Flower Ecstasy”, which is an audio showcase of a piece featured in the poetry collection, marks a shift from her earlier beat-driven sound to a more organic, jazz-laden style.

In addition to music and poetry, Fayth is in the process publishing a children’s book and is cultivating her own outreach program (Seeds of Hope) which focuses on character-building activities and sociocultural exposure for youth in underserved communities.

Fayth Hope front panel (cover) JPG

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Just Breathe (video montage)


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JBFE cover art

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GOTTA BANNERGotta is a Music Producer; Arranger; Composer; Engineer; Pianist; DJ; Label CEO

Q: Your resume reads like a one man musical army…Music Producer; Arranger; Composer; Engineer; Pianist; DJ; Label CEO…You’re obviously a force to be reckoned with, so let’s narrow it down and talk specifically about being a music producer. At one point did you say, “I want to produce music for other artists,” and is there as particularly circumstance or incident that set you on that path?

In one way, you can say that everything is an accident in this life. Even our existence on this planet. Sometimes things are a result of circumstance and timing?. Every experience puts you on a new path and forces you to make choices. You have to deal with your time and all the things that happen around you. For me that experience came in the middle of the big music crisis and change in the industry. Being a music producer happened very naturally for me. Being called a music producer is a term of our time. I started learning how to play classical piano at six years old. I composed music with writing scores on sheet music using a pen.

This is a type of music production. What is a music producer anyway but simply a composer, arranger, musician, songwriter who supervises the entire process of making music? In most of cases, Mozart, Chopin, Wagner and Tchaikovsky were the music producers of their time. They created, wrote, arranged and produced their creation live on stage. It’s exactly the same process as we see today minus the technology.

DJ - Gotta editThe two main factors that caused me to wear the hat of a music producer is the technology and the music industry crisis.

Being able to do music on a computer has changed everything and with all the changes in the industry independent producers began forming their own record production companies.

In many cases they also established their own recording labels, signing deals that enabled the recordings they produced to be manufactured and distributed.

I wanted to share and collaborate with artists – singers and other musicians. The internet is really an awesome tool for me to find, discover and connect with artists that fit with my vibes. It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to collaborate with people on the other side of the planet from a small village in the South of France! I have been blessed to do tracks like that with artists from the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Philippines

I started like that and my first record deal was on an independent US label that I discovered online by sending my “Productions – Tracks.” It was the time of Myspace, and the time where the internet was not yet as oversaturated as it is today. The time where people replied to emails ? and were excited about the future with the new technology.

Q: Can you describe, briefly, how you usually work with an artist on a musical project?

For me a music project starts with the need to create/share something with an artist that inspires you. It could be a track for a singer, a music for a brand, advertising or movies. Either I approach the artist to collaborate or they find me. There has to be a connection to engage in the creative process of a project. There is no explanation about that. It’s like if you want to explain love. You need to have the same vision, to understand each other and to bring out the best of what the other person does.

My role in this is to supervise the whole process. The most important thing is to be comfortable with the artist that you’re working with as it’s a piece of life you decide to live together, step by step. To create song, find the right visual for the artist, work on the way to promote him/her. I try to be very careful how to present the project and the artist I’m working with. I don’t want to change someone into someone else or to copy the success of another artist.

11181310_1065261676835911_7571612471969428535_nI’m interested by someone for what he/she is, and for what I could provide him to be stronger in his/her art. I’m interested by someone’s personality and their own musical universe, and my goal is not to change his universe but to make it better.

It’s like you build a house with people inside. You have to keep in mind who they are and what their roots are before starting to build something.

Q: What is distinctive about a GOTTA production?

I would like to tell you about my vision of how I work, as I know some great people who have the same way to work and we share the same vision, even if the form of music could be different.

Authenticity, passion, musicality, creativity, quality are important for and I’m inspired by the past to build the future. It’s important to be original to achieve your vision and to truly believe in what you do. It’s important to respect the artist and help him/her to make their work sound the best it can be.

Q: Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?

Every musical project is a fresh start. At the moment I decide to work on a musical project it becomes my favorite project of the time. Imagine a hard drive with unlimited Giga that’s what my “favorite” folder is like! Every project I collaborate on was an experience and a personal fulfilment. My first CD you’ll find a collaboration with the amazing NYC singer Barbara Harris, who was very famous with her band “The Toys” in the 1960’s. I love her so much. She’s an amazing human being too and both she and her husband are exceptional people. It’s more than music and they are in my heart forever.

Another collaboration that comes to mind was with, “IAM and Akhenaton,” the famous French Hip-hop band. I will never forget my meeting with him, such an amazing and intelligent guy. I wrote a score for their publishing company during 2 years, and it was amazing. Being in his studio. I played my first production work there. I started to work on a project… they were very famous at the time I was in the loop with them, and it was crazy, we had to finish some stuff during the night in a few hours to be deliver right away. We worked on a score for Luc Besson’s movies, advertising, their album…it was an exciting time.


Recently I worked on Hyleen Gil’s album and it was an incredible time to work on it. We were fortunate to have some amazing guests, on it like Omar, Frank McComb, ChrisDaddy Dave” on drums and the project was mixed by Q million the man behind Robert Glasper’s album. I composed the songs with Hyleen, and arranged and produced the entire project. The CD was released in Japan. With this project we had the chance to play in NYC at The Blue Note, in Tokyo Japan, in Paris. We shot 2 videos, the first one was in Paris with Omar & the second one in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We had the chance to live incredible moments. We had great experiences with Omar, Frank McComb, and Chris Dave.

You learn so much about those guys… and the fact they accept to be a part of this project was an incredible opportunity. We also did a cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” was on Japan Billboard. That’s was crazy! Even here in France, one of the main TV channel name M6, talked about the track, and came into my studio to shoot an interview. When the interview aired on TV, I remember watching it and then getting thousands of notifications, comments on YouTube, Facebook and messages…it was insane!! Promotion is everything.

Andy Allo – Fly Away (Gotta Remix)

I could talk about my past projects for hours… I did so many things, in different aspects and genres of music… My remix for Prince protégé, Andy Allo, whose last album was produced by Prince and she was his guitar player. My meeting with her in Paris, where she talked about me on stage and played my remix live in front of thousands of people was a moment I’ll always remember

Back in the day my remix for Jill Scott, “Love Rain” song when she was on Hidden Beach label. I did remixes for Jamiroquai, Jonas Brothers, as well…My house/club track with Andrea Love “Higher” (Hailey’s song) came about after Andrea wrote the lyrics in honor of the birth of her daughter. She is based in Chicago and is very talented and our track was featured on Ministry of sound’s label, and played globally.

My own project name “Think Aloud” was very important for me. It was made at a very hard time in my life. It came after the loss of my father and few month after I lost my grandmother. In one year I lost the most important people in my life. It was and still is something you live with and you have to deal with every day. It’s another lesson of life. I have them in me now and it makes me stronger.

Pianist - GottaThis project expresses the feelings I needed to release. I call it “Think Aloud,” because I wanted to tell people what I was thinking and not keep everything inside. In this very hard time it was a good way to heal with my music. Music speaks and it is its own language.

I collaborated with some incredible vocalists Lene Riebau from Denmark, Thor from Philippines, Samadhi from Dallas, the guitarist was in Germany and Chromatic the saxophone player, who is also an amazing producer based in Japan, and the entire project was mixed by Mik Chav, who previously worked with Erykah Badu.

This is a real global project. All songs were created to tell a story without limitations. The goal was to express exactly what I wanted, and I asked the same thing to the people who got involved…No times, no specific hooks…Just do what you feel, and the result was six stories. It’s more than songs, it’s a musical journey, and it was a therapy for me. Music is a therapy, where you can be selfish with what you express. Art is a selfish expression.

Finally I want to give a shout out to my new project with the singer Mey Lolas from Bulgaria. One more time, Mey contacted me through soundcloud and I had already heard about her from Poogie Bell’s album. She is an amazing singer and musician. We are in process of releasing a first EP named “Boundless,” I’m very excited about this project. I went to Bulgaria 3 weeks ago and it was a great experience with radio and TV interviews. The project is due to be releases very soon with the US and UK being the first markets.


Q: Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?

As you can imagine there are a lot of them… A lifetime alone can’t cover I want to say D’angelo, and an artist who I have yet to discover.

Q: Do you have any advice for a person who wants to become a music producer?

To give advice puts me in an uncomfortable position. As I think we are just human beings who are a product of our own experiences. In the words of Oscar Wilde “Experience is the name we give to our mistakes.” So my advice is to do what you believe in the deepness of your spirit, and make your own mistakes to learn from and grow with and to find your own way.

I could say, it’s not the equipment you buy which is going to make you a good music producer. It’s your hard work, talent and knowledge of what you do. It’s important to be realistic with yourself and of what you can do and what you want to do.

Ask the right questions; why do you want to do this? What do you need to make it work? Are you in this because this is your passion or is it because you woke up in the morning and you saw the Pharrell’s life and you told yourself, I want to be like him, it’s better than my actual job! Man…No. Pharrell is unique, so be unique too. Or is it because you feel it since a young age? Music is your passion; your life, your strength. Because it’s a way to express yourself as human being, because it’s a meaning to make your life better.

There are no rules, but be yourself, be different, inspire you about others but please don’t copy your neighbor. Be open minded. Listen to a lot of different music, classical, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, African, Indian music, House, Techno, Trap, and the Top 40, whatever! Be curious! Everything is at your fingertips now! Don’t be lazy, you are a lucky person who can have access to everything.

Gotta TVAnd please learn music learn to be able to tell it’s good music or a bad music whatever the genre. Learn an instruments, even if you want to be a famous DJ/producer!

I count on you to be a part of the next wave of talented producers who can create kind of quality music on the radios, in the clubs.

People listen what the industry wants to give them. You are the new generation who are going to be the sound of this industry.

You have the freedom to offer them a good quality meal. Don’t give them a re-heated meal, because you think it’s what they want.

Most of them don’t know what they want about production, they want to sell, but keep in mind they going to sell only what you and your peers are going to deliver to them. They don’t create music. So believe in yourself and never give up, work hard, be professional, be a perfectionist, use your imagination and take risk.

Q: What can we expect from GOTTA in near future?

You can expect the unexpected. I just do things that I believe in and I do my best to make my vision become a reality. I want GOTTA’s brand to be like a “concept store,” like a meeting room or a gallery… a place one can always find new exciting, creative ideas and projects with music as the core behind it all. I love to compose, produce music for advertising, brands, movies and I’m working to expand this branch.
I love to produce artists, so every second I’m on to discover new talent. I also can’t live without live music whether as a DJ, a pianist, or musical band director, I need to play and share live moments with people. When you produce music, it’s something you keep engraved forever. It’s very interesting and very scary at the same time to say it’s going to be like this… it’s a moment in time.

While doing gigs is totally the opposite. It’s a moment you are living and you can’t capture it… it’s just about memory. Even if you photograph or record it, the next time you perform it’s always different. It’s always changing. I really need both.

Gotta NYCI don’t want to limit GOTTA to a genre of music. I just want to do quality projects and spread the word with good and positive vibes.

The same goes for my DJ gigs people can call me for a hip hop party or house party one day and the next to do a funky set…everything is mixed and connected and I’m fine with that! I love music, and I don’t want a label of what I do.

If you want to work with me it’s because I will provide a good sound and good music, and I can feel the energy of the people in front of me and it’s important to be flexible.

It’s all about connection not about a genre of music. So just call me with a good karma and I will send you back some good vibes. I’m also working with a clothing brand based in New York. In this case it’s not about doing a music for a brand but creating products like clothes, sneakers, etc…where we could integrate new music on it to support, promote a new artist’s campaign.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about now for several years. I can’t talk about it now as it’s a work progress. I like art in its whole meaning… fashion, photo, paint, graffiti, sports, cooking… Everything is a type of art and it’s exciting to find how to link all those different arts in some common project.

Q: Any last thoughts, the floor is yours?

I don’t want to complain about all the things happen since several years, and right now like this craziness of how music is changing, all the issues with platform as Spotify, Napster or others… the fact that music is a free service. How can a composer, a music producer, an artist survive in this jungle? How can one manage, control and protect your rights worldwide? There are so many questions which keeps one awake at night.

The changes force you to move ahead and find new ideas…so I want to stay positive and I would like to say in conclusion, that for me music is a playground, and you are free to create your own game. Music has always been there and it will never die. Everyone needs music. Plato already talked about music, and says “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

gotta & mey



Interview questions was provided by Sebastian McLaren from StillDOPE radio

nebannerNaomiNamz’ Elliott is a neo soul gospel singer songwriter/keyboardist/producer

2NaomiNamz’ Elliott first started singing at the age of 16 after she had discovered music as an art form to express feelings that couldn’t be verbalised due to the harsh background she had come from. Her style has been influence by artists such as Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Floetry, Estelle and Rachelle Farelle.

Born in Thornton Heath, Croydon; Naomi moved to Birmingham in 2013 after she had a new sense of direction following a previous 2 years of distress concerning her health which had left her unable to speak or look after herself independently.

It is her determination in “seeking the abundantly life promised by God” that enabled her to recover to a good enough state to be able to move and kick-start her career as a solo artist, musician, songwriter and producer. She used this time away to understand and develop her sound and progress to new levels.

Naomi “Namz” Elliott – Rainbow

editComing from a musical family in which most are multi-musicians or established artists, many will say it was natural for Naomi to fall into the same pattern and become the next ‘established artist’ in her family.

Starting out singing and playing in church, throughout her teenage years through her early 20’s Naomi toured with gospels and secular acts and has completed session work both in the UK and in Europe in which she was involved in ‘Supremes’ tribute shows and ‘Divas’ which showcased some of the greatest hits from the likes of Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

Breaking out as an RnB/Soul solo artist in 2014, Naomi has already released her debut single entitled ‘Rainbow’ and follow up single ‘Escape’ Naomi most certainly has the focus, drive and determination to turn her dream of becoming a successful artist into a reality.

Naomi “Namz” Elliott  – Escape



Her debut EP entitled ‘Goldrush’ will be released at her launch on July 18th which is based on her testimony of overcoming emotional aswell as health issues over the past few years through her relationship with Christ.


CLICK PHOTO TO BUY Naomi ‘Namz’ ElliottEscape

#NamzGoldRush Launch BLOG 1 – @the_Drum


CLICK PHOTO TO BUY Naomi ‘Namz’ Elliott – Rainbow



bannervVital is a Lyricist/Performer/Motivation Speaker

IMG_9197Vital aka Vernon Caisley is a Artist / Performer / Graduate / Videographer and a believer in his own destiny, musically Vital dabbles in all genres of music from bashment, dancehall, grime, hiphop & anything that he likes.

Born in Wolverhampton, with being raised in Dunstall, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton with mainly his mom, he is also strong believer in family morals and shows that through his music and how he acts towards his younger siblings & mother.

When it comes to creating music, Vital engineers his own material, thanks to the love his mother saw he had for music since a younger age, she equipped him with the necessary hardware in which to learn and use by himself.

Vital has received many awards over the years through music and through his own other personal endeavorers, business & enterprise award in 2008, entrepreneur of the year award in 2009, black achievements award in 2010, Best performer, Best Artist 2011, Short Film / Music Video Love For Grime – Best Short Film Digi’ Award 2014, Midlands Independent Music Awards 2015 just to name a few in the recent years.

Vital – Love For Grime [Music Video]

newIMG_4152In School Vernon Caisley (VITAL) managed to attain 20 GCSE‘s 16 of which where A-C Grades, also with 4 a Levels & now has graduated from University where he studied ‘Interactive Media & The Web‘ attaining a 2:1 Bachelors Degree with Honours.

With approximately 500,000 Youtube Views Collectively, His Recent Music Video “Jungle Law“, “Love For Grime” & also “Ting Tun Up” Playlisted on Channel AKA, BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra & WM Radio play, interviews and appearances, TV Appearances via Big Centre TV, iTunes releases, Traveling & Living in Spain for 3 Months.

Vital – #JungleLaw [Music Video]

Performing On Over 200 Stages With Artist Like: Dappy, Roxxan, StyloG, Gappy Ranx, Spice, Alkaline, Black Ryno, Freedy McGreggor, Stone Love, Rodney P, Serocee, Durty Goodz, Wiley, Scorcher, Tinie Tempah, Bashy, Mx Bratt & Marcus Nasty, Hopsin, Yungen, Sections Boys, Invasion, Stay Fresh, Sneakbo, Grizzy, S Wavey, Mo Stack, J Hus + More, Vital is surely on his way to success. – This is the beginning for VITAL – #DLTY

Vital – Drink Up [Music Video]

211VITAL DLTY CD+ DVD ggFront-4-1


Vital – #DLTY [Net Video]

VITAL - DLTY Artwork


VITAL – #DLTY EP via iTunes 

VITAL – Deluded (Brand New Video)

Bobby Shmurda – Hot Boy (VITAL Remix) [Music Video]



Vital – Music Videos –

Vital Videography Showreel

Rashondra Angelle

bannerRashondra Angelle neo-soul singer, spokenword songwriter

11072537_10152816579667861_5763712793339030746_nRashondra Angelle hails from Long Beach, CA, a culturally diverse city which plays a major role on her musical style. She grew up listening to a variety of music from gangsta rap to jazz.

Thus throughout her own music career she does not shy away from experimenting with diverse sounds and styles of music to express her soul.

As with any great artist, this songstress has collaborated with many industry professionals such as underground hip hop legends Planet Asia and Tri-State and notable hip hop producer Daeone. In addition, Ms. Angelle has opened for alternative soul and independent soul artists Res and Sy Smith.

Rashondra Angelle: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Angelle recently wrapped up her debut album entitled The After Glow a unique blend of progressive soul music. The album is an eclectic vibration of soulful, sensual, and sassy fusion of spoken word and R&B. The album has an universal appeal with songs varying from Hip-Hop Soul to House . With crowd favorites such as Temptation and Do You Really Want Me, this album is sure to be certified as the people’s favorite!

2The After Glow is Angelle’s follow up to her 2010 mixtape entitled Glow, which she released in order to promote self- confidence, unity and love. Angelle has graced many stages in many different areas, from music festivals in Atlanta, Virginia, Baltimore and D.C.

She has also done radio tours and has been featured in countless blogs, ensuring that her message and gift reaches a broad audience. One of Angelle’s biggest accomplishments to date is performing at the world famous Apollo Theatre in the Amateur Night showcase.

Rashondra Angelle LIVE HD

Angelle has been working with Urban Phenomenon Entertainment (UPE), an international artist management and promotions company for the past few years. As a result, she has made her mark performing in such well known venues as “Taste of Soul House of Blues, Knitting Factory, Keyclub and the historical nightclub, The Mint. Ms. Angelle has also shared the limelight on the theatrical stage in the original musical stage play Museum of Living Art.

1907766_873782752680711_7274983543302736262_nAs long as there is music, there will be a voice for those to uplift, teach and bring positive energy to those that seek it. Rashondra Angelle will continue to be front and center in this medium. !!

On October 28, 2014 Rashondra Angelle announced the release of her full-length album, “The After Glow10 soul, R&B and spoken-word infused tracks..“The After Glow” is an eclectic mix of Hip Hop Soul, House and melodic acapella songs which boasts tales of love, strength and sensuality.

Rashondra Angelle Official Video “Rise”

After Glow Album Cover

CLICK PHOTO 2 BUY “The After Glow” LP

Rashondra Angelle The After Glow

1969274_780986771960310_4050139234742423230_nSocial Media Links:

THANKS TO Sebastian McLaren FOR INFO

Tanya Holt

bannerTanya Holt is a R&B, Pop,Gospel singer/songwriter

2015-03-01 16.50.07_resizedAs the proud recipient of both, the MAC Award & Bistro Award, the Queens, NY native is a force to behold! With the uniquely soulful and melodic voice of an Angel, TANYA‘S vocal abilities span different genres of music including Musical Theater, R&B, Pop, Gospel and Standards.

TANYA has packed the house of the Iridium, the Metropolitan Room, Eighty Eight‘s & others venues in the US & Canada numerous times! Tanya’s a talented songwriter/arranger, as well! TANYA is a supporter of charities for HIV/AIDS & Cancer awareness!

She’s currently working on her duet show, with Robert Fowler (tba). TANYA is especially blessed and proudly embarking on her solo career, starting with the release of her beautiful Single’s “I AM NOT BROKEN” & “HOW DOES THE STORY END?”!


20150415_185129_resizedThe singles and videos are receiving awesome reviews!!! Tanya’s latest release “FOREVER MORE” is her favorite to date…because there are 2 different House mixes of the song, that Bring a different dynamic to her artistry!

Ms Holt truly enjoys bring joy, encouraging, inspiring and bringing awareness and change through the gift of song! Tanya’s extremely grateful for all the love, support and fans this journey continues blessing her with! :)

All songs are available on All digital outlets. Tanya’s CD, coming soon! Lovebeams & Making Moves Music LLC.

Tanya Holt – How does the story end? (Official Music Video) Lovebeams (c) 2015

Forever More cover-2_resized_resized


'I Am Not Broken' CD-2_resized


Tanya's HDTSE (1600)_resized_6


How Will the story End-8081_resized

Lovebeams & Making Moves Music LLC.

Karyn White

bannerKaryn White. is a accomplished singer/songwriter

k2She possesses one of the most memorable, distinctive voices ever heard in popular music. She’s an accomplished singer/songwriter who etched herself into music history with her smash hit song, the female anthem, Superwoman.

That song made international waves, selling over a million units, being certified Gold and named the Billboard R&B Song of the Year in 1989. She IS a super woman. She’s Karyn White.

In the years since her last CD was released in 1994 (Make Him Do RightWarner Brothers), the lovely, soulful vocalist has focused her energy on family, raising and nurturing her daughter Ashley (her daughter with ex-husband, producer/songwriter Terry Lewis of Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis fame).

White’s priorities to family are largely responsible for her absence from the music scene. Her daughter Ashley is now a freshman at Howard University but for the last 18 years Karyn saw to it that Ashley received the love and care of a mother invested in her child which the nomadic lifestyle of a professional musician could not afford. Karyn’s considerable talents extend well beyond music.

The CD contains another anthem for the ladies a female bonding and empowerment tune with an acoustic grit, called Sista Sista. With this future classic, the ladies will hear that they have their champion back on the scene. Karyn also performs her own version of the Cyndi Lauper classic, True Colors, on this new CD.


BD-Card-BackB.DeVINE is a singer-songwriter /spoken word artist.

1068993_3292253562146_771822671_n (1)B.DeVINE  is an emerging Jacksonville, Florida based singer-songwriter /spoken word artist who’s lyrical and vocal style stir up an influence reminiscent of musicians such as Floetry, Jill Scott,  & India.Arie.

What makes her different from other artists is her ability to fuse multiple genres seamlessly and her love for wordplay. “Musicians have the ability to change lives or moods with their words and their music. That in itself is a powerful thing.”

B.DeVINE jokes that if Prince and Jill Scott could have created a love-child it would have been her! Growing up, her major influences were gospel, soul and house music. “I have always had a real soft spot for all of the music from the 70s and 80s”.

B.DeVINE began singing in church at age 7 and around 14 years old her sights for a professional career began to emerge. During her adolescence and teen years, Devine formed a few singing groups, steadily pursuing her career. Once she graduated college, it was then she decided to go tread her path alone.

Erykah Badu Cleva cover B.DeVINE I Love Music Tour

After working countless hours in several studios around the city and lending background vocals for numerous local artists, she was chosen to headline the last concert performed in the coliseum before its implosion. She has opened for Ja Rule, Mr. Cheeks, and Khia. More recently she has opened for National recording artists such as; 2Chainz, Joseline Hernandez & K.Michelle of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Chrisette Michelle, Glenn Jones, Miles Jaye, Fantasia, Jaheim, TGT & More! She’s The Diamond Award Winner for Female Performer Of The Year!

IMG_3346_eDeVINE wrote/co-wrote three songs that appeared on Tony White‘s debut CD, Street Love. She also recorded and performed the CD’s intro, “Honeydripper Lady” and was featured on “Rather B” another popular song from the CD! The album is still currently available on iTunes for purchase.

In late 2010, DeVINE finally decided to embark on her debut project. A decade in the making, she carefully selected poems written for what she still hopes will be her first book, to be a part of a musical spoken word project.

After completion, DeVINE along with a few others from TyTeWork Entertainment, quickly realized that there was very little exposure for the type of music they created. Armed with only an idea and ProTools, she decided to form her own genre of music, affectionately named Pornetry. The name was created due to its infusion of intimacy-based spoken word with smooth melodies.

To put it simply, it is Erotica set to music. Literoticism, another term coined by B.DeVINE, is the ability to create and/or heighten sexual pleasure through literature and sound. DeVINE says, “I want people to feel sexy and free when listening to the music I make.”

B.DeVINE LIVE singing “Some Kinda Way”

B.DeVINE released EP “SoulBareHer” to the world in 2011, and temperatures got a tad bit hotter thanks to this seductive entertainer. She released the Tony White produced “Some Kinda Way” written and recorded by DeVINE within 2 hours after a night of fun. Along with countless units sold, her music has also been featured in a film “Loverboy“. “DeVINE Entervention” was the song featured in the horror film by Keeka Productions.

IMG_3334_e_2She has performed throughout The SouthEast and her debut single, “Some Kinda Way” spins nightly on iHeart Radio by Easy E. Her sophomore release, “LovePain” produced by 250Plus was released to radio, currently spinning in The Southeast and has garnered a vast audience in Florida & Georgia, & growing, as it spins nightly in clubs around the South & on various mixtapes. Recently she featured on “Desire” with recently signed Cash Money/YMCMB Artist T-Rone, as well as countless others.

Recently she released EP The Journey to B, which features a sexy club banger called Asphalt featuring Jacksonville-based rapper, Arkane and is produced by Mamado. This song is currently circulating the world and can be found at, iTunes and all online outlets. She wants to create a legacy where people feel that she was fearless in her writing and her perfomances.

Diamond Awards Industry Mixer 2014 – B.DeVINE

“I like the rebellion of living outside the box, especially when it comes to my lyrical content and delivery.” She is supported by The LMS Group and managed by CEO Mrs. Dana Lewis. “Until my last breath, I will press forward towards my dreams. Her grandmother, who recently passed away, would not have it any other way. With that amount of focus and drive plus a dedicated spirit, B. DeVINE is well on her way to spreading her angelic melodies with the world.



B.DeVINE – LovePain (Official Visual Release)

b devine (7)

UntitledMrs. Dana Lewis
The LMS Group
“Marketing, Media & Management”
R&B/SOUL Singer/Songwriter – B.DeVINE – Manager

BIG THANKS TO Durell Peart


bannerChanel is a singer, songwriter

chanelChanel is a name that people instantly recognize when they hear the voice on such songs as My Life (Top 40 national chart hit in the UK, France, and Scandinavia).

Dance, Lovely Day and Forget About Your Boys, that have exploded out of the UK urban soul, underground like a bush fire onto national radio, receiving solid club rotation, heavy radio and video airplay to become mainstay club classics.

After a three year hiatus, since her last solo offering, the addictive, Mtume inspired ‘Love Affair’ that surfaced on the Blacktree Music, Soul Seeds Volume 1 compilation in 2012.

Chanel – Its My Life

Chanel now returns with a Bang!

To rave reviews from UK and European club and radio tastemakers, featured on the classy, Kejam produced, summer 2 stepper ‘Love Is Magic’, co-written by Dee Majek, James Colah, Chanel and the super talented Memphis singer, songwriter and producer Terry Harris.

Chanel_0145 (NEW)This silky smooth, singer-songwriter, and states ‘I haven’t been sitting idly. I been honing and developing my god given talent as a member of the Grammy Award winning, group, Sounds of Blackness;

She is working on new songs for Dee Majek’s Kejam project and for my own upcoming project with Terry, so keep watching this space .

Kejam feat Chanel- Love is Magic out 4th July 2015

Chanel album front

CLICK PHOTO 2 BUY Forget About Your Boys by Chanel

Chanel 2 (LR)


Mardy Price

10562515_770302826365480_5275214841438533141_oMardy Price is an singer, songwriter and producer

10300965_756025564459873_8153332625445584061_nSinger, songwriter and producer and, Florida‘s own R&B recording artist Mardy Price, the man behind many local acts. Breaking the underground scene 2 time artist spot light at the hottest radio station in Florida wild 94.1 in the top 30‘s chart on sound click and still climing. Mardy is an artist that knows where he belongs and is willing to fight to get there.

You can find him in the streets of central Florida pushing mixtapes and touching base with his fans. “When i think of music I think of life, I think of trials that i’ve been through and I put life into my music, like me or not it’s me, it’s real, it’s what helped me and others get through times where only I could touch them, I’m in their radios and ear phones when they wanna get away from the world”.


1551698_653868494675581_566268552_nMy fans can catch me on Daron Jones site where I was invited by none other than Daron Jones himself. You can also find me at and

My advice to up and coming artists is to put God first and work hard, network take everything as a chance to be noticed and give it everything you have.

You may have to endure, sometimes you can’t sleep to get ahead of the rest, I work over time to meet and greet with the best. God has a plan for us all. Stay tuned, Mardy is working on a mixtape named “Blackout

Mardy Price – All of the above

CLICK PHOTO TO BUY the Single Never Coming Home

Mardy Price – Never Coming Home (Official Music Video)

mardy 1

BIG THANKS TO  Durell Peart


bannerDeli is a jazzy rnb/pop singer songwriter

D1By way of Richmond, Virginia, Deli found her passion for music at a very young age.

She began singing in her church’s youth choir and school talent shows. Many of her performance skills were developed traveling across the country with various choirs, groups,
and eventually on her own.

She continued to pursue her career in music while completing her Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University.

With the struggles that come with college, she found an escape through songwriting and in 2010, she released her self written & produced EP, Growing Pains.

Deli – Empty (live)

DSC_0661Deli is putting her dreams into action, starting with the 2014 single, Losing Ground, which introduced her to the mainstream world and gained her new fans from all across the world.

All eyes are on Deli now, as she is currently preparing to release her next body of work as well as collaborative efforts within in the Pop, Jazz, and Hip Hop genres.

Deli’s goal is to create an expressive and relatable musical experience for her listeners to find inspiring. Through hard work and dedication, there’s no doubt that Deli is here to stay.

Deli – Losing Ground (Live)

Final Single Art (Resize)

CLICK PHOTO TO BUY Losing Ground By Deli

Jazmine Sullivan – Let it Burn (Deli Cover)


BIG THANKS TO  Durell Peart


Ankah_Cover_Front_124x124mm-004 Ankah, is a neosoul singer/songwriter.
Ankah ABehind the pseudonym ANKAH stands 21-year old Anna Kathrine who lives in Aarhus. In cooperation with her musicians, with most of whom she attends the renowned music program MGK Aarhus, she has spent the last couple of months experimenting her way to the final raw and organic sound of the EP.

The danish soul singer ANKAH is releasing her first EP, ‘Haze’, on May 29th. The recordings are the culmination of a two year long musical journey that has brought her and her music to SPOT Festival, Aarhus Musik Festival, VEGA and Scandinavian Soul Music Awards in Stockholm this February as the winner in the “Best Newcomer” category.

On ‘Haze’ you’re invited into a steamy atmosphere that’s thick with soul and R&B vibes and you’re lead through shifting moods by laidback beats inspired by hiphop music. There’s a rawness to the recordings that lays bare the instrumental honesty of a tight playing ensemble, which in most modern R&B is usually lost in a polished production.

Ankah – Your Path | Sofar Aarhus

Ankah SSMAlong“The most important thing to me is to convey a musical expression that is honest. I now invite the world into my universe for the first time. Authenticity has been the most significant consideration on the way to this release,” she tells about the project.

Along with cool timing Anna Kathrine’s powerful but equally tender vocals create a very personal experience. From baking heat over into melancholic reflection and through the more spirited parts of the EP, her voice ties everything together in an honest story of love for the music.

“With this EP I hope I will be able to enter into new creative processes and have newexperiences as a live musician. The craziest thing would be if the follow-up to ‘Haze’ were an album, ” she says eagerly.




Musical CV for ANKAH
SPOT Festival 2014 and 2015: ”This girl is really talented. I mean, she’s a really, really
good singer. The soul genre hasn’t really managed to impress med for some time now,
but this local act really does.” – review of the 2015 concert from
May 2014: Live in VEGA, as support for the Dutch soul singer Bo Saris.
Aarhus Musik Festival 2015. Review: ”
It’s incredibly atmospheric and original music.
Anna Kathrine has as strong and controlled a voice; she can sing anything and make it
sound good. Overall, this points to a promising rocket career for ANKAH, Hold on. ” –
February 2015: Scandinavian Soul Music Awards: “Best Newcomer”

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1bannerChos3n are a UK Gospel Trio

we are chosen4Chos3n are a Gospel Trio who hail from Birmingham United Kingdom, and ‘We are Chos3n’ is the debut album from the Ladies released via West Midlands label Daisy Records.

Juliette Farrell, Andrea Baker-Reid and Jamila Hinds-King are no strangers to the music industry, having worked as soloists recording across genres including Jazz, Neo Soul, R n’ B and Gospel.

These diverse influences can be heard in the Album that the girls have penned together. The trio have been making waves and have picked up a Mobo Interview from Gospel writer Steve Alexander Smith (British Black Gospel Author and MOBO Specialist Gospel Writer).

Chos3n said of their release ‘ We are not trying to appeal, we are just trying to minister to peoples hearts, of course we would like to think that we are aiming for the Gospel market and it would be wonderful also to crossover into mainstream to touch more people with the messages in our songs.’

The first track to pick up momentum in 2014 ‘Make me Believer‘ received play on BBC Introducing, who support unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar musicians across the BBC with big broadcast and live opportunities. The album was produced by Joel Farrell, and Tony Young with a guest track ‘Dust your Shoulders off‘produced by U.S. David Givens. Track ‘You’re with me‘ features another West Midlands Vocalist Priscilla Bailey who met the trio through a local Gospel Choir – Birmingham Community Gospel Choir.

we are chosen 1

CLICK PHOTO 2 BUY The We Are by Chos3n


anissahargrove4_aboutAnissa Hargrove is a singer/songwriter

11050773_991315700878903_7289055573847974352_nAnissa is a native Washingtonian “born to perform.” Her love for singing developed at the age of 6. She comes from a long line of performers and entertainers. She was influenced by Natalie Cole, Chaka Kahn and Whitney Houston.

Known for her perfect pitch, creativity and soulful sound, she is true to form on stage, allows everyone to get close to her and become totally uninhibited.

At the age of 14, under the direction of a former member, George Parker of the group “Special Delivery” known for their hit song “I Destroyed Your Love”, Anissa and her group did a remake of the song.

The group also recorded a 12 in’ single and radio jingle featuring Michael Jordan. The jingle was used to promote the very first “Air Jordan” tennis shoe for Nike.

Her debut album, Still I Rise is available on all digital outlets and her single Love is featured on Music Choice and other stations across the country. Anissa is currently a background vocalist for the legendary, disco diva, Gloria Gaynor and Shirley Jones of the Jones Girls.

SF Magazine’s Indie Voice 2014 10 5

She sang background for artists such as Chante Moore, Miki Howard, Stacey Lattisaw, Patti LaBelle, Jean Carn, The Delfonics, JerryThe IcemanButler, Christopher Williams, and Tonya Blount just to name a few. She has also toured with the Mighty Ojay’s, The Stylistics, Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes and more.  Other performances include Howard Hewitt, Jaheim, Ginuwine, Bloodstone, Peaches and Herb, Evelyn Champagne King, Heatwave and many others.

anissahargroveWhen it comes to performing, originals or covers, Anissa pours her heart into each note she sings touching each soul! “Music you can feel” has often been described after attending one of her performances.

Past performances: Sold out concerts at Blues Alley, Washington, DC, The Carlyle Club, Alexandria VA, Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club, Bethesda MD, Carter Barron Amphitheater, Washington DC, Fort Dupont Park Summer Concert Series, Washington DC, Monterey Jazz Festival, San Francisco CA and various international performances.


Album Cover

CLICK PHOTO 2 BUY Still I Rise by Anissa Hargrove


bannerHendricks is a R&B/Pop  singer from Atlanta Georgia

Hendricks 2Hendricks started her musical journey after moving to Atlanta Georgia. Young with an old soul she grew up listening and singing to artists such as Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, and the late great Whitney Houston.

Her style and attitude stand head and shoulders above the rest. Hendricks is ready to take the world by storm with her new music! With a bold voice that demands attention. Her style and attitude you can rest assure that after an introduction, you will find it hard to forget the name Hendricks.

This new storyteller of R&B/Pop has released her new amazing R&B single “No Good” Internationally to radio that showcases the intellectual side of love and life.

Hendricks explains, “There is more to life than violence, big booty girls and money. I am aware of all of this: I am giving the people music they can feel.” This song speaks from a woman’s heart as she fights a real love.

Hendricks “No Good” (acoustic)

No Good Cover Art

CLICK PHOTO 2 BUY new single “No Good” by Hendricks


BIG THANKS TO  Durell Peart

Kezia Soul

bannerKezia Soul UK-based neo-soul, jazz, funk singer songwriter

30.04.14_Kezia_7The versatile Kezia Soul aka Kezia Johnson is a young Birmingham-based neo-soul, jazz, funk singer songwriter who is highly influenced by artists such as Jill Scott, Mary Wells and Billie Holiday to name just a few.

As a child, Kezia was introduced to a wide variety of different genres of music, from Reggae, Folk, Rock and RnB , all of which have heavily influenced Kezia as an artist today.

Her original music is a collective mix of these very same influences. Her sultry voice is distinctive and soulful. Seductive to the ear, it intoxicates and leaves you wanting more.Kezia Soul is currently working on her debut E.P and includes collaborations with her brother and sisters.

Kezia has also collaborated and previously toured with hip-hop jazz-funk band ‘Genius Collective’ which saw her touring around the U.K and performing at shows and festivals to outstanding reviews, in particular receiving praise for her interpretation of Stronger than Me; as a tribute to Amy Winehouse on her death

Center Stage Kezia Soul on musical journey, impending EP, 2015

30.04.14_Kezia_4 (1)Kezia has also provided hooks and background vocals for many up and coming hip hop rappers around the UK. Kezia Soul is no stranger to the UK club circuit and with numerous shows already under her belt Kezia has become a confident singer who commands and asserts authority when on stage.

Her sound is appealing to large audiences and this is reflected by the diversity of the people that are regularly coming to her shows. Kezia is always willing to grow experiment and develop as an artist and is definitely a name that will be heard in the future.

Now with not just but two EPs out, Kezia is now working on her debut EP in collaboration with her brothers and sisters which creates a homely feel to her E.P

Live ARTS! – KEZIA SOUL live at the Bohemian Bar

glee club

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Kezia Soul – I LOVE YOU & WAIT FOR ME (Live @ Jazz Cafe 2014)


Ivy Chanel

bannerIvy Chanel is an singer-songwriter

Ivy Chanel -  6 Plan BIt all started at the age of five when Ivy’s creative gifts were truly discovered when she sang her first solo ‘Yes Jesus Loves Me’ which moved the congregation to tears. It was quite a defining moment for Ivy realising that she wanted to sing.

The church choir director recognised that Ivy had something special and actually had a great voice. She encouraged and enhanced Ivy’s true gift. Ivy’s passion for singing enabled her to heal others through song. As time progressed Ivy became multi talented not only as a singer but also a gifted dancer and musician.

She was fortunate to have a great childhood and was introduced to many cultural experiences, which made her open-minded. She has fond memories of family gatherings especially during holidays singing Doo –wop songs. Ivy was always surrounded by music as her family were artists in their own right.

Both parents were singers and successful dancers winning competitions. Her parents also played a big part in developing her originality and encouraged her to study The Greats like The Jackson Five, Sam Cooke and Whitney Houston who they felt sang with real great conviction.


Ivy liked listening to different genres of music because it took her on a journey and it broadened her creativity. She particularly enjoyed listening to Jazz, Soul, RnB and Hip Hop. Artists that have inspired her include; Barbra Streisand, Layla Hathaway, Earth Wind and Fire, Adele, Sergio Mendes, The Black Eye Peas, Walela Singers and the gospel singing group The Clark Sisters.

IMG_3952aHer brother, the legendary, DJ Cash Money encouraged the fifteen year old Ivy to become a professional singer and songwriter. After years in the music business Ivy Chanel has become a beautiful live entertainer and musician with a soulful melodic voice.

She has worked on various projects with Q-Tip, Biz Markie, Al B Sure, Curtis Richardson, She has mesmerized audiences by taking them on a captivating journey. An international artist, originally from Philadelphia USA, Ivy Chanel has been residing in Britain for the past eleven years as it was love that bought her across the ocean.

Ivy Chanel has performed at a number of prestigious events all over the UK, USA and Europe. She performed at the ARK fundraiser gala events 2008/2009 in front of President Clinton, Tony Blair and CEO bankers from all over the world. She was a featured artist at the Sadlers Wells Theatre, Café de Paris, Jazz Café, Puma Clyde event at Koko’s in London, Piranha Night Club in Zagreb, Croatia, The Global Gathering festival, Lovebox, 411 Club and Tracie Philips hat Designer for the Royal Family Fashion & London Fashion Week Show and P3 Gold Award Show 2013, Denmark.

Ivy Chanel @ Club 414 – Supporting Carl Mcintosh

In New York she performed at the APT Club, Sugar Bar and many other events in the USA. She has appeared with her brother DJ Cash Money and the UK soul artist Omar Lye-Fook. She has also shared the stage with Roy Ayres, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Doug E Fresh, Pharoahe Monch, Ty, Tim Westwood and Carl McIntosh. Apart from touring and promoting her EP ‘Be About It’ Ivy has also worked with other artists as a vocal coach. Ivy has coached a close associate of Simon Cowell and Jackie St Clair who were impressed with her professionalism and the positive impact it had on her student.

photo-3 When working with her students and collaborating with other artists she realised there was a need for artist development and also creating an opportunity for artists to release their music.

She achieved this by setting up her own recording label Ivy Chanel Music that provided a platform for not only her but other artists as well.

When producing her first solo EP, ‘Up in the Air – Volume 1’, Ivy was really excited about finally having the opportunity to freely express her gift to the world that of love and positivity.

Ivy’s aim was to write songs that would inspire, uplift and produce something that everyone could relate to. She created an eclectic style that was made up of a fusion of sounds that included RnB, Soul, Jazz, Brazilian and Hip Hop. When originally thinking about producing her EP she wanted to create something that was very authentic which came from the heart and Native American roots.


While creating the songs for the EP she used her piano to enhance the sound, which bought out the feelings and emotions and also complimented her voice. The summer breeze, feel good single, ‘Wind Blows,’ was released worldwide in April 2012 and can be downloaded at all digital outlets including Amazon, ITunes and CDbaby. It has reached #1 on Amazon UK new release chart, it was also included in Giles Peterson‘s Brownswood Bubbler 7 Compilation. Her new EP is scheduled to release Autumn 2015. Ivy has many more projects lined up in the future to find out more information and updates click on her links below


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Margeaux Davis

banderMargeaux Davis is a Jazzy Hip Hop Soul singer

image_229 years young.. Margeaux Davis has a sweet, friendly spirit, and this girl can groove! Familiar with the stage, Margeaux is a blast to watch, on and off the mic. Born and raised on the south side of Minneapolis. she is fully identifiable: “jazzy… Hip Hop Soul – Etta James meets J. Dilla”.

Margeaux is what you call the “Black Sheep” of her family. No one is musically inclined in her family, so she gets her musical gift from listening to all the greats as a child.

Some artists inject their stage show with interplay from fellow band mates. She has experience as a stage actor (Broadway Production RENT January 2010 At The Lab Theater with Paris Bennett and Jamecia Bennett ), she won best female R&B vocal 2010 (First Ave), she was nominated for best female R&B vocal 2011, 2012, 2013 and she was invited to sing The National Anthem for the 2011 2012, 2013 MN Timber Wolves.

Back in 2007 Margeaux got the chance to perform with the late great “Ruth Brown” in Las Vegas. Also Was Invited to perform at the “Minneapolis Black Music Awards” At The Pantages Theater July 2011. Where Ann Nesby, Next, Prince, Alexandre O’Neal, Auburn and many more were recognized.

Margeaux Davis “Won’t Do It Again” Official Video

Margeaux was asked to be a part of a historic event Aug 2011 for the great Desmond Tutu‘s arrival in Minneapolis that was held at the Minneapolis Community Technical College where Keith Ellison represented her. Pamela Rollins ( Director of 2011/2012 Stage Play) “The Devil Didn’t Raise You” Margeaux Played “Momma Bea“. An inspirational drama about an Aunt who raised her sister kids after her tragic overdose 10 years before. One is strung out on drugs, the other is running around with a known pimp.

image_3A cousin who looks up to Sharon finds that sometimes trying to be like someone can lead you in the wrong direction. This play shows how life takes them through trials and tribulations and shows how they are brought back to the goodness of the Lord.

(Momma Bea’s Role-Back in the day church goer, saved with much humor). Recently Finished the Production RAG TIME at “Park Square TheaterJan-Feb 2012 (Director Gary Gisselman)

Margeaux has opened for “Zo” and “Carmen Rogers” of the “Foreign Exchange”, 2014 .. Ashley DuBose from the “VoiceParis Bennett from American Idol, Jamecia Bennett from the “Sounds Of Blackness (Ann Nesby’s Daughter).

Margeaux has also shared the stage with Gladys Knight in Las Vegas, Marsha Ambrosius, Bonnie Raitt, Bial, Mint Condition, Emily King , Lyfe Jennings, Vivian Green, Jelly Bean Johnson and Noel Gourdin. Margeaux just released her EP titled “Won’t Do It Again” with “Grand Melody Music” with Producers Andre Dennis and Andre Reynolds

Margeaux Davis “Jet Lagged” Official Video


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Funmilayo Ngozi

Funmilayo_Ngozi_PostcardFunmilayo Ngozi is a gospel singer/songwriter

fm2Funmilayo N. Harmon is an award winning international recording artists hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She has devoted her professional career to studies in music and educational leadership as well as main stage productions and operatic competitions throughout the southeastern states.

Harmon has received numerous accolades for her service in education and as a recording artist. She has received the 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year Award, the Sylvia McNair Soprano Award, Golden Apple Award, recognition by Gospel Station WNRR 1380 AM as one of the top Independent Artists in Gospel music for her single “I Know A Man,” Opera Carolina Apprenticeship, and her first Grammy Nomination from the Grammy Foundation as of recent, to name a few.

Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Presents Funmilayo Ngozi

fm1She is a graduate of Maryville College, University of South Carolina-Columbia, and Cambridge College. Funmilayo currently resides in Augusta, Georgia with her husband Samuel and is a Chorus teacher for the Richmond County School District.

In her spare time she enjoys working on special projects with students, shopping, and serving in the church. Purchase Funmilayo Ngozi’s debut album titled “Unconstrained ” at ITunes or CD Baby and connect with her on Social media.

“Jesus” Leandria Johnson (cover) by Funmilayo Ngoz


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banner1Shae Williams is a singer/songwriter/actress

ShaeWilliams-Profile-1Every now and then, there comes a talent well beyond their years in the business that is hard to explain just how and why they arrived at their destiny. Perhaps (Shae) Keisha Williams was created for the purpose of entertaining others with her gifts of singing and acting even before she knew it.

Shae possesses that something special which always placed her in the spotlight. It was Shae’s church, Greater St. Marys MBC of Lake Charles, Louisiana, that first took notice of her powerful voice and on-stage brilliance at age 5.

Growing up in the church like most African American young ladies in the south, gospel music laid down the foundation of her delivery and gave Shae the experience of developing an on-stage presence. Throughout her childhood, Shae took advantage of participating in every choir and theatrical production she could.

Shae enjoyed taking a journey with her audience and realized at an early age that her life’s purpose was to deliver a message through performing. By high school, Shae became an impressive all-state band clarinetist and a coveted all-state choir member. “I had scholarships coming from all over. I couldn’t go to a festival or perform anywhere without recruiters speaking to me.”

Shae Williams – Ready (Behind The Scenes)

Shae’s choir director, Gladys McKnight mentored her from middle school through high school required that Shae study trailblazing female artists such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lauren Hill and CeCe Winnans. These legends became the influence behind Shae’s desire to be a champion of confident, sexy and always classy women. Shae’s passion for empowering others led her to immerse herself into the arts. In pursuit of perfecting her craft, Shae decided to major in music performance at McNeese State University. During her studies of classical and jazz music at McNeese, her sharp attention to detail and creative edge became more refined.

ShaeWilliams-Profile-2With an academic classical background in hand and the determination of a rising star, Shae followed her dreams and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2002. She combined her gospel roots, classical training and sultry charm to mesmerize audiences in Music City’s competitive R&B circuit.

Shae’s melodic vocals graced legendary venues such as BB King, Rhythm Kitchen, Love Noise and Lucy Blu in addition to major music festivals such as the Spanish festival and the African Street Festival. Shae’s African Street Festival performance led her to encounter BET featured playwright, Alvin Moore.

Impressed with her alluring stage presence, Moore quickly cast her in his production “A Mother’s Prayer”. While performing in “A Mother’s Prayer”, Shae was seen by award winning playwright, Garret Davis (of GDavis Productions), who offered her a role in “If Loving You is Wrong” and also the hit play based on one of Harper Collins bestselling author Nina Foxx’s book “Marrying Up”.

Once cast by Garrett Davis, the budding actress did not disappoint. Shae was subsequently cast in Davis’ recent works, “The Lord Will Make A Way”. “Forget Me Not”, and “Mamas Girls” (GDavis Productions). Shae has been cast alongside key urban theatre actors such as Garrett Jenkins (Little G of Silk), Calvin Richardson, Scott Sable (American Idol), Keith Floyd (After 7) and Ann Nesby.

Shae Williams – Ready

This natural talent continues to practice live arts in true renaissance fashion, performing in urban theatre and currently recording her latest R&B album. Shae’s critically acclaimed team includes Grammy nominated producers, Alvin Garrett, whose musical catalog includes Joe, Johnny Gill, and Ruben Studdard and producer, Roger Ryan whose production and performance credits include Whitney Houston, Wynonna Judd, Faith Evans, Oleta Adams and Kirk Franklin. A down south girl born with the gift of bringing life to the stage – Shae has the charisma to draw you in and the sensual appeal to keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Ready Promo Flyer 3

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Zyah Belle

bannerZyah Belle is a singer/songwriter

IMG_1027In an industry where every artist is faced with the pressure of standing out and staying relevant, 23­year­old Vallejo songbird, Zyah Belle, is on a mission to rebuild what she perceives to be an over saturated industry. As the daughter and niece of choir directors, Belle was born into a musically ­inclined family by default.

“I sang in my church’s children choir and adult choir,” says Belle, who grew up on prominent greats such as Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker and Chaka Khan, in addition to many others.

It wasn’t until she was cast as the lead role of Dorothy in The Wiz during her sophomore year of high school that she discovered that she was, in fact, a talented vocalist.

Zyah Belle – Forbidden Fruit (Prod. By Remot)

IMG_1035After being met with an eruption of applause after singing the Charlie Smalls­penned “Home” on opening night, Belle then decided to professionally pursue a singing career.

Having been pursuing it professionally for a few years now, Belle admits that the most challenging aspect of being an artist is the pressure of producing in quantity, as opposed to producing quality.

“The industry is so oversaturated with up and coming artists that it can be easy to get caught up in the illusion of competing,” she says. While many artists nowadays navigate toward what ever sound is presently popular, Belle’s agenda is to create music that’ll eternally resonate with people.

Zyah Belle and The Funkshun – “Prove” LIVE


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Brittany Hamilton (Manager)

Lisa Banton

LisaBantonbannerLisa Banton is a Canadian R&B singer/song writer.

LisaBantonPhoto5R&B singer/song writer Lisa Banton has had a lengthy love affair with making music since she was in grade school.

What started as a knack for poetry and the written word blossomed into song writing and eventually vocals as she got older.

Once she discovered that the voice that best communicated her lyrics was her own, music became her legs and the time arrived for Lisa Banton to step out onto the global stage.

Lisa is a native of Toronto, ON, a city that has high musical standards, yet boasts some of the world’s greatest talents.

Inspired by her father, Caribbean Gospel singer George Banton, Lisa grew up listening to R&B greats such as Toni Braxton, Lauryn Hill, Kelly Price, Faith Evans and Mary J Blige.

Live Band Performance Lisa Banton – Let’s Stay Together

LisaBantonPhoto2Currently, she draws inspiration from Fantasia, Ledisi and Jazmine Sullivan, all the while remaining focused on developing her craft as a songwriter making her delivery as a performer believable and authentic.

Lisa may be in the early stages of her career, but having worked with producer Herb Middleton (SWV, Mary J Blige, Faith Evans, Kelly Price) and performing in both Toronto (Gift of Music, opening for Glenn Lewis) and NYC (SOUL FACTORY), she has already received high praises from industry influencers.

“She pleased my soul and she touched my spirit. That is a SOUL woman.” ~ Gordon Chambers, SOUL FACTORY

Lisa Banton “Everything You Need” DromNYC

LisaBantonPhoto8In 2012, Lisa’s song “Better Without You” from the mixtape “Mirror Mirror Vol. 2” was added to G 98.7 FM’s regular rotation, extending her exposure beyond the boundaries of nightclubs and open mics.

Lisa’s most recent projects have included appearances on a number of hip-hop mixtapes throwing shine to the 90’s fusion of hip-hop and soul that fueled her love for the genre.

Moving forward, she is ready to engage new audiences with her well developed harmonies through lyrical R&B. Lisa Banton is a Toronto artist that the world will be hearing much more of. Strong, determined, and talented she is ready to lay it all out on the table for your listening pleasure.

Lisa’s debut EP ‘Lost And Found‘ is out now featuring producers like The Cratez, Tone Jonez, Scarecrow Beats, Mal T and Paul Cabbin.

Lisa Banton Performance (Better Without You)


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Mirror Mirror Vol.2 Cover

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Mirror Mirror Vol.1 Cover

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bannerZanYé is a singer/songwriter

1780787_806517892695417_837587723_nZanYé (pronounced: ZAHN-yay) is not afraid to be real. She had a difficult childhood. She’s raising a family. She knows marriage takes work. And she’s lost a loved one to tragedy. She’s learned we don’t go through life alone, and the only way to cope is to be real.

She also knows the flip side to hard times is joy. And to get there, and stay there, sometimes we have to talk things out.

“Conversations,” her new SoundThought Recordings release is aboutrelationships, the good, the bad; relationships with life, and romantic relationships – what it takes to stay in one, and keep the fire burning. As her second CD, there was no better time than now for “Conversations.”

Conversation by ZanYé [Official Music Video]

ZanYe Headshot 2013Her aim was to create songs that are counter to a lot of the music of the day. Music that, in her impression somewhat glorifies the “’I don’t need you’ concept.

So ZanYé offers what she says are songs that dive below the surface and sing of the all too well-known emotions of what love really is in “Crazy Love,” “Extra Ordinary,” “I’m Gonna Keep Ya,” and “Mistake.” And tracks that bounce back up and make you want to dance for the sheer joy of living like “Feels Like Rain,” “Keep It Moving,” and “Celebrate.”

Then ZanYé puts her spin on two classic tracks “Funny Valentine,” which she speeds up and jazzes out, and “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” the 1978 Jean Carne soul/R & B classic. The title track “Conversation” pulls the whole album together and explains why “just talking” is important.

Zanye | Don’t Let It Go To Your Head


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Track Listing
01. Feels Like Rain ft. C. Alexander
02. Funny Valentine
03. Crazy Love
04. Extra Ordinary
05. I’m gonna Keep Ya
06. Keep It Movin’ ft. Will Lazzana
07. Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
08. Mistake
09. Celebrate
10. Conversation

Crazy Love by ZanYé [Official Video]


Label: SoundThought Recordings

Shon Norman
SoundThought Recordings, LLC

Tristan-Top (1) Tristan is a band from the Netherlands
10915661_783330911720949_3301806603249452789_oWith the release of debut album “Full Power” there’s been a chain reaction of positive response, reviews and airplay. Tristan hit No.1 on the UK soul-charts and followed up with a headline tour and support slot for the amazing Incognito.

TOTO guitarist and singer Steve Lukather was quoted as saying “The best of the seventies brought to 2014” about the Tristan sound.

Funky rhythm guitars, Hammonds, Fender Rhodes and synths, and an amazing rhythm section sets the foundation for singer Evelyn Kallansee to allow her stunning vocal sound to shine.

While the music may hold clear echoes from bands like Tower of Power, Snarky Puppy, Incognito and Brand New Heavies, what makes this band really stand out is the high energy of the grooves and the quality of the writing and arranging.

Tristan – Supersize My Sunshine ( ‘2nd Phase’ )

With the follow up album “2nd Phase” just released, a new chapter is about to unfold. In January 2015 the first single “Finally Found “ was released (a duet with USA soul-singer Heston) in Holland, Germany and the UK to great acclaim. The follow up tour is sure to be extremely popular and one not to miss.


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Tristan – Finally Found remix


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Tristan Full Power

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Carol-feature-700x400Carol Riddick is an singer-songwriter

IMG_6097Carol Riddick’s musical catalogue of features already includes such distinguished artists as Anthony Hamilton, Will Downing, Jill Scott, Norman Brown, Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff and Kindred The Family Soul. Not to mention one of her most notable features on Musiq’s “Soulstar” the title track on his multi platinum album.

Having graced stages worldwide, winning fans and admirers alike with her extraordinary voice and presence, this sultry singer songwriter is highly regarded in the music community for her vocal dexterity, mesmerizing performances and genuinely warm personality, Carol is a unique entertainer whose evolution is ongoing.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Carol’s fondness for the Philly International and Motown recordings on which she grew up is reflected in her debut album, “Moments Like This“, which carries on the tradition of music that moves people.

Carol Riddick – “Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt Before”

Carol has collaborated with GRAMMY Award winning producers and songwriters including James Poyser (Erykah Badu, The Roots), Anthony Bell (Jill Scott, Jewel), and Carvin Haggins & Ivan Barias (Musiq, Faith Evans). Her highly anticipated sophomore project “Love Phases” is a collection of songs expressing facets of the joy and hurt of love, whether it be romantic or self-love. Her beautiful spirit, sensuous stage shows and passionate vocal delivery will surely soothe your ears and alter your spirit in the most alluring way.


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10712708_345615362278839_8617491474379949503_nCarmen Hendricks is a singer/songwriter

carmenMelbourne’s acclaimed rhythmic soul vocal artist Carmen Hendricks has released her sophomore album “Timing”, following her successful debut “Rhythmic Soul Revealed”.

A unique blend of Soul and Jazz with a Latin infusion, “Timing” showcases Hendricks’ rich vocal talent with all songs both self-written and produced. A collection inspired by Hendricks’ own artistic journey from debut to follow up album.

Born in Capetown, South Africa, Carmen and her parents shared a deep love for music. Legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, George Benson and Earth Wind & Fire influenced her from an early age.

Having written and performed with artists from across the globe and performed Worldwide in her own right, Carmen has a large body of work to pull from.

Live On Bowen | Carmen Hendricks (Episode 1.12)

Early in her career she was a regular performer on Channel Ten’s “Good Morning Australia”, having collaborated with UK act SupaFly, releasing the international hit single “Moving Too Fast”, which ranked#1 on the UK Dance Charts, #4 on the US Dance Charts and Top 10 on the Australian charts. Tours with both Kanye West (Australian Tour 2006) and Kelly Rowland (Australian Tour 2007) followed. With her focus now steadily on her solo career, “Timing” by Carmen Hendricks is out now.


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bannerJully Black singer/songwriter (Canada’s Queen of R&B/Soul)

_KI_7169cFrom opening for Kanye West in Singapore to being hand picked to perform for the Queen; from performing on the same bill as Celine Dion at the 2012 Jamaica Jazz Fest to being the main act for Canada Day celebrations in London, England, Jully Black has perfected her explosive live performance that showcases her unique and powerful voice as well as her ability to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Jully consistently and effortlessly exceeds expectation, leaving fans inspired, entertained and awe-struck by her commanding yet endearing presence and the ability to create a personal connection with those who witness her in her most favored element – on stage.

She has brought tens of thousands of people to their feet in venues around the world and has received extraordinary reviews from critics and fans alike. A Jully Black performance is without question, an experience like none other.

A force to be reckoned with, this Canadian-born, triple threat (singer/songwriter/performer) loves to share her talents and has an enthusiasm for music that is unparalleled.

SoulSuite1055 | Jully Black Interview – March 11th 2015

_KI_6840cHer charming attitude and charismatic personality has helped propel her career to reach milestones that most artists struggle to achieve in a lifetime – winning multiple Juno awards, penning songs for the likes of Nas and Destiny’s Child as well as performing along side artists such as Elton John, Etta James, Jay-Z, Sean Paul, and Alicia Keys to name a few. There is no question as to how she has achieved the status of “Canada’s Queen of R&B”, a title given to her by her fans and peers.

Her fourth highly anticipated album, entitled “Jully Black The LP ” has been described as “The New Motown Sound”. Traditionally, Jully is from the school of R&B, with influences like Etta James and Tina Turner.

She has combined these sounds with the rhythmic and eclectic musical styling’s of the album’s sole producer YoungPete Alexander from Atlanta, GA.

The songs that reside on this album span the music genre spectrum, incorporating elements of Soul, R&B and Pop. Collectively known as “The Officials”, the two have been able to create a musical masterpiece of which the world can relate.

Jully Black Fever 


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pouches_1000Coming Soon

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Maryanne Ito

shapeimage_2Maryanne Ito is a singer/songwriter

mi 1Combining a classically soulful sound with an amazingly sultry voice, Ms. Maryanne Ito of Honolulu, Hawaii, is poised to redefine the complexion of Soul and R&B music.

From an initial listen, her command of angelic harmonies, profound lyrics and incredible vocal range have captivated a wide variety of audiences; including many music enthusiasts, radio and club disc jockeys and fellow musicians.

Her earlier appearances as a backup singer for her older brother and musician, Bless’d Chil‘, peaked the interest of James Westbrook from the production duo known as Slapp Symphony.

Their ensuing collaborative effort produced the neo-soul gem entitled “With You“. The song became a lead single on Slapp Symphony’s Hawaii Music Award winning album, “Lands Of The Lost“.

MaryAnne – With U

m2Her voice became the shining star of the album and caught the attention of several pillars of the local music scene. The success of “With You” led to a series of television appearances including, Dis-N-Dat TV, Living Local With The Baracquios and Tiny TV.

Her resume continues to grow with performances at The Hawaii Music Awards, The Hawaii Food Bank’s Hunger Walk, opening for hip hop acts such as Blackstar and Jean Grae and touring the US Pacific Northwest.

Current projects include songwriting for other artist as well as writing and recording her debut album. With so much more in the works, Maryanne is positioned to be in the music world for many years to come.

From an initial listen, her angelic vocal expressions easily captivate listeners however, it is a mixture of her vocal talent and her adept play on words that have converted a number of empathetic listeners into loyal fans. Maryanne is currently working on her debut Album due June 5, 2014

Sure Shot Love

shapeimage_lp - Copy - Copy


How I Feel – Maryanne Ito Ft. Jemere Morgan (Music Video)


I Found U“, with Bless Chil‘, single (2006)
With U“, Slapp Symphony’s Landz Of The Lost (2008)
Compare 2 U“, with Dyvon, Fool’s Scholarship (2011)
Waking Up“, Slapp Symphony Presents: Drown Em In Beats, Save Em With Rhymes (2011)
Peaceful“,Chastise and DJ Bennie James (2012)
Stone Groove Family DJs Presents: So Silky Smooth, I Love Dilla ft Ms. Maryanne Ito” Mixtape (2013)
Lit“, with Kwalified, Listen & Share (2013)

Maryanne Ito & The JMT Experiment LIVE @ Crossroads


Sure Shot Love” produced by The Level (2013)


The Hawaii Music Awards (2009)
Living Local With The Baraquios, TV Apperance (2009)
Blackstar at The Hawaii Theatre (2011)
Queen Supreme (2012)
Jean Grae at Next Door (2012)
Poly Girls Rock (2012)
The Hawaii Food Bank’s Annual Hunger Walk (2012)
Nesian Winter Groove (2013)
Nesian Fest (2013)
Breast Cancer Benefit for Chantel Alefaio (2013)
High Chief XL Memorial Salute (2013)

musicconnexMusicConnex Live UK Soul City Tour


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bandSUCH is a singer/songwriter

SUCH_2 3SUCH is a Boston born, New York raised, California educated, Chicago groomed Soul singer. Just like her upbringing, her road to music has been a scenic journey.

It started at the age of 15 when she was invited to perform in the Grammy High School Jazz Ensemble for three consecutive years (2000-2002) and recorded a full length album with them each year.

She had the privilege to tour LA’s best jazz clubs and venues – The Brown Derby, Spaghettini’s, The Knitting Factory, etc.

SuCh – Mesmerized – now on iTunes

Photography by Penny O PhotographyShe attended the Grammy Nominee Dinner and the Grammy Awards where she met and performed with Patrice Rushen, Peter Cincotti, Kurt Elling, Dave Koz, Erykah Badu, Yolanda Adams, Vanessa Carlton and Letoya and Latavia (of the former “Destiny’s Child”).

She spent the next few years leading choirs, praise teams and congregations in worship in Boston, Chicago, and Denver. That led her to work with international recording artist K’naan on the choral orchestration and arrangement of his hit single Wavin’ Flag.

She most recently finished top 63rd out of 112,000 contestants on American Idol’s Season 11. As a performer, SuCh has enough energy to power a small city; her passion for music emanating tangibly in venues largeand small. As a songwriter, she writes simple songs about complex things – loss, family, love, life, friendship and hardship.

SuCh- “Is it the way”

SUCH_1 2She connects emotionally as both with her audiences through melodies that soar, woven in her clear, soulful voice, spiriting them away to distant lands, forgotten memories, and dreams of a better world. She performs live with a cast of world-class musicians and background singers but also loves a stripped down, acoustic show.

She released her first album, Stretch Marks, a record drenched in Soul, R&B, Jazz and Gospel influences that marks the most poignant time of growth in her life. SuCh completed her first, fan-sponsored, nationwide tour during the winter of 2012, which took her to fabled venues in Chicago, New York City, Vegas, LA, Miami, Raleigh and Boston.”

SuCh – ‘Bump This’ LIVE – pre-order on iTunes

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SuCh – Efficacy Web Series Feature




SuCh – “Sugar Maple” [Official Music Video]

musicconnexMusicConnex Live UK Soul City Tour


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Brittany Tanner

bannerBrittany Tanner is a vocalist/recording artist/writer

image3Captivating melodies demanding the crowd’s attention emerge from the sweet essence of Brittany Tanner. She hails from Bakersfield Ca, home of many ground breaking genre defining artist, such as Korn, Meryl Haggard, Buck Owens, Dwight Yokum and world renown bassist and composer Tarus Mateen, who has produced and composed music for Brittany.

Looking to round out this line-up, Brittany Tanner brings a unique and ground breaking Soulful offering for the 21st century. Holding her listeners entranced, this genre-defining artist with a “rhythmic sense all her own” according to the Washington Post, pulls listeners to the edge of their seats.

Brittany Tanner  & Tarus Mateen New Beginnings Acoustic Version

Within 6 months of moving to Washington DC she performed at two of DC’s premier entertainment venues, the legendary jazz club Bohemian Caverns, and Washington DC’s Mecca for arts and entertainment, The Kennedy Center, where she was hired by its artistic advisor for Jazz, Jason Moran, a Blue Note recording artist and recipient of the MacArthurGenius Award.”

Prepare for the musical voyage which is Brittany Tanner.


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Brittany Tanner and Tarus Mateen “Searching”


J Moss

bannerJ Moss is an gospel singer/songwriter/producer

jmoss_brand_photo2 (1)PMG Gospel’s first album release, ‘Grown Folks Gospel,’ by mega selling gospel artist J Moss, debuted on Billboard at number one. ‘Grown Folks Gospel,’ marks the first release by the newly formed gospel music recording label by Paul Allen, Walter Kearney and J Moss.

Just a few days following the album release, it gained the highest position on the Apple iTunes gospel charts. ‘Grown Folks Gospel,’ marks Moss’ fourth consecutive number one album release.

The trailblazing gospel music superstar embarked on an aggressive digital marketing and publicity campaign in the weeks leading up to release, which included stops at TV One’s News One Now, ARISE TV,,, Sister 2 Sister Magazine, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, The Yolanda Adams Morning Show and more. Additionally, J Moss headlined tour stops in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Miami and Baltimore leading up to the album’s release.

“This initial response to ‘Grown Folks Gospel’ confirms my belief that people really do want true feel good music,” says album producer, PaulpdaAllen. “I look forward to continue showing the industry that this kind of music is wanted in today’s marketplace.” Grown Folks Gospel, is currently available in stores and on iTunes now.

Gospel Artist J. Moss on his new album “Grown Folks Music!”

The album features the standout chart topping radio single, “Alright OK,” produced by PAJAM (Paul “PDA” Allen and J Moss) and also Moss’ duet with R&B Diva Faith Evans, “You Make Me Feel.” Moss’ signature vocals can also be heard on the new radio favorite, ‘Fall At Your Feet.’ J Moss’ new album, ‘Grown Folks Gospel,’ is available in stores & online now.

jmoss_-_DC_-_point_up_PeeAbout J Moss 

With over 700K in albums sold across 4 albums, J Moss is one of the most successful and recognized gospel music artists of our day. For nearly a decade, Moss has issued numerous Top 10 singles including, “We Must Praise,” “Praise On The Inside,” “Psalm 150? and “God’s Got It”.

As a producer J Moss has won a Grammy Award, Stellar Awards for his artistry and a host of various other accolades including American Music Awards, Soul Train Awards, DOVE Awards and ASCAP Songwriter of the Year.


PAJAM is a Grammy Award winning production team, made up of Paul Allen, J Moss and Walter Kearney. PAJAM has worked with artists, including Marvin Sapp, Byron Cage, KierraKikiSheard, Kirk Franklin, Trin-i-tee 5:7, 21:03, and Hezekiah Walker, as well as mainstream artists such as Beyonce, Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, Patti LaBelle, Justin Timberlake and Kelly Price.

Their creativeness has also placed them in the arena to produce music for commercials (Chrysler, Kmart, etc.), movie soundtracks (Deep Blue Sea, Fighting Temptations, Rush Hour II, etc.); and television series (Greys Anatomy, CSI, Soul Food, etc.

JMoss YOUR WORK SoundCheck Official Video

The three men have gained a host of accolades that include, 12 Grammy Award nominations (5 wins), 3 American Music Award nominations (1 win), 5 Soul Train Award nominations (3 wins), 39 Stellar Award nominations (22 wins), 4 Dove Award nominations, BMI Songwriter of the Year Award (Urban Gospel 2003) and 15 first singles. In 2014, PAJAM announced the launch of their music label, “PMG Gospel.” November 25, 2014 marked the release of the labels first project, ‘Grown Folks Gospel,’ by J Moss.


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J Moss You Make Me Feel featuring Faith Evans

Radio Interview with Tolly Carr and Peggy Tatum

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TuWan Jones
Public Relations / Marketing Strategist


The.Folake!bannerThe.Folake! is an Singer/Songwriter/Actress

IMG_5820_Growing up in Lagos as the youngest of 19 children, The.Folake! – real name Folake Olowofoyeku – always dreamt of delving into the arts as a musician but her now late parents however insisted on her becoming a lawyer.

With the opportunity to move to New York City to study, Folake left Nigeria and while in NYC, focused her artistic endeavours on a BA (Hon) in Theatre and a Diploma in Audio Engineering. With a brief career competing in the NCAA league for her College’s Basketball team, Folake began her career as a versatile actress.

She earned a Best Actress Award for her lead role in When They Could Fly at the prestigious ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada and over the years, her acting career has flourished, from numerous stage productions to Film and Television, leading to her role in the Jodi Foster-directed The Beaver.

Folake (The.Folake!) Olowofoyeku’s Acting Reel

The.Folake!longFolake proceeded to make several appearances on the Law and Order franchise, 30-Rock and White Collar. Her voice has been utilized for voice-over campaigns with The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, The Coca-Cola Company, Money Gram and Emirates Airline and the film – a 3D horror/comedy film – titled Hellbenders.

With a strong foot in the acting world, Folake changed the course of her career to pursue wholeheartedly her passion for Music. Musically inspired by Michael Jackson, M.I.A, Slash and Fela Kuti, The.Folake!? is creating music that induces a party atmosphere and creates a voice to the realities faced day to day in Nigeria.

The.Folake! describes her genre as Afro-Rock/Electro-House – fusion of her musical influences, combined with her own natural musical style.

“My Oga At The Top” (The.Folake! Remix)



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Laura Reed

bannerLaura Reed is a singer/songwriter

PRESS COLOR 1 LOWSouth African born singer/songwriter Laura Reed has been making a name for herself globally with her powerhouse vocals, thought provoking lyricism, and captivating performances. Her musical journey started as a teen, where she played open mics and coffee shops around North Carolina and the South Eastern United States.

Her original focus was as a poet and storyteller, however over time Laura developed a strong unique voice that was all her own, an empowering message of Unity, and the experience to translate her message through music.

She toured relentlessly as the front woman of the South Eastern based band, Laura Reed and Deep Pocket as well as recording and performing with various other projects and artists such as Mali Music, India.Arie, Miguel, Daley, Valerie June, Anthony Hamilton, George Clinton, Kandace Springs, Killer Mike, Karl Denson, and even Jewel.

LAURA REED: Live and Direct

PRESS COLOR 5 LOWLaura is currently based in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina and uses Nashville, TN as a platform for her art; where she recently concluded a publishing deal with EMI/SONY-ATV as well as winning a NIMA AWARD for “BEST R&B SOLO ARTIST 2014“.

Laura was encouraged to make the move to Nashville by mentor, former music executive and Grammy award winning producer, Paul Worley (Lady Antebellum/The Band Perry/The Dixie Chicks).

It was Paul who introduced Laura to the producer of her upcoming project, “The Awakening“, 2X Grammy award winner Shannon Sanders (India.Arie, Robert Randolph, John Legend). Laura opted to release the record on her very own label entitled “FIVE FOOT GIANT“, with the help of experienced ex-Apple Creative Coordinator Patryk Larney of Hope Tree Entertainment. 

Laura Reed – Killin Em With Kindness – UNRELEASED DEMO VERSION

Laura released her debut solo album, “The Awakening” worldwide, October 7th, 2014. The most recent single off the album “Wake Up“, has been featured on VH1‘s hit show, “Hollywood Exes” and the Alicia Keys Indy Film endeavor, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete“. She is currently performing live with her band around the US in support of her recent release and working on new material as well as various side projects.



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contactsSocial Media
instagram: www.

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Patryk Larney
Hope Tree Entertainment
Nashville – NYC – LA

Faye B

bannerFaye B (The New Face Of Swiss R&B!)

Prepare to witness the rise of a new-born star on the European music horizon! Often dubbed as “Switzerland’s hottest new soulful export”, Faye B is already turning heads with her unique, strong voice, striking stage presence and natural charm. Her irresistible blend of radio-friendly, contemporary R&B, combining classic throwback elements with a mature Neo-Soul flavor, brings a much needed freshness to today’s Urban music scene. We at Neo2soul caught up with her

Faye B YellowIntroduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

I’m Faye B, a crazy, fun-loving female R&B artist from beautiful Switzerland who also has a soft spot for animals.

When did you realize that you wanted to be a singer?

I’ve sung my whole life. As a little girl i sung almost 24/7 and got on my families nerves. And i loved to record my own made-up songs with my younger sister. Oh my God…i remember that like it was yesterday. *laughs* So, as you can see, i never wanted to become anything else!

Was there a person or artist that inspired you to start writing songs and hit the studio?

Michael Jackson was my hero as a kid and he’s inspired me in many different ways in becoming an artist. For example his extreme perfectionism.

I’m never completely satisfied and i know that it can drive my team crazy! *laughs* His voice and songs have touched the hearts of millions of people and i hope to have a similar effect! What also fascinated me was his strict, but very respectful and warm-hearted behavior towards his team. He always made everyone feel comfortable around him and that’s also very important to me!

In 3 words describe your music?

I describe it as personal, real and relatable. And i hope that people who listen to my music are able to hear that!

I know it’s hard to compare yourself to other artists and styles, but what kind of vibe is your music on?

You’re right, i don’t like to compare myself with other artists, but the ones who inspired my music the most are Alicia Keys, Sunshine Anderson and Tamia.

FAYE B – Any Other Way (Official Video)

What do you think sets you apart from other female singers in the game right now?

I would say the tone of my voice, the fact that i’m not just a singer or a product, i’m involved in every aspect of my music and the business, and i want people to respect and remember me for my music. Don’t get me wrong, i know as an artist you have to be „the total package“ and people need to feel connected to you, but that doesn’t mean you have to post pointless selfies every day just to stay in the picture.

Faye B - Any Other Way Video ShootWhat do you enjoy the most about the whole process of recording and writing music?

The fact that i’m able to tell my own stories and let go of all the emotions which have been trapped inside of me for so long! It’s therapeutic and very healing for the soul.

Is there something that you absolutely love and is there anything that maybe you don’t like doing as much?

I love doing music, experimenting and creating something that brings joy to people is the most wonderful thing on earth! But the whole music business side can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. *laughs*

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

When my first single “FINALLY” reached #3 on the UK Soul Chart and #8 on the UK Urban Club Chart. I’m still very proud of that achievement!

FAYE B ft. PYRELLI – Finally (Official Video)

Who have you worked with?

I’ve had the honor to work with very talented and lovely people from London, France, Denmark, Netherlands , Switzerland and USA. For example US hit-maker Mike City (Usher, Brandy, Anthony Hamilton, Faith Evans, Sunshine Anderson), the legendary Neville Thomas of 2b3 Productions (D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Anita Baker, Ledisi, Beverley Knight), The Illionnaires (Jessie J, Musiq Soulchild, Craig David), UK producer Alan Laporte of 2Darc Entertainment (Usher, Sunshine Anderson, TQ, Jagged Edge), UK Hip Hop legend Funky DL and many more. And i’ve also collaborated with artists like Keith Murray, Aqil Davidson of Wreckx-N-Effect, Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother, U.S. R&B/Pop singer Louie Bello and UK rapper Pyrelli. There will be more to come in the near future.

The Journey (Episode 1)

Let’s talk about your latest project, who dealt with the production and how long did it take to make?

My latest project is called “The Journey, Vol. 1“, it’s the title of my debut EP, which will be released in Spring 2015.  “Used To Love Me” is the first single off this EP, it’s out right now and was produced by Neville Thomas of 2b3 Productions. The 2nd single “Ready For Goodbye” is coming in March and was also produced by Neville. But there will be a bunch of other great producers working on the EP.

Neville Thomas & Faye BUnfortunately the whole process has taken more time than we expected, for many different reasons. From our first conversation up until the release it took a year. It wasn’t our plan to release “Used To Love Me” so late, but at the end of the day i believe that everything happens for a reason!

Do you enjoy playing live? Have you done many gigs and what kind of artists have you supported or played alongside?

Playing live is always a great experience because i love to see the crowds reaction to my music, that says more than a thousands words. I haven’t played a lot of gigs with my own songs yet, because we’re currently working on 3 different shows, one with a full live band, an acoustic/unplugged set and a club set. So, i’ll be hitting stages near you real soon and i hope to see you all there!

Have you got any videos on You Tube and have any ever got played on TV Stations?

Yes, i have three official music videos, accompanied by some funny “Behind The Scenes” clips , a video from a surprise school visit with a short live performance. And i’ve just started with a video series called “The Journey” to support the release of my upcoming EP. I want my supporters to see what i get up to and how things work behind the scenes. I haven’t had the pleasure to get played on TV yet, but we’re going to change that soon!

 FAYE B – Used To Love Me (Official Video)

So what does the future hold for you as an artist? Have you got any big plans that you can tell us about before you go?

Of course, we have many plans for the new year and we definitely hope to make it all happen. Most of all i’m looking forward to finally hitting the stages on an international basis. As you already know i’ll be releasing my 4th single “Ready For Goodbye” and my first EP “The Journey” early next year. I have a few surprises, but i don’t want to give everything away, so please follow me on my journey and find out!

Thank you Neo2soul for allowing me to be featured on your great blog! Your interest and support all over the last years really mean a lot to me and i hope to meet you in person soon when i’m back the UK

Cover - Used To Love Me

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Cover - Any Other Way

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Cover - Finally

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unnamed(1)Denny A. Sutton
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for Swiss R&B/Soul artist “FAYE B”

Karen Gibson Roc

Karen Gibson Roc is an astonishment. This poet and musician is fierce and fearless.

Karen Gibson Roc Slow Down feat Merge of Equals Review

1380619_10154894593910487_8245207846395233859_nKaren Gibson Roc says her main theme “is the evolution of spirit and the truth about following what is your calling here in the physical.” Her objective is “to inspire dream chasing, to uplift hearts, and to open minds.” And that she does.

She grabs your soul and never let’s go, both through her music, her words, and her spirit. I have enjoyed her music and poetry for a few years now and this new track will be right at the top of my playlist for the first part of 2015.

The track begins with the hypnotic sound of the drum before Karen gently guides us with her wisdom on a theme so necessary for our life and times calling us to slow down and find the rhythm of our natural flow and not chase the illusion of a world that controls so many of us .

Karen collaborates with Merge of Equals on this wonderful track that will be released on lounge du soleil vol 18 released on January 23rd 2015. Find it here great advice for a new year x

DJ Johnnyf6Towns Soul & Funk Show


img_1221A musical chameleon (she calls herself a poetist or poetic vocalist). She has been sharing her work on and off  the stage for more than 15 years by now and you can hear that in the amazingly relaxed, organic sounds of her beautiful music.

A reviewer of one of her live performances once came to the conclusion that Gibson Roc must have something to do with the preservation of the universe.

She has been compared to late Gil Scott-Heron, although she is not political, as Scott-Heron was. She is a sloganeer as he was, but in a more personal mode.


Karen Gibson Roc manages to ask profound questions without making them sound too hard to bear. Instead, her songs are so sweet and consoling that you start to wonder how you can ever do without her music.

She seems connected to universal love. Karen Gibson Roc says her main theme is the evolution of spirit and the truth about following what is your calling here in the physical.

Her objective is to inspire dream chasing, to uplift hearts, and to open minds. And that she does. She grabs your soul and never lets go, both through her music, her words, and her spirit.”  —Lemongrassmusic



Karen has graced such stages as: Glamorama – A fundraiser for both The Childrens Cancer Research Fund and The Art Institute of Chicago, it was put together by Marshall Fields in conjunction with The Ford Modeling agency.

Karen shared the bill with the likes of Patti Labelle, The Commodores and Sheila E. She has also performed for Russell Simmons on HBOs Def Poetry Jam, Chicagos Fashion Week w/Marshall Fields, S.O.Bs, Central Parks summer stage with the Lyricist Lounge

With her band she played  at The Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House for Def Poetry Plugged In, The Whitney Museum, CMJ, Joes Pub, C.B.G.Bs C.B.G.Bs Gallery, Acme Underground, Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poets Café, and most recently The Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY.


macys-redcarpetKaren has completed a project for Viacom/The Kaiser Foundation, an AIDS testing awareness radio spot that she wrote (other artists included Common) and a VH1 SOUL commercial spot (currently running).

She is a Canadian Council for the Arts-Grant Recipient for The Spoken Word and Storytelling Program (dub rap poetry). Karen is featured on the recording Future Waves of Black Folks by Champion Soul-remixed by I.G.CULTURE, released by Main Squeeze and distributed by Goya Records.

She is also on the record Chea Chea produced by Andrew Brown as part of a compilation put out by Kickin music ltd, King Britt presents  jazzmental  distributed in France by Universal Music and in Japan by JVC Entertainment.

Most recently she is featured on the Album “Anarchy & Alchemy” by Dub Gabriel. Karen Gibson Roc is the executive producer of her independently recorded and released album 5&2fish – 2003. KGR and Fluid released a CD Live @ The Whitney Museum NYC – 2006.


KGR and Fluid have also completed a live DVD/CD project Traveling With Light – 2007 (Produced by Lbm Productions with funding from The Canadian Council Of The Arts).

2008 brought the acclaimed album “Touching The Soul – Released by Lemongrassmusic and re released by R2Lounge – Japan 2010.

Most recently Karen was featured on four tracks collaborating with Lemongrass on Lemongrass – “The 5th Dimension” also released 2010.  Karen was born on the island of Jamaica W.I. and raised in Toronto, Ontario.


Karen Gibson Roc – “My Life” – Official Video

Albums (click to buy)

The Cool Of The Day




bannerThe talented singer and songwriter BriaMarie, (known as the “Fresh Princess“)

1-1024x682Humanitarian, entrepreneur and entertainer, BriaMarie is the first artist signed to Ethical Music Entertainment/Forever Music InC. The “Fresh Princess”, as she is affectionately known, is the sound of a new type of artistry.

The Columbia, Maryland native’s singles “IDK” and “Celebrate” have recently been featured on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and “Bye Boy” on “Bye Boy” was praised on as “a video with a message that’s pretty hot.”

While still bangers, her music gives messages of respect, selfesteem, empowerment, morality and love. BriaMarie’s talents began to blossom at the age of three as she fervently mimicked the sounds of artists like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, and Prince. By age eight, she was singing in the school chorus, reading music and mastering the violin.

The Breakthrough with Mia Mendez – Bria Marie

10869805_755227024564736_4672983000979528691_oAt age fifteen, she was regularly performing with her father in his local band and teaching herself piano. She quickly developed a flair for dance with fourteen years of  cheerleading and four years of modern and jazz dance.

She later incorporated dance, singing and acting in her roles in four high school musicals. As the Fresh Princess continued to progress artistically, she also excelled academically throughout high school graduated from Temple Univeristy magna cum laude with a 3.86 grade point average.

Her path was predestined. Being the best in her craft meant working with the best. BriaMarie’s tenacity and fortitude led to a meeting with multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning producer/song-writer Carvin Haggins. After just two meetings, it was a fit. She is now the first artist signed to Ethical Music Entertainment.

BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” – Celebrate (Official Video)

1530333_704063496347756_2507267346950002584_nWhen asked what made her the one, Haggins responded by saying that she reminded him of himself with her sheer determination and willingness to learn. “She is a great student and her work ethic was just as important as her God given gift of an astounding vocal range.”

Today, BriaMarie is very active in the community. She is an avid participator in antibullying campaigns including her own Anti-Bullying Youth Program, the Ethical Music Anti-Bullying Campaign with Carvin Haggins and the Making a Difference Campaign with Philadelphia Eagle, LeSean McCoy.

During each campaign, she travels to several different schools and youth programs to discuss the dangers and solutions to bullying.

Chester Community Charter School Anti-Bullying Rally

In her most recent program, she partnered with iChoose2Live and the Philadelphia 76ers and gifted over 250 students with complimentary 76ers tickets, bullying and suicide prevention pamphlets and more. In 2012, BriaMarie also released the “Proud to be an AmericanEP as a part of her “Rock Your Right to Vote” campaign encouraging young people to vote, in which a part of the proceeds benefit disabled veterans. She also serves the homeless at Chosen 300 ministries in Philadelphia with her church.

BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” – IDK (I Don’t Know)


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Tell The DJ: Vibe


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BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” – Bye Boy (Extended Version)

BriaMarie “The Fresh Princess” – French Fries & Apple Pies 




Carvin G. Haggins

TuWan Jones
Public Relations / Marketing Strategist

The British Collective

bannerThe British Collective‘ (Don-E, Junior Giscombe, Leee John, Noel Mckoy and Omar)

To put into context the significance of the collaborative birth of ‘The British Collective’ we must take a journey back into the relatively short history of British R&B music.

Whilst, there were the odd record releases as they were referred to, back in the day during the sixties, by UK R&B based artists, it was not the dominant genre of the black british experience. That was reggae, which had a loyal and enthusiastic audience, who celebrated the sounds of ‘home’, in a way that sustained their cultural identity.

FB_Don-E_1200pxThere was at the same time, several jazz influenced artists who appealed to the older minority audiences, such as Georgie Fame and Dusty Springfield. Then of course from across the pond throughout the 60‘s and 70‘ s there was the powerhouse ‘Motown‘, the more gritty ‘Stax‘ and other soul based labels that really grabbed the attention of black UK youth who were seeking to broaden their musical horizons.

It was not until the 70’s that we started to see british R&B start to shape it’s unique identity. That doesn’t mean there w ere no UK based artists, at the time. There was, in the late seventies, Billy Ocean, delivered the classic, ‘Red Light Spells Danger’, but as significant a milestone as it was, these type recordings tended to occupy the pop space.

The British Collective: The Rehearsals – Romantic

FB_Junior_1200pxThe next milestone was th e birth of british lovers rock in the 70’s. It was the urban expression of british born or based black artists in the reggae space.

It had an authentic feel that was influenced by what went before, but was distinctly british. This flavour resonated with british fledgeling artists who were experimenting with a new sound, ‘The sound of British Soul’.

A sound that took from it’s lovers rock reggae counterparts and fused it with soulful vocals, jazz and funk type arrangements, in a fresh and distinctly british way. It was now the 80’s and ready or not, the world was about to get its first taste of authentic ‘British Soul Music’.

ARISE interview with Junior Giscombe of The British Collective

FB_Leee_1200pxFast-forward to ‘The British Collective’. The core members of this land mark fraternity are Don-e, Junior Giscombe, Leee John, Noel McKoy and Omar, who have been amongst the ‘Torch Bearers’ of authentic british soul music since the 80’s.

Between them, they have sold millions of records worldwide, recorded some of the most iconic british soul anthems and won many notable industry awards.

They have performed, written for and recorded with many of the world’s R&B’s legends, such as Stevie Wonder and Phyliss Hyman through to Erykah Badu and Angie Stone in the neo-soul space.

The British Collective @ Radio London Soul Night Out

FB_Noel_1200pxThe concept of ‘The British Collective’ had been an idea Junior had for a number of years but Don-e was the catalyst, ma king the collaboration a reality, when he recorded the track ‘Spiritual’ which was released in 2013 on his Little Star album and featured the core 5 members plus Carl McIntosh (of Loose Ends notoriety) and Rick Clarke. The response to the track kick started the project and since then the guys have been writing and recording.

This fully collaborative and iconic project brings together seasoned artists, musicians and performers who continue to carry forward the torches they lit several decades ago. There is no ‘lead’ singer, when it’s their time to step to the mic, they do so. True collaboration, that deserves its place in music history.

The British Collective – Romantic:Behind the Scenes

FB_Omar_1200pxThe first official ‘British Collective’ single will be Romantic, is out now. That’s just the beginning, there is an album on the way, which will be completed soon, where audiences will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy contributions from all the artists and some very special guests.

The album is full of firsts, with an emphasis on smooth, warm and familiar vocals combined with killer musical arrangements, evoking the memories of bands like Earth, Wind & Fire in a contemporary fashion. As the members of The British Collective State:

All of our contributions to music are well documented in history for all to see, but it’s all about where we go next. And we’re all really excited about that.

The British Collective: BBC Radio London Interview



The British Collective – Romantic [Official video]

The British Collective


Contact Person
Diane Dunkley

Email Address

Gwendolyn Collins

gwenGwendolyn Collins is singer/songwriter

Gwendolyn CollinsA native of New Jersey, Gwendolyn Collins was blessed with the gift of song.Her distinctive style moves effortlessly between genres whilst always staying true to her trademark soulful flavour.

From performing as lead songstress for large national and international bands, to accompanying intimate Jazz trios, Gwendolyn has cultivated her talent through heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals.

Her hard work and experience during her formative years can be heard throughout her lush debut offering, ‘Storytelling Side I’.

Gwendolyn Collins ‘The Simple Things’ single release party

10382517_654006974685540_7311540734094595351_oThis musical storytelling album treats listeners to a compilation of soul stories, infused with her individual style of rich vocals, and melodic harmonies, developed through sophisticated sultry Jazzy Soul.

The album’s lead single, ‘The Simple Things’ hit the top 5 in both the UK and Nigerian charts proving that Collins’ singular vision can also achieve notable commercial success.

‘Storytelling Side I’ showcases Gwendolyn’s considerable songwriting and production talents and sets the stage for the first act in a career that will demand many encores.

Check Gwendolyn on the MusicConnex Live Tour September 2014: 26th Paris / 27th Liverpool / 28th London / 29th Birmingham for info click this link


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gracebannerGrace is a singer/songwriter

Grace13In an era dominated by ‘just-stand-there-and-look-at-me’ female vocalists, Grace will make you move.

She’s got a big voice, a big presence and absolutely enormous hair.

Cutting her teeth as backing vocalist to Sabrina Washington, Viva Brother and Deaf Havana nurtured the skills needed to be an incredible front woman and her intense synesthetic connection (google it!) to music you will never be left cold by her writing.

Grace is ready to show you what she can do.

Tonight Live @ Paper Dress 2014

Are you ready to listen!?

SE10 Sessions – Grace

Grace Social Media Contacts


Ione-Mai_lift bannerIone-Mai (eye-oh-nee) is a talented singer-songwriter from Manchester

meShe started to carve out her career in the music industry at the tender age of 14 with her first session with 80’s soul singer Ruby Turner.

Ione-Mai went on to sing with the GORILLAZ, tour Europe and the US with folk singer Adam Green, tour the UK with Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate and featured on various gospel and jazz albums.

After developing her songwriting skills and studying Musical Theatre at New York Film Academy Ione-Mai began to focus solely on her debut E.P. “Fighting Fear” all songs were penned and co-produced by Ione-Mai drawing on her eclectic influences acoustic, soul, electronic and classical music.

Ione-Mai is continually writing new material and Sights everyone from Mariah Carey to Kiera Sheard as inspiration.

Back in the day (Acoustic)

full_length_3Fighting fear was released on the 6th of May 2013 and is available for download via soundcloud, Ione-Mai intends to make her mark in the industry as a British singer songwriter.

Ione-Mai has recently been added to the BBC introducing family that supports local unsigned talent where she is dubbed as one to watch, having performed live at their night of music at The Ruby Lounge Manchester to a great reception.

Next Ione-Mai will be supporting various acts in The UK, gigging around the country, preparing a E.P launch and continually making new music.

Building on the success of her first E.P ‘Fighting Fear’ which Ione-Mai now describes more as a demo, she is set to release her new single ‘Back in the day’ is  out now.

Who Is Ione-Mai ?



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Sulpacio Jones

bannerSulpacio Jones is a singer/songwriter

Poster_1Dynamic and authentically inspiring, Sulpacio Jones is a melodic and passionate artist, songwriter and producer, who expresses her truth through the art of love and life experience.

From San Diego, California and raised in Berkeley, California, this vibrant beauty captivates audiences with her unique funky sound and sexy musical undertones. Through transparent lyrics and a fiery flow, she has the ability to connect with listeners like none other.

As an independent R&B soul artist, Sulpacio Jones has managed to establish a strong presence in the music industry and continues to effortlessly create a synergy that expands across the world into Germany, Japan, London, Spain and the UK; topping reputable music charts with songs in rotation on mainstream radio stations.

Get To Know Me : I Am Sulpacio Jones

SW1A5175-1Her debut self-titled EP, released in summer 2013, impressed industry professionals catapulting her newest single, “Should I Stay Remixx,” to the number one spot on the Top 20 Independent Chart Show in London.

She is scheduled to play shows in London and Paris this upcoming September. She is also set to release a mixtape early August 2014 and a highly-anticipated sophomore album in late fall.

Sulpacio Jones is returning with a collection of edgy up-tempo bangers, alluring ballads, distinctive lyrical content, and class.

“No matter what’s trending and no matter how music or the demand changes, I want to consistently deliver the true essence of music to my listeners. This is what they want and it’s what I do!” she eloquentlyshares.

Sulpacio Jones performs “Anotha Lover” Q’s Lounge

With musical influences like Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Prince, Rick James, and a host of hip hop pioneers it is no surprise that Sulpacio Jones not only produces an eclectic sound that uplifts, motivates, and inspires crowds but her live performances give life to the stage, displaying the true purpose of an entertainer. The epitome of a timeless artist, she is well on her way to becoming a legend in the same manner as those she admires.

SJ Album cover 8.13

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Really Don’t Matter – Live, Los Angeles CA


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Sabrina Valles

Kianna Cameron

bannerKianna Cameron is a guitarist/singer/songwriter

DSC_1146“I used to sit in the backseat on the way to church with my headphones on listening to [groups] like Val Halen, or PoisonDef Leppard, and when the song got to the solo, I liked to pretend it was me playing it.”, recalls the singer about when she started to become interested in guitar.

In 2008, after only a short time of first playing Kianna Cameron, unexperienced and fearless, was invited to sit in on a song with a local cover band at their gig the following week.

A bar called Bill’s Place, dusty dark colored blinds over all the windows so it always felt like night, a wooden bar that streched almost the length of the small building in the middle, and opposite of that a makeshift, two tier stage.

Kianna and her parents took the only unoccupied seats, three chairs around a table close to the stage. Who knows how much time went by before one of the band members leaned into the mic and called her name. It was her first time performing in front of anyone, none the less, a crowded bar full of people.

“I don’t even remember what song we played. I dont think I even knew that night. All they said was it’s in the key of D, and off went we went.” When the band finished, she looked up from her guitar for the first time since the song started to face the large crowd.

Kianna Cameron – Live on “The Pulse”

Immediately, the place shifted from an unexpecting silence to an uncontainable applause. “I don’t know what they were expecting, but I don’t think they were expecting me to play like that”. The band invited her back to play the next week and each week to follow for a year.

DSC_0987There Kianna got her first taste of being on stage and playing live music. Now at this time in her life music was her passion, playing guitar was her love, and school was in the way.

A junior at Mineral Ridge High School in Ohio, Kianna previously a dedicated student, lost all interest. More pivotal even than that, she found herself changing and maturing.

Knowing what she wanted in life made her see everything differently and what was important to the average high school kid meant nothing to her anymore.

Kianna explains, “The few people I did hang out with, I didn’t make sense to them: why I stayed home just to practice, why I started dressing in skinny jeans and band t-shirts, why I left high school..”.

In 2009, Kianna completed her junior year at that school, the only one she’d ever known, then never returned deciding rather to spend her time working on what she loved now.

Always seeing herself as just a guitarist, stepping out front was something Kianna shied away from until seizing an opportunity meant going beyond those limits. “I was in a band that broke up, and the drummer from that band messaged me one night months later and asked if I wanted to be the guitarist in a new punk rock band he was starting. Punk rock wasn’t really my style, but by that time, I had started writing songs of my own and I was just dying for an outlet for them. Also, I wanted to get back on stage performing so of course I jumped at the opportunity.” The problem? This band had everything but a lead singer.

Mint Condition – Gumbo by Kianna Cameron

Fueled by her desire, she found the courage to suggest she be the lead singer, despite notquite yet having developed her singing skills. “I sucked!”, laughs Kianna, “It really took me awhile to find my voice, because I never pictured me being a singer. All the songs I wrote, I never intended for me to be the one singing them. But, I wanted to make music. I wanted to be apart of a band.” The young artist worked relentlessly improving and a true love for singing grew in her through the process.

DSC_1062She performed with the band, who called themselves SicKasMe, for two years gigging at bars, clubs, and festivals throughout Northeast Ohio, even releasing a CD entitled, “Music Above the Mines“.

After ending the band in 2011, unsure where to go next, Kianna began to lend her guitar playing to differnt singers, groups, recordings, and live shows.

Still, her heart was in the songs she was writing.

She decided it was time to step out even further and continue as a solo artist. Now in early 2014, new artist Kianna Cameron is throwing herself into the music on her upcoming debut album, writing and recording her own style of pop music with a sexy r&b and funk flavor.

Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (cover) by Kianna Cameron


Lee Hampton
Artist Management


banner Her portfolio career extends the scope of Film/TV, Music, & Choreography & Dance.

Celestina2Introducing Celestina, a multi talented recording artist who brings a unique sound by merging her exotic flair over heavy-hitting electronic/pop sounds.

This West African beauty is a multi-faceted performing artist who not only plays a recurring character in the “Lionsgate” feature film sequel, Step Up: All In, but also showcases her music side with two smashing records in the motion picture “Hands Up In The Air” and “Turn It Up,” a collabo with singer, Bianca Raquel. Both singles are yielding multiple radio plays around the world and press/media coverage.

Celestina’s artistry has led her to tour all around the globe. She has also collaborated with acclaimed producers and songwriters like, The Monsters and The Strangers (GOOD Music, Flo Rida, etc), Chris Rojas (Pink, Big Time Rush, etc.), Rob. A! (Chris Brown, Rihanna, etc.), Michelle Bell (Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, etc.), and so on.

Celestina & Bianca Raquel – “Turn It Up”

Her new hit record, “Hands Up In the Air,” produced by LloydQuinPearson (Elisa Schwartz, Bianca Ryan) and JeremyJhawkHawkins (Rej3ctz, E-40) was released for digital release on August 5th alongside the Step Up: All In soundtrack release featuring Celestina’s record “Turn It Up” produced by G’harahPKDegeddingseze (Chris Brown, Usher) and records by Diplo, Steve Aoki, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, and many more. Celestina enjoys writing music that encourages her fans to dance their pain away. Multiple music bloggers stated that Celestina’s music will be in heavy rotation for a long time!

Celestina – “Hands Up In The Air

Celestina3Celestina’s portfolio career extends the scope of Film/Television, Music, and Choreography & Dance. In Film and Television, Celestina has landed roles as guest VJ for MTV Tr3s, to cameos and co-star roles in feature films like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

TV series such as Malibu Country with Reba Macintyre and Travie McCoy, 90210, The Game, and National Campaigns for Ford, iPod, Crystal Light and much more.

Her stamp in the Choreography & Dance industry, is also armed with a resume that includes artists such as, Prince, Chris Brown, Robin Thicke, Ashley Simpson, Usher, The Black Eyed Peas, Wyclef Jean, and Jason Derulo to name a few.

STEP UP ALL IN – Trailer – Official [HD] — 2014

For More on Celestina click photo 2 view her TV/Film Reelact reelFor More Information Please Visit:


To book an interview, please contact
Rebecca Smith at (424) 354-3746
Interview space is very limited!

Massive thanks to Rayo Cole for the info



The-Floacist-2014NatalieThe FloacistStewart is a singer/poet

The Manifestation

PGPhoto_PhoenixMermaid-36Born in Germany to Jamaican born and British raised parents, NatalieThe FloacistStewart is a natural.

The trained actress and slam champion poet, she made her stage debut at age three.

As a graduate of Richard Branson’s BRIT Performing Arts and Technology College where she earned the title of ‘Student of The Year.’

The Floacist later went on to invite her long time friend Marsha Ambrosius to perform at a poetry event that Natalie was headlining along side her renowned performance poetry group ‘3 Plus 1.‘  That night, Floetry was born.  As the creative mastermind of Floetry, The Floacist acted as manager and PR agent.

The Floacist EPK

She then managed to take her blossoming artistic venture from South London to Philadelphia and ultimately, to the World.  So, 

after five years of non-stop, sold out, touring and selling well over 1 million copies of three released albums and a live album DVD, Floetry moved on to solo ventures.

The Graduation: Floetic Soul

PGPhoto_PhoenixMermaid-4The Floacist’s solo debut offering, Floetic Soul, was released November 9, 2010. “Floetic Soul was inspired by the understanding that my original Floetic concept of `Poetic Delivery with Musical Intent’ had not come to an end, even though my group, Floetry had completed it’s cycle.

Joining forces with the mesmerizing wordsmith, is a stellar line up of guests including soul crooners Musiq Soulchild and Raheem DeVaughn.

As well as the God-Daughter of Soul, Lalah Hathaway.  With production by the likes of JR Hudson (Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild) and Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis (George Clinton, Kim Burrell, Will Downing).

The Evolution: Floetry Re:Birth

On November 13, 2012, The Floacist celebrated the ten year anniversary since her creative vision took flight with the release of her new and sophomore recording, Floetry Re:Birth.

“These past ten years have been one of self-love and independence.  Floetry Re:Birth explores that journey,” shares the London based artist. The Floacist is joined for the first time on recording by the lovely gold-selling South African singer Thandiswa, from the popular and celebrated South African unit Bongo Maffin. “My vision and dream for this project is for people to pick up the album, learn the words, and then come to the show so that we can connect in the divine energy and vibration of music!  I love the road.  I look forward to hearing my music grow as I tour.

Forever – The Floacist (featuring Musiq Soulchild)


The Floacist’s third album ‘RISE of the Phoenix Mermaid was released on March 18th 2014.  RISE of the Phoenix Mermaid has been inspired, as always, by my personal walk and journey through the pages of the day to day parable that is my life!

RISE is a compilation of a few songs that I wrote in 2006/7, at the point of the end of Floetry, that I didn’t have the opportunity to share but have now reworked and finally am delighted to present to my audience, as well as a few completely new songs that I manifested in 2013, and I have also converted some of my favorite spoken word pieces into the Floetic ethos of song structure. The creation of this album has been about reflection, empowerment, self love, acceptance, submission, the Divine Feminine and the completion concept of endings leading to new beginnings.

The Floacist – Feel Good

PGPhoto_PhoenixMermaid-10For all of the people who have been along for the journey of Floetry and eventually my solo artist walk, the message is about perseverance and alignment.

The message is about being prepared for one’s own opportunities. The message is about the ability to rise from the abyss of isolation, journeying upwards always, out of the ashes from the purification of the fires of change.

The Floacist Talks About New Album Rise Of The Phoenix Mermaid


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MargoStudioPromoMarguerite is an Singer/Songwriter/Poet and Entrepreneur

Marguerite “Turnin Toxic” Review


CLICK PHOTO TO BUY Turnin’ Toxic by Marguerite

Do you like classic uplifting positive Soul Music with a Message? If so this album is for you, 17 great songs about life, love and learning from a woman who has seen a lot of life’s difficulties due to a long list of medical problems. None of her difficulties seem to have dented her spirit but made her stronger and this shines out through the lyrics in her songs.

As Marguerite says “If music doesn’t have a message then it has no meaning”,this is the work of a woman with talent, spirit and attitude but most of all great love which “Spread Love” highlights with its message of giving love to people as we walk through life .

The quality and variety of song ensures that all real soul music lovers will find their tastes catered for.

Another favourite of mine is “At The End Of The Day” with a message that speaks to me its ok being you so love yourself too. The title track is a social commentary about where the world is going wrong in 2014, a message that needs to be heard alongside the positive tunes.

Marguerite can sing upbeat and down-tempo tunes equally well and “Together “is a great example of how she handles the slower song. The song “Keep It Movin “ captures the spirit of Marguerite perfectly as she sings “ keep it real or keep it movin “ Marguerite is a lady whose voice needs to be heard in 2014

Please spread the word

DJ Johnnyf – 6Towns Soul & Funk Show –

About Marguerite

1273309_10202232143270578_648232084_oMy name is Marguerite. My Mother nicknamed me Tina as a young girl after Tina Turner because of my voice and the way I danced.

I am a native of Washington, D.C. My birthday falls on the 5th day of November. Despite any pseudonyms for being creatively me – Tina, Miracle, Margo and then back to Marguerite!

When you say my name, say it loud and sweet, let it roll off your lips and say “Marguerite”!

I am an Independent Artist living with disabilities. It is my hopes to encourage and inspire others in all walks to never give up on their dreams and know that “through positive thought all things are possible”.


I am a survivor of six brain surgeries, both knees replaced twice, both hips replaced, lost of right eye, right jaw replaced, multiple heart attacks, multiple strokes, seizures, and more due to prolonged steroid treatment for a tumor “I never had”. Music is my salvation; it helped me through a long healing process.

615267_10202232143310579_72387835_oI began creatively writing as soon as I could spell and write. When I was 8 years old I wrote a commercial jingle for the Kellogg’s stick up for breakfast contest in which I won first prize.

I wrote small plays for my siblings and myself to perform for our parents and sometimes other friends and family members. I draw, paint landscapes and abstracts. Graphic arts and electronic publishing have become a few of my self-taught accomplishments.

The Back Alley Theater and the D.C. Black Repertory in the District of Columbia is where I trained to be an actress. I went from being a student to being on stage with a natural grace. My friends and family encouraged me to become a singer after they saw my performances in musical plays.

Loving You Like A LoveSong

I took everybody’s advice to pursue a career as a singer and life has been a song ever since.I have worked with groups/bands in D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Miami doing live and recorded performances. People liken me to the late Phyllis Hyman and to Chaka Khan, who happen to be my mentors.

1294592_10202232143350580_80544563_oMedical trauma interrupted my growth as an Artist/Singer; however, my triumph over many adversities has made me stronger, more loving, and caring.

My enhanced spiritual and emotional growth reflects in my writing and in my delivery of the songs I write.

A friend, who is a big fan said, “I have a soul stirring voice with powerful words that will “make” a person want to listen.”



BIG THANKS to Michael Gedown Brown for the info


Me, My Life, My Music!

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